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How to install Unikey, setup Unikey to type Vietnamese on the computer is very helpful, allowing you to type Vietnamese in a light and effective manner. Besides, unlike GoTiengViet and Vietkey, Uniket’s features are much stronger.

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This will help you:
– There is a new Unikey download link
– Install and use Unikey effectively

Unikey software It has a light capacity, takes up few resources of the computer system, supports Vietnamese users to type Vietnamese on text, windows windows and on all famous web browsers. Install Unikey to help you convert charsets, convert fonts and compose text quickly with effective keyboard shortcuts.

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How to install Unikey, setup Unikey to type Vietnamese on the computer

Previously, the famous Vietnamese typing software was known to everyone as VietKey, but due to its lack of development, VietKey is no longer as popular as it is today, and the current new software, GoTiengViet, has yet to match. with Unikey, however, not so, but those 2 software are considered ineffective. You can still download VietKey or GoTiengViet to do Vietnamese typing on your computer

You really need to use software Unikey but encountered obstacles in the process of installing Unikey. The following article will help you understand how to install Unikey

– Unikey supports Windows operating systems and can operate even when your computer has a low configuration.

Article Contents:

1. How to install Unikey on your computer.
2. Instructions for using Vietnamese typing.

Instructions to install Unikey on your computer

Before you install Unikey on your computer, you need to download the appropriate Unikey version with the operating system I am using. For computers with operating systems
With Windows 7 should use Unikey 4.0.
With Windows XP you download the version Unikey 3.6
Still Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10 use Unikey 4.2 RC1 32 bit or Unikey 4.2 RC1 64bit depending on the computer’s configuration settings is 32 bit or 64 bit.

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Step 1: In some recent versions of Unikey you do not need to install Unikey, which means you can run the .EXE file and use it immediately after downloading. Download Unikey.
After downloading, copy this file to your desktop so that it can be reopened next time. or configure unikey to open automatically when starting the computer, you won’t have to reopen unikey every time it boots, see below.
Note: In the case of a compressed file, you should use Winrar to extract it, Download Winrar here.
Go to the folder where the file is saved, click the .exe file

Unikey installation go Vietnamese

Select Run to run the program

– Unikey will be started and display the interface for you to use

Configure Unikey to start with the computer:

After open Unikey, Right click on the Unikey icon in right corner of the screen -> Select Dashboard, (Control panel as shown above). -> Click Extend -> Checkmark “Start with windows” In the box “System”.

For version 4.2 RC 4, you do not need a sophisticated installation like version 4.0 RC 2 before. However, currently users still download and use version 4.0 RC 2 Unikey because of its stability. If you download version 4.0 RC 2, you can refer to the installation instructions below

1. Installation instructions when downloading Unikey 4.0 RC 2

(Download Unikey 4.0 RC 2 (32bit) or Unikey 4.0 RC 2 (64bit))
– After you have the software installation file, start the downloaded file and the following window will appear informing the user that they are installing Unikey on their computer. To go to the next part, press “next“.

– After clicking the box “next“, the setup program will send you a pop-up window informing you about the terms of use and outstanding features of this software.

If you agree to the installation, please check the box next to the words ”

I accept the agreement

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“Then, you press on”



Step 2: Next, the system will move you to choose the directory to store the program. You can leave the default archive folder given by the publisher or change to another folder by checking “Browse …

– After making your selection, click on the box with the word “next“. The system will switch to a new window asking the user about the installation Unikey Again.

– If you agree then press “Install” button. At this point the program will switch to installation mode and automatically extract and install the files to your computer.

Step 3: Once the file installation is done, you will receive a notification that the installation is complete. To finish the process press the “finish

After pressing “finish“, the Unikey interface will appear. This means that you are ready to use Unikey is normal and the installation was successful.

2. Manual Unikey typing Vietnamese on the computer

If you want to type Vietnamese on your computer with Unikey, you need to start (run) the software. Then the software will display a small icon under the system tray. To type accented Vietnamese you need to convert this software to text VOn the contrary, if you want to turn off the accented typing mode, you need to convert it to text E. You can switch this mode easily by clicking on an icon in the system tray or using a key combination of the switch, default is CTRL + SHIFT or combination ALT + Z, you can choose the appropriate switch key for the machine by selecting the above right on the software interface.

Unikey supports many typing methods with different encoding. The most popular today is still the encoding Unicode with typing method telex

Unicode is the most widely used international standard encoding today, currently supported on a lot of software as well as applications.

To use Unikey to type Vietnamese on your computer, start the software and set it up in the section Code table (often choose Unicode) and Type type (Telex – corresponding to the encoding) then click Closed is able to type Vietnamese already.

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Tips Vietnamese typing method with accents in Telex typing method

When you press these characters on the keyboard, the text editor will automatically switch

– aa: â

– oo: oh

– ee: hey

– dd: dd

– ow: ơ

– w or uw: huh

– s: identity mark

– f: grave accent

– r: question mark

– x: tilde

– j: heavy mark

– z: delete the mark entered previously (tairz = tai; delete question mark)

Also you can refer to how to write accented Vietnamese in VNI typing method:

a8: ă
a6: â
d9: đ
e6: eh
o6: umbrella
o7: eh
u7: huh
1: sharp mark
2: grave accent
3: question mark
4: tilde
5: heavy accents
0: remove the mark

On the user interface of Unikey, you can set up more useful features of Unikey by clicking on Extend. Unikey’s extended window appears, including the following features: Turn on spell check, Allow shortcut, Turn on this dialog box at startup, Start with Windows, …
With Unikey installation, you will not have any problems while using it because the software has automatically customized the configuration to suit your computer. In addition, the installation does not require users to use the Internet when installing the software, using Unikey to type Vietnamese is very simple with the above setup steps. After installing Unikey is complete, you can use the shortcut in Unikey to type text faster.


When using Unikey to type Vietnamese, you notice that the icon on the system tray must be the letter V. For many reasons during using, you accidentally use the key combination. Ctrl + Shift or Alt + Z (This combination of keys has the effect of converting Vietnamese typing into unsigned typing (English)); The letter V on the system tray also changes to the letter E. Then you need to press return the key combination or click on the letter E -> V to type accented Vietnamese.
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