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Heimerdinger Counter Stats :: Counters for LoL Champ Heimerdinger

Sovereign Kitten says

“You can (Q) his turrets and kill them with 2 (AA), so your objective is to focus on this and avoid using abilities, if you prefer to not max (Q). However, if you do max (Q) you can kill his turrets in one (Q) so long as you have the AP early game, which allows allowing you to press your advantage of shoving him back and not setting up a perma shove into your tower. Keep on your toes scout! You need to be vigilant and keep avoiding all of his skill shots. Once his towers are down for a tiny second you can get in and poke him a little or continue to simply take his turrets down until he’s out of mana. A good Heimer will keep you pinned under tower all game.


by Sovereign Kitten | Diamond Teemo Player

RivalOCE says

“Try to focus on hitting his towers. If you can dodge his stun you should win trades and skirmishes. At level 6, try to juggle your Q’s then all in when he mis-spaces. You win the scale too, just try to survive lane.”


by RivalOCE | Diamond Riven Player

Drake6401 says

“Only difficult if your jungler never ever ganks. If you have a jungler with brain cells, you’ll be okay.A very annoying laner no matter where he goes. If he’s feeling extra petty, he’ll go top. This is just a farming lane for the most part as he will run from every fight. if he tries to poke with his stun grenade then you have an opening to engage. Make it a very very short fight. PTA rune is recommended and use bushes as a get out method to disengage his turrets. He’s terrible at lane control and inevitably overextends which makes him vulnerable to ganks. ”

Complete Guide to Renekton (Wild Rift Portion)

by Drake6401 | Renekton Player

Rhoku says

A Heimer lane is poke city. Take EVERY anti poke thing at your disposal. His rockets do so much damage if he lands all of them that you might need to start triple dshield in order to have enough health to actually survive in this lane. On the bright side, he will almost ALWAYS be pushed up so he is very gankable. Not to mention how if he is overconfident and steps too far up, you can run him down. He is low hp so you can kill him very quickly. The trick is not dying after. Even if he isn’t there to attack you, his turrets will be. Unflinching in addition to Second Wind is great. I’d recommend packing tenacity and Rushing Merc boots if you think you have kill pressure on him. If he completely destroys you, just give up and build Negatron Cloak. On the bright side, you outscale him in the 1v1 as you tend to be very tanky so as long as you dont die and get whatever farm you can get, you will get to a point where he is free food for you. Feel free to kill his turrets using your Q or W. But later on, they become so tanky that the damage you take while doing so is not even worth killing the turret, especially since Heimer will just put another one down.”

[S11 NEW ITEMS] Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku’s Darius Guide

by Rhoku | Diamond Darius Player

I Am Goliath says

“Heimer is just simply annoying in my experience, very hard to kill him early but he also shouldn’t kill you, he’s going to just be pushing you in 24/7 so try calling for jungle help pre 6 before he gets his big turret. Try your best to push in this lane and atleast keep it in the middle of the lane, if you ever land an E on him you should be able to kill him quickly in one full combo, but do be careful of stopwatch/zhyonas which they usually get early since their turrets can do the work for them.”

GoliathGames’ Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points)

by I Am Goliath | Diamond Urgot Player

MrDomian says

“Try not to fight with its turrets.
If he pushes you, he’ll be easy to gank.”


by MrDomian | Diamond Ornn Player

The Rock Titan says

“”[Comet, Doran’s Ring, Q > W] – You can try to kill him as best as you can after 6.
– Avoid/dodge his stun combo, and try to get a few Qs on him without taking too much of his turret damage.
– All in him if he’s at around 80% or less health and when you have some MR items. Last thing you want to do is happen is die when you you all.
– People who play Heimer are usually very confident in their abilities. Becareful!
– A good jungler will gank your lane””

[11.16] The Rock Titan’s Master Malphite OTP Tank Top Guide

by The Rock Titan | Diamond Malphite Player

Stinkee says

“Only problem with Heimerdinger is the fact that he’ll shove lanes to your tower nonstop. You need a mana item (Abyssal Mask) to keep up with him and shove your waves. You can actually throw his turrets with your E, allowing you to reposition them to better manage your waves. You can even throw his turrets towards your tower so your tower fires at it. He will not be much of a threat at all unless his jungler comes.”

“Slay the strong, trample the weak!” | Sion Guide

by Stinkee | Sion Player

Alan234 says

“Any rune is fine. Aery with 3 points in q is probably best
Dont waste too much time attacking the towers, but do attack them. He can replenish them but its good to keep up pressure in lane. Its mostly a farm lane where it depends if he lands skillshots or if you dodge and q poke him down. Usually noone can kill anyone and you both just force each other to back and lose cs/platings. Heimer just wins by constantly pushing and the only way you win is by exploiting him when he is low on mana or needs a base, else there is little you can do.”

[11.17] Best Challenger Teemo EUW Alan234 FLEET FOOTWORK OP

by Alan234 | Diamond Teemo Player

SunFalk says

“He can play safe. He has a stun. He has a lot of damage. He has a good wave clear. – Heimerdinger is very annoying, play safe under tower and CS their, let him push with his cannons and dodge his stun, wait this way for a gank to kill the Heimer. Possitive point about laning against Heimer is that you’ll almost never get ganked.”

✔️S11.17 Yuumi Top AP and AD from Sunfalk ?

by SunFalk | Diamond Yuumi Player

P1Legend says

“Stack ap early, every ap component you can find. this match becomes the easiest thing in the world when you can just double W his turrets and have all his damage potential disappear, while also hitting him for 60% of his hp. keep clearing his turrets this way once you stack enough Ap and the matchup is very easy”

[11.17] Season 11 Master’s Peak 5 Million Mastery P1Tony’s A

by P1Legend | Diamond Rengar Player

DippyDan says

“Perma-pusher, impossible to get priority in lane, and has high DPS poke. Will be sitting under turret pretty much the entire game.
TIPS: [1] Lv. 1-3 your Q+AA kills the turret, but eventually won’t. Make use of this. [2] Pick up Lifesteal early to sustain in the lane.
[3] Can easily kill with R and Parry.”

[11.17] DippyDan’s Challenger Rank#1 Fiora Guide

by DippyDan | Diamond Fiora Player

Justkb says

“More annoying than effective! Make sure that you take Dorans Shield and that you are able to get Q’s off against him tower at level 2! Once you get Merc Treads you can safely Q his towers while trying to dodge his stun. If you can take out 2 towers without his response make sure you try to run him down and finish him off.”


by Justkb | Diamond Darius Player

Veng Shotz says

“Rush mercs+ cowl/hexdrinker and pray you have enough damage to kill him before you die.
If you dont you wont be able to play the lane.
If you do you still wont be able to farm but you can try to kill him on repeat. Farm after he dies when turrets shut down, its all you’ll get before he comes back and sets up turrets again. ”

[11.17] Aatrox Mega Guide 4m Diamond #2 worldwide MP OTP

by Veng Shotz | Diamond Aatrox Player

Amvill says

“He is the ideal in lane counter to singed after Rengar. He has the cc to lock you down, the turrets can completely push you away from your farm and usually kills you in a teamfight. Just dodge ;(

How to become a Professional Singed Enjoyer [READ NOTES]

by Amvill | Singed Player

Catlover765 says

“He outranges you so you can’t kill his turrets without losing half of the health bar at the very least. His damage is pretty high even if you managed to dodge his E”

Omnistone Teemo: The jack of all trades, master of none WIP

by Catlover765 | Teemo Player

Hecki says

“[EVEN] If you know that the enemy Heimerdinger will be toplane you should take Magic Resist in your runes and Second Wind. Go with Dorans Shield to maximize your health regen incase of getting poked. Don’t try to fight him in the midst of his turrets. I usually wait until level 5 and then poke him down or his turrets. If he wastes his E you can try to all-in him if he has no turrets around to block your W.”


by Hecki | Diamond Aatrox Player

xPetu says

“Recommended: Sustain Runes & Teleport
Tips: W blocks his Turret AAs. Use Passive shield when going in to kill Turrets. Engage only if he wastes E.”

[11.17] xPetu’s Challenger Shen Guide [EN/FR/ES/DE/PT/TR]

by xPetu | Diamond Shen Player

BoilTheOil says

“Take Conqueror. You can cheese him level 1 by sitting in the third bush top lane and running at him once the minions come. You probably can’t kill him in lane and he pokes you out. If their jungler or mid laner is also AP rush Merc treads against him. If your jungler ganks him you can probably kill him just by running into him and using E, just watch out for his insane burst. If they don’t have any frontline for you to ult he outscales you. ”

[11.17] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide

by BoilTheOil | Diamond Sett Player

quinn adc says

“Heimerdinger turret range is 350, while your auto attack range is 525, so you can freely hit his turrets from afar.
His turrets requires 2 AAs to kill, OR 1 Q + 1 AA to kill them.
If you blind a turret, the turret is disabled for 1.5 seconds INCLUDING his ulted tower.
In lane, Heimerdinger wants to stack his towers and shove you in.
Ideally you DON’T want to leash if possible so that you can come to lane first.
Hard shove him early so whenever he puts down a tower, you can kill it with ease.
Without lane control, you will back Heim your BISH. Stand behind minions in lane because Heim W is easy to hit, the beams, and if he hits you with them, his towers get 20% increased range.
Now, the most important thing, DODGE HEIMERDINGER E STUN AT ALL COSTS! His E is 970 range, which means he can land it from far away.
To counter this, whenever Heim Es you, either vault a minion OR Heimerdinger himself, and by doing so, your vault will juke & dodge his E stun, which is important because if he lands his E on you, he can follow up with his W AND all turrets within 1000 range will gain 100% beam charge.
If his E is down, it is a 12 second CD, so you can retaliate with a combo and you will win.
Even if he has a few turrets up, I like to hard combo him and you will deal more damage, even if he has some turrets up.
Even better, if you let him W after he Es and both abilities don’t hit you, now you HARD win the engage.
Post 6 be mindful of his R.
Ulted Turret only has 450 range and Heim usually uses it defensively if you try to all in him, so if he uses it, save blind for it to disable it.
His empowered W has immense range and damage, so if you are low, play far back because he can snipe you with it.
Finally, ulted grenade can bounce, so be careful not to be hit by it.
With this lane, DO NOT ROAM because heim can push so fast and take so many plates.
You can resort to a farm lane if you need to, but I find that Heim is easy to beat when you play around juking his E stun and punishing him when this ability is down ? Just remember, GET LANE PRIO and you will find the matchup to be easier than expected :D”

QuinnAD’s Season 11 Grandmaster Quinn Guide

by quinn adc | Diamond Quinn Player

Bombabo says

“Super annoying lane. All you can do is sit back, poke, and hope that something exciting happens.”

How 2 Crab on ’em with Urgot

by Bombabo | Diamond Urgot Player

Vandenelis says

“you can’t win trades against him if he knows what he is doing. But he can’t do damage unless you walk into the range of his turrets. So you should be able to just farm up early. he gets increased movement speed near his turrets, so if your jungle is ganking and you miss your cc then just fall back and stop the gank, since a good Heimerdinger could kill you both when you don’t have cc”

66% winrate tank chogath to platinum (dedicated matchup sec

by Vandenelis | Diamond Cho’Gath Player

Dream Orbit says

“More info on the matchups section. Remember this is only an estimated threat, you can always win any matchup if you’re good enough (or if they’re bad enough).”

[11.17] Leave Only a Trail of Bodies – Top Rengar Guide

by Dream Orbit | Rengar Player

LiL Bunnie FuFuu says

“Complete hell. This champion is known for pissing everyone off and this is especially true for Thresh. Why? Because Heimer’s turrets block your hook. His W poke can be quite high and it is not difficult for him to hit an E on you due to Thresh’s immobility.
The lane becomes more playable once you have Spectre’s Cowl which is mandatory for this lane as it gives health, mr, and health regen to survive his nonstop poke. Expect to lose your tower at 12 minutes without jungle supervision.”

