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Clockwerk Build Guide DOTA 2: Clockwerk the Goblin



This guide is an updated guide to Clockwerk, aka Rattletrap, the original was written by Syaska (Guide). I feel placing and updating this guide here on Dota 2 will help more newer player to be able to play this extremely fun hero. This is a full in depth guide to clockwerk, the guide has also been updated with a Alt-tab for those quick touch-up’s.

It is no surprise to see clockwerk in the Pro scene is he is one on the best initiators in Dota if not the best. But this guide is not for Pro match use and is for pub games (if you are interested in learning about more advance technique, just message me). MOBAFIRE has released a video guide about clockwerk this can be found here. I don’t agree/disagree with all their suggestions to clockwerk, but I feel that this guide is much more suited to every situation.

The most important thing to remember when reading a guide it is one opinion, and the more guides you read or watch the better your understanding of the hero will become. I will list a few guides/gameplay that I feel are worth reading/watching, in the next update.



Rattletrap descends from the same far-flung kindred as Sniper and Tinker, and like many of the Keen Folk, has offset his diminutive stature through the application of gadgetry and wit. The son of the son of a clockmaker, Rattletrap was many years apprenticed to that trade before war rode down from the mountains and swept the plains villages free of such innocent vocations. Your new trade is battle, his dying father told him as the village of their ancestors lay in charred and smoking ruins.

It is a poor tradesman who blames his tools, and Rattletrap was never one to make excuses. After burying his father among the ruins of their village, he set about to transform himself into the greatest tool of warfare that any world had ever seen. He vowed to never again be caught unprepared, instead using his talents to assemble a suit of powered Clockwerk armor to make the knights of other lands look like tin cans by comparison. Now Rattletrap is alive with devicesa small but deadly warrior whose skills at ambush and destruction have risen to near-automated levels of efficiency. An artisan of death, his mechanizations make short work of the unwary, heralding a new dawn in this age of warfare. What time is it? It’s Clockwerk time!


Pros / Cons


  • Good starting strength
  • Very cheap spell, with descent cooldowns
  • Decent Damage and good animation
  • Above average moment speed
  • Good chasing ability
  • Good solo laner, with rune control
  • Superb early/mid solo ganker
  • Not very item dependent
  • Long range ( Hookshot Rocket Flare
  • Great map control
  • Funny as hell


  • Low mana pool (needs rune to score kills)
  • Skills are tricky to use correctly
  • Poor farmer after laning phase (even thou he has Rocket Flare
  • No scaling skills
  • Not an really an initiator (late game)
  • Not real


pick the Goblin named Clockwerk

    When you team has a lot of


(example Jakiro
When your team is going for a gank strategy
If your team has a strong team initiator

Whenpick the Goblin named(exampleWhen your team is going for a gank strategyIf your team has a strong team initiator


to pick Clockwerk

    When they have Illusion heroes or

Manta Style
When your team is going for a push strategy
When your team needs a team initiator
If the opposing team has


(Your Power Clogs will be your tomb)

Whento pickheroesWhen your team is going for a push strategyWhen your team needs a team initiatorIf the opposing team has(Your Power Clogs will be your tomb)


Core Items

Probably the cheapest core items, but it is really effective.

Bottle is gotten for obvious reason: It gives clock all the mana regen he needs provided he has decent rune control (Easy task considering you have Rocket Flare), and are a huge asset when it comes to ganking with Rattletrap.
Magic Wand is viable for almost any hero. Clock, with his low INT gain but cheap spells, is a huge fan of it.
Force Staff
This item works well for engauging and escaping fights. Main enemy dps carry uses bkb trap him inside of your cogs and force staff yourself out making him waste time killing your cog just to get out.
Phase Boots is the best possible boots on Clock, because with its burst movement speed and phase ability together with your Battery Assault , but Clock a really hard hero to get away from.


Which boots should I get

There are a lot of people who are unsure of which boots should they get for Clockwerk this section is here to help you with your problem:

+50 Movement Speed
+8 Selected Attribute
+30 Attack Speed

The 8 extra Attibutes which you will mainly place in strength gives you a total of 152hp, which makes you just that little more tank. The bad thing about these boots it doesn’t give you that much movement speed to chase down heroes. These boots also give you attack speed which you don’t need.

