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Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Walkthrough & Guide

Post-Game – Making Up for Lost Time

After vanquishing the Lord of Shadows, the party gathers in Arboria for a remembrance celebration and you will earn the Saviour of All Erdrea Trophy.

When the scene at Arboria ends, visit with the townspeople and talk to your party members. Erik and “?” are easy to spot in the town’s central plaza. Sylvando is on the upper landing east of the Item Shop. You’ll find Jade and Rab outside the Cathedral. Serena waits on the terrace north of the Inn. Then head for the western exit from town to trigger a scene. Erik suggests investigating the light south of Octagonia next. You can stop at a few other places along the way to see how Erdrea fares now that the world has been set right.

At The Last Bastion, you can view a scene with King Carnelian.

If you go to Don Rodrigo’s Villa in Puerto Valor, you can see a scene in his upstairs room. Like son, like Papi?

Stop by the grave site in the Dundrasil Ruins for another scene.

Go to Erik and Mia’s shelter in the Viking Hideout to see one last scene before moving on.

The Mini Medal you picked up in the Fortress of Fear should bring your total to 75. Show them to the Headmaster at L’Académie and he will stamp your Album and reward you with a Circle of Serendipity. This accessory adds a small boost to your chance of encountering Rarefied monsters. For completing the third page of your album, you will earn the Chef de Classe de Médailles Trophy.

Zoom to Octagonia and exit to the Dundrasil Region. The monsters here are the same ones you encountered in Act 2. Pass through the eastern part of the region to reach the Ruins south of Octagonia. There will be a scene when you approach the land bridge leading to the Ruins. Enter the dome south of the bridge to find Rab. Check the red book on the bookshelf before him to learn more about the Spirits of Lost Time and the Watchers. Serena is examining a wall further west. Approach her for another scene. Go through the broken wall and examine the glowing spot to the south and you will acquire the Wheel of Time.

Use the Calamus Flute from the Important Item list to summon Cetacea. From the Arboria area, fly north and a little east to a pillar of light. Have Cetacea set you down at the Lost Land. The Sparkly Spots have respawned here if you want to collect them again. Use the Wheel of Time to enter the Tower of Lost Time at the north end.


No monsters roam The Tower of Lost Time. Head up the circular ramp to the west and step onto the gear-like platform at the end. It will carry you through space to a higher-level platform on the northwest side of the tower. Down the ramp to the south, you will see a Sparkly Spot with a Chronocrystal. Continue down the ramp and use the gear at the south end to reach the short southwest platform. The gear at the other end of this short platform will take you to the small platform on the north side of the tower. A Treasure Chest on this dead-end platform contains an Agate of Evolution.

Ride the gears back to the northwest platform where you found the Sparkly Spot. Go all the way up the ramp to its northern end. The gear there will take you up another level to the center of the eastern platform. Down the ramp to the north is a Treasure Chest holding the Recipe Book, A Hero’s Book of Basic Weapons, teaching you to forge the Nebula Sword, Darting Dagger, Asterang, Shining Staff, Straight Poker, Mega Gringham Whip, Dragonlord Claws and Maxi Axe. Take the ramp all the way up to its southern end and ride a gear up once more to the Altar of Ages.

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Approach the figure ahead and you will see a scene. Walk forward to continue the scene. Speak to each of your companions, saving Erik for last. Then talk to the Timekeeper again. Answer “Yes” twice when asked if you want to return to the past. Each of your companions will bid you farewell and through the scene that follows, you will be separated. You will be given an opportunity to Save your game. You can Save to a different Adventure Log, if you like. You then earn the Trophy, A Momentous Decision. You regain control just inside the entrance to Arboria of the past.


Speak to the woman on the path ahead to learn that Father Benedictus and your companions are gathered in the Cathedral. The inventory at the Arboria Shop has reverted to its Act 1 stock. Speak with the townsfolk if you wish and then enter the Cathedral for a scene. Your companions rejoin you, but they are now at an experience level more suited to the end of Act 1. Any expanded skill trees in Character Builder have also reverted to Act 1 levels. They each carry the items they held in Act 1, and this is where the item duplication referred to during your initial visit to Arboria occurs. The party Line-Up is in the order in which the companions joined you. You can change the Line-Up and re-equip your party to your liking.

