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Guide for Urgot in Season 8 by Nicram. : UrgotMains

Hello, I am Nicram and you might know me from this post ? I am currently ranked as #1 Urgot in the world by lolskill. I love Urgot and I want you guys to try him out in the upcoming Season 8! I prepared myself a bit for this opportunity and I changed some things from my guide because not everything was good. I changed what was wrong and made it better.

I made this guide also because latest one is already heavily outdated due to runes update and other balance changes combined with my increased knowledge about Urgot. I’ve put a lot of effort to listen latest feedback so hopefully the quality of this guide will rise.

My build and ideology has dramatically changed. While I was playing as old Urgot, I was building him him very offensively and my intention was to continue building him this way but it turned out that tank items are a lot better. The reasoning for this is the following:

  • Building defensive items allow him to deal massive damage while being really tanky.

  • Another reason is his passive that deals % Max Health Damage. This alone makes Urgot’s damage really good even with only one item which is The Black Cleaver.

  • Last reason is his W. Urgot’s shield scales with 30% Bonus Health and a vast majority of defensive items have something in common which is Health that they provide.

In my opinion it’s a waste to go more than 2 AD items and to be honest 1 AD item is usually enough.

►Core items:

First items that I would recommend on Urgot:

  • Warding Totem (Trinket) and Cull + Health Potion x1;

  • Warding Totem (Trinket) and Doran’s Shield + Health Potion x1;

  • Warding Totem (Trinket) and Doran’s Blade + Health Potion x1;

  • Warding Totem (Trinket) and Long Sword + Refillable Potion x1 or Health Potion x3;

  • Warding Totem (Trinket) and Corrupting Potion.

For starter items I almost always go for Cull. This item is great on Urgot for multiple reasons:

  • I get +65 Health + AD/Attack Speed stats for going Resolve first and Precision or any other Path so going Cull that doesn’t grant Health doesn’t hurt as much as you can think.

  • If you’re an experienced player and you know that there isn’t much risk, then you can play without Doran type of item and choose Cull because of delayed powerspike of gold that you can have after killing 100 creeps which should be at around 10th-13th minute of the game.

  • Cull gives +3 health on-hit. This means that whenever you use W, you heal for 3*12=36 Health which is grants very solid sustain

Other good starter items are Doran’s Blade, Doran’s Shield and Corrupting Potion.
Blade if you want to go for early trades and you want to dominate the lane, Shield if you need even bigger sustain against poke-type of champions and Corrupting Potion if you need mix of these two above and also some mana sustain.

Right now I play Urgot with these items most of the time:

The Black Cleaver, Ninja Tabi/Mercury’s Treads, Righteous Glory, Adaptive Helm, Randuin’s Omen/Thornmail/Dead’s Man Plate and Zz’Rot or Frozen Mallet or some other defensive item.

For elixirs, both Elixir of Wrath and Elixir of Iron are very good for Urgot but I prefer Elixir of Iron because additional Health is always good and some tenacity helps a lot too.

The Black Cleaver – gives everything that Urgot wants. Makes him even more scary due to it’s unique passive that shreds enemy’s armor. This item will give you also 120 bigger shield on W once you’ve completed it and the same (120) amount of damage to Demolish Rune. The additional movement speed that it grants allows Urgot to stick to his target . Please keep in mind that it’s not recommended to rush this item. Urgot has mana problems in early and mid game due to his relaitively high mana costs and this is the main reason on why…

Glacial Shroud should be Urgot’s first item component because of the mana it provides and overall good stats for it’s price (124,07% gold efficiency). When you play against AP laner then you should buy just Sapphire Crystal instead.

At this point it’s crucial for Urgot to have upgraded boots. Your goal should be to buy Boots of Speed as soon as it’s possible because Urgot’s base movement speed is only 330 and he needs them not only to be able to catch enemies but also to increase his chances to escape from unavoidable ganks.

Ninja Tabi and Mercury’s Treads are the only good boots choices. Obviously, choose only one of these. Make your choice visely based on enemy toplaner and overall on enemy team composiiton and try to work around the ones who are most fed as they deal most damage.

You should upgrade Glacial Shroud into Righteous Glory. This item has really good components that work very well on Urgot. Once you’ve completed this item, your mana issues are not as impactful and you have all the other great stats for Urgot on top of that. It’s unique active solves your engage problems so you don’t have to make a successful flip combined with flash so you can save it for later or for the R2>Flash trick that will be explained later in the guide.

