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Doraemon: Nobita’s Resident Evil Walkthrough

Here’s the walkthrough of the game. Keep in mind that there will be spoilers, so only use it when you’re really stuck and don’t know what to do.


Go out from Nobita’s Room and go down and enter the bathroom. Examine the basket to get Handgun Bullets. Now, go right to watch a cutscene. You can grab the Kitchen Knife in the table to kill the enemy, or you could ignore both, but keep in mind that once you leave the house, you can’t return so the items will be Lost Forever.

Whatever you do, go outside. From where you are, go right next to the policeman to get the Handgun and exit through the upper right of the screen. In the next screen, just go left to enter the parking. There is a chest containing a First-Aid Spray, but be careful not to get surrounded by zombies while getting the item and exit through the door located in the upper left. In the store, there is another chest containing Handgun Bullets and go north until you reach the school. Ignore the dogs and enter the bulding (the dogs will respawn indefinitely, so it’s pointless to kill them unless you’re a sadistic person and hate zombie dogs).


As soon as you enter the school, go to the left double door and watch the scenes. You need to talk with some people (they explain some useful tips about the RE herbs, saving the game and the First Aid Boxes) before talking to Gian to advance the plot. You’ll be doing a escort mission from now on… just kidding, it’s only a rescue event.

– Rescue Event: Taro
Highlight the text to view.
You’ll be greeted by 3 zombies through the door. They have a set pattern with Taro as their goal. You must kill them before they reach him. You’ll succeed if the zombies are dead but taro survives and you fail if any zombie reached Taro before you kill them. Be ashamed of your protecting skills if the latter happens.

After the rescue event, everyone will split up and search the entire school.

– Exploring the school: First Floor
First, let me explain a bit about how the school is layered. In every floor there is a North Wing and a South Wing and you’re currently in the South Wing. To access the other wing, you must take the corridor located in the west. Also, almost every room has dual entrance, that means if you see two doors almost together, they are for the same room. There are a few exceptions though. Anyways, let’s begin the exploration.

You start in the infirmary. Get the Handgun Bullets and the Hemostatic from the lockers and exit the room. Go to the southwest room and examine the Bookshelf with two papers to get the Written Memo and exit the room. Go to the north room and examine the locker to get Handgun Bullets and the shining spot of the desk to get the Reference Room Key and exit the room. Go to the southeast room and enter the next room to the bottom right. Pull the lone statue next to the other statues to unlock the door (if you need help pulling the statue, pull it right x2, down x4, left x9, up x6, right x3 and up x1). Before going inside, examine the brown safe and enter the number included within the Written Memo (it is 6358 if you need even more spoonfeeding) to get the Shotgun. Enter the room and examine the lockers to get the Locker Room Key. You can further examine the room to get a hint about the secret hobby of the principal if you like for laughs, considering the key you just have got. Anyways, backtrack to the entrance and go to the east corridor. You should have the key to enter the Reference Room, so open it and discard the key if you want and go inside. Examine the bottom bookshelf with the sticken note to get the Security Information File. Examine the upper locker to get Shotgun Bullets and lastly, examine the bin to get the Lighter. Enter the last room and go to the left side to get Red Herb and return to the entrance. Enter the Girl Toilet to get some Green Herbs and go to the west corridor. Enter the north western doors and go ahead through the corridor to get to the North Wing.

In the North Wing, enter the upper west room and examine the red book to get the Student’s Notebook and the shining hand to get the Clay Hand (it’s the third one) and exit the room. Enter the bottom west room and get the Handgun Bullets. To open the Storage Room (the upper east room) keep some distance and shoot the door a few times until you can open it. Inside the storage room, pull both statues in the holes (it doesn’t matter which) and push the middle button to open the chest containing an Emblem. Return to the west corridor and enter the double gray doors to the Kitchen. In the kitchen, go inside the room and examine the locker to get the Lunch Leftover File and return to the kitchen. Examine the pot in the stoves to use the Lighter and examine again to use the Clay Hand to get the Blue Jewel and exit the room.

