How to counter fiora with jax

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Countering Fiora with Jax is not a simple task. It is a possible one though. According to, this is an even match-up. However, there are ways to make it feel like it is in Jax’s favour.

This is a match-up of skill

There are a few tips that every Jax should know before he goes into a lane with Fiora. In this article we are going to cover how these tips relate to the laning phase, itemization and the late game.

Laning against Fiora as Jax

Laning against Fiora as Jax is going to be the most difficult part of this match. Take a look at Fiora’s abilities before we get down to business.

Early game trouble

She out-damages and out-pokes you in the early game. Three things you have to focus on are: Getting as much CS as possible, taking as little poke as possible and dying as little possible. To do this, you need to play around Fiora’s passive. When the mark is difficult for her to hit, use the opportunity to CS. When it isn’t, position yourself so it makes it difficult for her to hit it. Move around the lane and use the brush. When the mark is behind you, use the fact that it will take 15 seconds to fall off to your advantage. When it’s badly placed, if you can walk out of lane without losing CS it will remove the mark. Play around her passive and you can prevent her from poking you and from keeping herself sustained.

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Coinflip 1v1s

The outcome of early duels will almost always depend on whether Fiora can block your stun or not. Save your Q for this reason. You don’t want to fight during the laning phase, she should always initiate. If you land your E consider continuing with the fight. If you don’t, Q out. Should she block your E with her W she will stun you and win the fight. If she doesn’t you have a chance at beating her.

Fiora’s W lasts 0.75 seconds, while there is a 1 second period in which Jax’s E can be reactivated to stun early. This means you will always have a .25 period in which you can stun Fiora. Trick her and activate it early sometimes and wait on others. Don’t let her be able to expect when the stun is coming. If you’ve left it too late it’s better to not hit her with your E rather than have her block it. If she hits you with her W without blocking your stun it will only slow you, while in the other case it will stun you.

An optional gank

A gank from jungler in the early game could help out a lot. Just be careful if your jungler has hard CC, because Fiora can block it and stun either of you if she does so. Ganks against Fiora need to be careful. If she plays it right and you play it wrong she can turn it into a double kill. Whoever she activates her ult on needs to make sure that she can’t pop off all 4 marks.

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The healing from a successful ult is ridiculous. A successful ult for Fiora is when she either pops off each of the 4 marks placed on the champion who is ulted, or the champion she has ulted dies and she was able to pop off 1 mark. If you don’t let her stun either of you and you don’t let her get healing from her ult then it will be a successful gank. When her block is on cooldown, you are free to engage and stun.

Using your surroundings

When it comes to the time that you’ve been ulted, if you can stay close to a wall you will be able to prevent Fiora from hitting one of her marks and thus prevent the healing. Above all, stay safe in this lane. The only way Fiora will beat you late game is if she picks up a snowballing lead early.

Fiora vs Jax: Items and Runes


Nothing complicated about what runes you’re going to run. Just take Conqueror as you normally would. It won’t help you much in lane but as the game goes on it will help you scale.

BORK and Tabi

Blade of the Ruined King is going to be useful here. It gives you an extra get away for when you’ve been ulted by Fiora as well as some valuable stats. Ninja Tabi are the essential choice of boots. Fiora does all her damage through basic attacks and Ninja Tabi reduces 10% of that. From there on build as Jax normally does, adjusting for the needs of your team and the capabilities of the enemy team.

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Late game

The later the game goes on, the harder it gets for Fiora to take you on in a 1v1. This is because items which Jax buys amplify the strength of his kit more than they usually do for other champions. A Jax with full build is one of the most deadly duelists in the game. When team fights start happening your focus is going to be less on Fiora and more on dealing/taking damage. The only way Fiora can be useful to her team in a team fight is through her ult. If she activates it on you, make sure she doesn’t proc all 4 marks. If she activates on someone else, focus her.

Final thoughts

Fiora wins this lane, but not this game. If you can play well enough to survive the early game without losing too much CS you will become a much greater asset for your team than she is. If she decides to roam, use the opportunity to push. Split pushing and dueling are your greatest strengths when you have a few items. 

Now go out there and show Fioras what Jax can do with a lantern.

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