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Neeko Build Guide : [GrandMaster] Neeko Support Guide :: League of Legends Strategy Builds



Run ele if you have early kill pressure or predator for roaming and kill pressure at 6.
It can be hard to trade into nami because of her heal but you should be able to push the lane for a early lvl 2. at the lvl 2 spike you can hit the root + auto + ignite for an easy first blood. Pretty much at anypoint in this lane you can all in as you heavily out damage nami. Try to snowball and end early as Nami is more useful in late game fights as she has as much peel as you but can also sustain her team through poke.



Run ele as Sona is extremely squishy and easy to kill. Before first back keep trading very aggressively as she will oom before she pokes you out. Not much to say into this since its very easy just keep trying to pick her with a full combo and snowball.



Take guardian. You must start to pressure him lvl 1 with empowered W autos to make sure he cannot go in lvl 2. Once you have a lead keep the pressure on him and find roots on the adc while you continue to poke the ali down so he cannot engage. Only thing you have to be careful is playing around the enemy jungler. Ali can very easily setup ganks for his jungle and is his win condition for lane.



If you have no kill pressure in lane then take Pred and look to roam else take ele and look to get kills before 6. I put janna as minor as she doesn’t have much kill threat on Neeko but she is almost a hard counter to Neeko snowballing in lane. Her shield negates your poke and her ult hard counters your ult. Look for kills pre 6 and look to roam mid/top as your adc can farm safely 1v2 vs a Janna.



Can run Dark Harvest or comet. Into morg you need to put 3 points into Q early to break her E with 1 Q. Its pretty ez with your w to dodge binds. You may have a hard time finding roots but you can ez poke her out. Once teamfights start she makes it hard for you to engage so just focus on peeling

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You want ele into Taric to burst b4 his ult goes off. Early its very easy just poke and use your w to dodge his stuns. Once 6 comes it can become tricky as if you don’t do enough burst to kill before his ult goes off he can turn the fight back onto you.



Take ele. You can bully super hard early but his shield is actually really good at stopping you from being able to catch out his adc. This lane can go either way just respect his ability to all in if he lands a Q and play around his shield CD for all ins.



You can take ele or guardian. Get a lead lvl 1 with W auto procs and zone him from the wave. He has sustain in his kit so you have to keep poking him to stop him from being able to engage. His ult can be used to knock your ult out so be careful for that. Not to much to say about this matchup just respect his all in and find picks on their adc.



With a aggro adc you can take ele and with a passive adc guardian. Leona E is a root so you can cast stealth before she gets stun off and run away and root her. You wanna be poking the adc as much as possible but do not use root as if you miss leona will turn and kill your adc. Just poke and look to counter engage on their adc.



If you have an strong early adc like cait or lucian then go ele else I would take predator and look to roam or get kills at 6. Lulu is very hard to auto trade with W since she has shields and can trade back onto you. Just look to farm safely and find all ins on enemy adc. Lulu’s ult is pretty decent at stopping neeko’s from granting kills at 6. She doesn’t have much pressure to dive your adc so look to roam if possible.



run ele or pred. In lane she can poke you pretty hard early and negate most of your poke. You really can only all in when you have ignite. You need to find big ults to start fights or her sustain will ruin your team.

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Run pred to counter roam as bard will roam all game. One of the only supports that can trade with your W auto lvl 1 so focus on pushing the wave and hitting 2 first. You can use your w to steal his heals even when he puts them under tower. He can out roam you very easily and setup ganks. I don’t consider him a hard counter but usually its not easy



Run nimbus cloak with barrier to escape after being hooked or guardian. Make sure you are always behind your minions. Hes actually not too bad 2v2 but if he gets ganks you will die every time. Also if he starts to snowball you are screwed!



Run Comet. Most mages counter neeko but brand isn’t that bad compared to the rest just try to poke without letting him poke you. Be careful with your clone at 6! If you send your clone at him, then he can ult the clone to make it bounce between you two.



I would run ele or guardian into Rakan depending on how comfortable you feel into it. Be careful when trading empowered autoing into him as it is the range or his knockup. It similar to most tank supports just poke with Q and keep E up for counter engage if he goes in. He is very squishy and will die in a combo but he is very hard to hit because of all his mobility.



Run ele or pred. This is so hard she can match your poke but you cannot poke back cuz of her shield. Your only hope is to make it to 6 and all in. Only problem is you will be shoved under tower getting poked all game and probably get dove lvl 4 or 5 by the enemy jungler. Only way I win this is getting an early jungle gank bot while they over extend



Run ele. She is annoying she can out range your poke and root plus can shield your poke. Only advantage you have is you can root through wave. At 6 if she catches you in a root you are dead unless you have aftershock. After lane she will just have an easier time then you finding picks as she has longer range on bind



run ele or guardian. At first I thought pyke was a hard counter but now I think its even so I placed him in major. bully him hard pre lvl 3 but at 3 be careful. hide behind minions and counter engage when he goes in as he dies very fast. you can block max range hooks with your w.

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run ele or pred. This matchup is very adc dependant. If its an adc that is hard to root then you lose as yuumi will poke and sustain you outta lane. If its an adc that is easy to root then you just all in and win with ignite.



run comet. If he lands double bomb you are probably dead and his ult counters your ult. You can find early kills vs him tho if you play well



Run Comet. Neekos hardest counter even if you aren’t even in lane vs her. She can poke you outta lane early but this is your best time vs her. After 6 you literally cannot get close to her. If she lands a single Q she will 100-0 you with ult. Dodge if shes in game



Run comet. He just out ranges you and pokes you outta lane you have to play aggro and get early kills or you lose.



take guardian. Stealth right as the hook hits you and you can avoid him hitting the auto after to root you. You win this lane early ez and usually can get a free tower plate in first few waves. care tho if he gets ganks and snowballs he can be unplayable vs.



Run ele or pred. After nerfs she isn’t at extreme threat but still really annoying. Her auto q combo lvl 1 will out trade you and she can heal your poke. Last till 6 and all in. Also her auto is canceled if you stealth during it.



run ele or guardian. He has extreme kill pressure lvl 1 and 2. If you can survive to 3 its okay but he can always lantern gank or save his adc with a lantern. After lane his ult makes it hard for you to get into the fight and his hooks have way more pick potential then you. I usually ban him tbh



run comet. She out pokes you and out all ins you very hard. Anytime she lands a root you probs die but if you land a root she’s either living or trading her life for yours with a counter root ult.

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