This is all about “must have” items. All other choices are optional and situational. Keep these words in mind, please: Always work around the situation and adapt to it. Try to be one step before your enemy and think about your item choices even during champion select or during loading screen. Why is this important? It’s because I don’t like to watch guides that have 4, 5 or 6 core items included and only few alternatives and this is one of my mistakes that I have made in my last guide. Now this guide includes 3 Core items that you simply have to buy in order to be relevant in the game. These words are also important because I often watch streamers or youtubers who waste a lot of time in fountain, clicking tab, thinking which item to buy etc. and this is wrong because during this time you lose a lot of experience and gold from minions.

►All other great items for Urgot:

Adaptive Helm – My favo(u)rite Magic Resist item on Urgot even although it’s build path isn’t the best. This item is helpful against:

  • Damages over time such as Teemo’s Toxic Shot, Swain’s Torment or Liandry’s Torment.

  • Damaging area damages over time such as Katarina’s Death Lotus, Rumble’s The Equalizer, Fiddlesticks’ Crowstorm, or Sunfire Cape.

  • Abilities that deal multiple instances of magic damage such as Syndra’s Unleashed Power, or Taliyah’s Threaded Volley.

  • Low cooldown abilities such as Cassiopeia’s Twin Fang.

  • Modified auto attacks such as Corki’s Hextech Munitions, or Kayle’s Righteous Fury (passive and/or active).


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This item makes you preety much unkillable to mentioned above champions so if you meet one or more of them, make sure to buy this item.

Spirit Visage – is another great Magic Resist item, it has a nice build path, very good stats but it’s unique passive isn’t the greatest because Urgot can’t heal himself (except of base health regeneration etc.). I buy it only if I have a support who can heal and/or if enemy team is almost or is full AP so I need more Magic Resist than only Adaptive Helm + Mercury’s Treads.

Locket of the Iron Solari – A great defensive item, if your goal is to defend your carries and you’re not interested in engaging for your team, then it’s item for you. It’s stats aren’t great “per se” but you buy it for an active and because it’s so cheap. Not my style but if you’re behind, it’s a good idea to buy this item.

Randuin’s Omen – Very solid item, even although crit-type of ADCarries are not as popular anymore due to Cleptomany Ezreal and Comet meta, it is still a great item. When you play against Yasuo/Tryndamere and/or Crit-type of ADCarries, make sure to buy this item. On top of great stats and nice build path, it grants two unique passives that do great work and one unique active that paired with Righteous Glory’s also slow enemy for 4! seconds which is a huge, double AoE slow.

Dead Man’s Plate – this item isn’t my favo(u)rite one but it’s acceptable to buy it. Urgot is a slow champion so additional movement speed help him to splitpush better and to join teamfights. Unluckily, it’s unique passive – CRUSHING BLOW: Basic attacks (on-hit)at 100 stacks deal +100 damage, doesn’t slow enemies because he is an ranged champion but +100 damage is already a very good damage boost.

ZZ’Rot Portal – It doesn’t grant health but it’s usually my last item so I already have tons of health and it’s a time when I need resistances that this item provides. This item has a cool unique passive that works well on Urgot because once again, he is very slow. On top of that, it’s unique active is just amazing for splitpushing that you want to do or if you’re about to push for the win , just place the Portal and watch enemies being so frustrated.

Warmog’s Armor – If your plan is to be splitpusher then it’s a great choice. The only problem with this item is that with this you have so much health that enemies will buy Botrk and/or Lord Dominik’s Regards against you and you won’t be as tanky in reality. If you buy it, try to avoid teamfights and focus on splitpush.

Frozen Mallet – As I’ve mentioned before, Urgot doesn’t have to build more than one AD item but Frozen Mallet doesn’t grant a lot of AD but it grants a lot of Health that Urgot likes, problem with this item is that you often give up resistances. Also the slow is reduced by 10% on ranged champions and this item’s build path isn’t as attractive as it used to be. To be honest if Frozen Mallet still built from Pickaxe, Jaurim’s Fist and Ruby Crystal, I would consider this item to be one of my Core’s but it unfortunately has different build path which I don’t really like. With all that being said, it’s an okay item, has some cons and pros, depends on your style to be honest. Keep it mind that most of the times you already have a lot of items that slow like Righteous Glory or Randuin’s Omen. Additional slow on basic attacks might be overkill.

Edge of Night – A fun item, it’s not as great as it used to be but when you pair this item with Righteous Glory, your engage is almost unstoppable and so is a flip on the enemy. Cool item if you plan to have some more AD.