+55 Movement Speed
+250 Mana

These boots gives you a bigger mana pool which is helpful to spam your spells. Also with the ability to give 135 mana to everyone around you it also very useful. But it is overkill on clockwerk. These boots are not that critical since you have magic wand and bottle. Get these boots only when there are spell casters with low max hp so you continually harass them with your rockets otherwise leave them for your supports.

+80 Movement Speed
+10 HP/sec Regeneration
+3 Armor

After Boots of Travel

+50 Movement Speed
+24 Damage

These boots give the same movement speed as Power Treads Boots of Travel


Extended Core

Aghanim’s Scepter gives Clock everything he needs: Hit point, Mana Pool (Mana pool > Mana Regen, considering your low INT gain and low cost spells), it makes Clocks utlimate the best in the game. It reduces the cooldown to 12 seconds (which is pretty unholy compared to what it does) and the ability to target Allies (which makes this ultimate double as an escape mek as well). Note: If targeting your allies your ultimate will not stun them but will stun enemy units in the AOE. The greatest thing even though Rattletrap is a poor farmer Aghanim’s Scepter comes in cheap pieces with the highest item only costing 1200 gold.


Luxury Items

In most games, you won’t be able to buy these item. But if you are owning, or the game is in late game these items will be able to let you seal the win:


Hood of Defiance is an item that works well with Rattletraps ultimate, because he jumps into the hart of the battle. Hood means you can take more spell damage for your team, and Pipe of Insight is a great upgrade when facing AOE.

A cheap way to get some mana, armor + to counter burst damage. Get for when you trap someone in your cogs (usually the carry) during a team fight you will get focus, and you will then be able to return huge amount of damage. Remember damage return is rejected when Black King Bar is activated by your opponent.

A great item to have one Clockwerk. Gives you plenty of mana, Artic Blast (since Clock is always up close and personal it will hit multiple targets), freezing aura which reduces Attack speed of enemies, and not to mention the huge armor boost.

Mana forever and +10 AGI/STR is always good to have. The hex ability is just invaluable and can turn the tides of a game when used correctly. (Spell casters/Support heroes get this item but work just as good on clock)

This is the hardest item to farm when you are Clockwerk, you will only be able to purchase this after a long killing streak. It work well in combination with your skills, even if your disabled. I would rather go for Heart of Tarrasque before I get this item

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Get this to really make clock solid, heart with Blade Mail and even Sven will want to escape your cogs of doom.

This item is for players who can micro well. This book gives you counter pushing potential. Cooldown is quite long compared to your skills. Two tips when using Necronomicon. One is know when to use it and when not to you don’t want to you it against a squishy hero. The second tip is USE Necronomicon I have seen countless times people buying the book but never using it.

This item really helps when your team is trying to retreating from a battle or if your chasing down a hero like Death Prophet. This item works well with Phase Boots. This also give you that little extra tankiness which helps you in your cogs.

Eul’s scepter is one of the most under used items in the game, yet this item is quite effective, since it gives you +40 movement speed also passive mana regen. The item helps you survive in your power cogs, when your force staff is on cooldown, or chasing/saving heroes.


Situational Items

Very good item, works well with clock. Gives him an HP + HP regen boost. The downside to getting this item is that it delays the time to get your Aghanim’s Scepter. And a poor farmer that clockwerk is you need to decide if it is wise to delay your Scepter by 2225 gold.

I have never been able to get a game to be this long that I was able to get TP boots. It never happens, get this as your final item mostly because Phase Boots will 99% of the time see you through.


Black King Bar makes you unstoppable in your cogs and gives you good stats.
Linken’s Sphere spell block every couple of seconds + good regen.
It depends on the situation. Just remember you will be getting these items late in the game (+40min) so the more you are focused the less focus there is on your carry.

Great armor boost, with a nice aura to help your team. But since you are not a carry the Attack speed is wasted on you. Shiva’s will give you a lot better result, but still not a bad item to get.

