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bruiser Fizz guide S9 : fizzmains

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Hello, I’m an AD Fizz main from EUW, ign: fizz tap daewang. I spent the early season refining my Fizz build and now I’m finding rly good success with it in diamond tbh

Top lane AD Fizz is definitely a hidden OP pick IMO, with very good solo carry potential. And for some reason I’m like the only guy in the world playing it atm??

I made a quick gameplay highlight video for the guide from some of my recent games so you can see what the playstyle looks like in action

Pros and Cons of playing AD Fizz top

-Everyone on the enemy team hates you

-Everyone on your team hates you

Skill order

Always max R>W>E>Q

I don’t think there’s anything to explain here.

Skill Usage

Use your W as an AA reset whenever you can.

Summoner Spells

Ignite+TP, always. Don’t even think about taking Flash or you are too weak early.


PTA is a must. PTA is literally 10x better in laning phase than Conqueror and almost as good in lategame. PTA is super good for early trades with Q-AA-W or AA-W-Q and early all-ins too. When you R the enemy you can rly easily go for a quick Q-AA-W before the shark hits to get the juicy %dmg increase to your R.

Ravenous Hunter heals from not only all our abilities but also more importantly from the on-hit damage of W, BotRK, Wits End and from the damage of Sunfire Cape, Thornmail and Titanic Hydra. In long games I sometimes get over 10k healing from this rune, it’s really good.

Grasp is a solid alternative to PTA when you are laning vs Akali, because Akali’s shroud makes it so hard to get the 3 hits in.


It’s not okay for others to decide, who you should be or how to build your Fizz

Starting item Corrupting pot and boots Ninja Tabi or Mercs. One of the really cool things about Fizz is that he often doesn’t really need Tenacity since he can dodge a lot of CC or just tank it and re-position after. So I go for tabis almost every game.

Core items:

BotRK + Wits End + Sunfire Cape is my standard build, but the order changes every game depending on the opponents. Fizz’s kit has really good synergy with all 3 of these items. This character absolutely does not get kited, he has sticking power like no-one else.


BotRK is my most common first item, it’s especially good vs Tanks but it shreds everything else too. I mean, 8% of the enemy’s current HP with every AA? And that’s just on top of the sick stats, sustain and active it gives. Imagine how easy it is to AA the enemy like 10 times with Fizz. And every one of those attacks deals 8% of the enemy’s HP on top of all of your AD other on-hit damage.

Wits End:

VS Magic dmg champs I buy Wits End first. It’s a similar item to BotRK, but especially deadly vs magic dmg. Because it actually makes you tanky as fuck. And again, it’s so easy so attack the enemies like 1000 times with this item cause we are playing Fizz.

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Sunfire Cape:

Against physical dmg lane bullies like Jayce, Quinn, Pantheon I buy Sunfire first. It’s not that BotRK rush would be bad in those situations, but it’s more like Sunfire rush really shits on those champs. It gives Fizz a lot of damage for all-ins and great stats of course, PTA increases it’s damage and Ravenous Hunter heals from it. And the main reason why I buy this every game is the waveclear of course and the ability to kill jungle camps. And IMO the item is actually a bit OP cause it got buffed so many times.

Finish build with any of these:

If the enemies are tanky or you need more splitpushing power, buy more damage. If the enemies are squishy or you need more teamfighting power, buy tanky items. If they have a fed tank-killer like Vayne or Kog’maw, definitely buy damage.

No CDR items are needed?

Yep. The only CD we are looking to reduce here is the autoattacking CD. Using any of your skills except W reduces your DPS. So rather than spamming them, use them wisely and let your autoattacks do all the dirty work.

Early game gameplan

AD Fizz is a scaling pick with really strong mid+late game, so early game is it’s weakest point. But since AD Fizz doesn’t play fair and he brings ignite to the toplane, he has the possibility of smashing lane with loads of solokills if you play well.

In laning phase I usually only farm if I don’t know where the enemy jungler is and if I do know where he is I look for quick trades where I proc PTA and try to soften the enemy up for an all-in. You should pretty much never die to a gank with this pick, Fizz is just so damn safe with that E. Never walk up to minion wave if you don’t have E ready and never use it mindlessly if it puts you in danger of getting ganked.

What I’ve found is a really good trick to win against strong early laners is to ult them and then E away when they use their R instead of fighting them. If neither of you have R, it almost always heavily favors Fizz because his ult isn’t that important.

If I get a small lead in lane, I turret dive the enemy every time when I know the jungler isn’t there. I included some clips of how to do it in the gameplay video because it’s such an important part of playing AD Fizz and most ppl have no clue how easy it is for AD Fizz.

Mid / Late game gameplan

When you have your core items completed, Fizz is a splitpushing machine who wins most champs in a sidelane 1v1. And if they send some poor soul to defend against you who doesn’t have the same level of power as AD Fizz with core items completed, you turret dive them from full HP of course.

Other than splitting, you can look for picks with your R possibly with your team, which can lead to objectives. If you are behind and too weak to splitpush this is especially a good idea.