► Useful Tips and Tricks:

  • you can use flash during E, so your E is much longer range and if it seemed like you would miss it, you can reposition yourself and hit target anyways. Video; Second video

  • Your E can interrupt many jumps Video

  • Your E doesn’t care about CC (except suppresion) because of it’s (0,25 seconds) delay Video, credit to /u/flyingbaklava and his second Video and my example of this interaction video

  • Your R slows target for 4 seconds so don’t be afraid to use it as a engage tool.

  • Your R’s slow is based on enemy’s health so if it’s full health target slow will be not as great as slow on champion with under 50% Health.

  • Remember to walk around monsters in jungle and Big Monsters like Dragon, Baron Nashor or Herald. Why? To proc all your legs and to kill it faster. Video

  • If you’re really lucky, you can “spam” Urgot’s taunt (ctrl+1) and there is a little chance to pull out a sparking, golden duck that gives some bonus gold/exp. I don’t know exact values.

  • Keep in mind to use autoattack after E to deal more damage also because Urgot’s W acts like an autoattack reset, further explanation with videos in the following link

  • When Urgot has his leg active and when he has Black Cleaver, he procs 2 Black Cleaver stacks on one autoattack. Video, 0:22-0:25, credit to /u/PlebMarvOnYt

  • It is possible to use E>Q combo and hit Q while enemy is stunned by Urgot’s E but you have to “spam” your Q, otherwise enemy has chances to escape. Video, 0:55-0:59 – fail, 1:00-1:03 – good attempt, credit to /u/PlebMarvOnYt

  • It is possible to hit E>Q>R when enemy is stunned by Urgot’s E Video, 1:25-1:29 – normal speed, 1:30-1:36 – same trick but in slow motion

  • Boots of Swiftness are not recommended because they don’t decrease Urgot’s -125 base movement speed during his W Video, 2:20-2:29, credit to /u/PlebMarvOnYt

  • When you play with Tahm Kench, you can use W before he W’s you and you will still fire these 12 shots but from Tahm’s belly ;D, not really practical but fun interaction, can definitely help sometimes Video, 1:10-1:17

  • Using Urgot’s other abilities will extend the duration of Purge briefly to compensate for the animation time.

  • When you lock on an enemy and then you use W, then Purge will focus the locked-on target instead of focusing the closest target. Video, 0:10-0:15

  • Urgot’s W apply on-hit effects but at 33% efficiency.

  • Urgot can not cross walls by his E.

  • Urgot legs don’t rotate when he turns, so you’ll have to maneuver around your opponents to make the most of Echoing Flames.

  • Disdain helps Urgot take advantage of those trickshot back shotgun legs and make the most of this damage, while Purge helps him proc his passive multiple times in rapid succession (but slow Urgot’s movement). Position carefully to take advantage of all six legs.

  • Urgot’s huge powerspikes are on levels: 1 (2% max health damage; 30 seconds cooldown)/ 6 (3%; 20 seconds cooldown) / 9 (4%; 10 seconds cooldown) / 11 (6%; 5 seconds cooldown) / 13 (8%; 2,5 seconds cooldown) in terms of his passive damage and cooldown.

  • Echoing Flames deals 10% reduced damage to enemies it has damaged in the last 5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

  • Urgot’s W is a great tool to kill wards quickly but when you play against Urgot remember to not use ward under him because Urgot’s W won’t focus wards unless it has nothing else to attack.

  • Urgot can stop Herald’s empowered strike by his E. However, keep in mind that Herald’s first empowered strike is unstoppable so this trick is only helpful if enemies used Herald to kill your first turret and enemy Herald wanted to strike with her headbutt second turret. It requires very good timing since both Herald’s empowered autoattack and Urgot’s E have delay. Practice is key ? Video

  • Urgot can move while channeling his ultimate except during the initial cast time and during the execution animation.

  • The target will die regardless of their current health once the second cast’s chains hit, even if they are healed by Wish (Soraka’s R which can affect untargetable allies) or have a shield that persists the duration of the channel that places them above the health threshold.