After you get the Blue Jewel, go to the North Wing and go to the right until you start the next Rescue Event.

– Rescue Event: Suneo
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Suneo is located in the Reference Room (the same room you got the Lighter) but if you forgot where it is, I’ll show you. Where you start, go to the south, south, east, east and the first room is the Reference Room. Inside the room, there is a zombie approaching Suneo. You succeed if you kill him before reaching Suneo and you fail if the zombie catches Suneo or you get to the room too late. And your reward for saving him is some Shotgun Bullets.

After the rescue event, the Second Floor is open to you to explore.

– Exploring the school: Second and Third Floor
Even though Gian said that you can explore the Second Floor, you can explore the Third Floor too, but you can’t reach the third floor using the stairs in the South Wing. You must go to the North Wing to access the Third Floor. With that said, let’s continue the exploration.

In South 2F, go to the southeast room and examine the man’s corpse to obtain the Computer Room Key and exit the room. Go to the Boys’ Locker Room (the north eastern room) and kill the zombies. Examine the upper lockers to get the American Fist (you can equip it to counterattack when you get hit) and exit the room. Use the key to open the Girls’ Locker Room and take the Green Herbs. Don’t forget to examine the upper lockers to get the Score Middle Section and exit the room. Go to the east corridor and enter the last room and get the Shotgun Bullets on the floor and return to South 2F. Go to the west door to the corridor and examine the corpse to get the Police Report and continue forward to reach North 2F.

In North 2F, enter the northwest room and examine the bookshelf with the two papers to get the Score Start Section and exit the room. In the corridor, examine the policeman corpse to get more Handgun Bullets and enter the northeast room to get the First-Aid Spray. Save the game if you want and exit the room and go upstairs to North 3F. Enter the Boys Toilet to get the Shotgun Bullets before entering the White Door.

In the White Door there’s another Rescue Event.

– Rescue Event: Yasuo
Highlight the text to view.
In case you’re wondering, Yasuo is one minor character in Doraemon, it doesn’t appear much in the series though. It’s one of Nobita’s classmates who ofter appear with Haruo, another classmate. In any case, you must bring him the Serum in time. The Serum is located in the Infirmary (the room where everyone gathered at the beginning). To reach it, go downstairs to 1F and go south, south, east and enter the center room from the south corridor. Examine the shelf to get the Serum (save and/or heal if you want) and return to Yasuo. You’ll succeed if you made it in time and you’ll fail if you took too much time to get him the Serum.

You’ll get the Score Last Section either way. After the Rescue Event, you’ll be in the Counseling Room in North 2F. If you succeeded before, you can choose the next action for Seina. It doesn’t affect much in the events, but if you make her stay in the Counseling Room, you can talk to her to recover you health.

Exit the room and enter the Music Room (the nortwestern room). Combine the scores using the Score Start Section and examine the piano for an event. Enter the new room and take the Gold Emblem. After that, put the Emblem in the statue and leave the room. In the North 2F corridor, go to the center and use the Gold Emblem in the hole and take the Red Jewel from the new hole. Go upstairs to North 3F and go south to the corridor until you get to South 3F. Enter the Girl Toilet to get a Red Herb and exit the room. Use the Computer Room Key in the northwest room and go inside. Examine the picture to enter a dial. Each number is the same as the number of computers on, meaning that the leftmost computers are the first digit, the center the second and the third the last digit. If you don’t want to think about puzzles and are only playing this game for killing zombies (or doraemon characters) the number is 538. Go up the stairs and put the Blue Jewel on the left statue and the Red Jewel on the right statue to open the chest containing the Science Lab Key and leave the room. Go to North 2F and enter the Counseling Room to save the game because we’re going to face a boss. Or well, you’re going to, since I’m only giving you a guide.

