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Quick guide on how to play with a Yuumi support partner : kaisamains

Hey all. Sorry no new gigantic Kai’Sa guide from me yet, might get one out after 9.11 comes out.

In the mean time, I’ve tried out Yuumi a bunch and seen some high level players use her. She is surprisingly strong and has insane potential – the problem is the mass hysteria of her terrible launch has led to a lot of fear and misinformation. Make no mistake though – with some coordination/teamwork, this support can easily get out of control. I predict she’ll get picked more over time once people start actually understanding how to play with her, which means you guys might encounter her more often.

Instead of encouraging ya’ll to waste bans and learn nothing, I present a quick guide on working with Yuumi, so you can get the most out of her crazy potential.

I’ve written a guide on how to play Yuumi over in their subreddit, so here I’ll just cover how to play with a Yuumi ally.

TL;DR version

  • Consider replacing Heal with Cleanse/Barrier/Teleport (while Yuumi takes Heal). Otherwise if you keep Heal, have Yuumi take Ignite + Exhaust. Remember that Teleport counts as a Teleport for 2 people (Yuumi can hitch a ride).

  • Help Yuumi help you. Her Q guided missile range is dependent on YOUR positioning. Stepping a little forward makes all the difference, and her harass is quite good so take advantage of it!

  • Help Yuumi do her job by giving her safety when she harasses (stay in range so she can jump to you). She needs to proc her passive every once in a while via auto attack, in order to gain a very rewarding shield that can be transferred to you.

  • Yuumi is an enchanter lane, aka you are a poke/safety lane not an all-in lane. Yuumi lanes are vulnerable to all-in’s, so don’t play aggressive and instead work with Yuumi to allow her to even the odds by harassing.

  • Yuumi is a force multiplier, similar to having Fire Drake buffs. Get past early game and it becomes increasingly easier to win.

Playing with Yuumi

Kai’Sa does not have the best synergy with Yuumi in the early game. Yuumi prefers partners that build a lot of AD or AP and are okay with scaling rather than fighting all the time. Miss Fortune and Ezreal make great Yuumi partners, for example. Kai’Sa on the other hand much prefers hard CC partners since it works well with her passive. However, she is also vulnerable early game and can do well with enchanter supports since she just wants to farm and survive. So while it’s not the best synergy, if you get a Yuumi partner it’s not that bad. Yuumi is an enchanter support, so not that different from Soraka and Sona.

Mid/late game though, the safety of Yuumi, her strong long cooldown ultimate, and the free stats she gives to your team is amazing. That and if things went well, her poke continues to be a major threat. Yuumi also benefits from high mobility characters and Kai’Sa’s E and ultimate are decent tools.

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Summoner Spells

If you get a Yuumi partner, always discuss what spells you both will take before the game starts. Yuumi has the advantage of never having to take Flash – this frees up some spell flexibility. Analyze the enemy draft and think – what more useful spell can I take as a bot laner over Heal?

In most cases, the bot laner can replace Heal with either Cleanse, Barrier, or Teleport. This is important as those spells are often way more beneficial as a vulnerable bot laner. Teleport in particular is interesting, since it provides extra safety against problematic situations, allowing resets or even surprise gank/saves. More importantly, Yuumi can hitch a ride on anyone teleporting, so it’s really a Teleport for two players.

Meanwhile, Yuumi can run Heal + Ignite/Exhaust.

In cases where you want to keep Heal, Yuumi can instead run Ignite + Exhaust.

Working with Yuumi Q missiles

When attached, Yuumi’s Q becomes a guided missile that follows her mouse. The range is generous, but also dependent on the attached ally’s positioning (aka you, most of the time). You will see a circle pop up when Yuumi fires off her Q – this can help you figure out how far the missile can go. In general, as you’re farming up and messing around, be aware of when the Yuumi Q comes out and position for it to harass an enemy. In vast majority of cases, you only need to step a LITTLE bit forward to allow Yuumi to harass effectively each time. As Kai’Sa is short ranged, this is even easier as you really don’t need to move that far forward.

This makes a MASSIVE difference. Yuumi’s harass is actually fairly strong, but only if you’re willing to work with your teammate a little. It’s not hard to do, and it makes a world of difference.

The cool thing about Yuumi’s Q is that it can condition enemy players to hide inside their minion lines. This can open up new opportunities (Miss Fortune synergy for example) or at the very least makes them more predictable.

If the Yuumi player is running the optimal runes (Cut Down secondary runes = 5-15% extra damage permanently!), you will really notice the harass paying off. See my Yuumi guide for more details.

Also incredible is how much it slows for – a level 6 Yuumi Q slows for 80% (decaying) at a 1.75 second duration. That makes it incredible useful for catching picks or running away.

