Morgana Counters :: Counter Picking Stats For Morgana By CounterStats

How strong of Morgana? And what will we do for Morgana counters, let’s see thinking about Morgana of veteran warrior as below:

Talk about Morgana – Morgana Counter

lightrocket2 says

“Has a spell shield for anyone you try to stun. Ignore whoever she shields as you can’t do much to them. If they have a hard carry jungler to shield you are doomed”

GrandMaster Taric Jungle : Welcome to the Gemshow

ak521 says

“If she can land her Q’s, that’s unfortunate. If she knows how to use her E’s thats also unfortunate. She will win the early game if so… Dodge her Q’s and walk up- wait out the spell shield before you BandageToss/Q in. I’d get Zhonyas actually (or MR if you are going tank) to ignore her ultimate right before it stuns you. It’s also worth noting that her early game power is almost equal to if not the same as yours if you get the upper hand. Because she maxes her W first (as Jungle to help her clear), it’s less punishing to invade, and she GENERALLY will level her E at 4. So you can invade at lvl 3.”

RichMrFork says

“Farms quick, loaded with CC and black shield can be a pain. Morgana’s clear is actually extremely healthy due to her passive so don’t try to invade a Morgana early without help as you likely won’t have the damage to kill her then. If you can dodge her binding with your E you can look to skirmish with her at most points of the game. Dodging her binding in fights is key to beating her in skirmishes. She has very little damage without it and is quite immobile.”

Ekko Jungle Guide (In-Depth)

Kocykek says

“With jungle changes Morgana got she was really strong but got nerfed over time. She’s still in a good spot but not as good as before. Beware of her blackshield that can deny your CC and magic damage which can really hurt.

[11.17] No dashing around! – Diamond Poppy Jungle Guide

Kayncer says

“Morgana´s hard CC is to much for Kayn, you will most likely die if she hits you with Q, you need Zhonyas or a Cleansing Item here”

S11 Kayn Guide (In-Depth Kayn Guide)

Botta00 says

“When you gank botlane her q is poison for you.
It’s hard to dodge and it stuns you for too long by preventing you from activating your w

Botta00 JNG Rammus Guide – The Armored Titan [11.17]

Pusi Puu says

“Always try to invade if you can (have vision/prios). Always look for skirmishes and don’t waste your ferocity to cleanse her root. She clears really fast, so try not to get behind in tempo and look to always pressure. ”


NixLychee says

“This champ has one of if not the fastest clearing speeds in the game, and if you get hit by her Q, you die.”

[11.16] Lee Sin Owner’s Manual

LambWolf says

“You need to impact the map more than she does. She clears jungler incredibly fast compared to Kindred. You should invade her whenever possible.”

[11.16] Kindred the Solo Carry Machine

LordGrox says

“Nerfed pretty hard with a decent clear. Dodge her Q, watch out for stopwatches. Consider going Mercs.”

[S11] LordGrox High Elo Rek’sai Guide

Pullks says

“She can snare you while snowballing easily, and her black shield counters your knock up. Will generally ult you and then zhonyas.
Less frequent in jungle but still clears faster than Nunu. ”

[11.17] Pullk’s Master Nunu Guide! (1.5M+ Mastery Points)

Veralion says

“She had her clear speed hit so she’s no longer a walking lawnmower. She still easily keeps everything respawning, but now she has 10 seconds less to shadow a lane per rotation so she’s not as omnipresent and oppressive. Very easy for her to disengage you and kite you to death 1v1. Extremely obnoxious champion and a good ban candidate now that Hecarim has been mulched and Chemtank hit hard. ”

AP Bruiser Shyvana: Fire and Death

Baggyyy says

“so annoying to gank like holy moly her spell shield and root are annoying thank god that she’s banned every game.”

[11.17] pro gamer sett guide

MiningRicK says

“So Morgana is in the Moment very OP in Jungle she will out jungle you, be careful! But actually I played vs her and won always in 1vs1. So I think even.”

Leona Jungle Tank to Win S11

metalhydra273 says

“New from jungle buffs: Look at her kit. She might even be a harder counter than Olaf since she doesn’t need an ult to completely invalidate you if she plays her cards right. She has 2 types of snares to force you away or lock you down, and then black shield is black shield. Her clear speed has been buffed immensely to make her a viable jungler, giving her an advantage in momentum, and as a matchup rating she very well may be up there with Olaf. Nevertheless she has her issues, namely facetank dueling. If you can get around her abilities and wait out/break her black shield, she’s a sitting duck and you should be able to get her killed easily, unlike Olaf who isn’t scared of you outside of ult. She has counterplay so utilize it well, or you’re going to have a bad time. Permaban if she’s meta, if she’s not meta she probably won’t be showing up much.”