BunnyFuFuu’s Challenger Guide to Thresh

by LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Thresh Player

Phrxshn says

“Consider being a full-time Proxy Singed because you will not out trade him. If you cannot push or set-up proxy consider skipping a wave just to proxy. Try to kill Heimerdinger if you chose to lane against him. Dodging his skillshots will determine if you can trade or not. (Recommended Items: Force of Nature or Abyssal Mask for laning; Rylai’s Scepter, Mercury’s Treads) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Heimerdinger, Singed without turrets) (Outscaling Edge: Even)”

Phrxshn’s In-Depth Guide To Singed[11.17] – Divine Sunderer

by Phrxshn | Diamond Singed Player

DarkyTheReal says

“Easy matchup, Heimerdinger is very weak this season, and you kill one turret with auto+Q, just go for all-ins against him, and you’ll destroy him. At level 1 if you can try to cheese him on a bush or something.”

Educational Darky’s HIGH ELO GUIDE to Riven! [11.16]

by DarkyTheReal | Diamond Riven Player

Raen says

“Annyoing to play against, try to destory his mini turrets and jump in when he uses his E. Early doran shield will be helpful vs his poke and Sheen for kill potential.”

Raen’s Jax Video Tips & Tricks & Build ^_^

by Raen | Diamond Jax Player

The_Unf0rgiv3n says

“Avoid fighting him while he has 2-3 turretns around him. Blocking his stun doesnt mean winning the trade because his turrets deal A LOT of dmg early game. At level 6, dont fight him if he spawns the big turret! Wait for it to expire and go back in for the kill.”


by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Diamond Yasuo Player

Rhoku says

“This matchup is going to be HELL. For the first 5 levels, you just need to sit back and make sure not to take damage. Trust me when I tell you that 1 stun grenade, regardless whether he lands the slow or the stun, will lead to you getting chunked from full to half HP INSTANTLY. If you can land a pull, your combo will do a lot of damage to him, as he is innately a squishy champion but trying to do so will leave you vulnerable. Just make sure you SURVIVE until level 6. Give up CS, conserve HP and try to passively exist in your lane. On the bright side, your ultimate CHANGES the entire dynamic. His turrets and etc won’t be around to help him in the Death Realm. So look to Ult him either AS he throws out his stun grenade, OR as he puts down his super turret with his ultimate. This way, you will cancel one of his major abilities which will allow you to just walk up and murder him with little resistance.”

[S11] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Morde Guide

by Rhoku | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

Phrxshn says

“Consider roaming across the map. Try to kill Heimerdinger if you chose to lane against him. Dodging his skillshots will determine if you can trade or not. (Recommended Items: Abyssal Mask, Mercury’s Treads) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Heimerdinger) (Outscaling Edge: Malphite)”

Phrxshn’s Guide To Malphite[11.17] – Divine Sunderer Nerf by

by Phrxshn | Diamond Malphite Player

A_Drunk_Carry says

“I would actually go Doran’s Ring in this matchup and put 3 early points into E. Bait the heimer into putting up turrets. You’ll inherently get pushed here, but at least you’ll be able to stack. You are so much more useful in teamfights and late game too.”

[11.17] Meta Nasus Guide. Multiple Builds, Runes, Matchups,

by A_Drunk_Carry | Diamond Nasus Player

YasTilt says

“You can dash on his Turrets so abuse of this. he is really Squichy and his R Enhanced Abilities can be blocked with your Wall. Laning Phase will be annoying because of his Poke. Try to pick fights when he don’t have his Stun.”

YasTilt’s Yasuo In-Depth Guide|PATCH 11.17|MID & TOP|

by YasTilt | Yasuo Player

MikaeraKun says

“He will win trades most of the times because of how annoying his kit is. Ask for ganks and pray to god he doesn’t get double kill.”

Irelia S11 Top/Mid Guide [11.16]

by MikaeraKun | Diamond Irelia Player

Phrxshn says

“Consider roaming across the map.Try to kill Heimerdinger if you chose to lane against him. Dodging his skillshots will determine if you can trade or not. (Recommended Items: Force of Nature for laning; Spirit Visage, Mercury’s Treads) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Heimerdinger, Warwick without turrets) (Outscaling Edge: Warwick)”

Phrxshn’s Guide To Warwick[11.17] – Divine Sunderer Nerf by

by Phrxshn | Diamond Warwick Player

slogdog says

“Ranged annoying rat champ. Go doran’s shield and try poking with E and ghouls. Build MR. build vamp scepter if you need to live. Outscale him. Dodge his E.”

Season 11 [11.17] Grandmasters Yorick Guide

by slogdog | Diamond Yorick Player

Farmer Cleetus says

“Major threat, can phase you away if you are not able to use your W to save yourself.”

Sett [11.17] Facebreaker!

by Farmer Cleetus | Sett Player

Phrxshn says

“Consider roaming across the map.Try to kill Heimerdinger if you chose to lane against him. Dodging his skillshots will determine if you can trade or not. (Recommended Items: Force of Nature for laning; Spirit Visage, Mercury’s Treads) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Heimerdinger, Trundle without turrets) (Outscaling Edge: Trundle)

Phrxshn’s Guide To Trundle[11.17] – Divine Sunderer Nerf by

by Phrxshn | Diamond Trundle Player

Rodos says

“Heimer is known for his annoying turrets, that wont let you farm, or get close to him at all. Also you wont be able to land any E on him as he can get cover behind the minions and his little devil turrets. For this reason dont engage him for any reason at the very early game. At level 6 even tho his ult is very strong, remember that your ult deals huge damage and lifesteal.So if you play it good you might have a possibility to kill him.”

[ 11.16] Illaoi’s build and guide to be unbeaten!

by Rodos | Illaoi Player

Phrxshn says

“Consider roaming across the map.Try to kill Heimerdinger if you chose to lane against him. Dodging his skillshots will determine if you can trade or not. (Recommended Items: Force of Nature for laning; Spirit Visage, Mercury’s Treads) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Heimerdinger, Sett without turrets) (Outscaling Edge: Even)

Phrxshn’s Guide To Sett[11.17] – Divine Sunderer Nerf by 5 D

by Phrxshn | Diamond Sett Player


“Take Dshield, play safe, and wait for outscale. Don’t try to outtrade him, he can E Stun you, and it’s easy outtrade or maybe a kill for him.”

Only fools hesitate. Season 11 Katarina Guide

by SKRELAX | Diamond Katarina Player

Byku2506 says

“This is terrible matchup for you, he can easily beat you at 1v1, just wait for jungler and try to catch him if he plays agressivly against you. Just wait for his mistake and build strong mr against this fucker.”

[11.15] Byku`s Guide to Darius | DARIUS MAIN 300K

by Byku2506 | Darius Player

RTO says

“His turrets are very annoying and hurt like hell, but if you can dodge or bait his stun then you can possibly burst him down in one trade. ”

[11.15] RTO’s 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide

by RTO | Diamond Renekton Player

RTO says

“Lane dominance, zoning, high range poke – everything you hate. Play safe, don’t trade, ask for ganks, take MR, roam.”

[11.15] RTO’s Challenger Kled Top Lane Guide

by RTO | Diamond Kled Player

Fryx says

“Pre 6 he will be super annoying so just take the farm you can get. Stay as healthy as possible! Once you are 6 just straight up ult him even full hp and use your full combo on him. After that try to run since he will use his ult. Once he is 30% hp he can not really stay in lane. Trust me it works every time. Sometimes you can even kill him like that.”

[11.15] Master Top 37 Malphite World Guide how to press R |

by Fryx | Diamond Malphite Player

Psychopathic Top says

“This is a matchup where the Heimerdinger determines the difficulty of the lane. Bad Heimers drop turrets for no reason and gives you free stacks (while auto shoving the wave to your tower). Good Heimers would simply shove you out of lane and force early backs which is the biggest problem, as you lose econ in losing way too much cs and stacks. The best way to play this matchup is to survive as long as possible before backing, and rushing lucidity boots to juke his stun. HE WILL BE UP LEVELS AND GOLD through cs and plates there’s nothing to do about that, just remember you are better at teamfighting so don’t sweat if his up a lot of gold early, do NOT die no matter what. Look for flanks in mid game and try to avoid a head on fight vs Heimer’s team.”

[11.11] Psychopathic Top- Multi season challenger Nasus in-d

by Psychopathic Top | Diamond Nasus Player

wff010 says

“EXTREMELY cringe lane. I developed a very specific playstyle for this lane. I run exhaust, nimbus cloak and transcendence. Why? He can burst you down 100-0 as soon as he stuns you or poke you to death under his tower. So, whenever you have exhaust, run at him with everything you’ve got, exhaust him when he throws out his stun, and then kill him ASAP. This will likely be happening under your tower a lot since heim permapushes. So, ask for plenty of ganks.”

Masters Sett Build w/ The Top Lane Bushido Code

by wff010 | Diamond Sett Player

LoLReal says

“Enjoy farming under turret because that’s all you’ll be able to do in this lane. Ungankable champion too, obnoxious to play against. Build early cowl and focus on farming well for mid-game.”

✔️ [11.16] Real’s COMPLETE Darius Guide (All Match Ups)

by LoLReal | Diamond Darius Player

LoLReal says

“Heimer is hard for us. Punishes us hard early game and isn’t very easy to kill. Also difficult to gank. Build an early spectre’s cowl in this lane and farm. Mordekaiser can be more useful in team fights so be patient. Heimer builds early zhonya’s so he can also be tricky to kill inside of our R. Punish him before he finishes zhonya’s post 6.”

[11.16] Real’s COMPLETE Mordekaiser Guide (All Match Ups)

by LoLReal | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

FeedLaneGetCaryd says

“Try your best to farm and scale. You can ask your jungler for a gank. Heimer will perma push because of his turrets. Buy MR. E+Flashing when your R is up and you are full HP usually means a kill.”


by FeedLaneGetCaryd | Diamond Urgot Player

RTO says

“Heimer’s turrets are the bane of Illaoi’s life. Just play passive and try to farm under tower safely. ”

[11.15] RTO’s Challenger Illaoi Top Lane Guide

by RTO | Diamond Illaoi Player

SanLourdes says

“Another poke machine. He will try and establish lane dominance early. This is perfect since you usually freeze your waves in front of tower anyway. Your Q can be used at a range to take out his turrets, and your E can launch them out of positioning. Once you get a stun on him, you can finish him off easily. Respect his burst, it is more powerful than you think.”

[11.15] Enthusiast’s Guide To Sion: Best Current Builds

by SanLourdes | Sion Player

Yumi Project says

“Fight him only with your ult and W up.
Try to farm under tower and wait for gank if you dont have your ult up. Remember to place well you shield.”

LWDS PY’s Gwen Build for Dummies!

by Yumi Project | Gwen Player

RainAndBow says

“Can’t win against this other yordle. Let his turrets station wherever he wants, just don’t interfere. Try to take the turrets if you can, but if he is nearby it is not worth the risk. Allow his minions to shove into your tower and farm like that. Pray for jungler gank. ”

Season 11 Teemo Shroom Usage Guide

by RainAndBow | Teemo Player

calbino says

“Heimer’s poke is irritating, but if you hit first Q, he’s basically dead unless he zhonyas/stopwatches. However, prioritize dodging his stun with E rather than positioning your Q with it.”

Aatrox, “The World Ender”.

by calbino | Aatrox Player

RareParrot says

“Do not let him push you to turret you will get poked down under turret via rockets if you have bush prio you can win by assassinating him because hes squishy.”


by RareParrot | Teemo Player

ForgottenProject says

“This is not a lane this is just Torment. You’ll be under your turret for the first 15 Minutes of the game making you Question why even bother with this Game?
[1]Take Teleport and Just Farm out the Lane, there’s not much you can do here.
[2]Take Corrupting Pot in Lane and Pick up Mercs so you dont get overwhelmed by his damage.
[3]You can beat him if he doesn’t have his turrets set-up or if you kill his turrets and still have Most of your Hp.
[4] Don’t ask for ganks just focus on farming till the Laning Phase is over, you will out-scale Hard.”

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[11.14] Rank #1 Fiora NA | Challenger Fiora Main Guide – Upd

by ForgottenProject | Diamond Fiora Player

epic blitz top says


An Actual Viable Blitzcrank Top Guide [AD/AP BRUISER]

by epic blitz top | Diamond Blitzcrank Player

Xerath gaming says

“Never fought against this but in my opinion it should be free kill when you press R since all his turrets wont be in the realm of death”

[11.15] The BEST Mordekaiser guide ever!

by Xerath gaming | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

SavagePridestalker says

“Kinda weird matchup, you’ll never be really able to kill him, since he’ll just be pushing the lane against you permanently. I’d say DON’T play tank Rengar into him.”

