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Outlook Version Numbers

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Bạn đang xem: Outlook Version Numbers

Since the first release of Outlook, Microsoft has released many updates and service packs.

The following list is an overview of the available public Microsoft Outlook builds. The list also includes useful information which should help an administrator to determine the build info of a client that is logged-on to the Microsoft Exchange Server.

With the release of Office 2016 and four different branches on four different release schedules, having an older version number doesn’t necessarily mean your Office isn’t updated. It can be up to four months before everyone reaches a milestone. Office 365 client update branch releases contains the a list of updates for the different branches.

Office 2016 version and build numbers are also available at Version and build numbers of update channel releases

To check the Outlook build number in Outlook 2013 and newer, click on the File tab, then Office Account. Click About Outlook to see the full-sized About Microsoft Outlook dialog.
Check Outlook 2016 versionCheck Outlook 2016 version

In Outlook 2010, Help is on the File tab. If you want to see the classic version dialog, click the link for Additional Version information to see the classic dialog. In older versions, click on Help, About.

Outlook 2010 version

Outlook 2010 version

Classic version dialog in Outlook 2010

Classic version dialog in Outlook 2010

Outlook: 2003 | 2007 | 2010 | Outlook for Mac
Exchange version numbers are here

Office 2016

Beginning with Office 2016, updates are released to different groups at different time: Insider, First Release for Current Branch, Current Branch, Current Branch for Business. Insider gets pre-release updates frequently (basically, beta testers), First Release gets released updates ahead of other subscribers (Current Branch) monthly, while Current Branch for Business gets updates 4 times a year (and security updates monthly). Confusing right?

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In plain English, the typical Office 365 Consumer is in the First Release, while small business subscribers are in Current Branch. In many cases, the time difference between updates released to First Release and Current Branch will be measured in days. If you joined the Insider program, you’ll get updates more often.

Trying to keep up with the version numbers is a nightmare and hopefully Microsoft will keep their lists updated.

Version numbers of update branches for Office 365 clients

List of all updates for Office 2016 subscription, by year, month, and application. Although the article is targeted to business subscriptions, it applies to consumer subscriptions too. Office 365 client update branch releases

Update Office 2013 or Office 365

Office 365 subscribers will be automatically upgraded to the next version of Office. (The upgrade can be delayed for up to one year.)

Outlook 2016 BuildComments16.0.6228.1038November 15 2015 – first Insider Build.16.0.4229.1024RTM. Released September 22 2015
Volume license version is 16.0.4266.100316.0.4229.1009Public Preview (July 28 2015)

Beginning with Office 2013, most installations are “click to run” and updates are installed (usually automatically) from the Office update server. Anyone using the “click to run” installation will not use an update file.

Outlook 2013 BuildComments15.0.4737.1000Updated by KB3054940 in July 201515.0.4727.1000Updated by KB3054855, released in June 201515.0.4719.1001KB3039799 May 201515.0.4711.1000Updated by KB2965270 April 201515.0.4701.1000Updated by KB2956170 March 201515.0.4693.1000Updated by KB2956087 February 201515.0.4675.1003Updated by KB2910923 December 201415.0.4667.1000Updated by KB2899544 November 201415.0.4659.1000Updated by KB2889951 October 201415.0.4649.1000Updated by KB2889873 September 201415.0.4641.1001Updated by KB2889859 August 201415.0.4631.1000Updated by KB2882991 July 201415.0.4623.1000KB2881040 June 201415.0.4615.1000Updated by KB2880961 May 201415.0.4605.1000Updated by KB2878323 April 201415.0.4569.1503KB2863911 March 201415.0.4569.1506SP1 update, released in February 2014. More information: KB281743015.0.4551.1511KB2850061 January 201415.0.4551.1511KB2825652 December 201315.0.4551.1004KB2825677 October 201315.0.4535.1000KB2817503 August 201315.0.4517.1001KB2768340 June 201315.0.4481.1508KB2768352 April 201315.0.4481.1000KB2752039 February 201315.0.4420.1000RTM15.0.4128.1014Public Beta

