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Updated Guide for Lab of Legends new Champions : LegendsOfRuneterra

Here’s a guide for tips on clearing Lab of Legends with the new champs. For general lab advice/tips, refer to my old guide . This guide will be a continuation of the old guide.

I will focus more on clearing Heroic/Legendary. If you are familiar with Labs from before, you should not have too much difficulty clearing Normal and Hard mode, but these will help.

difficulty – low
For Fizz, taking Yipp’s Genius as the starting perk will carry you pretty hard. You are basically spending the rest of the run picking up 1 drops and supporting your pool of 1 drops (ie. Sorcery is a good pick up to enable turn 1 Double Trouble). There really isn’t too much else to say.

difficulty – high
The issue with Lissandra is her deck is very slow. Far too slow for a build around for heroic/leg. Lil Buddies or Nature’s Revenge work for her. You will also want to pick up some mana ramp, Manaflow, Sorcery work. Build around the secondary champion. You can consider giving Liss a buff as her Tough will act as a wall for early game stabilization, but do not invest in any of her other cards.

difficulty – very high (worst champ in labs)
His deck is terrible, landmarks and high cost cards. I like Nature’s Revenge for the early game stabilization. You need to build around the secondary champ, and other than chip, basically do not want to see his other cards. Even having Nature’s Revenge is not enough early game for Act 3. you want to further fortify early game with a second power, Lil Buddies, Yipp’s, Vanguard Lookout will help.

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difficulty – easy
Start with Yipp’s. Build around Irelia. Keep pushing Irelia builds, its always possible to lose at high difficulties if AI high rolls, but just keep pushing the same build.

difficulty – medium
Zilean’s starting deck is much better than Liss or Malph, but I think people make the mistake of trying to build around him. Just stick to the traditional early game stabilization, I like Nature’s Revenge best for Zilean. You can potentially pick up some minor landmark synergy cards (ie Chip), but do not waste powers on Zilean support, they are too valuable.

I’ll summarize the new Powers as well.

Raiding Party – avoid
Clocksetter – never take this
Seat of Power – you can take this for Irelia, but its not very good. You are never first picking it, and its value drops off quite a lot in later rds
Endurance – only take if you have to
Battlefield Training – skip
Crush – very powerful common Power. Obv depends on your build, but one of the best pick ups at common, helpful for Act 3 vs Foundry and Guard Bots
Bouncing Blades – meh tier. Its ok if there is nothing better
Rush them Down – like Blades, take if nothing better
New Student – bonkers with Lil Buddies, Irelia
Thieves Tools – very good power but requires a high skill cap to play mill. One of the strongest common powers, and mills is now a potential build around

Slow but Steady – initially I thought this was bad, but its fairly good. Can use it to duplicate flawless duet and Double Trouble with Fizz, build dependent.
Hold Them Off – quite strong, helps early and late game
Vanguard Lookout – fairly strong power, take it if you need early game stabilization
Welcome Gifts – very strong power. This can hit Lifesteal, one of the few ways to find lifesteal. Can carry against Act 3
Terraforming – The best part of this is you have 1 less crap card to draw from your deck

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Sharing is Caring – build dependent but can be nuts
Rockbear Den – awful. Does not deserve to even be a rare tbh
Advanced Prep – of all the Landmark support, this one is kinda ok. Its not great, do not first pick it, but its a consideration later on

New Secondary Champs
Yasuo – a bit above mid tier, AI hates quick attack, and Palm is great
Leona – mid tier, she has a 1 drop and Rahvun, good kit
Viktor – above mid tier, for one reason, rolling into Lifesteal. However that entails keeping him alive
Sejuani – below mid tier. TBH I hate that her kit has Ember Maiden, I’d rather not be hitting myself

Good luck, if you have some questions, I’ll try to respond. If you would like me to add the vods for the runs or screenshots of final builds for heroic/legendary, I can do that as well. Cheers

a very brief update for the 5 newest champs released

I would recommend the following starting powers:

Ekko – Yipps

Pyke – Yipps

RekSai – I used Buddies and Natures for my legend clears, but Evolution is good, might be better

Swain – I used Nature’s and Buddies, but this another one I’m not 100% certain

Shyvana – Nature’s. Found it better than Buddies on account of her kit

FYI this batch isn’t that bad. Ekko is easy and quite fun. Make sure you don’t run out of resources, your curve will be so low that you will likely want to pick up some draw.

Pyke is the same as Ekko. Pyke can be annoying because sometimes the game gives you 2 Bloodbaits and the stupid fish and sink an otherwise great run.

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RekSai is probably the hardest as Lurk isn’t good enough for legendary, however you might be able to make Lurk work with Evo. Otherwise, just draft good stuff, and RekSai has tons of Predict that allows you to find those good cards.

Swain is extremely hard to build around for legend, but you can if they give you Ezreal. Better to just use his deck as small pings and build something with good midrange, like Garen.

Shyvana with Nature’s is good. She has the dragon rally unit and a scout unit in the deck. If you can add Domination, Garen, or more scouts/rallies, it will make the run pretty great

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