[11.14] Master’s SavagePridestalker Tank Rengar TOP guide

by SavagePridestalker | Diamond Rengar Player

Marwaii says

“Dude, nerf Heimerdinger. Take shield and play safe till mega Gnar. Mega Gnar will kill him at lvl 6 and you can kill his turrets with your Qs.
Take Stride + Mercs.”

[11.15] How to pack a MEAN Gnar

by Marwaii | Gnar Player

LegitLechner says

“xD i prolly dodged if i knew he was my laner. Can win just unfun.”

All Illaoi Best Builds/Runes Season 11.15 Illaoi Main

by LegitLechner | Illaoi Player

a1a7s45 says

“Heim’s turrets are really oppressive once he gets Liandry’s. I stay back and poke the turrets before killing him. Ignore them when going for all ins
Heim is barely a 5 but he’s for most of the time because the amount of poke he has”

S11 Gnar Guide

by a1a7s45 | Gnar Player

MachDawn says

“Very annoying DO NOT play aggro until you get 5 stacks, a stun or ULT off on him after you do that you can fight. MERC TREADS NEEDED.”

Mach’s [SEASON 11] Irelia Guide

by MachDawn | Irelia Player

laoshin3v3 says

Farm matchup since you can’t kill him in his towers”

[11.13][Grandmaster] Lao’s Fiora – Every Matchup

by laoshin3v3 | Diamond Fiora Player

AlanVenator says

“There is not much you can do against Heimerdinger. Try to avoid poke and stay healthy. When asking for ganks, try to clear his turrets and minions as they will do a lot of damage.”

Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation

by AlanVenator | Urgot Player

SethPRG says

“You win level 1, I’d try to bush cheese, but if he doesn’t die you will have to play safe unless you can dodge everything and destroy his turrets quickly. Better to just let him push and wait for your JG or level 6 and Stridebraker. His missiles are relatively easy to dodge unless he aims the skill shot to be widespread. His turrets are annoying, but in all-ins, you can use that against him by stunning him into them. If he tries to throw a stun bomb at you use your ult to dodge the CC. Rush Mercury Treads into Stridebreaker, and then get Force of Nature second item, you will need the pasive. He won’t be able to beat you after that till late game.”

Season 11 Sett Top Guide (UPDATED FOR PATCH 11.13)

by SethPRG | Sett Player

DaSticks says

“Very hard matchup if the heimer plays well. He can 1v2 you and your jungler if he has ult so ping your jungler away! You can kill his turrets with autos when safe to but he recharges them quickly so it’s hard to get a good window to trade, just play defensively. When you want to all in him bait him into throwing E then flash on him.”

✔️Season 11 DaSticks Teemo Guide

by DaSticks | Diamond Teemo Player

Helix128 says

“Able to burst you down from range. Destroy his turrets as soon as possible. Avoid the stun. You wont get ganked.”

Helix´s Teemo Low Elo Guide

by Helix128 | Teemo Player

majororange77 says

“Full info in Guide.
Great matchup. Just let him push and free farm under tower. If he gets too aggressive, let your jungle path bot and gank.”

Season 11 Vayne Guide | All Roles, All Builds

by majororange77 | Vayne Player

Kaizin says

“Take a few early points into your E so that you’re able to farm and clear his cannons. He’ll most likely keep you pushed into tower so just try to farm as best as you can and avoid walking up to the wave near his turrets as he deals a lot more damage than expected. Second wind, early boots and health are all very good into this matchup. At level 6 you can try to go for an all in, just make sure you’ve poke him down to at least 60% with your E. That way you can kill him in one rotation of abilities. If he flashes I’d take the flash, let your jungler know and don’t be greedy.”

I Am The Storm | Kaizin’s Volibear Top Guide | Patch 11.12

by Kaizin | Diamond Volibear Player

deathwalker7119 says

“Another really hard matchup, if you see this guy in ranked you should probably just dodge or spam ping jungle help. You cannot fight him in his turrets as they fuck you, so always play back and wait for him to push past them. You need to parry his grenade + dash out of the missiles, or else you will get 1 shot. Again, his turrets will literally solo kill you as they give him movement speed and do incredible DPS, AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!!”

[11.12] In-depth Season 11 Fiora Guide (Updated daily)

by deathwalker7119 | Fiora Player

SirGRC says

“Worth a Ban: No
If you can position your W well, then you should not be taking damage from all his turrets, or at least most of them, and your E makes it very easy to dodge his other abilities. He will most likely keep you pushed under your tower, ask for a gank or just play safe and cs as best as possible.”

[11.12] SirGRC’s Silver Guide To Gwen

by SirGRC | Diamond Gwen Player

Humitaxx says

“Just try to freeze the wave and trade every now and then, whenever all of your abilities are up you can chase with Q and stun him with E, he can melt you but you can abuse his turret damage to get a charged W at him”

Sett : The 4 Punch Assassin & The Colossus

by Humitaxx | Diamond Sett Player

PK Noob says

“You can avoid his poke, but when you look to all-in him your still gonna close enough to be shot by his turrets and get stunned. Heimerdinger is extremely squishy, so wait for the perfect opportunity to one-shot him.”

A Totally Legit Guide On Gwen Top

by PK Noob | Diamond Gwen Player

XPRflew says

“play safe under tower early and you could fight him at lv 6 but if he e you you will lose the trade.”

Top Lane Nasus Guide Season 11

by XPRflew | Diamond Nasus Player

Darkduet says

“Heimer is one of the most hated champions of mine, but thank god your passive makes it a lot easier to approach him. Be careful though, heimer is very tricky”

Darkduet’s Top Rengar Guide

by Darkduet | Rengar Player

TXK_ says

“AIDS champion. Save your ult after his ult since he can not take turrets with him in your Death Realm.”

[11.11] S11| In-depth | Mordekaiser Top Guide

by TXK_ | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

Womsky says

“lane survival, doran’s sheild, He is known as the ultimate lane bully who shoves u under your turret and forces u to stay there all laning phase while poking you, but as a tryndamere, u have so much sustain and u can destroy his turrets while out sustaining his mana pool, he has alot of skill shots, so dodging is important in this matchup, he will try to throw stuff at u when u go for his turrets, but u can dodge it and destroy them, he is nothing without his turrets, when the game starts u can also head to the lane right away to prevent him from setting up turrets, if u let him set up too much he can poke u out, dives and kills on him is easy if u take out all turrets and stay high hp high fury, his base states are nothing compared for you.”

Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups

by Womsky | Diamond Tryndamere Player

RealIreliaCarriesU says

“Can be troubling if he lands his combo on you but it is fairly easy to avoid everything he throws at you. Start with Q and look to build your passive/be aggressive early on. If you land your E at level 2 it is a guaranteed flash or kill from him depending on how hard you chunk him. You can be extremely aggressive against him just make sure to be aware of ganks. Post 6 it is crucial to avoid his combo as he can easily do 80%+ of your hp in a second or two if you get hit by his combo. Avoid his combo and you are golden in all ins.”

Irelia Carries U Challenger Irelia Guide S11

by RealIreliaCarriesU | Diamond Irelia Player

ImVoxxX says

“annoying piece of garbage, just play safe and wait for a gank”

Talon Guide by an OTP [S11 Talon Guide] Mid/Top

by ImVoxxX | Diamond Talon Player

tibs2 says

“Depression aids cancer bad match up. You just sit under tower and hope you flip the better team. Don’t really have any useful tips for this match up other than don’t try to trade with him ever.”

Best Poppy NA (1010 LP Challenger) Top Guide (all match ups)

by tibs2 | Diamond Poppy Player

Ratakor says

“Ranged, he hard push -> ez gank, his turrets hurt a lot, don’t get poke and stay even in farm, you can kill him after first back by run on him and dodge his stun bomb”

Ratakor’s guide for s11| Matchups, tips and spins included

by Ratakor | Diamond Garen Player

svjade says

“His constant, mostly remote attacks are very hard for Akali to counter, so she will certainly need some help to deal with this champion.”

Akali Build (Top Lane)

by svjade | Akali Player

JeanMichelBambi says

“Even if he isn’t common, he’s a pain to deal with, he deals lots of poke damage, and can hide behind his turrets to block any hooks you might be trying to throw at him.”

My Stupid Guide To Thresh

by JeanMichelBambi | Thresh Player

Yasuperior says

“Play defensively level 1. Use tornado to destroy Heimerdinger’s turrets. You are able to windwall his abilities. ”

11.10 UPDATED Guide to Yasuo (Grandmaster 1.3 Million)

by Yasuperior | Diamond Yasuo Player

AmericanNut says

“Your shield blocks his E, W, and turrets. Save your shield for when he ults as that is when he bursts his hardest. Do not walk into turret nest for any reason.”

Mortal’s Will: Off Meta Assassin Pantheon Guide! (Outdated)

by AmericanNut | Pantheon Player

Noodles912 says

“Come on. Its Heimer. Spam pots and q lane and never engage. Keep your jungler away from your lane. You can freeze easily with how much damage his turrets do. Stay healthy, and recall if you are low. W can stop his stunning bomb and rocket barrage.”

1v9 games with Vladimir with Noodles912

by Noodles912 | Vladimir Player

PiscesPomf says

Heimerdinger will easily poke you and if you go in, his nest of turrets will blow you up. Just stay safe, disguise yourself as a farmer, and wait until your jungle come to help you or wait until you can move out of your lane.”

S11 – Fiora Guide

by PiscesPomf | Fiora Player

Urgodzilla says

“Very hard to do anything in this lane. Farm as best as you can, get some lifesteal and magic resist.”

Urgot, The Dreadnought

by Urgodzilla | Diamond Urgot Player

Oskarl3 says

“tough to fight early because he pushes you in non stop, but you can use your e to reposition his towers. goredrinker is good here to help you survive his prolonged damage”

Low Elo Bruiser Sion guide (Season 11 Silver/Gold/Platinum)

by Oskarl3 | Sion Player

SirGRC says

“Pray for a gank…thats kinda it. If you can’t deal with his turrets they will kill trade.”

A Silver Player’s Guide to Volibear

by SirGRC | Diamond Volibear Player

Draconic56 says

“This matchup is going to be hell for you. For the first 5 levels, you just need to sit back and make sure not to take damage. If you can land a pull, your combo will do a lot of damage to him, as he is innately a squishy champion but trying to do so will leave you vulnerable. Just make sure you survive until level 6. Give up CS, conserve HP, and try to passively exist in your lane. On the bright side, your ultimate changes the entire dynamic. His turrets and etc won’t be around to help him in the Death Realm. So look to Ult him either AS he throws out his stun grenade, or as he puts down his super turret with his ultimate. This way, you will cancel one of his major abilities which will allow you to just walk up and murder him with little resistance.”

Destiny. Domination. Deceit. The Best Mordekaiser Guide S11

by Draconic56 | Mordekaiser Player

SanLourdes says

“I hate this matchup more than anything in the world. He is a poke machine with tons of CC and burst potential. Stay out of his way pre-level 6. Freeze the wave in front of your tower and let him push. Safely CS and when you have your ultimate, use Ghost, E , ult him and make him pay for all the pain he has caused. His turrets won’t be there in your Death Realm to save his mustache. Other than that, play it safe and do not feed him. Respect his burst potential. Build Doran’s Shield. Keep the rest of your normal build and buy Sorcerer’s Shoes.”

Heavy Metal Mordekaiser | Bruiser Mordekaiser Guide

by SanLourdes | Mordekaiser Player

negoZoma69 says

“AP Neeko can’t do much against heimer in lane, he will just get free movespeed from his passive and kite you. Just try your best to kill his turrets and bait his abilities to make him run out of mana. AD Neeko on other hand has a small window to kill him if you dodge his E.”

Solo Lane Neeko Guide – In Depth

by negoZoma69 | Neeko Player

SeptikYT says

“Really annoying to lane against to the point it’s near impossible to trade with him. To also mention he outscales you by a lot, so just dodge or ban this guy.”

The New Meta

by SeptikYT | Lee Sin Player

not normal says

“With full crit you probably one-shoot his turrets, but it is a pain in the ass to push and lane against him.”