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When you’re ready, go to North 3F and enter the White Door. Use the Science Lab Key to open the door and enter the door to face the boss.

– Boss Fight: Biogalles
Highlight the text to view.
The Biogalles is no pushover and will take some hits to bring it down, making it a wake-up call boss indeed. He’s not slow and his attacks are painful, and even more , he will infect you the Venom status, making you lose health as the battle progress. To make it worse, he can leap to you or attack with his tongue. And lastly, he can turn itself almost invisible, making it harder to hit.

So, how are you dealing with this beast? You should equip the Shotgun and shoot him fast and run after shooting it. Keep your health above 20 and repeat this strategy. Remember that you can also use Nobita’s skill to deal it extra damage. He has quite a health pool to deplet, so you’ll need several shots before you bring the guy down. If you don’t have the Shotgun, load the game and get it, because with only the Handgun the battle will be much, much, much harder.

Depending if you saved Yasuo or not, the event will be different after you managed to defeat the Biogalles.

If you saved Yasuo, you can grab the Grenade Launcher with the Yasuo’s Will next to the Biogalles. If not, you get an amazing quantity of absolutely nothing. Either way, take the Backdoor Key from the desk and exit the room from the south door (now it’s open) to begin the next Rescue Event.

– Rescue Event: Nobita
Highlight the text to view.
Now it’s Seina’s turn to have some badass action. She will be equipped with the handgun, but no extra bullets, so her ammo is very limited. Fortunately, she has a First-Aid Spray and Hemostatic to heal herself, not to mention her special skill that can restore 30 health to herself. You can also fetch with her any item you didn’t get with Nobita, but keep in mind that will disappear after finishing the rescue event.

And just like happened with Yasuo, you must go to the infirmary and get the serum and bring it to Nobita. From where you are, go downstairs to North 1F ang go south, south, east and enter the center room. Go to the shelf and get the Serum and return to where Nobita is.

Keep in mind that if you let Seina get killed here, you won’t lose the game, but you’ll regain control of Nobita with the Venom status and must look for Seina if you got the Serum before she was killed, or go to the infirmary to get the Serum.

In other words, there’s no way to fail the Rescue Event, but will be more tedious if you fail with Seina.

After finishing the Rescue Event, you can use the Backdoor Key, but if you succeeded in the Yasuo Rescue Event, you can read his will that will pinpoint you to his secret stash. It’s located in the room inside the Kitchen. To get there, go downstais to North 1F and go south twice. Enter the gray doors and you’ll enter the kitchen. Go inside the white door and examine the sofa to get the Yasuo’s secret stash consisting of a Kevlar Suit (it reduces the damage) and the Stamina Enhancer (it permanently increases the health 5 points). If you didn’t saved Yasuo before, you can’t get the items, so feel ashamed of thinking of trying this because you don’t deserve the treasure.

Now to use the Backdoor Key, go to North 1F and use the key in the Gray Door to go outside. There are a lot of herbs, so grab them (2 Green Herbs, 2 Blue Herbs and 1 Red Herb) and exit though the north metallic door.


There’s not much to do except going north all the way until you get to the landslide. When you reach it, go right to get to the inn. After the scene, go inside.


You can save the game entering the room at your right. Save if you want and go back to the corridor and enter the center room. Ignore the right room and enter the left one. Examine the upper opened locket to get the Room 201 Key and return to the corridor. Go to the right door and go upstairs to 2F and go down. You’ll be in 2F corridor.

In 2F corridor, use the Room 201 Key to open the right door and go inside the room. Take the letter in the floor and read it to get the hints to open the safe in this room and return to the corridor. Enter the center door to take the Blue Herb and the Green Herb and return to the corridor and go south. In this room, go to the right to get a First-Aid Spray inside the chest. But we’re not finished with the chest: Examine the chest from the right side to reveal your first number for the safe chest. Write it somewhere because the numbers are randomized and are always different numbers for each playthrough. After writing the number, examine the electronic lock next to the door and solve the simple switch puzzle. If you’re not the thinking type, push these buttons in this order: Middle Left, Bottom Right and Upper Center. Once solved, you can go inside the room to get some goodies: One Handgun Bullet, two Shotgun Bullets on the floor, and the Room 103 Key on the desk. Go back to the corridor and go downstairs to 1F corridor.