Working with Yuumi W (attachment)

Yuumi’s W allows her to attach to allies. This has a cooldown until at a certain level, so she can’t spam this early game. Depending on your enemies, a Yuumi can harass with guided missiles, then hop off and try to proc her passive (requires auto attacking). Yuumi only has 500 attack range, so this is risky but very rewarding as she then gets a permanent shield until broken – this shield can transfer to attached allies which translates to more safety/trading potential for you.

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But you need to work with her to get this off. Auto attacking is risky for Yuumi which is why she wants to IMMEDIATELY jump to you if danger presents itself. Her W attach range is 700, which is more than Kai’Sa’s 525 attack range and Q’s range of 600 (when targeting). Basically, Kai’Sa’s Q range is a decent indicator of how far away you can provide Yuumi a safety net.

Probably the biggest advantage of this unique mechanic is that you never really have to worry about an allied support player dying. As someone who’s played a lot of all-in supports who has hunted down the Sona’s, Soraka’s, etc., this is really good. You can concentrate on yourself.

Working with Yuumi E (heal)

Her E heals more based on missing health. It is fairly weak early game unless you’re low on health. Don’t try to force E’s out if you’re healthy as it’s basically an inefficient use of mana and cooldowns.

Once Yuumi gets Athene’s Unholy Grail, her heal becomes far more noticeable even when not missing a lot of health. It’s fairly easy for her to stack up Athene’s with her Q missiles, before translating to big heals.

Early game and dealing with dangerous all-in’s

Like most enchanters, Yuumi lanes are vulnerable to all-in’s. Sadly, players who do not understand how to work with her often doom themselves to a bad outcome. Against an all-in lane, the enemy will try to go straight for the bot laner. A good Yuumi player will understand this and NOT stay attached all the time. They will only attach for safety and firing off Q missiles, but will hop off to help zone, proc passive shields, and draw attention to them. Yuumi is a very safe character so long as her W is off cooldown, as even if she gets hit she can always fly back to you. The best Yuumis will understand to actually TAKE the incoming stun/hook/whatever if they notice you can’t dodge something and are about to get hit, then fly back to you with W.

What can you do though as the ally though? Well, as Kai’Sa you’re probably already used to being bullied early game for your short range anyways. And like most enchanter lanes, you’re not going to try to all-in the enemy either. So what do you do? Just play safe. Yuumi’s harass is great, so let her help you survive the lane – don’t try to be unnecessarily aggressive against an all-in lane.

Do remember that you do have the advantage in summoner spells. Teleport, Cleanse, and Barrier all can help overcome sketchy all-in lanes. And if you kept Heal instead of taking those spells, having an extra Ignite/Exhaust from Yuumi can make the difference if they were harassed enough before the engage.

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Yuumi’s ultimate works quite well with teamwork. Like most enchanters it’s also the only way you’ll be able to start doing aggressive plays, so waiting for level 6 is important. Also, assuming the Yuumi player builds optimally in runes/items, her ultimate will be on a very low cooldown (CDR + Presence of Mind = it’s up really damn fast).

Yuumi’s items are typically enchanter support items, with Athene’s being high priority and then everything else situational. However, AP is not a bad consideration on her and so Yuumi has the option of getting Dark Seal / Mejai’s Soulstealer thanks to her safety. Don’t be surprised if a Yuumi ally gets Dark Seal if your early game is going well or they trust you not to die often.

Mid/Late game

Yuumi’s ultimate provides a fantastic peel/zoning tool if she’s defending the backline, but otherwise it has a lot of potential of just rooting the entire enemy team if she jumps on to an allied frontliner at the right time. Remember that Yuumi’s poke can be quite immense especially if she has been fortunate enough to get some AP, or works with allies who build a lot of AD or AP.

As mentioned Kai’Sa doesn’t have the best synergy with her since there are likely better allies to make use of the Adaptive Force stats sharing. So don’t be surprised if Yuumi is hopping onto other allies for various reasons. Just be aware of positioning for Q missiles, heals, and peels.

Yuumi has crazy good scaling with your team so basically, if you survived early game and allowed Yuumi to build up support items and perhaps Dark Seal/Mejai stacks, you’ll be fine. In most cases she will end up out value’ing the enemy support if it was an Enchanter, or provide counter measures against an all-in support (She can provide heals/speed boost, and build Mikael’s Crucible, etc.).

Part of her power is massive ‘hidden creep’ through passive stats. Yuumi is a force multiplier, similar to having Fire Drake buffs – it kicks in once you get past the early game, and only keeps getting stronger. Keep this in mind even as the game goes back and forth – it’s not exactly an observable impact compared to making big plays, but it contributes a lot.

Another important consideration is that Yuumi players rarely build boots (as she does not need it). Keep this in mind and help her set up vision control at various points in the game – you don’t want needless deaths simply because she didn’t have anyone to jump to.


Kai’Sa doesn’t have the best synergy with Yuumi but it doesn’t mean you can’t work with the Yuumi to get the best results. With a little bit of teamwork you can come out ahead. Help the Yuumi help you, and you’ll be glad you have a kitty who doesn’t leave themselves vulnerable all the time.

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