Pass through the Cathedral into the eastern section of the Arborian Highlands. Since your past party hadn’t been through here yet, the Treasure Chests are still full. You can collect the Mini Medal and Magic Circle again. Then exit to The First Forest.

You can raid all of these Treasure Chests again, too. For their location, you can refer to the Walkthrough for your last trip here. The Chest in the cave that previously held a Recipe Book now contains 3000G. Make your way through The First Forest and up the spiral path to the top where the party will again stop to rest at the Summit Campsite. Remember to collect the Mini Medal at the base of Yggdrasil’s Altar and then go up the Altar stairs for a scene.

When you reach the World Tree, follow the path to the Heart of Yggdrasil, picking up the Sparkly Spots on the way. Approach the Orb in the Heart for a scene.

Boss: Jasper
HP: ~2000
EXP: 8000
Gold Coins: 4000
Items: None

Jasper will attack normally or use Falcon Slash to strike a target twice. He can cast Kazam or cause darkness to explode forth from his Orb to deal dark-elemental damage to a party member.

Your battle with Jasper will be real this time. No attacks will harm him until the Hero strikes with the Sword of Darkness and removes the barrier that surrounds him. With the barrier down, the party’s attacks will all have effect. If Jasper raises the barrier again, attacks will not harm him until the Sword of Darkness removes the barrier once more. Because the Hero is much higher level now, this shouldn’t be a difficult fight. Have Veronica cast Oomphle on him while he attacks with skills like Sword Dance. Sylvando’s Hustle Dance will keep the party’s HP up.

You’ve defeated Jasper, but the Sword of Darkness does not survive the battle. In its place, you acquire the Super Sword of Light. You will want to exchange it for something stronger if you have been using a Greatsword. Events occur differently this time and King Carnelian invites you to Heliodor for a celebration.


You won’t be able to explore the Castle yet, so head upstairs to the Throne Room to initiate a scene. The festivities last into the night and you gain control of the Hero in the Dining Hall. Leave through the north door and turn east. In the small dining room to the east you can find a Mini Medal and a Seed of Defence in Barrels. Continue through the hallway south and enter the first room on the east side. A Treasure Chest near the north wall contains a Mighty Armlet and there is a pair of Boxer Shorts in the Wardrobe.


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Head to the southern part of the Castle and go upstairs to the Guest Room on the west side of the Middle Floor. Examine the bed to rest for the night. A nighttime visitor prompts a scene, after which you should go downstairs. A Priest on the landing will let you Save your game. Then enter the Throne Room for another scene and a battle.

Boss: Mordegon
HP: ~2500

Boss: Mordegon’s Staff x2
HP: ~800 Each

EXP: 16000
Gold Coins: 8000
Items: None

Mordegon may attack normally for 40 HP damage or use a desperate attack for about 150 damage. He can cast Zammle and Kazam to deal dark-elemental damage to a character, or Kafuddle to Confuse the party. His Snub will make him immune to spell damage, and he can use Disruptive Wave to dispel party buffs. He will summon two Staves which may attack with Frizzle, Sizzle, Crackle or Boom. When he envelops the area in a Purple Mist, all recovery actions the party takes will cause damage instead and you won’t be able to resurrect fallen allies.

First and foremost, when Mordegon uses Purple Mist, don’t try to heal (with spells, abilities or items) until the Mist dissipates after about 3 turns. Most enemy attacks are spells, so Veronica’s Magic Barrier will help reduce damage. Rab may be a better choice than Serena in this battle. If Mordegon uses Kafuddle, Rab can counter with Defuddle. If Rab is equipped with the Star of Clarity or other accessories that resist Confusion, he will be less likely to become Confused himself. Hero and Jade can attack with Oomphled weapon skills. When the Staves are on the field you can eliminate them with attacks that target all enemies, like Quadraslash and Veronica’s Boom spell.

After the battle, you will automatically spend the night in the Castle. When you awake you will earn The Final Fight Trophy. Go downstairs to the Throne Room to meet with King Carnelian again. When the scene ends, head to the Top Floor by the stairs to either the east or west and then south to the Balcony. Passing through the southwest corner of the Top Floor on your way out, you will find a Drasilian Sovereign at the Sparkly Spot fallen from the chandelier. The events you witness from the balcony reveal a new threat and another companion rejoins the party.

