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Aatrox Counters :: Counter Picking Stats for Aatrox by CounterStats

Sovereign Kitten says

“Never engage in a fight with an Aatrox when he has his first (Q) up, as he can simply adjust his angle by using his (E) > (Q) combo. If he uses (Q) on minions, you can move closer as his second (Q) has a shorter range and it is much harder for him control and adjust allowing for us to juke it out. His (W) can be blocked by minions and if you do happen to get hit run to the left or the right side. Attempting to run from the skill in the linear path is bad, even if you use Flash it can still pull you back. Running to the side of the AoE is the most effective way, and be aware you take more damage from the highlighted zones.


by Sovereign Kitten | Diamond Teemo Player

RivalOCE says

“Riven has all the tools necessary to dodge Aatrox’s spells/mitigate his damage. Her high mobility ensures escape from his W. Try to take short trades into him, once conq kicks in his healing will outheal a lot of your damage early. Chip down to 50% HP then all in with ult.”


by RivalOCE | Diamond Riven Player

NeroZYN says

“Aatrox is very annoying to play against, for the sole fact that you can only use your E to dodge one of his Q abilites, leaving him to land the rest of them onto you. Spacing is hard against him as your Auto Attack Range is near enough the same as his Q range, so he can easily land the crit part of his ability. Executioners / Ignite is also very much needed vs. Aatrox !”

NeroZYN’s Graves Toplane Guide NEW BUILD UPDATED [S11.17] |

by NeroZYN | Diamond Graves Player

Drake6401 says

“Buy Executioner’s Calling very early so his level 6 doesn’t spike too hard.
Your mobility and burst damage puts you at the advantage but not one set in stone. You only win if you outplay the Aatrox consistently. Side step his first Q, then dash close to him for his second Q and leave holding your next dash in wait for his last Q. He will often dash where he expects you to go so keep that in mind. If Aatrox uses his ultimate before you can quickly kill him, back off so he waists it. If you can burst him down before he stays in his ult for long, it won’t do him much good against you.”

Complete Guide to Renekton (Wild Rift Portion)

by Drake6401 | Renekton Player

Rhoku says

This is a very skill based lane. You should only be able to be hit by the first Aatrox Q, as the other 2 are completely outplayable. You want to pop ghost and just run around him when you do pull him in so that he has a very difficult time landing his Qs onto you. If he can land his Qs, he stands a chance. If you dodge them or he misses them, he is free food. Executioners is vital if he gets a kill in lane OR he farms evenly with you, because his healing in his ult will be unbeliavably high without it. If he ever Es into you, he leaves himself vulnerable as he no longer has his escape move. Dshield along with Second wind are great but Nimbus gives you a very powerful dodging ability that is great for this lane. Conqueror is the go to. TRY NOT TO GET HIT BY HIS W. If you do get hit by it, try to walk out of it as soon as possible as the repositioning can let Aatrox get ALL of his Qs off which basically means you just lose. Just flash out if necessary. As a last thing of note, try to make sure you hit your Qs on him. Aatrox’ healing means that he will have extra health for you to punch through. If he becomes a problem and you just died to him twice or so, you can get Plated Steelcaps and Bramble Vest but honestly at that point you won’t be able to 1v1 him without your jungler unless he MASSIVELY messes up.”

[S11 NEW ITEMS] Strength is Absolute Ω Rhoku’s Darius Guide

by Rhoku | Diamond Darius Player

I Am Goliath says

“My tips for this matchup: #1 conq and pta are both good fine in this matchup, conq is better if you’re playing for lategame and they have more healing/tanks on their team, if they’re all squishy or ranged champs then go PTA.
#2 Try your best to dodge his sweetspots from his Q you can do this by playing right outside the range of it.
#3 do not go for extended fights on him unless he misses all his Q’s.
#4 If his passive is up do not let him auto attack you, wait until he farms a minion with it.
#5 If he traps you in his W, you can usually E out, you may have to do it slightly to the side before getting pulled back.
#6 lots of aatrox players will try to hit you with there first Q, and if they land it they will use their E on their second Q so you can predict this and E into him, especially good if he is playing agressive near your turret because he won’t be expecting the agressive E. #7 You can fling aatrox on his 3rd q to make him miss it completely if you predict it.
#8 Build executioners calling if you’re even or ahead and bramble vest if you’re behind, I find executioners to be a bit better in this matchup because sometimes he isn’t auto attacking you and just playing off his Q.
#9 This matchup becomes a lot better once you’re level 9+ you should also win the splitpush and do more in teamfights if you are even or ahead, so keep this in mind.”

