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Treasure hunt simulator codes roblox 2020(new!)

In this game, you can find and collect treasures while you are playing through a treasure hunt game. There are different types of treasure hunts to play. In the game, you can play the Treasure Hunt, the Maze Hunt, the Escape Hunt, and the Forest Hunt, as well as the Treasure Hunt, the Maze Hunt, the Escape Hunt, the Forest Hunt, the Flashlight Hunt and the Score Hunt.

Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes Roblox 2020(NEW!) is a treasure hunt simulator game created by a user named “makj123”. The game consists of an island full of treasures, with millions of users searching for the ones with a set of unique codes. When a user finds the treasure, they get a code that they can enter into the game server to see what treasures they can find.

A FAN site to find Treasure Hunt Codes for the online game Roblox 2020.

Want some freebies in THS (Roblox’s Treasure Hunt Simulator)? Why don’t you put these codes to good use? The following is a list of Treasure Hunt Simulator codes for the year 2020.

Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes THSCodes for Treasure Hunt Simulator

This is the area where we’ve included all of the THS Treasure Hunt Simulator Roblox 2020 – presently active codes.

  • magma: use this code to get ten crates


  • Redeem this coupon for 1,000 diamonds or rubies, as well as one rebirth.


  • v2update: this may now be redeemed for 500 coins.


  • This ticket may be redeemed for 1,000 diamonds or rubies.


  • Redeem this coupon for 1,000 diamonds or rubies, as well as one rebirth.


  • Redeem this code for 1,000 diamonds or rubies and 1 rebirth in jailcity.


  • intel: this code will give you 100 coins if you redeem it.


  • Finally, this code may be redeemed for 300 gems or rubies, as well as 1 Rebirth.


  • Redeem this for 200 gems or rubies, as well as 2 rebirths.
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  • Redeem this coupon for 500 diamonds or rubies if you have 400k likes.


  • Redeem this code for 3,000 gems or rubies at the start of the game.


  • Redeem this voucher for 300 diamonds or rubies and 1 Rebirth as a Martian.


  • This coupon may be redeemed for 5 Sacred Hat Crates.


  • Redeem this coupon for 500 gems or rubies, as well as one Rebirth.


  • Redeem this coupon for Sacred Hat Crate and 1 Rebirth in the medieval era.


What Are The Steps To Redeeming Treasure Hunt Simulator Codes?

It’s very simple, and anybody can do it immediately once the game begins. To redeem the code, go to the lower-left corner of the screen and touch the Twitter symbol. When you tap it, a new menu page will appear, with a box where you can enter the code and redeem it for freebies.

Where Can I Get More Treasure Hunt Simulator (THS) Codes?

“Twitter” and “Discord” are the official code sources. The links to Twitter and Discord may be found on the Roblox THS description page. New codes will be announced on Twitter and Discord. Because codes are not provided on a regular basis, a new code is often released after a few days. As a result, it’s best to go to this website, where we’ve compiled all of the codes.

The Codes For Treasure Hunt Simulator (THS)

THS, also known as Treasure Hunt Simulator, is one of the popular and best games available on the Roblox platform. The devs of the game came up with a great idea of digging treasure, which turned into the Treasure Hunt Simulator game. You explore the environment, earn coins, and invest them to enhance the gears/items such as a shovel, bag, pets, and much more. With the codes, you will get crates, coins, rubies, and many other in-game items/currencies. Let’s check out the Treasure Hunt Simulator codes active/working in In September of 2020,.

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Do you have a code that isn’t mentioned here? Comment!

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Updates to the Unboxing Simulator Codes Wiki: –

  • 1st of January 2020
  • In February of 2020,
  • The deadline is March 2020.
  • April in the next year
  • May 2020
  • In June of 2020,
  • In July of 2020,
  • In August of 2020,
  • September 2020
  • In October of 2020,
  • In November of 2020,
  • In December of 2020,


I decided to make a treasure hunt simulator, and decided to start with robux codes. I’m still deciding what to do with it, if you have ideas or want to fix something, leave a comment.. Read more about treasure hunt simulator codes wiki 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get godly wings in treasure hunt simulator?

You cant.

What is the best chest in treasure hunt simulator Roblox?

The best chest in treasure hunt simulator Roblox is the one that has a golden key.

What is rebirth in treasure hunt simulator?

Rebirth is a feature that allows you to reset your game and start over with all the items you had before.

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(2021) ALL *NEW* SECRET OP CODES! Treasure Hunt Simulator Roblox

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(2021) ALL NEW SECRET OP CODES! Treasure Hunt Simulator Roblox
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