How to stay in Iron

by not normal | Jhin Player

SleeplessX says

“Juke his grenade and murder him. Respect his turrets’ damage though. He’s a sitting duck to ganks”

[11.8] Toplane Muramana Pantheon – The Scaling Spartan!

by SleeplessX | Diamond Pantheon Player

Spacix6 says

“Range champion, very annoying against Illaoi, kill turrets ASAP”

Illaoi – The Alpha Female

by Spacix6 | Diamond Illaoi Player

SanLourdes says

“Heimerdinger will out-trade you in every way possible. Play defensive and ask your jungler for ganks. Take down his turrets whenever you can as it will be near impossible to survive in places where he has many of them. Don’t take too much poke! He has great burst potential when you least expect it and his playstyle will soon have you tilted if you aren’t careful. Don’t take Doran’s Blade into this matchup unless you want to lose the lane. Freeze the minion wave just before your tower range and farm safely. Allow him to play aggressive and when he overcommits punish him for it. Heimerdinger has everything he needs to counter you; poke, a stun to stop your initiations, high burst damage, decent health and range. I would say to definitely ban him, but his play rate is so low that its not practical. If you are matched up against a Heimerdinger its best to dodge. A five minute wait is better than the worst 15 minute forfeit game in your life.”

The Jax Jesus | Hyper-Carry Jax Guide

by SanLourdes | Jax Player

VekkyBoi says



by VekkyBoi | Singed Player

nichovsky says

“what can i say exept its heimer. if you engage with ult he can stun you and ult then W or Q he can just run if he gets you stuned as well”

Gwen guide for beginers (most info are in the notes)

by nichovsky | Gwen Player

Kynji says

“Early game is gonna be a really challenge if your facing him top lane, because his turrets poke harder then your Q”

Wanna make an ADC to never play ADC again?

by Kynji | Malphite Player

LaZyM says

“If u don’t win lane, u should go re-evaluate ur life.”

Yuumi Top Guide

by LaZyM | Yuumi Player

TwistedDemon says

“You should beat him. Kill his turrets and don’t let yourself be hit by his stun. Ask for ganks since he is very vulnerable, and easy to kill in a 2v1. After 6 it becomes a bit harder, just make him to waste his ult and you’ll be fine.”

[S11] How to Solo Carry as Karthus

by TwistedDemon | Diamond Karthus Player

Runtley says

“Heimerdinger is just annoying. You want to make sure you hit his turrets twice then the poison will take care of the rest. You can also throw your shrooms on your turrets if they are close enough to each other and get them all. I recommend you use aery so you can get a bunch of poke/ on hit damage.”

OMG TEEMO *Bites lip*

by Runtley | Teemo Player

MrShykun says

“MATCHUP DIFFICILE NE PRENEZ PAS TROP DE POKE COMMENCER BOUCLIER DE DORAN ET SECOND SOUFFLE AVEC LES BOTTES DE MERCURES SI VOUS VOUS ETES FAIT DEMOLIR PRENEZ MANTEAU DE NEGATRON ET FARMER VOUS POURREZ L’OUTSCALE SI IL NE RESPECTE PAS LES DISTANCES UTILISER VOTRE E ET POURSUIVEZ LE AVEC LE GHOST DEMANDER DE L’AIDE AU JUNGLE SI POSSIBLE PRENEZ CONQUEROR ET FORCER LES FIGHTS SI IL NA PAS DE TOURELLES AVEC L’ESTROPIEUR HEIMER EST UN FREE KILL. Un heimerdinger en lane ne va faire que vous poke prenez des items pour résister au poke les rocket font beaucoup de dégâts si il les touche toutes le start triple collier rafraichissant est envisageable le coté positif est qu’il va probablement vous push H24 il est donc ENORMEMENT vulnérable au ganks surtout que si il s’approche trop vous pourrez tout simplement lui courir dessus je recommande de rush la ténacité et des mercures si il vous défonce prenez manteau de negatron . Point positif vous allez l’outscale en 1v1 puisque vous pourrez le tanker donc si vous ne mourrez pas et farmer il deviendra un free kill pour vous de plus il est assez facile de détruire ses tourelles avec le Q et le W.”

Darius saison 11 MrShykun French guide

by MrShykun | Diamond Darius Player

Lunarisen says

“Aside from his AP dmg, his turrets count as minions; so he’s fuel for the monster you’ll become.”

Fear the Undead Giant!!! (Top lane/Tank Build)

by Lunarisen | Sion Player

Sasdos says

“cancer but very very good ult to take
take d shield”


by Sasdos | Sylas Player

mikishiko says

“ff15, Yuumi cant play this. Tower camp and wait for a mistake”

AD Yuumi Top

by mikishiko | Yuumi Player

Rime101 says

“Ignite + electrocute + dorans shield
Max Q
Look to safe farm until 6 where you have strong all-in potential
Kill turrets with Q if possible to attack his mana pool, also free gold
Ignite can be good for stronger all-in”


by Rime101 | Diamond Kennen Player

Erenando says

No seriously you’ll have a very hard time at stacking since he can kill you under your own tower. You must manage to survive the lane until you got spirit visage, mercury’s and of course sheen to fight him of, but until then you’re basically fucked without your jungler.”


by Erenando | Diamond Nasus Player

sock217 says

“Very very VERY obnoxious. Rarely played, but hurts when you have to lane against him. His turrets will drain your meeps constantly, just camp turret as much as possible. Your Ult can freeze his, so if you manage to freeze him AND his ult, try as HARD as you can to stun him, Late game you are tanky enough to ignore turrets.”

[S11] Sock’s condensed guide to OFF-META Bard!

by sock217 | Bard Player

GrGamingTeo says

“All you need to do against Heimerdinger is dodge his grenade and don’t stand near him if your lane looks like a military base. You can rush Mercury’s Treads if it makes sence for the enemy team or Hexdrinker.”

Dunk Galore/Top/S.11

by GrGamingTeo | Darius Player

Gordusko says

“Heimerdinger is a true lane bully. Laning against this fella is just a pain. You gotta keep destroying his turrets and try to stay healthy. Try to give him some damage if possible with your Q+E combo and wait for him to make mistake. And pray ? ”


by Gordusko | Neeko Player

LunaticDancer says

“I might be an idiot, but this guy always absolutely beats me in top lane (at least last season). You need MR. You need to never get hit by his stun grenade. You need to destroy his turrets immediately before he can create a formation with them. Be careful of him setting up his ult turret and then using Zhonya’s.”

Beginner friendly guide to carrying games as Yorick

by LunaticDancer | Yorick Player

SpyDaFX says

“try to kill at level 2/3. dont trade with him when his machines are nearby, ask for ganks, a skill matchup (he needs to land his stuff, if he doesn’t it’s a free lane for you after level 2/3 if you get a lead especially). go press the attack.”

[11.5] Absolute 1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guide

by SpyDaFX | Diamond Renekton Player

tasie456s says

“Turrets are annoying, but if he groups them up too much, you can combo them all together. He helps you to waveclear, so look to constantly shove and roam with your jungler. ”

This Ends Badly: A Ryze Guide

by tasie456s | Ryze Player

Ravenborne says

“Mandatory to get 3 Rejuv Bead as Start. Simply can not touch him. If he gets close to Tower however you can run him down with Ghost because your Damage is far greater than his. Just be sure to not let his Stun Grenade hit you at his turrets because he will then be able to finish you off.”

[11.5] Ravenborn’s Darius Guide

by Ravenborne | Diamond Darius Player

mobsterplatypus says

“The poke is very annoying here, but once you reach level 6, go all in, wait for him to use his ultimate (usually on the turret) then use yours. His turrets can follow him to the realm of death, and if he already used his stun its pretty much over for him. Run riftmaker to help with the poke.”

[Season 11] Destiny, Domination, Omnivamp.

by mobsterplatypus | Mordekaiser Player

Kil4fun says

“Play passive until you get 6. He hurts a lot but if you don’t tank abilities you can just sit behind minions and wait out the rocket attacks. Besides that his turrets have more range/same range until level 16 where you can take them for free.”

Just a Kayle guide

by Kil4fun | Diamond Kayle Player

BigManYam says

“BULLSHIT CHAMPION! Just avoid him till pre 6. And build MR and go Dorans Shield.”


by BigManYam | Nasus Player

Bear24 says

“Make sure Heimerdinger doesn’t have stop watch and go all in or you will be poke to your death. at lvl 6 or 4 flash(ult) and kill him ”

Fat Bear

by Bear24 | Diamond Volibear Player

MarkFromSingedMains says

“Can’t get near him because of the turret harassment. Dodge everything you can but the best case scenario is to proxy.”

Mark’s Guide to Singed: Discontinued

by MarkFromSingedMains | Diamond Singed Player

Devilofthewest says

“A good heimer dinger will wreck your shit . There are too many instances where you will need your E and it is very easy for them to force you to use it. Most likely you will get stuck trying to farm with your long range Q because if he stuns you when you try to last hit CS then his turrets will kill you … and once he hits lvl 6 jumping on him will be suicide unless you have your E up and ready (this is a champ where EMPOWERED E actually is very useful so that you can block his whole ult or enough of it to get away ) This all being said IF you can burst him dead with your combo + ignite you can win but it is still HIGH risk . The only real thing you can do is take advantage of his lack of escapes , let him push up , try to get him to burn his ult and ping your jungler for assistence (also one final note for anyone unaware , his ult tower stays up if he dies , so if you burst him there is a high chance his ult will still kill you )”


by Devilofthewest | Pantheon Player

ModelitoTime says

“Although Heimer top is not too common it is still a thing. Take MR runes and take a Doran’s Shield with you. Heimer is a lane bully and can push lanes really fast with his turrets. Although they look small they make this matchup dangerous. Never try to hit Heimer with your W unless you have already landed your Q or a E on him. I say this because your W will always try to hit his turrets rather than him because they are closer to you. I recommend trying to land a Q from far range then just E+Flash into him, he is really squishy so as soon as you land a E on him 9 times out of 10 he is dead. That is your best bet at securing a kill in this matchup. If you see that she rushes Zhonyas that will make this matchup really tough because he will just Zhonya and let his turrets do the work for him. If your E is up again time it right so that you can hit him with it as soon as his hourlglass is over. Other than that you scale over Heimer extremely. Righteous Glory later in the game could also help if he is being obnoxious.”

Master Urgod Build

by ModelitoTime | Urgot Player

WookieChewbacca says

“Proxy when able. You can dive Heimerdinger only if you have a vast speed advantage at level 6. If the lane is pushed, you can fling him towards the enemy side of the map, away from his turrets.”

Ree’ing in Singed Noises

by WookieChewbacca | Singed Player

Tacco55 says

“Hard matchup ofc, you take resolve and dorans shield and you farm.”

Shyvana top AD/AP bruiser guide v1.1

by Tacco55 | Shyvana Player

xxskipskipxx says

“Farm Lane ~
Dodge his Abilities and dont force trades!
if he misses his Stun (E) you can look in to trade him, BUT make sure you dont stand in the range of ALL 3 Turrets of Heimer!!
Let him push and ask for Jungle help”

(Ex-Dia)Riven Top 11.3 GUIDE [Matchups incl.] Still testing!

by xxskipskipxx | Diamond Riven Player

ineptpineapple says

“Your qs go through his turrets for good poke, stay fast on your feet to avoid stuff and when you 6 he is easy to murder.”

Agro Lissandra top lane S11

by ineptpineapple | Lissandra Player

lulw says

“Cancer champion but you can windwall basically anything he does. Dash to him windwall stun and then just kill him because of his squishiness. ”


by lulw | Diamond Yasuo Player

Vielia says

“Wait till level 6 and go all-in you cant do much till’ then”


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by Vielia | Diamond Sett Player

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ZakNotKyle says

“Heimerdinger is a huge counter to Kennen. Be cautious or dodge.”

Kennenenenen Patch 11.3 Top Guide

by ZakNotKyle | Kennen Player

NoFriendsPlayLoL says

“We are immobile. We do not win many trades against Heimerdinger unless he doesn’t have turrets or Hourglass.”

Can’t Quench the Kench (Gold & Below)

by NoFriendsPlayLoL | Tahm Kench Player

LeSocair says

“Medium matchup, watch over his turrets and avoid his stun. You can one shot turrets with sheen so that’s just free gold for you.”

The Ultimate Masters Gangplank Guide and His Mythics [S11] (

by LeSocair | Diamond Gangplank Player

RedNBlue says

“Easy kill, just make sure to shoot his turrets and dodge his stun with your e and double shot him. Hes too short range to fight you without his turrets.”

