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In here, you need to trade her only if she uses her Q. Don’t try to brainlessly walk to her, because she will just punish you with her combo. Post-6 be careful about her all-in. Though if you will have negatron and keep your distance, it shouldn’t be problem and once when you get your Liandry, you should be good to go in order to win trades against her (or even deny her entire all-in). It’s important to mention, that when you go for harass, try to wait until she uses her Q, because then it’s harder for her to juke your spells. Otherwise she can just always use Q for speed up, avoiding your spells and clearing minions with ease.



If you can avoid this matchup, do it. In here, don’t even try to go for autoattacks, or you are going to get his combo with bleed, which might get you killed even at level 2. Ward around lane and try to always have some sort of information where exactly did this guy go – whether he is roaming or just waiting behind the wall to make his parkour combo. In lategame you should go for Zhonya in order to survive his burst in teamfights, because you are mostly going to be his target, but during early and midgame it should be enough to just make Seeker’s armguard. Though, if you play it right and he doesn’t get incredible ahead, then it’s playable, but we all know what is he cappable off, so even if you don’t give him any kills yourself, he will find some kills anywhere else, which will just make your life in lane harder.



Our beloved Akali, champion that is one of the hardest ones to play in a game in terms of mechanics, considering her quite low damage output. (#SarcasmEnd) Well, pre-6 you can do whatever you want to her, just be careful about her dash, that she has with her invisibility. Don’t try to harass her in expense of lane minions, always prefer that farm rather than harass – expecially if she has Doran’s shield. After she has level 6, don’t ever try to come closer to her and farm only through your E and R. Any attempt to go on her face will mostly end in your death, even if you would rush Negatron (which you should do anyways, but it’s not guaranteed, that it will always save you). So scale up, get your AP and try to oneshot her later on in teamfights. Otherwise you are doomed.



Here the main problem is, that whenever you try to face-to-face fight him during early or mid game, he will block some part of your damage with his shield, which makes him hard to kill. In addition he can pull off a lot of damage on you in order to harass you. Another thing is, that he can roam early, which might snowball their entire team, but if he doesn’t, you will simply outscale and once when you get your Lich Bane, he will have problems even in face-to-face fight, because your damage output will mostly be way better.



Zed is a bit like Katarina – if you play it right, you are good against him, but if you do even the one mistake and he uses it against you, then you are going to pay really high price. For this guy, just try to harass him pre-6, which you should be able to, but be aware of his W,E,Q combo, because now more than before it hurts when he procs his Electrocute. After 6 you need to show a lot of respect and try to farm from distance (or possibly poke if you can). It’s really important to get at least Seeker’s armguard here, to not get oneshotted whenever he ults you, since it should provide you enough armor to live through his burst combo, if you are at least a bit careful. Just ward around mid and don’t try to follow his roams too much unless you have perfect vision, otherwise he might set-up for trap and punish you for that. Lategame you will simply abuse your range against him, but till you get there it’s going to be hard, unless he gets behind by not getting any kills off roams or lane.



This guy is definition of counterpick (if he knows what he is doing). Main problem is that he is hard to poke, due to his E. Another thing is that, if you try to autoattack minions, he can jump through them and harass you a bit and then just jump back, which will make laning against him annoying. Another thing is, that when he uses his wind wall, he can deny your farm, expecially if you try to last hit under your tower. Its really tricky even in lategame, when your team tries to go all-in against him, because if he uses right wind wall, you basically are unable to deal damage properly for several seconds, where in meantime your entire frontline might melt. On the other hand if he gets behind, he is not too hard to deal with, but it’s always going to be frustrating.



This big blue bird might be really annoying early on if you let her hit some stuns, which she will use to hit E off that. That alone, can take away even around 60% of your health level 2. Dont give her these combos for free. First try to bait out her Q, then you can go all in against her if you have decent vision around yourself to see whether jungler is coming or not. Post 6 it turns into farming lane until you most likely reach level 11 to be able to poke her down with your ults, or unless you are so ahead that you can all-in whenever she returns back in lane. Dont remember, that she can use her wall to block you in awkward position, so even if you are ahead, never underestimate her damage output and ability to lock you down.

