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Go Ahead And Make Your Fortune – See What Is AIP Online Surveys About

Did you know that surveys are an integral part of businesses to expand? See what is aip online surveys about and determine if you are incline to participate as part of your make money online venture. I am not a big fan of surveys though because they take time and effort for little gain but that is not to say that it is a scam. Surveys in general are legit and you just have to be careful not to spend so much time and expect a great return for your effort.

What Is Aip Online Surveys About

Product Name: AIP Online Surveys

Owner: Rakuten AIP

Website: It varies depending upon which country you are in. If you are in the U.S here is the URL:

Price: Free to Join

Verdict: It is a good way of making small amount of income if you have the time to waste which a lot of us don’t.

What is AIP Online Surveys About?

There are many different types of surveys and they are all vital in the process of expanding and improving products and services being offered by businesses. This is how they are able to understand their consumers so that they can deliver better results. For the AIP Online Surveys, you are basically earning points and getting paid to share your valuable opinions which will be redeemable in variety of ways by completing these surveys presented to you.

You get to voice out your opinion and get paid in the process of doing so. Do you get to decide whether or not you provide a positive or negative answers to the surveys? Of course you do, you are in control and your opinion greatly matter in improving products and services of the businesses you get to encounter with.

Depending upon which country you are in, you may need to do a quick Google Search that includes the country where you are to find out the url where you can sign up with. If you do a search like “AIP Survey US” it brings you this url: or  if you search “AIP Survey UK” it brings you this url: for the country of United Kingdom.

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The delivery of surveys you can complete will be different for each country and that is the reason why it is important to sign up with the correct url so that you will not be in vain completing those surveys and realized you signed up with the wrong country.

Rakuten AIP is the company behind the AIP Online Surveys and they have been in business for over 20 years with branches in 60 Countries including here in the United States as well as in United Kingdom and Asia.

Can You Really Make Money With Online Surveys?

Yes you can but you will be needing a great deal of effort and significant amount of time to accomplish that. The rewards are called EPoints and you will be needing 100 EPoints to be able to earn a $1.00 and depending upon the length of the surveys and number of questions you are completing, you may earn faster and more efficient as you do it more often.

Can you imagine though the amount of time you will be spending just to earn those points? I mean if we think about this for a moment, If I want to earn a decent $100 for my online shopping spree, I would be needing at the very least 10,000 points to earn that money!

The Good About AIP Online Surveys

  • Easy Navigation and Registration
  • Trustworthy backed by a company that has been around for 20 years
  • Joining is Free with no obligation and you can back out anytime even after you have registered already.
  • No claim of over inflated income potential
  • Widely available in many different countries including United States, United Kingdom and Asia

The Not So Good

  • You and I both know that online surveys are only good for short term income and most of the time it can only fund your craving for coffee and the impulse buying you do online. It will not have the potential to have a steady flow of side income.
  • Limited online surveys and does not have any steady stream where you can just go all day and night if that is what you are incline to do.
  • EPoints takes a while to accumulate in exchange for real money.

How Exactly Does AIP Online Surveys Work?

First you would need to sign up which is free and does not cost anything and upon registration, you will need to read the “Member Agreement” first which basically outlines how you will be using and agreeing to the terms and condition of you being a member. The whole registration process should not take you the whole day to complete (exaggeration). It actually just takes about 5-6 minutes to complete not unless you are the kind of person who likes to read the fine print and every unnecessary details of signing up.

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What Is AIP Online Surveys About2


After the preliminary registration is complete, you will get an email confirmation where you can validate your information and to also complete the main registration.

You are now ready to move forward in taking the online surveys and depending upon your area of interest, the more categories you choose the better your chance of landing more opportunities.

Rakuten AIP Online Surveys act as the hub and platform between you and the businesses that are in need of online surveys gathering opinions of consumers just like you and I.

What Is AIP Online Surveys About3

Multiple Ways To Make Money

It is actually surprising to know that there are multiple ways you can gain EPoints redeemable for cash and not just straight up surveys. This goes to show that businesses in general are actively conducting studies in different areas to improve and innovate their products and services.

Online Surveys

If you like playing apps with your mobile phone you might as well utilize this opportunity of online surveys and get paid in the process. You can do this anywhere and anytime whether on your smart phone or computer and the range of surveys can vary but likely about 4 to 10 minutes. The longer ones can be more than 30 minutes but will earn you more EPoints.

Product Testing Survey

This is a great opportunity of testing products before it hits the market. I am not certain what type of products you will be getting though but it will definitely be fun to be the first to try it out. Once the study has been conducted and you get to provide your valuable feedback, sometimes you get to keep the product as well for your personal use. This maybe in rare occasions only.

What Is AIP Online Surveys About4

Online Focus Groups & Online Community

This right here is another example of a wasted time and effort and I don’t mean to be so negative about this but you are basically be joining an online community for a few days or even weeks and to what end? This is so you can earn the EPoints to redeem for cash is it not? Yes absolutely that is the idea! But anyway, this is at least one variety of another opportunity so you don’t get stuck in just filling out online surveys.

Focus Group Interview & Central Location Test

You get to visit a designated location and get together with other people to discuss about a new product. There is also a moderator and I am guessing this person is a representative of the company offering the new product to be discussed about. This to me sounds like a job already but with minimal pay because remember we started out with online surveys?

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What Is AIP Online Surveys About5

Mystery Shopping Visit

This is the one I like the most because you get to be someone like a detective or private investigator where you observe how a company operates such as their product display, their service level which can range from their customer service approach to the quality of merchandise they sell.

Imagine yourself being a mystery shopper where you go to a mall and enjoying being there observing, taking notes and visualizing everything then you come to realize that you are doing all these just so you can earn your EPoints redeemable for cash.

Mobile Studies

Most people are on their mobile devices these days and why not get paid by using it. You get to download and install Apps where it is needed for study purposes. The downside though is that it may track your devise usage and I don’t know about you but that to me is not so cool at all.

Are There Any Complaints About AIP Online Surveys

That is the first thing I was looking for before I even started writing this article reviewing it but so far I haven’t seen anything significant besides the mere speculations that it can take so much time and effort to make money and if you do the math which I have laid out above, to earn your first $100 you must need at least 10,000 EPoints.

Let say for the sake of arguments, you completed 5 short surveys worth 100 EPoints each. That would gain you a 500 EPoints which is $5 easily right? Yes but the issue is that those surveys can vary in time for you to finish so the 5 short surveys can actually be done longer that you would expect.

My Final Thoughts About AIP Online Surveys

This is actually not so bad despite my negative point of view about it. Surveys in general are vital in businesses and if you get a platform that is trustworthy where it can be your hub in getting those surveys done, it maybe worth your time. As for me, I like to venture in something else such as affiliate marketing where I get to build a website for the long haul and not just earning money on the side trading my valuable time.

If you feel the same way, check out what others are doing in the online world creating and expanding their reach online.

Have You Tried AIP Online Surveys before? Please share your valuable experience in the comments below.

Make Real Money Online

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