Actual Lucian Top Build[Updated][Best Lucian Top Build Ever]

by RedNBlue | Diamond Lucian Player

EU_Toxicity says

“Very rough for most immoblie melees including Darius. I’d buy 3x Rejuv Beads as you can keep one and buy adaptive helm later. You do have a chance to all-in him before 6 by dodging/flashing his grenade and running him down with ghost . If the grenade hit you just back off as he will surely outdamage you.”

[11.2] Darius OTP guide by Toxicity *BUILD AND MATCHUPS DON

by EU_Toxicity | Darius Player

iZeal says

“Another difficult matchup as Heimer will permapush you into tower trying to harass you while you will have problems farming and destroying his turrets. If he catches you with a stun, you die after level 6. Try to kill his turrets while dodging his E and W before going in or bait out his ultimate for a gank so he can’t 2v1 you and your jungler.
RejuBeads>DShield, Merc Treads, Specter’s Cowl or Hexdrinker if struggling”

[Patch 11.1] iZeal’s Darius compendium

by iZeal | Diamond Darius Player

DasGrauen_ says

“Skillmatchup. Pretty annoying laning phase but you outdamage him with your combo.”

[11.1] Pykë Mid/Toplane Guide – Did I support right?

by DasGrauen_ | Pyke Player

H V N T says

“don’t fight him until you stack mr rush mercs and spectres cowl”

S11 in depth Darius guide

by H V N T | Diamond Darius Player

byThiagus says

“UNA LINEA INFERNAL, Recomiendo segunda pagina de runas, escudo de doran y ghost. Farmear Hasta un gank de tu jungler O que utilize mal su e SINO NO PODES ENTRARLE.”

Darius guia español s11 LOW ELO

by byThiagus | Darius Player

eBrixton says

“call for jungle help and don’t all in him by yourself unless you can guaranteed kill him without dying.”

Warwick Top Lane Ascension Guide by eBrixton

by eBrixton | Warwick Player

Saarlichenbog says

“Heimerdinger loves to bait you into his turret setup which is his primary form of DPS. There are several phases to the lane to ensure he doesn’t take over which can be done pretty easily if managed correctly. Removing his turrets upon placement is crucial as he has a small delay between placing each new turret this being your time to full combo him. Once he hits level 6, there’s always the threat of him double-casting which is why at this point you should start playing more defensively for items. Finally, when he hits Zhonyas it becomes incredibly dangerous to try and solo kill him but he will more often then not be pinned to one lane which means you can then translate your lead into more map impact.”

[Patch 10.25b] ~COMPLETE GUIDE for Kalista Top~ [WIP POSTPON

by Saarlichenbog | Kalista Player

StrikeX114 says

“Heimerdinger’s turrets can often be one- or two-tapped by most champions. Yuumi is not in said majority. Build a Stinger early to destroy his turrets faster, because he can otherwise keep you at a distance for the entire game.”

[Defunct, with Explanation] An In-Depth Guide for How To Pla

by StrikeX114 | Diamond Yuumi Player

hiugnadie says

“He is a complete lane bully, luckily he doesn’t top very much. If you do go against him, though, the rule is you win fights outside of turret range, he wins them inside. try to freeze early and just farm, you outscale him. also if your jungler ganks early and you kill him, then try to shove as hard as you can and kill all of his turrets, and then you have a chance of winning lane against him.”

Gnar will kill them all!

by hiugnadie | Gnar Player

Captain Dantems says

“Tome cuidado com as torrezinhas dele, pokea ele com seu Q e barril, uma hora da para matar ele. Grasp. Dá para usar poção corrupta, anel de Doran e Cristal de safira com 3 poções.”

Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1.2kk maestria)

by Captain Dantems | Diamond Gangplank Player

ItsPaulygon says

“Don’t even try to trade with him. He can just stun you and let his turrets do all the work for him. Play safe, take Doran’s shield and take all the cs you can. Only engage if you have your jungler with you. But be careful, as he can still deal with both of you.”

(Updated for S11) Jax, The Grandmaster at Arms – Guide

by ItsPaulygon | Jax Player

TheMightyNinja says

“He will push you constantly wich makes him vulnerable to ganks.
Your W can block his turrets shots.
Try to stay healthy, dodge his skills and farm as much as you can safely, you become more impacful than him later in the game with your ultimate. I would recommend the Fleet Footwork build in this matchup”


by TheMightyNinja | Diamond Shen Player

MrGasYourGirl says

“He’s the 11/10. You gotta deep proxy behind the second tower and prepare to get blasted in the ass if he catches you. He’s a very naughty yordle.”

MrGasYourGirl’s Guide to Powning Librilz Toplane with On-Hit

by MrGasYourGirl | Singed Player

Nicklstherealone says

“This matchup is hard he has Poke, Waveclear, Range CC and also a Mage that Builds Zhonyas. ”

Urgot | Underpicked | Overpowered

by Nicklstherealone | Urgot Player

BluSpy says

“Take second wind and Doran’s blade, Don’t ask for ganks just focus on farming.”

S11 Matchup Wukong Build Guide

by BluSpy | Wukong Player

arekij says

“Build tenacity and do not go into bushes without a vision. Heimer is good until he has mana and can use Zhyonia.”

Fast Beast Darius Top/Mid

by arekij | Diamond Darius Player

Lenter says

“Use Q and barrels to kill his turrets and at the same time poke him. Save W for his stun and stay safe. ”


by Lenter | Gangplank Player

Frostyfps says

“Can be troubling if he lands his combo on you but it is fairly easy to avoid everything he throws at you. Start with Q and look to build your passive/be aggressive early on. If you land your E at level 2 it is a guaranteed flash or kill from him depending on how hard you chunk him. You can be extremely aggressive against him just make sure to be aware of ganks. Post 6 it is crucial to avoid his combo as he can easily do 80%+ of your hp in a second or two if you get hit by his combo. Avoid his combo and you are golden in all ins.

In depth Irelia guide

by Frostyfps | Irelia Player

Defensivity1 says

“Second wind and doran’s shield is a must, also advised to buy spectre’s cowl and then just do the regulair Tri rush.”

Defensivity’s Yorick Guide S10

by Defensivity1 | Diamond Yorick Player

TangoVallhala says

“try killing him early on when he is no escape or damage, later on wait for 6, watch out for his E Cooldown. Also go hex drinker rush.”


by TangoVallhala | Aatrox Player

qasddsa says

“Be careful of his rockets and stun grenade. He’ll be constantly pushing the wave, so ask your jungler for a gank. Try your best to not fight in his turrets, as their damage starts to ramp up as you get closer to level 6. In teamfights, do not fight in his cannons; make sure to clear them. You do not want to get caught by his stun grenade.”

[Top/Mid/Support] Transcend Imperfection | Kayle

by qasddsa | Diamond Kayle Player


Heimer is a really inmobile champion but he can use that to his advantages with his torrets. In this lane he will always permapush since his torrets will automatically autoattack you, but you have to play it safe enough to not get poked, once the wave starts pushing back you can kill the torrets with your minion wave and then look to waste his mana like that. Fleet in this lane is really good but if you feel confident you can try to go for Spellbook. if he can’t get an advantage in this lane, later on you will beat him 1v1. Look to setup a splitpush situation where he has to match you and look to all in him when he hasn’t placed his torrets yet, the torrets are his main source of damage, without them he is super squishy. Remember you can stack his torrets with Q.”

[10.22] How to get Gold with Nasus, In Depth – All Matchups

by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player

Viola Boss says

“Pre 6, you are going to lose really hard. Once you hit 6 you will be able to ult him out of his turrets”

Sett Top HoB

by Viola Boss | Sett Player

SubHuman Filth says

“Go for aery and 3 points in q from early game.
Shroom his turrets. and only poke with q.
Dont get hit by his E, then you will die very quickly.”

Terrorism Advanced guide + All mathcups. D1 OTP. Subhuman Fi

by SubHuman Filth | Diamond Teemo Player

Grayified says

“Fleet Footwork Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Dorans shield start. Head to lane at the very start of the game and make sure heimer doesnt set up his turrets in lane, and also make sure he doesnt cheese your jungle buff level 1 either. Merc treads can help in this matchup or you can take tenacity on your runes If you are able to consistently take out heimer’s turrets in the early game and not allow him to have 3 up at one time you can outsustain heimer’s auto’s and get very good early pressure on him. If you let him get his turrets down then he will be able to pressure you and shove you under turret and deny you CS. Post 6 you can look for allins on heimer however you need full fury and close to full hp to look for it, also you need to take out heimer’s turrets before going after him or else he will burst you very quickly and kite around his turrets while you are ulting. Once you get about 2-3 items you can start beating heimer even when he has full turrets and cooldowns ready, still a good idea to take out his turrets early though so he doesnt have the burst of damage for after your ulti is over. In the mid-late game split push, if you don’t think you can dive heimer then look to push him in and use your superior mobility to outrotate him on the map and potentially flank his team while he is holding the wave.”

Play Tryndamere like foggedftw2 | Updated for Season 11, mor

by Grayified | Diamond Tryndamere Player

Nabura says

“Take fleet. Put on your dancing shoes and bait his abilities for the entire laning phase, some people hate this matchup but I personally find it fun as they usually constantly miss their abilities and slowly lose control of the lane. Just be careful of TPing back to lane, going for greedy last hits and bushes, as these moments CAN GET YOU KILLED.”

Mid/Top Kayle Guide Season 10 by Nabura

by Nabura | Diamond Kayle Player

EntxRecoil says

“Fleet Footwork Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Dorans shield start. Head to lane at the very start of the game and make sure heimer doesnt set up his turrets in lane, and also make sure he doesnt cheese your jungle buff level 1 either. Merc treads can help in this matchup or you can take tenacity on your runes If you are able to consistently take out heimer’s turrets in the early game and not allow him to have 3 up at one time you can outsustain heimer’s auto’s and get very good early pressure on him. If you let him get his turrets down then he will be able to pressure you and shove you under turret and deny you CS. Post 6 you can look for allins on heimer however you need full fury and close to full hp to look for it, also you need to take out heimer’s turrets before going after him or else he will burst you very quickly and kite around his turrets while you are ulting. Once you get about 2-3 items you can start beating heimer even when he has full turrets and cooldowns ready, still a good idea to take out his turrets early though so he doesnt have the burst of damage for after your ulti is over. In the mid-late game split push, if you don’t think you can dive heimer then look to push him in and use your superior mobility to outrotate him on the map and potentially flank his team while he is holding the wave.”

FoggedFTW2 Tryndamere Guide

by EntxRecoil | Tryndamere Player

ZergDood says

“He needs one stun to win the trade (and he’ll manage to do so!). He’ll push the lane, focus on farming and punish positioning. Be careful when he isn’t around, push your wave. You won’t enjoy this matchup.”

Zerg’s Poppy Guide to Become the Hero You Didn’t Know You Ar

by ZergDood | Poppy Player

Ayanleh says

“He’s pretty stronger than you early on but hes pretty squishy so get lv6 and take him to the shadow realm and kill him there as it removes his turrets.”

A Guide To Playing Mordekaiser

by Ayanleh | Mordekaiser Player


“Haven’t played this matchup that much, but heimers damage and waveclear is strong, you should be able to kill him if you get in however and you want to ult away from turrets during an allin if possible.
Take MR.”


by HIGH TEST TOP88 | Diamond Sett Player

wallobear53 says

“Heimerdinger will attempt to shove you in while simultaneously trying to poke you. Destroy his Q with your AOE abilities while simultaneously clearing the wave. This will help you match his pushing power and will keep you even in the lane.
Avoiding Heimerdinger’s E should be your top priority, no matter which lane you belong to. That ability when paired with his Q turrets can destroy your health bar and kill you immediately if you don’t have resistances.
While CS’ing, make sure you don’t get hit by his W as it will give him a push as well as a trade advantage. Make sure you don’t let him shove you into your tower, or else he will just siege you under his tower or roam around the map and get leads elsewhere.

[10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide

by wallobear53 | Dr. Mundo Player

laoshin3v3 says

“You can clear his towers with your E, and they take damage if they stay near enough to minions. Just Farm up no reason to fight him without jungler.”