  • You can use flash during second cast of Urgot’s R for a surprise AoE Fear. Video; Second video

  • You can use E during Q animation to increase distance between you and the enemy and to not waste time :D. On top of that, the follwing video shows that even when Urgot is slowed, the E animation speed is not reduced so keep it in mind and don’t listen to those who say that it’s always better to walk instead using E to escape. Video

  • Urgot’s model is massive however his legs don’t really count that much to the hitbox so sometimes even when it seems like Urgot’s going to get hit by something, he ultimately won’t because of this interaction. video

  • Urgot’s E is a great way to check if enemy invisible champ is hiding in a bush. After a flip, it reveals them! video

  • You guys know it already that using hard CC on Scuttle Crab decreases her’s Armor and Magic Resist by 50 but I just want to reminder you. TL:DR – when you want to kill Scuttle Crab, always start attacking her by E. Video

  • When you hit R on a target who has Guardian Angel and the target is below 25% health, you can activate your second strike of your R to reel the enemy towards your team. I had a game when I did this and it followed into a kill but I forgot to make a highlight of this so I don’t have a video on this interaction. There is link to this match but I can’t open it so I am not available to make a video on this. ;/

  • Urgot can deactivate W early to stop firing 3 times per second and what does it mean? He also doesn’t get slowed but he keeps shield! It’s important to remember because as you can see even GAM Archie forgot/didn’t know about this in game at Worlds 2017 and this could follow into his death but luckily he escaped. Video, 24:35-24:43

  • Urgot can deactivate W earlier than usual to hit normal autoattack instead of the one that deals less damage overall. What I mean here is that when Urgot did already 10/11 autoattacks and 1/2 are left but enemy is really close to escape from you, then you click W 2nd time to remove self slow and immediately use autoattack on the target dealing full 100% of your autoattack damage.

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► Urgot recommended runes:


► For runes, I go for Resolve because it synergizes very well with Urgot team, makes him very tanky and for other multiple reasons I will try to explain below.


First choice – is Aftershock for multiple reasons:

  • allows me to be much more tanky and this is the main reason on why I prefer this Rune over PtA or other choices,

  • Aftershock works best against engage-type of champions, like Riven, Irelia, Yasuo etc. because once they engage on you, their damage input is highly decreased even in early levels. When they see how tanky you are, they will think twice if they want to ever engage on you again,

  • I do not take Aftershock to deal damage with the damage part, Ofcourse it’s a nice addition but it’s not the main reason on why I prefer this rune over Press the Attack and other choices,

  • Your E stuns enemy for 0,75 seconds after flip, while flip duration is around 0,5 seconds so when you do E>Q on the enemy (0,75 seconds stun + 1,0 second slow), then enemy has just around 0,75 seconds to move away from you. If they get hit by the damage part of this Rune though, it will really hurt them,

  • Another reason is that Aftershock scales very well with Urgot’s itemisation. He builds Armor, he builds Magic Resist and these both scale with 30% of total Armor and Magic Resist which is a lot and ofcourse Health but only damage part scales with Health and it’s not much, only 3,5% of your max Health,

  • Another reason is that I love to go Cull first so +65 health bonus helps me a lot because Cull itself doesn’t give me any base health,

  • Hitting E on Urgot isn’t easy or hard. I learned it’s range and it’s cool mechanics/tricks to use this ability well. You have to be confident about your damage and tankinees in order to make the most use of this Keystone,

  • Against ranged champions it’s almost impossible to start combo with E but against melees who want to go in against you, starting combo with E allows you to hit Q all the time because stun is 0,75s and you can shoot your Q even during E flip animation, and Q’s cast time is 0,65 so if you max Q (that you should if you don’t already), then Q has to hit enemy, there is no way to miss it then, maybe if enemy has some tenacity, then you won’t but most of the times it’s 100% hit,

  • Aftershock deals magic damage, this means that even if its damage was nerfed lately, it doesn’t hurt Urgot as much because he deals only physical damage. Enemies will buy Armor and only MR that they have is their base and per level Magic Resist. Once again, you shouldn’t try to use Aftershock damage at all cost but if it’s possible, they won’t expect that big damage,

  • Additionaly, Aftershock’s cooldown is only 20 seconds. This means that against engage-type of champions (I listed this type of champions main engage abilities cooldowns: Renekton E 18s lvl 1, Riven Q 13s lvl 1-5, Kled E 14s lvl 1, Jax Q 10s lvl 1), you have almost always Aftershock available for their engages making theirs – much worse.

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I don’t take Grasp of the Undying because:

  • of the limitations on ranged champions. If there wasn’t this debuff: Both the damage and healing is halved if you’re Ranged role Ranged, and the health gained is reduced to 2., then this would be probably my go to Rune but in this situation I have to say that it’s a waste to take Grasp of the Undying while there is not nerfed for Ranged champions rune – Aftershock,

  • Urgot’s autoattack range is only 350 despite being Ranged. This means that even if this Rune was more viable on him, it wouldn’t mean that this would be easy to proc it on the enemy.


