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Queen of Pain Build Guide DOTA 2: Queen of Pain: Ace of all roles.



Greetings! My name is Aditya ‘Az7y’ Vaidya, and I’ve been playing DotA around 10 months. I’m not a very good or experienced player, but I’m good at understanding the mechanics of the game, and applying it to my gameplay; this guide is perceptional. Since I’m not an experienced player, if you do find any mistakes in my explanation, please provide suggestions in the comment box. I would like to apply that to my guide, as well as gameplay, on a trial-error basis. Open to suggestions, constructive criticism, judgement or anything which enlightens me.

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Introduction to Queen of Pain:

Queen of Pain is an intelligence hero which is mainly a ganker & a semi-carry, but can be a jack of all trades. A ganker, with high mobility, a slow, a couple of high area of effect nukes & mainly, an instant escape/initiate. Queen of Pain is not just a ganker, but also can be used as a secondary carry, with specific items, which can be used as a damage-per-second machine, in the late game.


To pick Queen of Pain or not to?

That’s something very perceptional. That’s something to ask yourself checking other’s & your team’s picks.

When to pick Queen of Pain:

  • Your team composition is good, except a Mid.
  • Your team consists of 4 carries. You need to extend the game.
  • Your team consists of low pub level players.
  • You want to be self-reliant.
  • The other team reeks of squishy heros.

When to not pick Queen of Pain


  • Your team already has a Mid hero you can depend on.
  • Your team has a guy screaming “Solo mid or feed”.
  • Your team has good support & nukers, i.e: Zeus, Tiny, Nyx, but no carries.
  • There’re a couple of Silence heros in opposite team.
  • There’re a couple of instant nukers in opposite team.
  • If you’re a creep-*****, and not having a ganker’s mindset. If so, just go pick Drow.


Pros & Cons:

Pros :

  • Extreme mobility with initiate or escape.
  • Sufficient base damage.
  • High burst nukes.
  • Good at almost any Mid, offlane, sidelane or jungle.
  • Can pose a comeback, even with a bad start.
  • Best rune-***** on in the game.
  • Can potentially carry the game, with specific item choice.



  • Very squishy. Low H.P / Armor.
  • A silenced Queen of Pain is a dead Queen of Pain.
  • Level dependent.
  • No disable.
  • Cannot carry against true carries.


Skills usage:

I’m taking in account that you already have played this hero, a couple of times, to understand the basic abilities, and what her skills do. But, understanding the numbers is far from understanding how to utilize the damage number in it’s most efficient way, so here I go:
Shadow Strike : This skill does a lot of single-target damage overtime. Although it’s very strong ability, this skill is a single-target nuke, which is not the best way to gank, hence, it’s taken for about only one or couple of levels for the 20% slow. It’s good for lane-harassing. It’s good for targeting a specific hero for prioritizing ganks on him. It does a ton of damage overtime, but, a heal, bottle, instant teleport can provide a great escape from this skill._______________________________________________________________________________________
Blink : Blink, this spell defines ganking, this spell defines escape, this spell defines initiation. It’s like being an Anti-Mage, but a useful one, early game. This skill is preferred to be maxed early in the game, as it enhances your ganking ability. 6 second cool down at 1150 with a manacost of 60. That’s like a dream come true, for any ganker._______________________________________________________________________________________

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Scream of Pain : This is like your bread & butter. An area of effect ability, with considerably low manacost & very low cool down, and high early-game damage. All you have to do is keep the range in mind; a proper three man scream, along with Sonic Wave is capable of taking on almost the entire team with little support._______________________________________________________________________________________
Sonic Wave : Similar to Scream o’ Pain, but more effective, high mana cost & a bit harder to pull off. It has a bit of cast time, where many players find it difficult to do it effectively. Practice would make it perfect, for you.


Rune prioritization:

Invisibility Rune : This rune can be very helpful to secure a couple of early kills, in the early game, since a Queen of Pain, who can stand invisible, scream a couple & sting one is very devastating for a lane. Although, after the laning phase, this rune is pretty insignificant, since you can initiate with a blink instantly. Get it if nobody else wants it, later on.

Illusion Rune : This is not an effective rune, the most you can do with it, is improvise on your last hit, combining your Illusions to your attack, as a base-damage modifier.

Haste Rune : Pick a Haste? Find an opportunity to gank, tower dive, get them, bottle up, go back. This is your rune.

Double Damage Rune : Early game, that’s a sure-shot kill, on most heros without escape mechanism, a blink, scream, strike & a couple of auto attacks, it’s a kill. It’s not just a rune, but a +1 kill, for you.