GoliathGames’ Ultimate Guide to Urgot (2M+ Mastery Points)

by I Am Goliath | Diamond Urgot Player

Lynter says

“Runa Recomendada: Conquistador.
Aatrox possui bastante dano e pode ser um perigo se ele acertar todos os seus Q em você, principalmente o último. Use o Q no Aatrox sempre que puder para tirar vida dele e aguarde nível 2 ou 3 para agressivar, tentando desviar sempre dos Qs do Aatrox. O combo EW+AA+QE+AA é muito bom contra ele. Caso não consiga combar por completo, se reposicione e aguarde uma melhor troca. Katarina por ter muita mobilidade fará Aatrox errar suas habilidades, mas não subestime o potencial de cura e seu dano com a ultimate, guarde sempre o ignite para esse momento ou faça Morellonomicon para garantir as trocas também visto que ele poderá comprar Death’s Dance. Só ulte no Aatrox se ele não conseguir te parar com os Qs, lembre-se que os 2 primeiros Qs do Aatrox só param sua ult se acertar no fim do range da habilidade, e o 3 Q só se você estiver no centro. Em teamfights, foque-o imediatamente, não deixe ele iniciar lutas e não deixe ele durar muito nas lutas com seu ultimate ativo. Katarina nessa match-up consegue dar roaming sem problemas, por isso abuse e consiga alguns kills em outras lanes. O potencial de perigo de Aatrox é baixo visto que a Katarina possui muita mobilidade contra ele, facilitando desviar do Q do Aatrox, e por ser dependente de suas habilidades para dar dano, acaba perdendo nas trocas devido Katarina ter um combo muito mais rápido e mais forte que o dele.”

[S11] Lynter’s Katarina Guide (PT-BR)

by Lynter | Diamond Katarina Player

MrDomian says

“If you can don’t fight before level 6.
Don’t go into long trades.
You can counter his skills with your W.
Try to kill him quickly before he starts healing.
Very important is anty-heal – Bramble Vest.”


by MrDomian | Diamond Ornn Player

Anoying bro5 says

“Fun matchup for Fiora. Try to parry his 3rd Q as it is predictable and does a lot of damage. You can also engage (if you are ahead) by riposting his W pull into him and Qing him while dodging his Qs. You will want to build executioners calling if you are behind. You can easily beat him with good movement combined with your Q as he needs to hit you in those sweet spots for maximum damage.”

[11.17] Fiora Handbook (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide)

by Anoying bro5 | Diamond Fiora Player

The Rock Titan says

“”[Comet, Corrupting Potion, Q > W] – Aatrox is a pretty challenging lane, you will very likely be down cs which is normal.
– You will only win this lane if the Aatrox makes continuous small mistakes or a big mistake.
– His Q dash pokes you and it gets pretty annoying and hard to dodge. His regular Qs can be outplay however.
– His 1st Q can be baited out by fake walking toward and away from him or play at an angle with him and you can side step it as well
– His 2nd Q can be dodged just by going near him
– His 3rd Q just run away from him.
– If you are really good and manage to outplay his Qs, you’ll win the trade everytime but I wouldn’t count on it happening often in high elo.
– His pull is easy to fail, just Q and run away from him
– You don’t want to push your lane against him. Wait for jungler to gank and it’s easy kill after 6″”

[11.16] The Rock Titan’s Master Malphite OTP Tank Top Guide

by The Rock Titan | Diamond Malphite Player

PanthrickTV says

“Skill Matchup!
(1) Spam your Q’s at lane. (some poke)
(2) Play smart and exploit his mistakes.
(3) Jump on him when he is casting his 1st Q and block the 3rd Q. U should kill him in the early game.
(4) Buy executioners!”

After 9 months Youmuu’s is back! Check out the new build!

by PanthrickTV | Diamond Pantheon Player

Stinkee says

“Aatrox is one of those matchups that is heavily reliant on skill and how strong Aatrox is in the meta. His passive is really strong against you (doing max health bonus damage on his first auto attack). His Q can be really annoying and his W is hard to avoid as Sion because you have very little mobility. To avoid his W, try to stand behind minions, it is hard to dodge if you are out in the open (similar to something like Illaoi E). Aatrox is a very cooldown dependent champion and from my experience, most Aatrox players spam their abilities on cooldown pretty much. You can use this to your advantage by waiting for him to use his Q and W, then fight him. If the Aatrox is good though, he will probably manage his cooldowns better, giving you fewer options. If he is able to cancel your Q, it’s not a huge deal because your Q goes to a 2-second cooldown when interrupted and most people do not know that. As with any matchup that has a lot of healing in lane, you are going to want to rush Bramble Vest to reduce his healing then later upgrade into Thornmail (2nd or 3rd item). ”