Grandmaster Skarner Guide for Season 11, My Way


“Morgana has hard CC and max health damage in their kit and items. This counters tank Lillia very hard because it stops her from moving around and melts her health very fast.”

[11.15] *Frostfire Tank* Jungle Lillia

SaintsBeast says

“Morgana is just a pest to your kit. She can root you in the middle of your snowball and then completely destroys you with her ult. Avoid her as well when playing Nunu. ”

[11.16] SaintsBeast’s Nunu and Willump Speedster Mode (1000

Heccie says

“her q is her only ability basically dodge q you win go in on her she’s squishy.”

Rengar Jungle

Y4hy4 says

“Big CC such as hers can screw you up since you can’t get your stun out with your E.”


LegionOfLizards says

“This might seem weird to some of you but your Q does magic damage so you can break the spell shield easily also your R makes you CC immune.”

Warwick Divine Jungler

aurus666lol says

“Next fast clearing jungler which makes better pressure on the map, but she is weaker than you in 1vs1. Just please, dodge cage and you are in home. OR rush Banshee, but It will be big waste of gold.

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[11.13] Not Clickbaiting Guide for Conqueror Nidalee

carlru says

“Xin Zhao counters Morgana.
Still, she is OP as of now.”

[S11] Some Stuff About Xin Zhao

Sniperclaw5987 says

“To gank her you need to be fast and build mercury treads or you will just be destroyed by the adc or a counter gank.”

WARWICK God Jungle Build Season 11 High Mastery Unkillable!

SoSheolH says

“While you can build tenacity and have your built-in magic resist, you’re a big and easy to hit target for Morgana. Her formerly ridiculous jungle presence and power is gone now but she’s still very annoying to play against and has the potential to carry.”

[11.13] Long Range Ganking – Tank Galio Jungle

H-UwO says

“Lots of stun and stops dashes. can counter your ultimate with her E.”

Lee Sin’s low ELO Guide

AST Raposo says

“if she has the magic barrier , hold your charm until the last second…when she use the barrier,use the charm on the other one”

Foxes in the Jungle! (Ahri Jungle Guide for Normals)(S11)

SheepeyDarkness says

“Due to the new jungle changes, morgana jungle is very strong. Her black shield can really screw your play making. If she has enough ap and lands a root on you you are most likely dead. She will run you down with her ultimate. ”

[11.10] The Bashful Bloom // Lillia Jungle Guide

DeleDulux says

“Actually not more in jungle but still strong because of her range if she misses her Q she’s death”


TheInkKingLoL says

“Not much excitement should occur early. Dodge Q. You can dodge the ult stun with your temporary invulnerability from ult. Contest objectives.”

[11.11] Ekko Jungle Guide – New Player Friendly [Redesign in

Gumipapucs says

“You might meet morgana in the jungle, as i play it myself too and she’s super good at it. She mostly wants to farm early game but she can pull of some nasty ganks too. This means you can invade her, and you can engage on her at all stages of the game, but you really have to dodge her Q as it is her main source of damage because it makes you stay in her W which deals a ton of damage when maxed and with some AP, and it can give enough time for her teammates to collapse, or she can just run away as her spellshield block your slow from E and red buff too. You dodge her Q you win the fight. Her ult can do some nasty damage and CC especially if you serve your team on a platter with your ult. Try to abuse her early game, invade his camps, kill her, deny XP and it should be an easy win. If she counters your gank, she’s mostly in trouble, depending on the situation.”


DannyTheDuck888 says

“Morgana can spell shield your ult and make it useless.
If she hits a binding on you, you won’t be able to move.”

DannyTheDuck’s Lillia Guide

Rudas2 says

“She can root you, protect herself and her teammates from your Q pull and R knockback and after you, all in she can make easy stun on you with R.
Keep in mind you are unstoppable during your ult so it is possible to bait her Q and R so it won’t effect you”

Kled jungle [11.11] In depth guide

Al Groz says

“She is a CC champion, it is easy to read her because her Q has a slow animation. Place the box in front of Morgana’s target to avoid taking the stun, make her spend her shield and you should be able to win fights against her.”