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Outlook 2010 BuildComments14.0.7153.5000KB3054976 July 201514.0.7151.5000KB3054881 June 201514.0.7149.5000KB3015585 May 201514.0.7147.5001KB2965295 April 201514.0.7143.5000KB2956203 March 201514.0.7143.5000KB2956128 February 201514.0.7140.5001KB2878264 January 201514.0.7137.5000KB2899529 November 201414.0.7134.5000KB2889900 October 201414.0.7130.5000KB2889833 September 201414.0.7130.5000KB2889819 August 201414.0.7127.5000KB2883007 July 201414.0.7124.5000KB2881055 June 201414.0.7119.5000KB2878254 April 201414.0.7116.5000KB2863918 February 201414.0.7113.5000KB2849973 December 201314.0.7109.5000KB2825825 October 201314.0.7105.5000KB2794707 September 201314.0.7105.5000KB2817574 August 201314.0.7015.1000SP2, released July 2013 KB268745514.0.7101.5000KB2817371 June 11 201314.0.6136.5000KB2791026 April 201314.0.6133.5000KB2760764 February 201314.0.6131.5000KB2553391 December 201214.0.6126.5003KB2687623 November 201214.0.6129.5000KB2687608 October 201214.0.6126.5000KB2687351 August 201214.0.6123.5000KB2598374 June 201214.0.6120.5000KB2598318 April 201214.0.6117.5000KB2597137 February 201214.0.6114.5000KB2597061 December 201114.0.6112.5000KB2596485October 201114.0.6109.5004KB2584053August 201114.0.6106.5000KB2544027July 201114.0.6029.1000SP1 released June 2011KB246004914.0.5138.5000KB2516474April 201114.0.5136.5000KB2475877February 201114.0.5130.5000KB2459115December 201014.0.5128.5000KB2405793October 201014.0.5123.5000KB2281463August 201014.0.4760.1000Released to Manufacturing April 16 2010

Outlook 2007 is Version 12.0. Beginning with Outlook 2007, the versions reported in Outlook and in the Exchange administrator are identical.

Outlook 2007 BuildComments12.0.6691.5000KB2863811 April 201412.0.6680.5000KB2768023 August 201312.0.6673.5000KB2799874 April 201312.0.6673.5000KB2760822 February 201312.0.6668.5000KB2687540 October 201212.0.6665.5003KB2687404 November 201212.0.6664.5000KB2687336 August 201212.0.6662.5000KB2687262 June 201212.0.6661.5003KB2598135 April 201212.0.6658.5002KB2597964 March 201212.0.6656.5000KB2596993 December 201112.0.6607.1000SP3 – released October 2011KB252608612.0.6565.5000KB2553028 August 201112.0.6562.5003KB2583910 September 201112.0.6562.5000KB2544404 June 201112.0.6557.5000KB2512788 April 201112.0.6554.5000KB2475891 February 201112.0.6550.5003KB2412171 January 201112.0.6550.5001KB2458611 December 201012.0.6548.5000KB2412273 October 201012.0.6545.5000KB2276479 August 201012.0.6539.5000KB983316 June 201012.0.6535.5000KB981735 April  201012.0.6529.5000KB978401 February 201012.0.6524.5000KB977032 December 200912.0.6520.5000KB974994 October 200912.0.6514.5000KB973404 August 200912.0.6510.5000June 30 2009 hotfix – see KB 97094412.0.6504.5000Service pack 2, released April 2009 KB96885812.0.6423.1000SP2, released April 2009KB95319512.0.6341.5000February 24, 2009 pre-SP2 Cumulative Update12.0.6335.5000KB959642 December 200812.0.6331.5000KB957692 October 200812.0.6316.5000iCalendar and IMAP update released May 29, 2008. Also adds yearly recurrences to Recurring appointment dialog. See KB 95021912.0.6308.5000KB950485 March 200812.0.6302.5000KB948716 February 200812.0.6300.5000KB941275 January 200812.0.6212.1000SP1 – December 2008KB93698212.0.6014.5000April 13, 2007 Update to fix calendar and performance issues. See KB 93349312.0.4518.1014RTM. Released November 2006


The following are the “end of life” dates for the different Outlook versions.

Note that End of Life means Microsoft will not support it, nor will they release updates for it. Office will continue to work on supported versions of Windows.

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Support End DateProductRelease dateMainstreamExtendedService PackOutlook 2016 (Windows)9/22/2015Outlook 20131/9/20134/10/20184/11/2023Outlook 20107/15/201010/13/201510/13/2020Outlook 20071/27/200710/9/201210/10/20171/13/2009

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