Now this is a item that I really didn’t think of when I started playing with Rattletrap. But since I have seen Santa from Virtus Pro running this item I tried it and it works really nice. Because the extra armor you get from using this item really helps you when you have a strong right clicker in you cogs beating on you. Unlike Santa I do not like to get a Mekansm but it does work with you since your in the middle of the battle, but I will rather use the Headdress to finish my pipe. (Only get a buckler if no one in the team gets a Mekansm because the armor buff doesn’t stack).

This item is rarely used in dota. But this item works nicely when chasing down heroes. It gives you +20 intelligence and +250 raw hp, and the ability to slow your opponent down by 50%. It is a wonderful item when you struggle to get money for a Mystic Staff.

The percentage to maim that this item give is rather useless to clockwerk. The percentage to dodge and opponents attack is rather nice. But the ability to disarm your opponets (3 seconds for melee and 4 seconds for range) is just unholy. This is a late game item.

This is a double edge sword. It is nice to have when the enemy carry is beating you to a pulp, but it ain’t so nice when lina/lion ulties you in your cogs. Be sure you know when to activate it in team fights.

This item was suggested by Karnosiris. I have recently tested out this item on Clockwerk and it worked well. Gave him very good mana regen, it also helps him to lock-down the people who are able to escape his Power Cogs.


Rejected Items

Any DPS items your not the carry. You are just going to waste money and find that DPS items don’t work on rattletrap. And if you see anyone with a Desolater please tell them to delete Dota 2.

I have personally tried this items on Clockwerk and although it help with his poor farming. It still takes you 1900 gold away from you core items. Just give it a miss for him.

Vladmir’s offering doesn’t work for you because one your not a dps dealer. Secondly it is 2050 gold which you can spend on other it’s like a Blade Mail

You will be saying: Soul ring 150 mana on demand with Clockwerk low mana skills this is a must have item. No it is not if you can rune manage Soul ring becomes completely useless. And remember soul ring comes with a 150 HP price.

This item gives you some mana regen and also 6 armor that is really nice on clockwerk, since it will help your tankiness but the reason this item is not good for clockwerk is because when your in a team fight once you use your cogs the enemies shifts their focus on you. You won’t want to use the ability in a team game so why do you want to buy something if your not going to use it to it’s full potential.


Is blink a good idea?

The 6.79 patch that was introduced to Dota 2 made 2 very big changes in the gameplay Blink Dagger is now allowed on Pudge and Vengeful Spirit. Both heroes are extremely effective with this item.

Since Pudge and Clockwerk share a similar ability, rattletrap should in that regard be also more effective with a the purchase of a blink dagger. But this is not the case. Blink Dagger does help you reposition yourself in an AOE of 1200 units. Which helps to land some amazing hooks. But since blink dagger gets disabled for 3 seconds when receiving damage from a enemy hero, it is not effective in your cogs. Clockwerk does not therefore require a blink dagger.

If you have any thoughts don’t hesitate to comment below.


Early game

Clockwerk is one of the few melee heroes that can do well in a solo lane. I have gone up against a few duel lanes were I was farming like an machine, and also others were I wasn’t farming well but I still didn’t die or lose levels. So leaving clockwerk to solo the suicide lane or mid is perfectly fine. Clockwerk also does very well in a duel lane with any support, I would not recommend laning with the carry because your levels, and gold are also important.

Here are some ground rules when laning Clockwerk (and some rules a count for all heroes).

  • Never ever last hit with rocket when you can savely use your attack: it’s a waste of mana.
  • Don’t take too much damage when going in for last hitting.
  • Beware if your enemy has gotten him/herself a magic stick, then try and cast your rocket a bit further back not to give them the charge.
  • You can control the enemies pushing down your tower by using cogs correctly (more advance play)
  • Know what abilities your enemies have taking to choose your skill build appropriately.
    After level 5-6 start trying to gank the other lanes DO NOT JUST SIT AND FARM.
  • Don’t overkill a hero. But don’t just try and last hit a lot of time heroes are able to get away since everyone just tries and last hit.


Mid Solo

Here are some tips when facing a specific hero (this does not account for ever scenario). All the other heroes are rare sights to see in mid lane. But as soon as they start becoming more often mid laners I will surely add them here.