[11.11] AD & AP Jungle and Support Shaco Guide | 🤡

lemurs0cks says

“You and morgana have very similar kits, except you probably out damage her unless she is fed”

Jungle Lux | Killsteal Lover

c0st0m says

“unplayable matchup again dodge on sight
her black shield removes one of ur most important factors, she can teamfight you, clears faster, and easier to play”

[11.9] Lillia Masters c0st0m Guide

Sahalio says

“Invade her after 2 buffs or 2 buffs and gromp and make her life miserable. Delete her early game”


tusupervieja45 says

“ella es la reina de aturdimiento si te atina con la Q estas muerto porque después de eso vendrá el adc y con su w te remataría así que intenta usar flash para esquivar la Q y así poder ganarle una oleada y mantenerla a ralla y si eres ambicioso ganarte una muerte.”

kog’maw en: las babas de la jungla

Senpai Broccoli says

“Black shield counters slows and Dar E which is his only engage. She also has an insane root with q, and her ult is a close range stun. They usually ult zhonyas so it is difficult early and/or if they are building a health build. You should be able to 2-3 shot them mid game if you got a nice early game, or late game once you scale hard.

God Of Ruin Nix: Darius.

Coorowko says

“cc immunity and long long long cc make morg a bit annoying, but Sej easily has better damage output early game. Invade, Ambush, and counter gank. Once you get Sunfire and your other items Morgana is outclassed. ”

Sejuani Carry: Save Games and Douse Flames

Shroomen Rider says

“If you don’t get hit by Q you beat her. Focus her down if she ulties. Shroom her if she zhonyas. ”

Shroomen Riders Teemo Jungle

Darth Fang says – Morgana Counter

“Blackshield is a pain for pantheon, try to bait her and dont waste your W.”

[Pantheon Jungle S11] Bake something for the MVP so bake som

Snadr says

“Must be permabanned everygame. Her black shield reduces your kit to nothing while also dealing lots of ap damage.”

Rank 1 Rammus Jungle Guide [11.9]

UnaFlauta says

“This is a new pick that is going to be a hell for most junglers, but for kindred isn’t that much. If you dodge her q with your q you may kill her pretty fast”

The Only Kindred Guide You Will Ever Need

bigCHlEF says

“Idk how Morgana jg will go, but she can root you more easily and burn you down”

[Season 11] Ultimate Sett Jungle

Bel37 says

“She farms faster than you and has a better team fight than you. If you get hit by her q ult there is no escape of death. Just wait for her to use her key abilities before engaging. ”

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(11.8) The only Viego jungle guide you will need!

VenoSlayer123 says – Morgana counter

“3 Second Root, spell shield whoever you put charm on.”

Evelynn build guide, for Gold players, by a Gold player

tsundereRen says

“just dodge when their enemy pick morgana support. Literally cockblock you from raping their ADC. Puts up shield and block your stun then lock you up for 5000 centuries.”

Vrestrom Consume You! / Volibear Jungle Guide.

The_Brainstorm says

“She can lock you down, being unable to use your W for a while. Additionally, she prevents your CC to one target.”

Rell Rebel – Full Metal Jungle

Karthus man says

“Morgana’s root can leave you vulnerable, and with her black shield, she dodges almost all of your damage from your ult, rendering it useless. Get a Banshees veil to protect you from her root and you will be fine.”


Rusitc1 says

“Red Kayn is kind of a beast, and he’s the reason you find Conq. for the popular runes on OP.GG and Porofessor, etc. He is more popular and has very little counters. One of The only counters both forms SHARE is morgana. Pretty obvious why, she has very hard cc between her ult and Q.
On red Kayn buy an edge of night/ QSS as that root is her only annoyance. Her ult isnt that bad, you have your R to counter it.”

My Season 11 Kayn guide | in depth Kayn guide | Season 11

nicksms says

“[literally anyone skillshot-centric champ goes here] just use your Q lmao”

[Preseason 11] nicksms’ Bronze Trash Shaco Guide

Trexori says

“Her Q can cancel you in team fights.
If you dodge the Q however, she’s useless.”

[10.25] Zac Jungle Main Tank Carry! The Blob Squad incoming!

Einsteinium99 says

“Morgana can deny CC, pretty hard to gank a morgana.”

[10.25] Pre Season Zac Jungle Guide – Diamond Mono Zac

RainbowFreeze says

“Enchanter Supports, or anti-engage supports with only a little CC are pretty weak. You can just run at them, slow them, and fuck em up. ”

[10.23] A Bronze Scrub’s Guide to EVERY ROLE GANGPLANK

ACE4291 says

“Relies on a Q gank
just keep putting wards down and shes stuck on ganking as your team knows shes coming

Ace’s PRESEASON Fiddle ITEM Guide

smutnycarak says

“She counters your Q and your chances to come close to enemy ADC. Her barrier just make you almost useless.”