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This guy can be really painful even early on with his Q spam. In case that he has Doran shield, just ignore him and don’t even bother harassing him. In case that he has anything else, then use your E for slow and go all-in with W pre-6. If you go for short trades, just keep in mind, that first you need to wait for his shield from Q to fall, otherwise you will be losing trades and he will block a lot of your damage. Post-6 he will try to abuse you, though with your ult up if he jumps on you, just don’t get scared. At first you need to E him and start spamming autoattacks and Rs until he has another ult back. With that, you should be able to deliver enough damage to scare him off these actions or sometimes he might even end up getting killed. What is problem though, that he might roam a lot and get advantage somewhere else, which might end up being problem when dealing with him from mid to late game!



Good old Katarina, I guess anyone who plays mages knows how annoying her jumps can be, together with her damage output. I rated her as really high, even though really precise gameplay, can make this matchup quite easy. It means, that this lane might go really well or really badly. If you position yourself right and farm, she shouldn’t be able to kill you and if you wait for right moment, you can even get kill 1v1 against her, but as I said, you just have to play perfectly. What is problem though, is her roaming potential. If she gets kills from other lanes, you mostly can’t simply follow, unless you have really well warded jungle and you know where you are going, but mostly it’s not worth it. So it’s a bit of risk, but in lategame again, if you position yourself right, you might get win condition on your side again after you hit level 16, because she will have problem dealing with your poke and even get on you if you stand far away. If you get your Lich Bane, you can even oneshot her in a single combo, unless she uses Zhonya. To wrap it up – matchup is hard, but playable as any other and here it’s really important to play it right – then it will become way easier than it seems to be.



Lissandra is really easy due to her low range. If you build up MR, you deny her oneshot potential on you and the only thing you should care about is her jungler. If he is not around, you should be able to do anything you want with her, denying her quite badly if you play the matchup right. The only reason when you will have problem is, that her jungler will focus your lane, because ganks there are quite simple with Lissandra’s CC, but in that case just stand behind and farm safely, which will waste jungler’s time around midlane and give other lanes opportunity to get winning condition on their lanes.



Velkoz is possibly hardest matchup, that you might have against any mage-type champion. Main reason is, that his damage output with full combo is insane and even if you build MR, it will not save you against his true damage. Last biggest thing is, that you don’t have any interrupt for his ult, so if he manages to land combo, you are most likely dead. In this case just farm up and try to not get killed. You can poke a bit from behind, but don’t get into his E range if possible. When you hit level 16, you should be able to win game through pure poke, because your range is just incredibly high compared to his, but mostly it’s not easy to get there.



Vladimir is headache for many midlaners. Main reason is that he has no mana pool and his health sustain is quite good even in early levels. That will most likely cause, that you will run out of mana in lane, before you will have chance to kill him. That is why he was picked quite often in midlane expecially during later phases of last season. As AP Kogmaw though, you have really good kill potential on him, if you use your W in trades. Again rush some MR (Negatron) and abuse your range. When you get your magic penetration (boots and haunting guise), then you should be able to even win face-to-face trades against him, due to high % damage of your W, which will shred his high health pool.



We all know this guy and what is he cappable of from big distance. This is why you will pretty much lose all trades pre-6, where it’s best to just farm up. At level 6, when he starts channeling Q, you can try to hit him with E,Q,R combo because it’s really hard for him to avoid it when he is slowed down due to his Q channel. At level 11 it will be a bit easier to trade him from distance, but still not 100% great because your ranges will be similar. Where you actually start outperforming him is level 16, where your range becomes higher than his, so whenever he is channeling Q, you have free R hits on him, which will force him away from whatever objective that he is currently trying to defend. So chill out here and don’t get behind, you will be stronger later on!