[10.18] Lao’s Kayle – Your time has come!

by laoshin3v3 | Diamond Kayle Player

9690 says

“D-Blade. Use his turrets as mobility against him. He will poke you a bit but it won’t be enough to force you out of lane, especially if you can keep the pressure up on him. You should always have lane priority in this matchup. Outscales you. Take Fleet or Conq (Depends on team comp).”

Yone Top – Your enemies wont forget you

by 9690 | Diamond Yone Player

KevinTD says

“This little shite will poke the living hell outta you
dont really engage without gank”

How to tahm your kench

by KevinTD | Tahm Kench Player

BloodyDream81 says

“Comme pour GP, le niveau de menace réel est plutôt autour de 4, mais il te faut de l’expérience sur Darius pour ça, dans un premier temps évite absolument ce match up, et considère le comme affronter Cassiopeia, un enfer ! Je vais quand même te donner quelques astuce qui rendront ça un peu plus viable.
Premièrement, prend “Second souffle” pour la regen vie quand tu te fais poke, deuxièmement prend note du placement de ses tourelles, et essaie de toutes les toucher avec ton A pour les détruire rapidement, ensuite, le E de heimerdinger (sa grenade) et son sort le plus dangereux, si tu parviens à l’éviter, non seulement tu ne seras pas Stun mais en plus les tourelles n’utiliseront pas leur attaque spécial sur toi. Si il utilise mal on E, utilise tout de suite fantôme et court lui dessus, en réussissant ton A tu le tuera à coup sur, n’oublie pas de t’éloigner des tourelles une fois qu’il est mort car elle continue à jouer pendant 4 secondes après sa mort.
Astuce : Des bottes de mercure, un phage et l’aide de ton jungle sont les seul moyen d’espérer faire quelque chose ! Bon courage, et reste forte !”

Darius Top

by BloodyDream81 | Darius Player

Kingarthur720 says

“Fleet Footwork Runes and Build. Ignite + Flash. Dorans shield start. Head to lane at the very start of the game and make sure heimer doesnt set up his turrets in lane, and also make sure he doesnt cheese your jungle buff level 1 either. Merc treads can help in this matchup or you can take tenacity on your runes If you are able to consistently take out heimer’s turrets in the early game and not allow him to have 3 up at one time you can outsustain heimer’s auto’s and get very good early pressure on him. If you let him get his turrets down then he will be able to pressure you and shove you under turret and deny you CS. Post 6 you can look for allins on heimer however you need full fury and close to full hp to look for it, also you need to take out heimer’s turrets before going after him or else he will burst you very quickly and kite around his turrets while you are ulting. Once you get about 2-3 items you can start beating heimer even when he has full turrets and cooldowns ready, still a good idea to take out his turrets early though so he doesnt have the burst of damage for after your ulti is over. In the mid-late game split push, if you don’t think you can dive heimer then look to push him in and use your superior mobility to outrotate him on the map and potentially flank his team while he is holding the wave”

Let the anger take over – In depth Tryndamere guide top

by Kingarthur720 | Tryndamere Player

Dantheman81 says

“Heimer isn’t really played very much but if he is all you have to do is q the turrets and they die. Without his turrets he lacks any damage to kill you throughout the game.”

How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke)

by Dantheman81 | Yorick Player

Xplor says

“Heimerdinger is not a threat unless you go all-in when he has his turrets down.
He will control the wave, you will do the same. Farm out of his range and poke with your Mists and “E” as much as possible. Do not engage on him unless you are confident you can take him down.”

Yorick INSANE Carry TOP Lane FULL IN-DEPTH GUIDE, Season 10,

by Xplor | Yorick Player

Hunter Frenzy says

“1v1: FF & Dom |
vs Burst JG: E & Res |
vs MS JG: PR & Dom |
Boots: Mercury’s |
1st Core Item: Nashor’s Tooth / Gunblade |
Optional Item: Null-Magic Mantle”

[10.15] iPav’s Teemo Book

by Hunter Frenzy | Diamond Teemo Player

OmAEn says

“threats sorted by chance of getting stomped by them ”

10.14 Singed Top (Sleeprer) Full In Depth

by OmAEn | Diamond Singed Player

ACE4291 says

“dodge or stay turret. he is near impossible to kill with out jungle help.

(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out!

by ACE4291 | Tahm Kench Player

TentiTiger11 says

“By far the biggest problem to garen. This matchup is just straight up horrible. Heimer has great poke, high damage, and lane control with his turrets. Even with this build, he will still deny you so much gold and exp. If he poke you down, he can tower dive with his jungler. Avoid at ALL COSTS. Maybe ask your mid to lane swap at the beginning if they are ok with it.”

Garen Against Ranged Champs

by TentiTiger11 | Garen Player

DirtyDishSoap says

“His turrets don’t outright kill your Ghouls, and he’ll likely die by them if you land an E. Every Heim will push but it’s incredibly important to bear in mind that 1. He’ll be fast, 2. He can stun and kill you if you’re not careful, and 3. Your jungler will almost always F it up and feed him.
Tell your jungler to not gank. Seriously. I call it “The Curse of the Donger”. where your jungler suffers a seizure and they just fly in half health and die to this midget.
With that being said, Heim takes practice to beat, but once you nail it down, he’s super easy.”

Yoloick – Washed up low Diamond player

by DirtyDishSoap | Yorick Player

report singed ty says

“You lose this lane and there’s nothing you can do. Luckily for you, it’s likely you’ll never even have to fight this matchup. If you ever see him just dodge. He’s probably the one matchup I always recommend dodging on. Your winrate vs him is something like only a 30% chance last I checked, it’s crazy bad and it’s not a matchup you can try and outskill your opponent in either.”

The Extensive Singed Bible (REMAKING)

by report singed ty | Singed Player

Sq_09 says

“You can’t engage him but if he doesn’t place offensive turrets you can try and poke him a bit. Just don’t walk into his stuff and he’s a chill lane, that you just need to counterpush. If you take some damage he can W you but you can take the damage. ”

Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build)

by Sq_09 | Diamond Ashe Player

Beatport Expo says

“Haven’t fought him yet but based on experience, you’re gonna have either swallow one of his turrets and throw it away from you and NOT directly onto Heimerdinger If your W doesn’t kill the turret. This of course, cost you some damage and you won’t be able to bring him away from his Tower since you used your W on his turret. ”

Tank TOP and MID Lane Tahm Kench (with slight on-hit damage)

by Beatport Expo | Tahm Kench Player

SabinX says

“Turrets, turrets, turrets. But when you got close to him, you will destroy him from a full combo.”

Wukong TopLane – Armor Reduction Build & Guide

by SabinX | Diamond Wukong Player

SirDrPotato says

“A very very hard lane. The only reason why I do not put heimerdinger up in “Extreme” is because you are way better than him later in the game. However, laning phase is a nightmare. Buy doran’s shield or corrupting potion and stay under turret, farm the best you can and do not try anything risky. Sometimes it might sound like you have a nice opening to engange him but trust me: You don’t. Also, there are very few junglers that can help you, most often than not heimer will just kill you and your jungler, however, there are a few mid laners that might: If your mid laner is ahead and has burst – talon, fizz, diana – you can ask them for some help, be aware that heimer might kill both of you and if your mid laner denies to help you that’s a very wise choice. Stay calm, you scale better.”

[PATCH 10.11] Gracefully Climbing With Fiora Top

by SirDrPotato | Fiora Player

Subject3 says

“stay under tower, stay under tower… stay under tower, look your skills can only target one thing, if he hides behind his turrets your q does nothing, if you try and swallow his turrets you will get nothing out of it, he has more.
if you try and swallow him! look at him go at mach speed around his turrets and you barely able to stack at him, and then die.”

Tahm Kench Top / Bait and Kill

by Subject3 | Tahm Kench Player

Discord Rengar Mains says

“Frustrating, like most yordle matchups. He will basically try to either turtle with his turrets or push like a maniac and keep you under your own turret, which is bad because you need bushes to have any pressure on him, and if he gets to scale he can be terrifying. Lane is fairly even otherwise, he is very squishy early and if you get a lead on him he either rushes Zhonyas or keeps dying without jungler assistance, both of which will set him back significantly. Try killing his turrets as soon as they spawn with a Leap + Q, they will reduce his pressure significantly and give you an opening, but respect his E+W damage or you might find yourself losing the trade if you don’t have Emp W at the ready. At level 6 his ult will make directly jumping into him a really bad idea unless you are already ahead, so try playing carefully around it and don’t be afraid to ask for jungle assistance to secure the lead. All in all, manageable lane where you can just crush the game if you get ahead and just farm if you are behind.
Ignite is good for early game pressure, specially since he is squishy. Fleet and HoB both work well enough, conqueror is an option too but he is very squishy and you don’t really want / need long trades on him.”

Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1

by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player

Itreallyhim says

“Annoying, But grab him with E, Q and then back off, use your W after his E or his W hits you.
Just a patience matchup. Stay strong in your mental and wreck his buildings.”

itreallyhim’s Mordekaiser Guide! [100% Matchups]

by Itreallyhim | Mordekaiser Player

Rivenetto says

“He isnt doing great in meta so hes not playable at top(thanks god) but hes an extreme threat to Riven.Try to fight him only if his E is on cooldown and if he dont have stopwatch/zhonyas.”

Riven is counter to next adc buffs

by Rivenetto | Riven Player

LycheeMochigome says

“Just all in him sometime, avoiding his e since his turrets all blast you down if you get hit by it”

Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled)

by LycheeMochigome | Kled Player

DobbieTheElf says

“Really annoying. Try and destory turrets with ranged autos if possible.”

[SEASON 10] ‘No-one tells me what to do’ – Toplane Akali Gui

by DobbieTheElf | Akali Player

I Play Blitz Top says

“Ranged so you wont be hooking him much. Punishes you for missing hook.”

Blitzcrank Top Guide (Blitz has never been this strong)

by I Play Blitz Top | Blitzcrank Player

Gabotinus316 says

“If you take care of his turrets fast you will be good to kill him.”

Nasus for low ELO

by Gabotinus316 | Nasus Player

Oblak says

“Well… you can’t do anything, just stay safe and wait for a gank, his turrets make him almost untouchable in this matchup.”

Shen, the King of Top Lane [10.8] Season 10 Guide

by Oblak | Diamond Shen Player

hephephepeEPEPE says

“i awlays dodge this matchup because its impossibile to be on lane rush mercs and proxy if you want to beat him later on in game make sure to buy adaptive helm and hextech protobelt to kil his turrets

Epic Singed Guide

by hephephepeEPEPE | Singed Player

stratixx says

“Destroy his turrets, this task should be easier once you get rapid fire cannon.”

Ask god for forgiveness

by stratixx | Teemo Player

Average Ahri says

“Now you must be wondering. WhAt ArE EvEn MoRe AnNoyInG THAN ryZe?”

Poppy guide for climb

by Average Ahri | Diamond Poppy Player

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Thr3shPrinc3 says

“Neither one of you will really “win” this lane. Heimer doesn’t have kill pressure on you unless you engage him in his turrets and you can sustain through his poke using Fleet Footwork. Try and shove your minion wave and roam into the enemy jungle or down to midlane. If you get a lead you can kill him in about 4 charged auto’s once you have Stormrazor and Rapid Firecannon so if you do get a lead make sure you push it. Late game you can 1v1 him and most likely kill him before he really gets chance to do anything else.”

Thresh Top : How To Play, How to Win!!!

by Thr3shPrinc3 | Thresh Player

Blakespeare says

“the poke is hard practice wave control and before engages you want to focus down the turrets taking his damage source away, This is a cull match up unless you are not confident in your side step ability then you want to take dorans shield.”

You just got Urgotted (to make you feel like star guardian)

by Blakespeare | Urgot Player

spaceriftmaster says

“Heimer is actually pretty easy. Pre six he’s very difficult to fight. But when you use death realm his turrets don’t follow him into the death realm giving you a free kill even if he stopwatch’s or uses hourglass.”

Obliterate Your Opponents! – Beginner’s Guide To Mordekaiser

by spaceriftmaster | Mordekaiser Player

Braddik says

“There’s a small window lvl 2-3 where you can all in him if you set your wave up properly. Kill him twice and you’ll kill him forever. Rushing mercs can be good here. If he gets to level 6 uncontested you lose.”


by Braddik | Diamond Jax Player

Trial_By_Barrel says

“Basically an annoying match up. He makes his lane a military base and presses one button while his army of turrets melts your health bar. You also can’t engage him since his turrets take zero damage and he can just stopwatch or hourglass and lets his turrets do all the work.”