Whenever Nevermore is pick you can be assured that he is coming mid. Your job against Nevermore is easy just delay him as long as possible focus on denies and last hitting. But after a while he starts hitting hard and you will have little to no hp regen items left except your trusty bottle of course, well rocket the hell out of him remember he is more squeshy then you are but don’t be over aggressive. When reaching level 5-7 shadow fiend needs to start fearing you, because if you can get up close and personal to him he will die in 2 seconds flat. Go and get a rune (haste or invisibility if possible) and just kill him don’t be afraid of him. If you die by chance don’t be afraid to try it again Nevermore remember has no escape ability until he gets his shadow blade.

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This hero will spam the living **** out of you with his Sticky Napalm. But against this hero you would got with the magic stick build. Batrider will just be feeding you mana and with your rocket needing such low mana to use you can just sit back and farm with rocket. The biggest problem with going up against Batrider it is difficult to kill him on your own, he counters you almost perfectly. Try to caught him with his firefly down or with a haste rune, but the best is to get a teammate to help you.


TA is quite an annoying hero, because rocket harassment doesn’t work against hero Refraction. So you will not want to max out your rocket first rather cogs or battery ***ualt. Dota 2 player love to take up PSI blades first and harass you with it, this makes last hitting quite irritating. Try and get your levels and your list hits where you can. If support rotates make sure you have dust/sentry ward to kill her. If you get her with your ulti and she uses Refraction activate your battery assault. When she melds to avoid it throw your dust/sentry ward and lock her in your cogs. With an early gank TA shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember TA will rune hunt so make sure you get the runes before her.


I just love seeing Pudge vs Clockwerk mid. One vs one, hook vs hook. Pudge is a rune ***** as well but unlike you, his rune control is not that good as yours. As long as you don’t fall behind in levels your should be able to farm quite easy. Here is will go the cookie cutter build because as soon as pudge hooks he, he will fine out why your the master of hooks. If you get your battery assault of before pudge uses Dismember you will instantly cancel his ultimate. Just a fun little fact, your hook is 4 times faster than Pudge‘s hook.


This hero will be able to orb walk you to death with his first skill Poison Attack. When going up against Viper try and get as much last hits as possible before he reaches level 5, when he reaches level 5 it is best to tower hug and farm with your rocket. Viper isn’t a rune ***** so he will hardly leave the lane but if he does and he gets a haste rune the your is deep ****. Viper has lower movement speed than you so you will be able to out run him as long as he doesn’t poison attack you. Killing viper one on one is possible with the right rune, double damage when viper is less than half hp throw your ultimate then battery assault and then through cogs. I will not advise this because 1v1 viper is king even if is out leveled by a few levels. Later in the game it is a good choice to get Blade Mail when he is caught in your cogs he will be able to kill himself quickly.


Storm is one of those heroes that you don’t like to lane against because once he reaches level 6 you won’t be able to kill him without help or if he runs out of mana. His abilities Static Remnant and Overload hurts like hell. His Static Remnant is spammable to a point but as long as you keep the runes away from him you should be fine harass him with rocket, and force him to bottle crow. You are able to kill him before he reaches level 6 and if you get him in your cogs he should die quite easily but as I said his abilities hurt so don’t tower dive him.


Firstly I don’t know why does the players like to go mid solo with him but they do. Rubick will not be a problem against you harass with your Rocket Flare. None for your spells are quite useful to him expect your utlimate because he will most probably escape from ganks. Rocket is only useful to him for farming purposes, but he doesn’t need that much farm.


Invoker’s base damage it quite low so last hitting shouldn’t be a problem. When facing up against invoker be careful best he sees your cogs pop up you will eat a Sun Strike pure damage hurts, EMP will leave you without any mana, and ofcourse Chaos Meteor. Catching him in your cogs early and he will be a sure kill, but after invoker gets a Force Staff he becomes more difficult to catch and keep in position.


His spamming of Curse of the silent or Last Word will not phase you one little bit since your spells are low on mana cost. Magic stick will also keep your mana pool healthy. Nothing else to really say about this match-up since this should be a easy lane for you.


Facing her in the lane will be a nightmare for you. Her Blink will escape your cogs every time. Her Shadow Strike ability will wear you down by time. Her rune control is much better than your. But there is a way of countering her in the mid lane by buying your Ring of Regen early enough or by buying a few more tangoes and hanging back.