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Veigar might be deadly if he gets ahead, but his early game is really weak. Main thing that you should care about is his E, when his jungler is around, except for that it’s not problem to eat it, expecially when you have your negatron, which you should have really early. Main reason why you counter him is, that you basically outrange him quite badly and after you get MR (and unless hes not incredibly fed), you can even get to close fights with him, in order to utilize W damage.



Lux might be annoying early levels with her harass, but once you hit your level 6 and you get your negatron against her, which will deny her oneshot potential, you should be able to win range trades and eventually kill her even in 1v1 situation.



This little guy is one of your hardest opponents. You can harass him (and you should!) early levels, but don’t let him get his Q off on you, because then he has possibility to do huge combo on you, which might just kill you even during early levels, expecially if he has ignite and he knows what to do. You really need Negatron here, as usual and after level 6, just farm from distance and harass him only with your E and R (or possibly Q, but when he is between minions, its usually impossible to hit). In lategame it’s a lot about position and information, where is he currently. If you let him flank you, you will mostly just flop, so when you decide to siege, always ask for wards on side and stand more behind unless you know, where exactly is he in every moment.



Pre-6 be careful her about her stuns. If she doesn’t have it, it’s no problem to go and harass her with your W autoattacks. Post-6 the only threat is her flash R combo with full burst and ignite, even though again, if you build negatron and stand behind, while harassing her from range, there is not much she can do against you.



Azir after rework is a bit easier during laning phase, because his soldiers range was reduced, so you might have easier time to farm, but his overall strength is higher, which means that you shouldn’t mess with him in face-to-face trade. Just farm up and poke from distance, if you feel confident, that you are ahead enough and your health level is currently way higher than his, you can try to all in, but be cautious, it can easily backfire and you will just throw your advantage straight to his hands.

Aurelion Sol


In terms of Aurelion, main problem is, that you are gonna get shoved hard expecially early levels. He can simply push lane and roam, which will provide quite big map pressure and your teammates might complain about it. If you go to face to face trade, it’s not guaranteed, that you will get away alive, because if he jukes your ults and gets stun off, it might be really hard to win against him. What you need to do here is to just farm and outscale him, or possibly wait for jungle ganks. It shouldn’t be problem to trade him a bit early though, if you keep your E to get away from him.



In this matchup it depends how good this Cassio player is. If he is just medio core and he can’t juke your skill shots, then you should win with ease. But against better players, that will walk around you while spamming all spells on you, it might be hard to do anything and early it’s just better farm up. It’s good though that if you hit your E, you can kite her over it, which should give you enough space to hit few ults off that and win trade. In late game you should always make sure, that she is poked down, before you try to all-in her, because if you miss your combo on her while going face-to-face, you will just end up getting killed, so even if this snake is behind, never underestimate her damage potential.



Even though Diana has pretty strong assasination potential, pre-6 you can freely harass her and abuse the fact that she is melee. After 6 its a bit harder, but if you keep your distance from her and harass her, it’s not too hard to deal with her. Just don’t try to be a hero and buy that MR against her.



In here, it’s not too hard to lane against him, though it is just crucial to avoid him being able to jump on you, so keep on distance. Another thing you should be careful about is his AoE stun – you need to expect that sometimes when new minion wave arrives, he might try to stand behind wall, trying to engage on you with his stun. Last thing is his ult – he might go all in, then he has nothing anymore and you survive, so you start going aggro on him with W – don’t forget that he can still turn on you with his ult!! Though generally it’s not that hard lane if you are paying attention on what he is doing and what is he cappable of.