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AD Fizz shreds tanks but it’s really hard to get to enemy backline without flash in teamfights, so in teamfights I usually focus their frontliners first and move front-to-back in teamfights. But if you can catch their carries with a good R or with the help of your teammates CC, you can do the opposite.


Listing some of the most common top lane matchups from easiest to hardest.

Camille – Very Easy

Probably the easiest matchup. Fizz’s Q counters her W and Fizz’s E counters her E and R. Wait for level 3 and then start trading with her when you know where the enemy jungler is. Use your E to dodge her R or to make it so she can’t dodge your R with her R. Buy BotRK.

Vladimir – Very Easy

What is maybe a hard matchup for AP Fizz in mid lane is completely the opposite for AD Fizz in top lane. AD Fizz really doesn’t care about his ult getting swallowed by the pool and you can use the long lane to abuse him by forcing trades and all-ins whenever you can. And Vlads life doesn’t get any easier after laning phase in a side lane. Rush Wits End or BotRK.

Sylas – Easy

Sylas pretty much wins all trades until you have first item completed. But he gets absolutely demolished in every all-in after you have your Wits End or BotRK. Even if he had a solid lead up to that point. Also Fizz’s ult is really bad against Fizz…

Yasuo – Easy

Yasuo is stronger in levels 1-2, but Fizz is stronger in levels 3-18+. If you play early levels super safe then recall for a Bami, you have to heavily misplay to ever lose a trade or an all-in against him. Bamis->BotRK is my go-to build here.

Darius – Easy

Fizz can easily dodge every Darius’s Q with his own E or Q. If you aren’t in a position where you can all-in him from full hp, do long trades with R and then disengage just before he uses his own R.

Aatrox – Easy

It’s quite easy for Fizz to dodge Aatrox’s Q and Aatrox in general is weak against strong all-ins. Buy BotRK or Baami->BotRK.

Jax – Easy

Rush Sunfire Cape and you win every trade and all-in. Dodge his E with your E. After laning phase when he gets Shojin, R him every time you see him. If he uses R, disengage and then you are 5x stronger cause neither of you have R. If he doesn’t use R, you kill him. Lose-Lose situation for Jax.

Illaoi – Easy

She’s very weak without R, even if she hits you with E. Make her use R by ulting her and disengaging. Buy BotRK.

Every top lane tank – Easy

VS Tanks it can be hard to win trades before BotRK is completed, so usually it’s best to just chill until you have it. And once Fizz gets his hands on BotRK oh boy. Tanks melt.

Urgot – Easy

Fizz’s passive actually counters Urgot W. Most non-Fizz players don’t even know about this existing, but Fizz takes 4-14 (depending on level) less dmg from every autoattack, including Urgots W attacks. Because of this it’s actually kinda easy to all-in Urgot early on. Usually I look for all-in opportunities as soon as I get my level 6. Buy BotRK or Baami->BotRK.

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Jayce – Pantheon – Quinn – Easy

All of these 3 matchups play the same. Rush Sunfire first and play very safe till you get it, mainly focusing on getting as much farm as possible. And then when you have it you should win every all-in.

Irelia – Easy

It’s super easy to dodge her stun with E, her W does nothing because the only thing she can “block” with it are autoattacks. If you make any mistakes early she can definitely kill you so I put this matchup as easy instead of very easy. But of course Fizz counters her. Don’t make the mistake of building too tanky vs her though or she can outduel you in mid/late game. Buy BotRK.

Renekton – 50-50

A Renekton favored skill matchup in early game, but Fizz giga outscales. Renekton is weak in long all-ins so don’t let him take short trades early without punishing him with multiple W-empowered autoattacks. Baami->BotRK is good or if you fall behind Sunfire rush.

Kennen – 50-50

This matchup early on is about short trades and punishing Kennen for any small mistakes he makes. Whenever he misses Q or walks up without W/E or takes a turret shot while harassing you, you punish him with a quick Q-AA-W. Buy Wits End in this matchup and once you get it you should easily win every all-in.

Gangplank – Hard

If Gangplank falls even a little bit behind, he’s the easiest champ in the game to turret dive over and over. But it’s hard to get a lead against a good Gangplank player. If you ignore him he will poke you out of the lane so try to look for all-ins with your R against him and use the brushes to not get poked too much.

Fiora – Hard

Fiora’s early poke and short trades hurt like hell because Fizz’s armor is so low. And Sunfire rush is weak against Fioras passive+R. If you can survive laning phase going even with Fiora, and get your core damage items you can hard win Fiora in sidelane. Don’t build too tanky though.

Akali – Hard

Akali just counters every autoattacker. Buy Bamis->Wits End, take Grasp and just outplay her I guess.

Riven – Hard

Riven really punishes Fizz for his low base armor. You can’t use your R to trade ults and then disengage because she can fuck you up. Wits End is useless vs her in mid game because she doesn’t deal magic dmg and she doesn’t let you stay low hp. Every Riven player is an OTP and awful at their 2nd best pick so I like just banning it.

–Thanks for reading–

Drop a comment or add me in-game if you have a question or want to talk about AD Fizz.

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