He is melee and he also needs his bottle, but you are better with rune control then he is, he will have to bottle crow which means it may delay the enemies of getting their items. You should have no problem facing him, but killing him will not be so easy because of his Skewer ability.


This is a melee vs melee match up. Clockwerk fairs very well with these types of match-up since he can harass decently. You will probably not get a kill on him solo since beastmater is more tank than clockwerk early game, but you should not have a problem in the lane. Remember to snipe out beastmaster’s hawk with rocket.


This match-up is one that needs to be avoided, since huskar will out harass you and any damage you do to him just makes him hurt you more. But with 2 stuns from your allies you should easily be able to kill huskar in you cogs. Since he will mostly be half hp most of the lanning phase. You would not want to go with the bottle rush against this match up since you will need a lot of regen early on.

vs Ja’rakal

Troll a range/melee unit, that like you doesn’t require a lot of mana. Power Cogs works well at keeping troll in his range form. Early on he has a low hp pool, which makes easy for easier ganks. There are 2 problems with this match up: Ja’rakal will constantly harass you in his range form so be sure to get a shout shield ASAP. Also his movement speed increases when he is in melee form, which makes it hard to to chase him down.


Elder Titan is normally an off-lane hero, but does see mid lane action from time to time. But facing up against this hero, is not difficult in the start, but in team fights he can be scary. His spells are high in mana cost for a strength hero, which makes Power Cogs his worst enemy, in the lanning phase, therefore levelling up Power Cogs might be a good idea.


This is a even match up, with constant harassment on one another. You will have rune control easily since most Bloodseeker players don’t get a bottle. Bloodseeker will have hard time killing you or one of your allies, if he doesn’t silence you first. Since he wont be able to get passed your Power Cogs.


Morphling is impossible to kill in your cogs if he has enough mana for Waveform. His range is perfect to get caught by power cogs to burn away his mana and hp. His base damage changes since he has the ability to “morph”. So shout shield might be a good idea.


This is an even match-up but can sway heavily into the others favour if a kill has been secured by either one. Slark’s survivability increases once he hits level 6 be sure that you get a kill on him with the help of supports. Slark can not Pounce into your power cogs only out. Which makes your power cogs a good defensive ability against him.You need to avoid hits from slark since he has the ability to steal your stats for a short period of time.

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During the first 4 minutes you should easy be able to secure the runes, after 4 minutes it might not be the best idea to leave the middle lane without your support guarding the runes for you. Getting your Force Staff as fast as possible will increase your survivability change.


Side lanes

Going to the side lanes doesn’t bother Clockwerk that much. Soloing/Duel or tri-lane clockwerk can do them all. I would not recommend you go Solo side lane with clockwerk if your still in training with him because soloing against 2 heroes and not giving up kill or farm takes quite some skill. If your going to duel lane a side lane get a range stunner like venge with you. This will make your lane so much easier. Pick your skills according to your lane partner. Bottle is still a much needed item for clockwerk, but rune whoring is not as important as in mid solo.

The worst thing you can do
Is to stay in your lane and keep farming this includes when laning mid. Your a ganking hero and that is where you will receive most of your money. Dominating your lane is great, dominating all the lanes will possibly ensure your success in the match.


Mid game

This is when you shine the brightest. In early and mid game you can be the initiator of the fight but you will most probably get focused on. Here are somethings you need to keep in mind:

Mana management

Clock with low mana pool and cheap spells. It is possible to run low with mana. Make sure you use your bottle effectively. Also do not overkill a hero. Don’t use ult or cogs on every gank, especially when you have allies with disables with you: Your ult has a quite long cooldown compared to your other spells (without your specter), and you can always use it if the target is trying to escape death.

Using rune effectively

Runes are clock oxygene, they fuel his 24/7 gankfest. You have to know how to use each rune to max effectiveness.
Illusion: The rune with the less uses, for Clockwerk at least. It sure refills your bottle (3 bottle charges=225 mana=Hookshoot+Battery Assault=A potential gank), but it doesn’t add anything to your ganking powers (except if you manage to block people with them). Use them to scout.