For Karthus, it’s really important to not get harassed too much in early. A lot of Karthus players are trying to go on your face and spam their Q on you in order to drop you down. If it happens, it’s quite good to get some jungle ganks if possible, otherwise this lane might turn into nightmare. On the other hand, once when you hit level 6, you can mostly use your combo on him and kite him in your E because once again, he has to walk up to you if he wants to do something. In that moment, you are the one who dictates the rules of trading. For lategame it’s quite good to have Banshee against him or Zhonya to avoid his ults, otherwise you might have a lot of problems to survive in teamfights, since your ult can chunk you down really badly with high amounts of AP.

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Leblanc is big problem for a lot of midlaners, due to her high mobility and harass/assasination potential. Though, if you build Negatron here after Dark Seal, you should be able to win even face to face trades, because once when she jumps on you, she has to stay at least for few seconds to deal her damage, leaving her wide open to your full-burst combo, which will mostly deal more damage than her. Except for that she has hard time to deal with poke, if she doesn’t all-in you.



Quite easy matchup, if you waveclear his spawned minions, even though it’s mostly farm lane, because once when he has all of his abilities, he will most likely push waves really fast and going close range against him isn’t best, since he can use entire combo to neutralize you. Though you can poke him from range and try to deny some of his farm, while he shouldn’t be really able to touch you, unless he uses his flash R during gank.



Orianna can be really painful to deal with expecially in early. Check out her summoners and if she has ignite, be cautious. You need to expect that she will most likely outharass you early on, but you should always return a favor at least a bit. Try to call for jungle gank, because most of Oriannas don’t really look around them while playing aggressive. If you can’t get any, just don’t get killed pre-6, because after that, you can just waveclear with your E, R combo. Later on it’s mostly about not getting caught in her ult, because again, she is not that strong if you take her down from the distance.



It might be quite surprising, but Syndra actually is not that hard opponent to deal with. Be careful if she is too aggressive early and try to make short trades against her if she misses her abilities or if she uses them for farming purpose, but respect her. Once when you get your negatron, she shouldn’t be able to oneshot you with single stun and R combo, which will allow you to farm up your early magic penetration. Once when you have it, you should be able to win any kind of long-distance trades versus her and once when you hit level 16, you will be able to kill her before she even manages to reach you.



Talyah will have upper hand expecially early, because she can clear waves way too fast. That will force you to farm under the tower and overall you will have to stay back, because if she hits her combo without you having any MR, you can flop really fast. Though again once when you scale up a bit, she will have problem dealing with your high range abilities.

Twisted Fate


Twisted fate is usually pretty easy to deal with, unless you are facing exceptional player. Why I rate him like this is, that if you face good player, he will be able to juke most of your skillshots and even set-up situations for kills with his yellow card or even ult. Another coinflip here is, that if he roams and gets some kills on other lanes, you might be in a huge problems, because he basically snowballs their entire team. Except for that he is quite abusable in lane, if you just wait out his card pick and harass him as much as you want, when he doesn’t have it, because if he gets yellow card while his jungler is around, you might be in a huge problem. That might as well tell you whether or not his jungler is nearby, because most of TFs are using either way red card for push or blue card for mana sustain, but really rarely they want to pick yellow card in order to harass you, because you should be able to simply outrun that.



Good old Viktor – this guy can be painful for a lot of people, expecially for his ability to kite around his slow and as well because of his high damage output. When he has his augment, he can clear entire wave simply by using a single ability. Though to kill you, he needs to get on your face, which is when you need to abuse the fact, that you can kite him in your E and harass him from distance, because that is where he is a bit weaker.



In this matchup it’s crucial to understand how Ziggs Q works. It has bigger explosion radius, than “trigger” radius. That means that if he blows it up on minion, you might get damaged, which is how Ziggs mostly tries to harass you, but if you stand isolated from your minions, it should be fairly easy to avoid his Qs, because it literally has to jump on your face, to make it blow. Don’t be too greedy and don’t go into face to face all in trade, because thats where he can kite you over his mine field and finnish you off with his ult. Abuse the fact, that your skill shots are a bit more reliable than his ones. just shared some personality characteristic in lol, hope that give you more understand and have a funny playing!

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