In 1F corridor, take the left door and the take the right door. Take the Keeper’s Diary from the crystal desk and exit the room. Go to the center door and examine the larger shelf to get Hemostatic and go to the bathroom to get Handgun Bullets and exit the room. And lastly, use the Room 103 Key in the left door and go inside. Turn on the music box and examine quickly the doll to reveal your second number according to the hints. Exit the room and go to the 2F corridor. In the corridor, go right to the Bar and you’ll see a big piano. You can play around a bit with the piano if you wish, but don’t forget to examine the back of the piano which will reveal your third number. Go back to the corridor and enter the right door again. Enter the three numbers you got before (remember, they are randomized) to open the safe and get the Hall Key and exit the room. Go back to 1F if you want to save the game, because it will be another bossfight.

When you’re ready go to the 2F corridor and go down. Go south again to open the door with the Hall Key and enter the room to face your next boss.

– Boss Fight: Furrows Vinirto
Highlight the text to view.
To be honest, I took the name from another doujin game about this game (yep, even this parody game has derived works) just because the katakana was a bit difficult to get something (I firstly called them Furos Vinilt when I didn’t know that name) but whatever, let’s get to the business.

Although there was two of them in the scene, in fact, there are three, so you’re against three gorilla-like creatures that are not only incredibly fast to surround you pretty easily, but can hit like a truck made of smaller trucks, but at least, they are not very durable.

To begin, try not to get surrounded by these guys. Yhey will outrun you a few times, but you can turn around inside the room to reposition yourself. It’s recommended to use the shotgun here, because the Grenade Launcher if you have it is slow and will attack you while you’re vulnerable reloading the weapon. So prioritize running until you get a little window of opportunity to shoot them with the shotgun. You’ll be likely to be hit once, but eventually, you’ll bring down at least one with a few hits. Once one of them is down, the fight will be much more manageable, so it’s just repeating the same strategy to defeat the others.

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As soon as all of them are defeated, there will be some scenes. If Taro is alive, yo must go to the right door to get the Manager Room Key. If not, you’ll get the key from Gian. Exit the room and return to 2F corridor.

Go to the left door and shoot like you did before with the School Storage Room and go inside. Enter the toilet to get grenades and return to the room. Push the bookshelf either way to reveal some stairs and go downstairs. Go southwest and use the Manager Room Key in the door to open it. There will be some items here: The Suicide Note in the desk, the Control Room Key in the shining spot and a chest contaning the following: 2 Shotgun Bullets, 3 Handgun Bullets and a weapon. If you have the Grenade Launcher, you’ll receive the Assault Rifle, and if you don’t have it, you’ll be given the Grenade Launcher instead. Return to the 2F corridor to watch another scene and go downstairs to 1F. Save in the room at the right of the corridor if you like and go outside the inn. You’ll be backtracking all the way to the school again.


As soon as you foot inside the school again, you’ll be greeted by a new enemy: The Hunter. Like the Resident Evil counterpart, the are strong and fast, and they have the same obnoxious instakill move in the game, so avoiding them will be the best. If you must kill them, you can use the Assault Rifle or the Shotgun. In any case, you must defeat this hunter to proceed.

The next rescue event should trigger after killing the hunter. If not, explore a bit in the school to trigger it. Remember that there are Grenades in the Boys Toilet in North 1F.