  • Isn’t the worst option if you want to be peeler or Warden,

  • This rune however doesn’t give any combat help to Urgot in lane while Runes should be taken to strength your laning phase,

  • During lane phase you can only use it when you have a gank from your jungler,

  • It’s cooldown is fairly high – 45 seconds and it’s not decreased by level,

  • Personally I haven’t played with this keystone but I don’t recommend it due to it’s high cooldown and low utility it provides.

► Next tree and Demolish is Urgot’s next choice for all the reasons below:

  • Urgot should be played as a splitpusher. Even GAM Archie agrees with this statement because when he picked Urgot, he played him that way. Now, with the Rune changes, Demolish is a lovely choice for this kind of playstyle,

  • It scales very well with Urgot’s itemization and Urgot’s kit. Why? Because Urgot’s W Shield has same scalings as this rune and in game, when you click “c” to see your Runes damage and etc you don’t see how much this Rune is going to deal to turrets and this could be an issue but it’s not because you can just move your mouse on W and tell how much you can hit with this Rune,

  • When you play against a champion who can’t do much against you, for example Malphite or Cho’Gath then they have no way to stop you from doing damage to their turret, the only problem comes from champions who have either hard-engage that you can’t stop because if you use E, then you are going to get few turret shots. Be careful about this and try to be work smart around it when you play against Shen, Galio etc,

  • It’s also the way to go because other Runes in this “Strength” tree are a bit disappointing.



  • is the alternative for Demolish if you are not interested in slaying turrets,

  • While I like tenacity, I don’t feel like this rune provides me enough,

  • Urgot gets the same -125 movement speed on W even if he used 2 summoner spells so it doesn’t help him that much


Font of Life:

  • has 4 seconds cooldown, Urgot’s Q at max rank and 40% cooldown reduction has 4,8 seconds cooldown, and Urgot’s E at max rank and 40% cooldown reduction has 7,2 seconds cooldown,

  • this means that potentially, Urgot can perma heal allies as long as you hit abilities which is preety strong,

  • Health ratio is preety small but you buy a lot of Health so allies can do some work about this,

  • Take it if you don’t feel comfortable with Demolish and if it’s not your playstyle, if you have some Kog’Maw or Jinx, then they will be definitely happy about this Rune choice.


► Next choice should be Conditioning because:

  • even if this Rune gives you nothing pre 10 minute, it’s still the best choice because after 10th minute it outscales other choices in this tree massively,

  • You buy a lot of Armor and Magic Resist so you gain a lot of extra bonuses for being extra tanky,

  • Again, it’s simply better rune than other choices.

Iron Skin:

  • You can take this if you’re really worried about your AD enemy with strong laning phase like Darius, Quinn or Jayce to have better chances to survive their burst or poke,

  • Take it if you have some kind of potions to have better trades with the enemy.

Mirror Shell:

  • I can’t think of a champion who would give that many problems that you are forced to pick this Rune when playing against him/her. Maybe Rumble but he’s more annoying than really op,

  • Take it if you have some kind of potions to have better trades with the enemy.


► Last three rune choices and all are viable so make your choice visely because this will affect your laning phase and later phase a lot.


  • I take this Rune when I play against tanks and farm lanes,

  • In early and mid game it doesn’t give a lot of health but once you’re in ~30th minute which should happen if enemies want late by picking tank/something like Nasus, it grants around 200-350 Health, depending on your CS-score and KDA score (if you die many times, you won’t kill any creeps so you won’t get bonuses either),

  • Later and later it’s only better and it’s possible to get even 500 Health by this Rune which is almost combination of Giant’s Belt and Ruby Crystal and that is 1400 gold worth of stats!, preety good, right? ?


  • is a great choice if you have a support in team with a lot of shields or/and heals,

  • when you’re below 40% health, your shield is 10% better and the shields you receive are 10% stronger too, making you a bit harder to kill,

  • if you don’t have a healing/shielding support in team, pick either Overgrowth or Second Wind.

Second Wind:

  • should be picked when you play against Jayce/Teemo/Gangplank, any champion who can and wants to poke you out of lane,

  • when paired with Doran’s Shield or even just Cull, preety much denies their poke,

  • loses it’s power later in the game but it doesn’t matter if this rune made you alive during lane phase and you didn’t fed your enemy.


EDIT: It turned out that there is a limit of words or whatever so I have to cut it in half and upload second part in the new thread. Sorry for the problems. This is the link for second part:

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