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Nếu thấy cuộc sống vô nghĩa và trống rỗng thì phải làm sao?

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“If you are bored, why not be bored? Why not be that? If you are in sorrow, be sorrowful. Don’t try to find a way out of it, because your being bored has an immense significance, if you can understand it, live with it.

If you are bored, why are you bored? What is the thing called boredom? Why is it that you are not interested in anything? There must be reasons and causes which have made you dull: suffering, escapes, beliefs, incessant activity, have made the mind dull, the heart unpliable. If you could find out why you are bored, why there is no interest, then surely you would solve the problem, wouldn’t you?

If you are not interested in why you are bored, you cannot force yourself to be interested in an activity.

Now, realizing that, don’t proceed any further; take a rest. Be quiet. Let the mind gather strength by itself; don’t force it. When the mind is allowed to be quiet, it renews itself. But it is very difficult to allow the mind to be quiet, to let it lie fallow after all this, for the mind wants to be doing something all the time. When you come to that point where you are really allowing yourself to be as you are – bored, ugly, hideous, or whatever it is – then there is a possibility of dealing with it. What happens when you accept something, when you accept what you are? When you accept that you are what you are, where is the problem? There is a problem only when we do not accept a thing as it is and wish to transform it – which does not mean that I am advocating contentment; on the contrary. If we accept what we are, then we see that the thing which we dreaded, the thing which we called boredom, the thing which we called despair, the thing which we called fear, has undergone a complete change. Self-knowledge cannot be gathered through anybody, through any book, through any confession, psychology, or psychoanalyst. It has to be found by yourself, because it is your life; without the widening and deepening of that knowledge of the self, do what you will, alter any outward or inward circumstances, influences – it will ever be a breeding ground of despair, pain, sorrow.”

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