– Rescue Event: Seina
Highlight the text to view.
Seina is located in the Audiovisual Room in South 2F. To get there from North 1F, go south, south, east, upstairs and enter the northwestern door. If you take too long to reach, the hunter will instakill Seina before attacking you. If you made it in time, the monster will attack you leaving Seina alone.

After the event, exit the room and you’ll be in South 2F. Go west and north to get to North 2F. Go downstairs to the Boys Toilet in 1F to get the Grenades if you didn’t get them earlier and go upstairs to North 3F. In North 3F, go south twice to get to South 3F and use the Control Room Key in the White Door at the center and enter the room. Get the Grenades and use the control panel to open the shutters to open the path to 4F. Exit the room and go upstairs to 4F.

In 4F, enter the Boys Toilet to get two Shotgun Bullets and return to the corridor. Enter the right white door and examine the upper lockers to get the Economics Room Key and exit the room. Enter the left white door and examine the upper lockers to get a First-Aid Spray and exit the room. Now, go downstairs to South 1F and go to the west. Open the brown doors with the Economics Room Key and go inside. In the room, go straight to get to the switch and press it to light the room. Go to the left side of the room and take the Red Book from the floor and the Battery from the locker and exit the room.

Before we use the Battery, let’s put the Red book from where it belongs, in the Library. To get to the library, go to South 1F and from there, go east and enter the door at the end of the corridor. Pick the Red Herb if you didn’t earlier in the game and go right. Use the Red Book in the bookshelf with red books to reveal a hole containing the Colt Python and return to South 1F.

Go upstairs to 4F and go west. Enter the white door and get the Last Book Vol. 1 from the desk and the Magnum Bullets from the locker. Save if you want and exit the room. Go to the upper room and put the battery in the hole next to the elevator and use it to reach the cave.


After the small talk, go to the left. Take the Metal Jacket located in the chest in the upper part of the room and continue left. Go straight until you get to the end and after the scene, check Haruo’s corpse to get the Square Crank and return to the cave entrance. Go south and continue until you get to the pillar and use the Square Crank on it to open a bridge. Continue forward and go to the right. Ignore the door and continue forward until you find a rock blocking your path. Examine it and go back a few steps to trigger it. Run to the right until you can go up the prevent being squased by the rock.

Backtrack all the way to the school if you want to save the game, because we’ll be facing the next boss. When you’re ready, return to where the rock was blocking the path and enter inside.

– Boss Fight: Black Tiger
Highlight the text to view.
Yes, the spider from RE1 is named the Black Tiger. Don’t ask why. It’s not a hard boss, but that’s not a reason to let your guard down. It’s fast and will try to bite you to chunk down a great amount of health. And to make it him easier, we’ll be shooting cobwebs to slow you down. It doesn’t hurt you, but it will slow you down a lot and prevent you from using your weapons, so you need to keep a distance from the spider.

You can use your new and magnificent Colt Python to show him who’s the boss here. Aim carefully and will go down after a few succesful shots, making him a much easier boss compared to the Biogalles and the Furrows Vinirto. If for any reason you don’t have the Colt Python, you can use the Shotgun instead, although the fight will be more challenging.

In short, keep your distance and shoot him with your weapons.

After the fight, take the Tunnel Key in the shining spot next to the hole. and exit the room. Backtrack a bit until you find the gray door we ignored earlier and use the Tunnel Key to open the door. Optionally, you can use the Tunnel Key on another door we saw earlier, so let’s get that door. Return to the cave entrance and go right. Go to the chest we found the Metal Jacket earlier and use the Tunnel Key on the door next to it. You’ll find one Magnum Bullets and two Grenades inside. Go back to the door we used the Tunnel Key first and go inside. Go inside the left door and open the chest to get the C4 Bomb. Save and heal if you want and exit to room. Backtrack all the way to the room we fought the Black Tiger and use the c$ at the upper left corner of the room, where are some boulders blocking the path and enter the room. Go straight to light the lamp and open the chest containing the Last Book Vol. 2 and go back to the gray door. Follow the path to the right until you find another rock. Trigger it and run to safety like the first one and continue onward.