Regeneration Rune : Pick up if you need it, bottle up, regen, provide bottle charges to someone else, to keep everyone in a healthy situation.


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Gameplay transition:

Here, I’ll explain you guys about how your gameplay should progress, as a Queen of Pain, in order to successfully dominate the game.

Early game (0:00 – 12:00) : Early game for Queen of Pain is your time to shine. Almost every hero on the map is not as strong as you, and cannot take you on. Go mid, with the recommended items; possibly, ward the cliff of the opposition solo Mid-lane, on order to have complete view over his actions, as well as control over the rune. Do note, that warding the side nearest to the carry is more beneficial, since it can maybe reveal the potential ganks targeting your main carry. The gameplay is very simple, keep spamming Shadow Strike as often as possible, to harass the Solo-Mid. Last hit creeps, as well as deny to keep your lane control, get a bottle, push the lane, blink out for the rune. (You already have the ward, so you know where the rune is.) Finding a Haste, D.D or Invisibility can ensure a kill on either of the lanes; repeat, while keeping your farm up. You’re not farm dependent but can benefit a lot, if so. Ward up again, at around 6:00 mark. Keep harassing using Scream of Pain as well as getting more last hits in the process.

Mid game (12:00 – 25:00) : Your ultimate is strong, right clicks are strong, you almost or fully, have your items, P.T, Bottle, Wand, half Scepter, by now. All you want is kills. Keep targeting carries, as you can. Keep your mana pool up with rune control, keep some Dust of Appearance in your inventory to hunt the Invisible carry who can be trouble in the later scenario. While doing so, be present in each & every gank. Farming is not an option, either farm on heros, or farm with abilities, as you advance to ganks. Good positioning is the only thing you need to attain kills, not farm. Let the carry do their work, and do yours.

Late game (25:00 – 50:00) : Your Scream of Pain hardly affects anybody, although your ultimate still hurts a lot, however, at this stage, you can hardly solo-out someone, right now. Supports have a Meck, carries have a B.K.B. You need to have fast hands, and take the right opportunity to strike, cast your ultimate, and there goes out a couple of heros. Do not extend the game, finish it as soon as possible, since you are not seen as a big threat anymore.

Very late game (50:00 – 75:00) : Your time is over, you’re seen as almost a butterfly trying hard to bring down huge monsters. There’s not much you can do, expect stand by your carries, and help them as you can. You have to depend on your right clicks & your carries, than depending on your nukes. They will hardly do any damage. Tactics such as getting an Ethereal Blade, Heaven’s Helbard or Shiva’s Guard to defend yourself against carries can help.

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As I have earlier stated, Queen of Pain is extremely versatile hero, with it’s build, and also with it’s position, as a hero. I’ll now explain the number of roles she can play, prioritizing in an ascending order of impact.

Mid : Queen Of Pain is usually taken as a complete devastating Mid hero. There are hardly any heros who can go against a Queen of Pain, on the Mid, mainly because of her harassment, lane-control, escape & good attack animation combined with good base damage.

Off-lane : The Off-lane Queen of Pain is not as effective as Mid, since she doesn’t necessarily get the required amount of farm she might need, but as per we know, she’s not very item dependent, and is rather level dependent; getting early levels is the only thing one would want, apart from the fact that bottle-crow would be the only option left, if she needs the extra last hits.

Jungler : Seems quite awkward, right? But no. Queen of Pain, is, infact, one of the good heros to Jungle with. All you need to do is, stack easy & rune camp, and blink in, at the Nature’s Prophet Dire spot, and kill it using scream of pain. Use smoke, if you wish, rush a bottle, get a soul ring. It’s quite better than farming in a dual-lane, on a pub level. That would enhance your level up of the solo heros. Here is the YouTube link, to make you understand better about Jungle Queen of Pain.

Support : Queen of Pain, on a Tri-Lane, is the most useless thing, and hence, I would disregard that. She’s as useless as a Tri-Lane Dark Seer. But, here, we’re talking about pub; she can take the support role, by getting Arcane, Meck and warding, it’s very easy to ward with Queen Of Pain, than it is to, with any other hero.


Thank you, as well as welcome.

I hope my guide helped you in understanding basic mechanics & how you can apply it to your gameplay. My item build & Skilled build is not stubborn, there is nothing you ‘MUST’ do, or ‘MUST NOT’, in a game. It all is perceptional. Adjust my guide according to your gameplay, your favorite experiences, and improve.

Analyze -> Understand -> Execute -> Repeat -> Improvise -> Adjust -> Innovate.

Thank you for your time, I hope I’ve been helpful.

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