Builds And Tips – Beginner’s Guide To Gangplank

by Trial_By_Barrel | Gangplank Player

Pedrokis says

“Bonecão esse hein. / Poke ridículo com todas as skills e muito dano por segundo caso você vá pra cima e ele tiver torres, stun, Q e muitos minions perto dele. / Espera ele ficar mal posicionado e tiver sem Zhonya’s ou cronômetro, daí você ganha facilmente.”

Aatrox Brabo do Pedrokis

by Pedrokis | Aatrox Player

The Lost Drawing says

“Es otro counter.
Especialista en bajar tanques con un solo objeto. Solo juega pasivo y armate ‘Yelmo adaptable’ despues tiene mejores TF fuera de sus torretitas”

Poppy la Carry

by The Lost Drawing | Diamond Poppy Player

enderare says

“you just lose, boo hoo. does good damage and has way stronger lane presence just farm. dshield or cull. ”

Bruiser Tank Vayne Top

by enderare | Vayne Player

TheRevenantsHand says

“If this guy is patient, he can be quite a bump in the road. Just like other “spawnable” ults, wait for him to use his first. But beware, good players will wait for your ult first.”

[10.6] Mordekaiser lane bully *Crush and Enthrall* IN DEPTH

by TheRevenantsHand | Mordekaiser Player

Split King says

“There is not much counter play for Shen in this lane. Do not fight him unless he is really bad. Focus on farming and staying alive. Rush Spectre’s Cowl and Merc treads.”

Split King: Solo Queue Shen

by Split King | Diamond Shen Player

JPlayah16 says

“He isn’t a huge threat to your existence, but you’ll never get a kill on him unless you get seriously fed elsewhere first. Don’t engage him during the laning phase and play defensively. Watch out for his stun grenade when you run up to last hit minions.”

Wreckarim: Being Slow is for Scrubs

by JPlayah16 | Hecarim Player

Valorkyrie Quinn says

“He has strong waveclear and poke. He is annoying especially after he builds Rylai’s.
Tip: Beat him before 6. Destroy his turrets first. You can dodge his E with your E dash.
Bring Phase Rush and Nullifying Orb against him to avoid slow by Rylai’s and his AP damage. If you are still struggling, you can consider buying Boots of Swiftness to negate slow.”

Phoenix, Fly! 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! [10.5]

by Valorkyrie Quinn | Quinn Player

BeautifulWinter says

“You will lose this lane. If you play other champions do not play illaoi into Heimerdinger.
Post 6 only play agro if you land E and can flash ult on top of him.
If the heimerdinger is bad you might be able to kill him with Youmuu’s however I recommend building whatever will help your team more in team fights.”

Illaoi build guide

by BeautifulWinter | Illaoi Player

Canis858 says

“Las ihn farmen und nimm dann die Wave an.
Runen: 3”

[10.5] Yorick Guide Deutsch

by Canis858 | Yorick Player

Big Belly Bop says

“He will be constantly pushing and ganks will be nearly impossible unless you have a jungler that can follow up and do damage. Ask for ganks and TRY to stay even in farm. Look for good ults across the map and roam mid if possible to gain a gold lead. You will out-scale him with items. Flash + TP, Corrupting Potion, Burst rune page.”

[10.3] Only Senna Top’s TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE

by Big Belly Bop | Diamond Senna Player

3rr0rL says

“His spam of Q is very annoying. To win lane you need to wait the perfect moment to flash into him and kill him. If you lost a lot of farm and gave him couple kills, ask your jungler to help you.”

Fright your enemies with the power of NOXUS!

by 3rr0rL | Darius Player

9690 says

“Heimer is hard for us. Punishes us hard early game and isn’t very easy to kill. Also difficult to gank. Build an early spectre’s cowl in this lane and farm. Mordekaiser can be more useful in team fights so be patient. Heimer builds early zhonya’s so he can also be tricky to kill inside of our R. Punish him before he finishes zhonya’s post 6.”

Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed)

by 9690 | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

Loevely says

“He’s somewhere between even and major in terms of threat. It can be an annoying ranged matchup, but you can play around it with Fleet.”

(10.3) In-Depth Rengar Top Guide

by Loevely | Diamond Rengar Player

numpadddd says

“Very annoying, cant trade, ask for Junglers help, otherwise just stay in your turret and farm lane”

10.3 CARRY Every Game With GAREN!

by numpadddd | Garen Player

Defensivity1 says

“Be carefull to not get poked down too much by heimerdinger, if at level 4 or 5 you have 30% health or lower just teleport back to lane afther basing and buy yourselve a null magic mantle, against heimerdinger the conqueror page is recommanded.”

Defensivity’s S9 yorick guide

by Defensivity1 | Diamond Yorick Player

Evilfury10 says

“Take D Shield & Fleet. Try & Roam & Get Ahead Then You Can Heim.”

Rengar Top Guide (9.23)

by Evilfury10 | Diamond Rengar Player


“it’s pretty hard to kill him , u just need to wait for ganks , but he is able to kill u 1v2 if he gets zhonya first ”


by TEEMO IS GAY | Darius Player

mightydylan101 says

“Heimer is a counter as hes ranged and his turrets do a lot of damage to you even early. His turrets can also CS for him and he scales bad.”

[10.1] Top Low Elo Stomper

by mightydylan101 | Teemo Player

ThisIsJustSad says

“1, Heimer is only annoying if he manages to setup his turrets. You need to always be ready to trade your hp bar to make sure he never gets a single turret up. Use auto-q on each turret and the E auto reset + crit to get rid of the turrets.
2. If Heimer doesn’t have turrets, he auto loses.
3. Heimer will naturally push the wave due to the turrets he places down. Kill them, then freeze the wave, then run heimer down.
4. You don’t need to w Heimer Stun, you just need to W Heimer to slow him down. You can use your q at max range to give you more wiggle room to dodge Heimer stun.”

[10.1] Stomp your lane |D1 Guide for Mastering Fiora

by ThisIsJustSad | Fiora Player

linsher19 says

“Build Mr and you can stack his turrets it’s OP more stacks for you ”

Drop de Cane DOWN BOOM!

by linsher19 | Nasus Player

Objective focus says

“Stealth. Run him down before he sets up all his towers.”

[Season 10] Crucial laning tips & how to dominate late.

by Objective focus | Darius Player

NasusIsMyBoy says

“His little robot things are great at denying farm and poking whenever you get close, however you can stack them but you should watch out for the orb thing he throws as all of the others will target you”


by NasusIsMyBoy | Nasus Player

Mr. Nyahr says

“Stupidly easy lane. Kill the towers asap and burn him down if he misses a stun.”

[9.23] By Wing and Blade – Kayle Top Guide

by Mr. Nyahr | Kayle Player

Nightblue33 says

“Try To Damage his cannons because if he out of it he will be easier to kill him and also he is a bad counter just go E and the Q and E again ”

Renekton Runes Best Way To Win and Carry Ur Lane

by Nightblue33 | Renekton Player

Darthon says

“Pre 6 you can’t clear his turrets as the moment you go he’ll throw his grenade and drain your hp in a matter of seconds.”

[9.24] High elo Teemo survival (TOP)

by Darthon | Teemo Player

TCP520 says

“enough said. he can cast his turrets in the death realm,”


by TCP520 | Mordekaiser Player

Hamstertamer says

“Boring. Just farm under tower for 10 minutes, and rush adaptive helm + merc treads so you can kick his ass later. Punish him with E if he tries to slowly chip at your tower.”

The meme lord – with detailed matchups

by Hamstertamer | Nasus Player

Atlascrower says

“Heimerdinger dominates you, until you got Sheen. His turrets are just Food for your Sheen-Q. Dodge his Rockets and its easy.”

Oh Captain my Captain!

by Atlascrower | Diamond Gangplank Player

Pacal Votan says

“Just start with doran ring and max E to poke him and destroy his turrets as well.”

[9.21] Nasus The Chase One

by Pacal Votan | Nasus Player

Guantecillo says

“Puede ser un combate muy a tu favor o muy en contra, depende de quién consiga la ventaja primero.”

Guía de Teemo en español (En proceso)

by Guantecillo | Teemo Player

AsomeSonic says

“kill the turrets first! adaptive and bamis for grasp is great”

Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer

by AsomeSonic | Poppy Player

SummonedLight says

“Good heimerdinger will just set up in lane and push slowly to your tower and tower dive with his turrets to out proxy you. Just go double proxy if that happens.”

From Toxic to Nuclear A Gold’s Guild to Singed.

by SummonedLight | Diamond Singed Player

HKRV says

“Dodge. Seriously you can’t do much in his early game. Even bigger bully than Teemo. Ask the jungler to babysit. Be on the move always, as staying still here is more of a death sentence. ”

Boris – The Nerf Ender [All matchups/Work in Progress]

by HKRV | Aatrox Player

SweetAsCreampie says

“Recent patch made him impossible to play against. ”

Top Lane Kog’Maw (for when you can’t afford Vayne, but still

by SweetAsCreampie | Diamond Kog’Maw Player

Poppu says

“Build MR, Adaptive Helm, play with your team and snowball them instead. Heim will just hard push and deny CS, really annoying lane to deal with.”

[Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top!

by Poppu | Diamond Poppy Player

Shady Zane says

“Heimer ze crazy yordle.. Great, here we go again with this.
Anyways, playing against heimer can get quite difficult cause of his turrets. SO you have to think before you strike and try to avoid his E. (Can’t give much advice even tho I’ve played as/vs him in top)”

Shady’s Guide to Taliyah [Top Lane]

by Shady Zane | Taliyah Player

Petethebossch says

“Just farm under tower until Heimerdinger makes a mistake or gets ganked. If not you will be able to kill him level 11ish if you haven’t fallen behind.”

9.17 Split-push Nasus

by Petethebossch | Diamond Nasus Player

TiuHiikou says

“He poke you a lot, don’t try to engage without a zhonya and backup, AKA gank.”

Akali – Win every game. Patch 9.16

by TiuHiikou | Akali Player

Jnewbringspain says

“One of the hardest matchups. Don’t try to solo fight him until late game. Ask for ganks in pregame as you will need them. His turrets make trading with him at close range impossible.”

Top Jax – Fear The Walking Eggplant!

by Jnewbringspain | Diamond Jax Player

messketchup says

“Quite easy to all in. Care for ganks and his turret dmg.Get some Magic Resist.”

[9.16] Strength above all -Darius Guide ★Matchups Included

by messketchup | Darius Player

Zestysquid says

“Dinger is bad news. He will not engage on you and will kick you under your turret. His turrets have more health than your boxes and don’t expire, but they don’t do as much damage. Try to get your protobelt fast to keep up with his pushing. Roam as much as you can afford to in order to get ahead.”

The Chad Clown – 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick

by Zestysquid | Shaco Player

M2 Jizu says

“Juega pasivo y espera al gank del jungla, necesitas saber jugar muy bien para que no se te complique este Matchup, si eres Platino 4+ me imagino que tienes una idea de como jugarle a Heimer y como matarlo siendo Shen, si eres Platino 4- juega pasivo y espera el gank de tu jungla. necesitarás sustain.”

[ESP] Guía profunda: Shen (Sin terminar)

by M2 Jizu | Shen Player

Onwego317 says

“As a too hit Teemo Heimer can be a pain early. Make sure to get his turrets down as fast as you can. Knowing he will out cs you early lane phase is fine. BePatient and you will come out of the lane ahead on cs and the tower take down. Hurricane will change the lane once acquired for sure. Place plenty of wards around tribush and in the river. When Heimer backs to upgrade is when you take your stabs at the tower. It will be a slow lane as your jungler may be hesitant to gank due to his abilities and turrets. LVL 6 also changes the lane significantly in your favor.”

The Life of a True To hit Crit Teemo

by Onwego317 | Teemo Player

RainbowNova says

“I literally haven’t seen this guy all year besides in ARAM. I have no clue how he would fare against Tankmo, but I’d imagine that Tankmo could tank most damage with Adaptive Helm. ”

Iron IV’s Guide to Teemo – The Poisonous Chameleon – “A

by RainbowNova | Teemo Player

punmaster911 says

“he can out-burst you, but his turrets don’t go into the death realm with him.”