You’ll reach a room with three tombstones. We’ll need the medals, so use the Last Book Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 three times to get the Eagle Medal and the Wolf Medal from each. Put the Eagle Medal in the left tombtone and the Wolf Medal in the right tombstone to open a path in the middle tombstone. Go through it and enter the elevator to reach the Rsearch Facility.


Continue the path until you reach a big door and a stair. Go downstairs since the big door is closed. Go down and go downstairs to the right. Go to the left next to the stairs and then take the bottom room. Examine the bookshelf next to the door to get an X-Ray Photo and the Research Security System in the floor. Don’t forget to take the Slide Filter in the locker at the bottom of the room before going back. Go to the left again and enter the room. Examine the boxes to get another X-Ray Photo and the desk to get another Letter and read it. Exit the room and go right twice and upstairs. Go left to enter the Projector Room. Before using the Slide Filter in the projector, check the bin to get the Thrown Memo to get the hint to open the safe in this room. Use the Slide Filter and take note of the numers of the monsters. Add the numbers up and open the safe with the result. If you hate math, just put “258” in the safe and learn to love the magnificent science of math. You’ll get the Small Lab Key rewarding your superb math skills and exit the room.

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Go downstairs and go to the bottom of the corridor and open the doors with the Small Room Key. Inside there is a computer which needs some user and passwords, but we need to get them first. Read the letter 2 to get the username and the first password, but we’ll need the second password to open the locks, so exit the room and to left next to the stairs and enter the upper room. Use both X-Ray Photos to reveal Daiki and Suzu’s X-Ray Photos. Go to the upper boards in the upper room and use the X-Ray Photos and note down the symbols. These symbols are the key to crack the code for second password you need according to the letter, so substitute the symbols with the names of the X-Ray Photos to get it. If you still don’t get it or you just don’t care about solving puzzles anymore, don’t worry and return to the Small Lab. And by the way, if you don’t care about puzzles, don’t play any Sierra or Lucas Arts game, seriously.

In the Small Lab, use the computer and put the username and password to access the security system. If you don’t even know what it is even though I said to read the letter, the username is “AKIRA” and the password is “RIN”. Select each lock and put the second password, which if you managed to decypher it, it will be “ADAM” and if you didn’t decyphered it, you suck. When all the three locks are released, exit the room and go to the northeast to a new corridor.

Enter the room to the right to get the Green and Red Herb and Grenades in the locker and save if you want. Exit this room and go down. Go the right path first to find a barrel with the number “2570” in it and take the left path and continue to the south exit, but be careful of the Chimeras, because they can instakill you if they catch you. In this room, go to the left to reach the upper console and put the number you found before to open the south exit. Go there and in the generator room, reach the computer to power up the elevator and return to the corridor before the power plant. To open the North elevator, you must defeat the Furrows Vinirto first. If you use weak weapons, it will get up again, so you need to kill it with the Grenade Launcher or the Colt Python. Once the beast is killed, enter the right room to save, because at the elevator, we’ll be fighting one of the most known creatures in Resident Evil universe.

When you’re ready take the elevator to B4F and watch all the scenes until you get to the next boss fight.

– Boss Fight: Tyrant
Highlight the text to view.
Woah… so much happened at once and we’re in front of the Tyrant. But there’s no time to be shocked because the Tyrant is merciless and will try to kill you quickly. As expected, he is quite resilient and his punchs hurt like Falcon Punches, not to mention his speed and his instakill move if you let him do some free hits to you.

But you faced many horror and a little Tyrant like him won’t face you! Right…? In any case, there’s no reason to not use your Colt Python against this beast, so try to keep some distance and shoot him. Use the Pinpoint Shot if you need it to bring him down more quickly. He won’t last long.

If for any reason you don’t own the Colt Python, well… good luck. You can always go full Rambo if you want with the Kitchen Knife, but I don’t think is very viable.