Speed Beast – Speed Blitzcrank Guide

Zekrow says

“She really screws with your midgame.
A good morgana will easily negate your engages and skirmishes mid game with some well placed black shields.
Her root is also obnoxiously long for a squishy character like fiddlesticks.”

[S10] Patch 10.22+| Jungle & Support |Dominating Midgame

Hosing says

“makes it so you can’t 1 shot, but also dies to ludens proc anyway so whatever”

The BEST 1 SHOT AP Nunu Guide! [10.21]

Swae Lee says

“If she hits her Q you will be stunned long enough to die. Any hard cc (crowd control) counters Master Yi but you can use Q (alpha strike) to dodge those punishing abilities.”

In Depth Master Yi Guide [Free Elo]

Jemzent says

“for both forms cc is a big threat from any champion”


chiefdonut says

“You might think her black shield hard counters you, but you can just have your poison on her for a second or two before flinging to eat away at the shield. Her q is easy to dodge with enough move speed.”

Jungle Singed Speed Demon (10.19)

Ambient12 says

“COMMON. Morgana is only rough if she can land Q’s. Her black shield helps to inhibit your all in capability, although most Morganas will shield themselves if subjected to your Q. Use this opening to all in without fear of having it not stun the ADC”

[10.17] [Season 10] Jungle Pantheon Guide

Kimxasoto says

“Root + Spell shield = Dead yeti with boy crying on his lap.”

Nunu’s Rod Of Ages And Willumps Stone Skin

Jogress says

“I would call 1 support who I absolutely hate – it’s Morgana. Her E allows her to cleance your R at any moment of it’s charge (before hitting enemy or after – doesn’t matter). That reliably protects 1 ally and feels extremely unfair (i mean, it takes no effort for her to put E after your R). Her Q is always a pain in the butt too.
Wait for her to waste E. OR hit multiple targets with R – she can’t protect all.
P.S. she works exceptionally well with Caitlyn”

Jungle Lillia – Tips and Tricks! (with detailed notes)

SlaughterSong02 says

“Usually with others making her hard to kill, long reaching stun with decent damage, don’t get caught by the stun or you’ll die to her and her lane buddy”

Kha’Zix Jungle Guide

WickedPoppet says

“Wait for her to spell shield to wear off before going in on them. If she roots you while you ult, you won’t get the fear and you won’t be able to move after the channel ends for a little.”

Fiddlesticks Guide

D3str00 says

“Ganking morgana is always pain. Not only she has her E, which prevents you from doing any kind of successful gank, but also her duration of root is huge. If you will do something wrong, you will probably end up dying on gank.”

Ultimate Lee Sin guide – tips and explenations by D3str0

Ehxakt says

“She can stun u mid-air. And can blackshield the adc you want to jump on. Hard to gank and hard to play against in teamfights.”

[10.9] Platin Zac Main Guide In-Depth


“Ganking a Morgana Lane is difficult, but not mindblowingly. It is key to not Gold Card the spellshielded enemy, and to just switch focus to an other champion.”

[10.7] Twisted Fate Jungle |The strength of the Cards|

Sp00kyCrazy says

“Her black shield cancels your gank potential but since you are going ap you can diminish that disadvantage.”

The Mighty Udyr AP- AP Jungle Udyr

Gisbert12843 says

“negates most of your stuff including your disable :S”

EVE on Fire

DemonAngel60 says

“can denie the knockup from your w with her Black shield (e)”

Rhaast (Red Kayn) season 10 Beginners Guide

koniggelee says

“same as jax don’t use your q to initiate wait till she throws he bind then trys to ult you then q.”


ivangorge says

“1.) She has a strong disable that can force you to use ulti early.”



Laverenz says – Morgana Counter

“Morgana and all other champions, who have a bind or root are a big counter for skarner as they can keep you out of your altar range, and deny your ability to run away with carries with your ultimate.”

[Former Rank 10 Skarner World] Atomizing Faces! (9.23)

Bergio says

“Her root duration as well as her spell shield is enough to either get you killed or stop you from getting a kill. Build edge of night and Maw if going Shadow Assassin, or build Mercury Treads and Spirit Visage if going Rhaast”

The Weak Fear the Shadows (In Depth Kayn Guide)

TiuLeaf says

“If going against a good morgana, get ready to tilt, even more if she have zhonyas, the cc and damage just demolishes Yi, but if you’re fed, she don’t become a big threat”

Leaf’s guide to Master Yi – The Wuju Bladesman

EdrinD says

“Dodge her Q or u gonna get LB from afk. And when she have stopwatch or zhonyas never gank her lane.”

Master Yi Jungle Carry

Trexore says

“Her long stun will allow enemies to easily kill you.”