Double damage: This one can prove very good provided you skilled Power Cogs. Without cogs, you’ll have a hard time landing physical hits (unless you have a huge ms advantage over the target). With cogs, you can freely whack on the poor victim.

Invisibility: Very nice ganking tool, especially early game. It allows you to play mindgames (bottle it, start going top lane, use invis once you are fogged and try to kill mid or bottom), you can go next to opponent heroes without having to use your ultimates helping you with your mana management. Overall, a great rune for Rattletrap.

Haste: Probably the best rune for Clockwerk it gives you maximum movement speed (522ms) with Battery Assault you can just run next to your enemy, and it means sure death for at least one opponent during early/mid game.

Mid game problems

A under leveled clockwerk is not that useful it is best to ensure your not the initiator. Ganking the enemy carry is top priority, but as soon as it turns into that you or your team is starting to feed the hero carry stop going into 5v5 engagements, Use your Rocket Flare ability to scout where the enemy is look for the heroes who is isolated.


Late game

Players in late game don’t fear you as they did in mid game. Mainly because late game is the time to play 5-man dota (running together as a team). Usually you don’t want the game to reach this point, but if it does your not useless.

This is were Clockwerk isn’t a initiator, sure he can force a team fight with a well placed Hookshot against someone with bad positioning. But if you try to initiate a 5v5 battle you are going to be targeted, and surely die. But if you have to initiate let your team know on who your going. With clockwerk communication is very important as well as timing.

What is your role in Late game, is to hookshot a crucial opponent (avoid fed DPSers since they rape you if you are trapped with them). You aim for two kinds of heroes: disablers Lion Shadow Shaman Bane and initiators Earthshaker Tide.


Friends & Foes

[/list][/columns] Friends

    All of the heroes listed below are friends and foes of clockwerk.

Crystal Nova Arcane Aura

Illuminate Chakra Magic

Glimpse Static Storm

Light Strike Array Dragon Slave

With anyone of these heroes you will easily be able to go to the side lane and be owning in no time.


Facing any of these heroes will make you want to think twice when you want to use your cogs

This hero is by far the best supporting hero you could ask for, every spell he has just increase your odds of getting all the kills you desire. Macropyre}] + [[power cogs = hell. Pray that you get him in your team and not against you, he will kill you even thou he is a support.

Rattletrap work well with most supports but he really shines when you get an AOE support

Carries that work well with him

Mainly you want a range carry with Clockwerk

When thinking of which hero will work well with clockwerk think AOE.

helps you to catch up to other you some nice mana regen to spam your rockets a bit more, that usual.Your cogs will be able to get a very nice since it lets you spam your abilities.will let you be able to set-up your cogs nicely.also makes it impossible to escape the cogs unless you have force staff.Your cogs set-up nicely for her stunandcombo.With anyone of these heroes you will easily be able to go to the side lane and be owning in no time.OrFacing any of these heroes will make you want to think twice when you want to use your cogsThis hero is by far the best supporting hero you could ask for, every spell he has just increase your odds of getting all the kills you desire. Macropyre}] + [[power cogs = hell. Pray that you get him in your team and not against you, he will kill you even thou he is a support.Rattletrap work well with most supports but he really shines when you get an AOE supportCarries that work well with himMainly you want a range carry withthe reason you don’t want to trap you main DPSer inside your cogs, for obvious reasons.When thinking of which hero will work well with clockwerk think AOE.



Since dota 2 doesn’t keep the replays for a very long time. I would advice you to check out the following (website) for the most recent dota 2 pro-games where clockwerk has been picked.

The last game that I have played with clockwerk is game number 454239787 (if it is still available on dota 2).

I will be looking for more clockwerk replays or I will just create some new ones if there aren’t any.


Closing words

Thank you for reading this guide of Clockwerk

If you have any question or suggestions on items/skill builds or anything you can message me here or in-game. I will be keeping this guide updated. So be sure to check out this guide again. Rate this guide, and suggest any heroes that you want this type of in depth guide about.

Next update:
I will be posting the replays/guides to help improve your gameplay with a few of my own.
Screen shots of how to use your abilities effectively.
Any new updates that change the world of dota.

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