After you defeat the Tyrant, use the computer to open the door and exit the room. The Self destrct sequence will begin and you must do the last Rescue Event of the game.

– Rescue Event: Gian
Highlight the text to view.
Depending if you saved Taro or not, the event will change a bit. Although your destination is the same either way. Take the elevator back to the corridor and go left (or right first to save the game if you want). Continue left all the way to all the screens until you reach the end to a small elevator and take it.

In the corridor with the Furrows Vinirto, go to the upper room first to grab Magnum Bullets and exit the room. Then, take the left exit and examine the left door to start the true Rescue Event.

There is another puzzle like the electronic lock in the Inn. The catch is, you have one minute to solve it. If you fail… well, you fail obviously. If you succeed, consider signing up for the Bomb Defusal squad in your country.

In any case, if you don’t have talent for bomb defusal or you don’t have the patience for retries, push the buttons in this order: Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Middle Left, Upper Left, Upper Center and Upper Right.

After the event, you need to backtrack quite a few rooms. From the Confinement Room, go right, right elevator, right, right, upstairs and downright. Examine the cabinet to get the Body Armor and go upstairs. Open the door and follow the path until the announcer warns you about the 5 minutes. Go through the door and prepare yourself. If you didn’t saved anyone during this playthrough, skip the bossfight. Loners and betrayers don’t deserve to face the Final Boss of the game.

– Final Boss
Highlight the text to view.
Of course you didn’t think that the Tyrant will leave you alone during the escape, right? Too bad. The tyrant is persistent as ever and naturally, is gotten faster, stronger, and mad at you for defeating him before. He now will deliver harder punches and will charge at you full speed to knock you out. And of course, it’s equally resilient than before. And let’s not forget the instakill move. Oh, did I mention that you must defeat him before the counter reaches zero?

Being this the final boss, there’s no need to hold back, so unleash your artillery to him like there’s no tomorrow. Keep your distance from him, but try to shoot him as much as possible with the magnum considering the counter. You’ll need a couple of shots with the magnum, but it won’t kill him at all. But deal enough damage to him to trigger the scene when one of your teammates throw you the Rocket Launcher, so grab it when you can and equip it. Aim to him and say “jackpot” before firing the rocket to be as cool as Dante in the classic Devil May Cry series.

You only need one rocket to blow up the Tyrant.

After the fight, enjoy (or suffer) the ending you got and the credits.


There are a lot of endings in the game and every one of them depends on how many people survived through the game.

– If you saved all four characters, you’ll get the Best Ending.
– If only one died, or one doraemon character and one original character died, you’ll get the Normal Ending.
– If both doraemon characters or both original characters died you’ll get the Bad Ending. And also, the ending will change if only one character survived, depending on the character.
– If every character died, you’ll get the Worst Ending.


The rank will depend on the Number of saves, completion time and number of first aid boxes used.

The score will start from 30 and will deduct one point for every time you saved the game, one point for every health box used and one point for every hour taken in the playthrough. The requirements for each rank is as follows:

30 – 24 Points and less than 4 saves: S Rank
23 – 18 Points and less than 6 saves: A Rank
If above save conditions not met or 17 – 12 Points: B Rank
11 – 6 Points: C Rank
5 – 0 Points: D Rank

And finally the rewards:

– If you managed to get Rank A and beat the game under an hour, you’ll get the Infinite Rocket Launcher.
– If you managed to get the Best Ending, you’ll get the Infinite Colt Python
– If you managed to get Rank A and beat the game without using the First Aid boxes, you’ll get the Infinite Assault Rifle

After the Rank Evaluation, you can save the game to restart with the added bonus. Keep in mind that the health enhancements will carry over and the places where you’re supposed to get the weapons having a special item unlocked will give you another item.

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Xem thêm bài viết thuộc chuyên mục: Kiến Thức Chung

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