Become Death itself. (season 9 build)

by punmaster911 | Mordekaiser Player

DrMoneybags says

“This matchup is very annoying for any melee toplaner. Heimer is a burst mage that excels against low-range champs. His turrets cost very little mana and he can constantly shove you in if you don’t have tiamat, which will let him poke you a ton.
Be careful when you engage on him with E, he can retaliate with his stun and that’ll blast you with his turrets. Wait until he throws his stun grenade and then dive onto him. He gets enhanced movement speed around turrets, so landing your Q can be a bit tricky as well. Once he has Zhonyas it’s pretty hard to beat him without a lot of MR since he can use his enlarged turret while he’s in stasis to chunk you out. ”


by DrMoneybags | Diamond Kled Player

Arcthunder says

“The Donger is an annoyance to everyone. If you don’t know why, see in the Tough Matchups section.”

Skaarl’s Philosophy 2.0 – A M7 Guide to Kled [9.10]

by Arcthunder | Kled Player

Qubert64 says

“Not very common matchup. Haven’t played him enough to really give any tips on fighting him. Probably just sit under turret with an adaptive helm.”

Shen 9.10 S9 (Chapters Coming Soon)

by Qubert64 | Diamond Shen Player

Zdenster says

“You don’t get poked out. Take Arcane Comet. Don’t fight him when all of his turrets are up. Use W to destroy them. Rush Sheen or Merc’s Treads.”

Zdenster’s Guide to Top Lane ft. Cree [IN-WORK]

by Zdenster | Camille Player

MediocrePolk says

“Really bad match up, play this like you play cass matchup”

Rengar Top

by MediocrePolk | Rengar Player

LosAngeloser says

“He is annoying, but he can’t really kill you. Go Comet and farm, you can’t really trade or kill him.”

Tankplank TOP (9.8)

by LosAngeloser | Gangplank Player

Carlosm04 says

“Rei mendigo e suas torres, krai esse bixo me dar uma raiva, tenta pedir ajudar do jg ou bate algumas torrinhas pra ele ficar desvantagem , n seja atingido pelo E dele, se nao as torres vao dar o dano do cacete”

Jax top/jg [9.8] PT-BR

by Carlosm04 | Jax Player

nuken507 says

“this little dude can do a lot of damage at range, vi has a very short range meaning that he can eat half your health before you even touch him”

Vi Tank Build

by nuken507 | Vi Player

SynergyXO says

“YOu should never even try to kill him, if you do, you are playing it wrong. just dodge his stuns and rockets, and farm what you can.”

Masters Experience, Tryndamere Build Guide + Top Lane match

by SynergyXO | Diamond Tryndamere Player

francodm says

“Apenas farme, uma matchup sem muitas interações. Use Aery”

A Bíblia do Teemo Top (em construção)

by francodm | Teemo Player

E61K says

“Start Doran’s Shield and take Second wind + Conqueror. Heimerdinger has always been frustrating to play against as an immobile melee champion. The best approach to this would be rushing Specter’s Cowl and then destroying his Turrets with Q’s or a quick AA+W and then all-inning him when he has little to no turrets placed. Stacked turrets into a grenade can easily chunk you so hard that you need to cower behind your turret or need to recall. Other than that if you can’t cope with him his pushing nature opens him up for a nice gank. Just play it smart so you and your jungler don’t get double killed.”

[9.5] Absolute Domination – A Guide to Darius

by E61K | Darius Player

SwiftOblivion says

“Strengths: Consistent damage from turrets, Hard to Dive, AP, CC. Weaknesses: Low Mobility, Squishy. He’ll be trying to poke you down heavily early game so build a hexdrinker against this guy and after you gain a few levels start trying to remove his turrets to mitigate his potential damage output. You will eventually outscale him and deal enough damage to kill him in a 1v1 so play the waiting game and don’t give him a huge lead. Once you have hexdrinker, you should be able to all in him once he is either low on mana or is on cooldowns. That is your chance to punish him and gain the lead that you need in the lane. Don’t be surprised if you have to give up your tower early, that’s just how the matchup can turn out a lot of the time.”

(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift’s Fiora Guide

by SwiftOblivion | Diamond Fiora Player

CommanderKevin says

“If you knock him up do the Combo else he stuns you and he will do his combo”

Rek Sai Top Dmg/Tank

by CommanderKevin | Rek’Sai Player

Sion says

“Post level 6 you win any and all trades as long as you E his ulted turret away and/or dodge his stun. Play around E max 2nd cause it’s mandatory in this matchup. You will outpush and outroam him post 6.”

Low-elo stomper AD Sion

by Sion | Sion Player

hrisimiriliev says

“Just push farm as long as you buy ZZ Portal. Then you will be able to overpush him. After he use his E try to poke.”

[p 9.4] Dominating top line – best build so far

by hrisimiriliev | Diamond Teemo Player

Vincheelo says

“His H-28 G Evolution Turrets hurt a lot. Dodge his CH-2 Electron Storm Grenades and Apprehend him for the kill.”

Super Detailed Darius Guide v9.4 WIP

by Vincheelo | Darius Player

BornToBeAlive says

“Heimer has the same potential as Yorick. He can eat you up in his turrets. Make sure you buy MR for this guy.”

BornToBeAlive’s guide to Dr.PWNDO [Patch 9.4]

by BornToBeAlive | Dr. Mundo Player

The Tentacle Lady says

“he will zone you from CS all day long and you’re basically crippled”

Illaoi Guide

by The Tentacle Lady | Illaoi Player

shlemvem says

“Playing against a good heimerdinger with singed is one of the hardest things in matchups with singed. You can’t engage, you can’t farm, proxying is hard, etc.”

The roaming singed

by shlemvem | Singed Player


“Your kit cant really do much as Heimerdinger uses turrets mainly and not auto attacks, not much u can do before 6, try and get youur jg to early gank”

Low Elo Teemo 9.3

by POTATOBEAVER | Teemo Player

Zahkar00 says

“Take Glacial.
Honestly this is just a cancer lane. But he isnt hard to kill. Once you get negtron and sheen you can just run up and kill him if his minion wave isnt to big. But realistically he will be outpoking you so you may have to rely on your jng’er”

How to Taric Top 101

by Zahkar00 | Taric Player

Bakiraka says

“Really not bad. Let him push you in and you’ll outscale him pretty handily. Your barrels can also make short work of his turrets. Just forget about poking him.”

Yer Raidin’ the Rift! S9.1 Gangplank Top (Crit and Tank)

by Bakiraka | Gangplank Player

Trixelkour says

“Almost a tier 5 threat, but winnable if you can stay safe and juke his stuns in lane. Take exhaust and ignite if you want an easy early game kill. Runes are pretty wide for Heimer since a lot of them can be useful against him. Get plenty of MR and you can win anytime anywhere. ”

Demon Birb of Zaun

by Trixelkour | Swain Player

lunarstaff says

“No escapes, but man, jumping onto heimer with 3 turrets ready and him stunning you is no fun… Shield required!!”

Hunt’s Comprehensive Rengar Guide

by lunarstaff | Diamond Rengar Player

P4Pie_ says

“annoying, high damage output, and cc. i dont like him at all. ”


by P4Pie_ | Tahm Kench Player

E61K says

“Yasuo is probably Heimerdinger’s greatest counter. Heimer is basically like Orianna except that it’s mostly the turrets which make Heimer the champion he is. The thing is that you are resourceless and can one-shot his turrets with EQ at level 2 or just use them to gapclose. After you are on top of him you can either windwall his stun or dodge it with your E and then he will be helpless. ”

Join The Darkness – Yasuo Guide For Mid/Top [Patch 8.24]

by E61K | Yasuo Player

undeadsoldiers says

“Lane Aproach: Farm safely, you can all in when he has no turrets.
Key CDs:R
Notes: You can easily 100-0 him with triforce, Q reset on turrets.”

[8.24]This land will be their graveyard![IN-DEPTH IRELIA GUI

by undeadsoldiers | Irelia Player

Zachlikespizza says

“Just fuck this guy, get some mr, a cowl, maybe a hex drinker and try to survive.”

The Fallen Glory, Aatrox

by Zachlikespizza | Aatrox Player

Mouadyam says

“boring lane, you will die if you try to kill him inside of his towers so just farm boringly and abide by this veery fun champion’s rules, kill the little furry if he gets too close though, an early spectre’s cowbl can help with his poke.”

[PRESEASON 9] [PLATINUM] The guide to toplane domination

by Mouadyam | Darius Player

Demon Lord AC0 says

“Trying my best not to insult this guy… You can move around him and dodge or windwall his abilities pretty easily. But he still does a lot of damage when you least expect it. Against him you start Doran’s Shield and rush Merc and PD”

Rushing BORK Top works! Yasuo Guide – (290k Mastery Points)

by Demon Lord AC0 | Yasuo Player

FIux says

“Heimerdinger makes using your E hard since he would have turrets awaiting you. In this case, you would want to use Q to destroy his turrets. Only use E to engage when he has his skills on cooldown and you are out of range from his turrets.”

Deal Damage With Those Blades [8.24]

by FIux | Katarina Player

iam colorblind says

“Very hard to play against.
You can’t farm in early game and he poke’s u very fast down.
Buy Hextrinker and try to cheese him!
Don’t go on him in early game or you will be dead.”

Jax 1v9 in Preseason! 8.24/8.25

by iam colorblind | Jax Player

CaioOP1985 says

“His turrets are annoying and hurt a lot earlier into the game, but they are also a juicy source of stacks for your Q, so enjoy it while watching out for missiles and grenades.”

Nasus, God of the Late Game

by CaioOP1985 | Nasus Player

Ashnard says

“Heimer has a lot of damage and lane control due to his turrets, but you can easily kill them with 1q + auto when u get the chance. Be careful of his stun grenade, it will chunk you pretty hard if it hits in middle of his turrets.”

[8.23] Aatrox lane matchup guide

by Ashnard | Aatrox Player

DERPFISHrejects says

“Your Q can quite reliably kill turrets in the later stages of the game. He’s still going to bully you early, but you can win trades if you can bait the grenade out or have taken down some of his turrets.”

Atrix–The Terror on the Top Half (WIP)

by DERPFISHrejects | Aatrox Player

STO Dew says

“A very annoying match up since his turrets keep on poking you. Again just play safe.”

Tryndamere TOP | The Hard Carry

by STO Dew | Tryndamere Player

Dacnomaniak says

“This lane is not gonna be fun. The Constant turret pressure means you cant really go in early. But an Adaptive Helmet and it will make your life a lot easier.”

The One True Hero (S8 Poppy)

by Dacnomaniak | Poppy Player

IllIlllIIlI says

“This little fucking yordle manages to piss me off everytime, but still not an extremely difficult lane. You can often come out on top if you manage to out manouver his stun.”

Speediest Singed in the West

by IllIlllIIlI | Singed Player

GOTG Ment135 says

“Linea muy molesta. Todo lo que puede hacer es sentarse, empujar y esperar que suceda algo emocionante.”

Como se carrea con Urgot! Guia En Español “8.23”

by GOTG Ment135 | Urgot Player

Nechu2448 says

“He is annoying so much. Heimer can build sentries you can go past them or anything . you can try destroy but aslo heimer is danger , he throw at you grande and turrets start attacking you. To defet him you need jungler help

AD Teemo – Best teemo Build

by Nechu2448 | Teemo Player

thedunkening111 says

“The ‘you’re not going to do anything’ lane. What can I say. The good thing is you got tons of lock down, so ganking the guy isn’t totally out of the question.
Take Aftershock”

[WIP] [8.23] Become the Havel Monster. Praise the Sun! |T|/

by thedunkening111 | Leona Player

galvapheonix says

“ Heimer isn’t really played very much but if he is all you have to do is q the turrets and they die. Without his turrets he lacks any damage to kill you throughout the game.”

Whack Em Dead

by galvapheonix | Yorick Player

DuhBrandon says

“I know this a top guide but you have no idea how many people I’ve seen go heimerdinger top lane and crush me. Trust me its not fun. There is a high chance you will be behind on farm. if the heimerdinger gets ahead it will be near impossible to catch up so your best bet is to all in when you can and abuse your shroud.”

[8.23] [Top] DuhBrandon’s Akali Build Whatever Guide.

by DuhBrandon | Akali Player

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