Respect The Bear says

“Super hard to get on, she can black shield anyone you try to flip, and her q lasts forever. I also ban morg if she’s not already banned.”


DiabloPhD says

“Watch out for spell shield when knocking up. Irritating for everyone who has CC.”

[TANK 9.18] Jarvan IV Full Tank Guide (High DPS Team)

Dorwu says

“she can stun you so you cant flip enemy like a burger”


Rexerekcio says

“Morgana is the only champion that can fuck you up, considering that you are silver so no one can play any other champs. Scientific research however states that even a newborn puppy is able to play this champ, because it’s whole kit is based around pressing R and 1 (or 2, depending where Zhonya is binded to) in this exact order. ”


EmperorCirno says

“She can snear you and block your whole combo,
Also your Q is magic damage so her black shield blocks it.”

Pupper Guide to being a good boi

EvelynnGuides4U says

“Biggest Evelynn counter. She can just shield herself or the ally and you will never be able to charm someone.”

The Only Evelynn Guide You Will Ever Need! Jungle Guide 9.16

GachaBoyGM says

“She can block your stun in just with her magic shield.”

The Vine Spear In The Jungle

Yzroma says

“Her black shield makes you useless in team fight and botl ane ganks. Gank only when she used it or when the gank is easy.”

[9.15] 980k Diamond OTP Vi guide

Yzroma says

“Le black shield de morgana empêche les contrôles de foule et réduit grandement l’utilité de tes sorts E et R. Les dégats passent quand mêmetu peux finir une morgana sous blackshield avec ton R. Aussi, ton R t’empêche de prendre sa cage. ”

[FR 9.15] 980k Diamant OTP Vi Guide

Chosokabe says

“If you don’t know how to properly use your Q to dodge her snare, you’re gonna have a bad time.”

Season 9 Theorycrafting for Low Elo Jungle Yis

Midsdead says

“If they are decent, black shield will stop a lot of your burst. Morgana will cripple and irritate you all game.”

Assassin Poppy Jungle

New Player says

“Has a good amount of CC, decent pushing power and decent wave clearing. Her spell can block your ability effects and part of their magic damage for the most important team member in a teamfight, making it more likely for her team to win it.”

Jungle Cho’Gath (Season 9)

New Player says

“Spell shield stops most of your attacks and getting ult + q’d or q + ult’d will most likely get you killed.”

AP Jungle Rumble (Season 9)

Sarutobi says

“Save your R and E until after she finishes her ultimate because you will not be able to kill her before her ult locks you down and you will only waste your major abilities. After her R finishes engage, if she Q you after her R then hit W because it’s only a root then hunt her down with alpha and teach her the way of the samurai! ”

[9.10] The Ultimate Samurai

Deltix31 says

“Le black shield immunise un ennemie au CC, rendant vos sorts principaux inutiles.
Tips : Soyez attent if aux moments où son sort est en récupération.”

[FR] 700k Points Vi Diamond Guide

KingTalquin14 says

“Riot isn’t nerfing the q duration and she can beat you in movement speed when she ults. dumb champion in general best to take tenacity and a qss.”

New Master Yi Build On-Hit Patch 9.10

EpicEvan921 says

“A spell shield, a century-long root, and an ult that stacks the odds against you. The one saving grace against her is that her spell shield blocks against none of the damage, since you deal solely ad. Get in there, get your kill(s) and GET OUT before she can even think about punishing you.”

M7 Pyke Jungle

Jomickies says

“Morgana’s black shield makes it very hard to engage with Sejuani. It completely negates your CC! This means that you have to try to bait out the shield or predict where she will put it when you engage. If you do not do this she will negate your engage and you will probably lose the fight.”

Prove your worth – Diamond Sejuani Guide

Predium says

“I hate this champ as hell, because of the Q Ability, You don’t wanna be rooted forever, I suggest to ban her after Blitz, very risky to deal with, play safe, and whenever she uses her Q, Attack immidiately.”

[9.3] Ultimate Pyke! [SUPPORT/JUNGLER]

CjFletch says

“Nothing hurts more than spellshield.
Oh right, one you can give to allies. ”

The Best Skarner I’ve Played

convikszyn says

“If u get hit by her Q it’s hard to stay alive but u can still use ur R when got hit by it, that gives u a chance of living.”

Kha’Zix 9.2 am a sneaky bug ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

JessGT says

“Morgana will Litterally Make you useless in the whole match, i would suggest to ban her if you have such an Hardtime agaisnt her.”

Poof im Gone

GlowingBrain says

“Dodge that shit. If she black shields someone ignore them.”

The Speed Machine

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