Before you leave for the Emerald Coast to have a closer look at Erdwin’s Lantern, you can talk to some of the people of Heliodor and check out the Shops. They have added a few new items that may be of interest. The Item Shop now sells Perfect Panacea, which will cure most status ailments. To reach the Emerald Coast, leave Heliodor by the main gate and enter the Heliodor Region.

You can’t Zoom anywhere now, but as you leave Heliodor your trusty steed finds you. New monsters roam the Heliodor Region and some monsters have been replaced with a Malicious version. As you would expect, these monsters are tougher than those you encountered in the main game. In fact, there is a significant spike in difficulty with some enemies hitting as hard as the bosses you were fighting not long ago. Defeating a Malicious monster will add the normal version to your Defeated Monster List as well if you hadn’t already defeated it. Since your party lacks the experience levels they had when fighting lesser monsters, you may want to just ride through the Region and avoid enemy encounters. The quickest route is south through the narrow eastern path of the Heliodor Region.

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Enter the Emerald Coast to see another enlightening scene and receive the Calamus Flute. Now you can summon Cetacea and fly to Havens Above, the floating island in the north part of the map.


This is Havens Above before its destruction. In addition to the Temple of Dawn, there are smaller surrounding floating islands. There are circular platforms here, three around the Temple. Similar to the gears at the Tower of Lost Time, these platforms will carry you through space to another floating island. Go up the stairs and grab the Colourful Cocoon from the Sparkly Spot west of the Temple. Then step on the nearby platform to be transported to the southwest island. Enter the Inn and check the Pots along the southwest wall to find a piece of Technicolour Dreamcloth.

Ride the platform back to the main island and then take the platform on the east side to the southeast island. Just inside the door of the building on this island is a Barrel with an urn of Saint’s Ashes inside. Ride the north platform from this island to the northeast island. Near some bushes south of the Item Shop is a Pot. Smash it to reveal a phial of Sainted Soma. Another Pot inside the Shop has 100G.

The Shop has some equipment you haven’t seen before and can only get here. It also sells all the Ores and some other very useful materials. Leave by the north platform and ride to the northernmost island. You can Save your game at the Church, if you want to. There is a Barrel inside the building west of the Church that contains a Perfect Panacea. Follow the winding path west and up to the Place of Legends where a scene will occur. When the scene ends, open the nearby Treasure Chest to obtain the Ultimate Key.

Go back down the winding trail and use the south platform to return to the central island. Enter the Temple of Dawn and talk to the Mayor. During the following scene you will reacquire the Guiding Light. As the scene continues your companions will gain increased levels, expanded skill trees in Character Builder, and have lots of Skill Points to use. Jade can use Re-Vamp again and Rab has relearned Pearly Gates. You also regain the ability to cast Zoom. In addition, Hero, Serena and “?” have learned NEW abilities.


  • Flamesplitter deals fire-elemental damage to all enemies
  • Seasplitter deals ice-elemental damage to all enemies
  • Skysplitter deals wind-elemental damage to all enemies
  • Earthsplitter deals earth-elemental damage to all enemies
  • Blightsplitter deals dark-elemental damage to all enemies
  • Brightsplitter deals light-elemental damage to all enemies

In order to use any of these abilities, Hero needs to have the Sword of Light, Super Sword of Light or Supreme Sword of Light equipped.


  • Saint’s Song revives and heals all allies, and cures their status ailments, at no MP cost.

Serena can only use Saint’s Song after you first use the Saint’s Ascension Pep Power. It requires Serena, Hero and Rab to all be Pepped Up.


  • Knight Watch causes enemies to target “?” for a few turns and makes “?” invincible.

Knight Watch can only be used after first using the Knight’s Mandate Pep Power. It requires “?”, Hero and Serena to all be Pepped Up.

Leave the Temple of Dawn and talk to the three Watchers with pink speech bubbles on the main island. They will suggest you look for the Seedlings on the ground at Angri-La, Laguna di Gondolia and Zwaardsrust. Cetacea will have to take you to the last two.

New Quests are now available throughout Erdrea. The Harp Maker outside the Item Shop here at Havens Above will offer you The Holiest of Harps Quest. If you talk to the Watcher inside the Inn, you can try the Wisdom of the Warrior King Quest.

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