“Slay the strong, trample the weak!” | Sion Guide

by Stinkee | Sion Player

Alan234 says

“PTA Build – Take swiftness boots
You need to be aware of his Q range and dodge accordingly. As the lane progresses Aatrox will become aware of your dodging patterns so try to be unpredictable. If you get hit by one wrong combo you either die, blow flash or have to base so your movement is crucial if you want to win!
Pro tip – often aatroxes start out with trying to get e – q1 poke on you. If you manage to dodge it they will q1 and then e q2 (the big slash) when you go for a minion. The only counterplay for it is to see it coming and to dodge it before he does it. If you do dodge it aatrox has no more cooldowns to touch you and you can punish.
If you have swiftness boots you can run out of his w, else youre screwed if he lands it. its on a long cooldown so play around it if he misses.

[11.17] Best Challenger Teemo EUW Alan234 FLEET FOOTWORK OP

by Alan234 | Diamond Teemo Player

P1Legend says

“You can kill him in lane early, but save Ult for when he Ults. Ap Rengar loses sustained fights, So if you jump on him and do not kill him by the time he starts healing, that is your cue to leave that interaction. Be aware that he will run at you until you are under your tower if he Ults, so be prepared to deal with that.”

[11.17] Season 11 Master’s Peak 5 Million Mastery P1Tony’s A

by P1Legend | Diamond Rengar Player

SunFalk says

“He will life steal a lot. He has a dash. – Against Aatrox, you want to build grevious wounds very fast in the game. Try to dodge his skill shots and CS behind minions. When he ults, go back and dont try to fight because his life steal will make him win.”

✔️S11.17 Yuumi Top AP and AD from Sunfalk 🐈

by SunFalk | Diamond Yuumi Player

DippyDan says

“Bruiser with 3 knock-ups and a pull that Fiora can parry. An easy matchup unless played poorly. A very strong champion if ahead and can carry teamfights. Tips: [1] Avoid Q+E poke. [2] When all-inning, just stay up close so he can’t knockup and Parry his 3rd Q. [3] Buy Executioners!”

[11.17] DippyDan’s Challenger Rank#1 Fiora Guide

by DippyDan | Diamond Fiora Player

Skysolitox says

“He can be a bit of a hard matchup, but he has a really short cool down between he’s Qs. CC him and go away, abuse your range to poke him.”

[S11] [11.17] 🔥 The Tank Fiddlesticks Experience

by Skysolitox | Fiddlesticks Player

Naut1Trick says

“Early game Aatrox is insane against crit sett. This is because your not building tank. You’re squishy and that is what Aatrox thrives off of.”


by Naut1Trick | Sett Player

Persicum777 says

“A bad aatrox is a sad thing to see, because he can easily go 0/5 in lane against you, a good aatrox is a fun challenge that can lead to a not so fun midgame if your not careful, I’ve never been buried by him but if he gets ahead or has jungle pressure and you don’t things can get out of hand very quickly. Like riven when he uses his q’s up that is the best time to strike, when he lands a W go to the short side of his square or just e out if you have it up, and watch up for his e for juking your dash, but keep that in mind that he is manaless so his cooldowns early are really long! Early on you want to bait him to go aggressive with his q, and use his e too, if he tries this tactic as long as you dodge the knock up, you can go all in as he has no real escape and wont get back in until his Q is back up, most of the time this is when they w thou, giving you the ideal time to e onto him, a few things you should be aware of is his knock ups on his Q will stop your e if your mid e, and his ult is the main problem. At level 6 his ult gives bonus damage, sustain and mobility is really strong if you dont already have a advantage on him and your ult is a way to lock him down + dodging one of his abilities, his does give more kill pressure!
Any rune set up is fine for aatrox grasp and pta you need to be alittle more bursty conq lets you all in him but his all in is strong too so itll make it alot more of a skill match up. Comet is really unnecessary into him.
I wouldn’t start corrupting into aatrox cause your not gonna be able to match his sustain really, dorans blade is best start here cause you do win early. Getting a exec calling is good in this match up!”

Persi’s Complete Camille Guide

by Persicum777 | Diamond Camille Player

Jungl says

“Any time he hits q just use your lightning dash and back up”

AP/AD Kennen for all roles

by Jungl | Kennen Player

jpaul2077 says

“Match up is difficult because Aatrox zones you from level 1 with his Q. Look to minimize damage while farming and look for all in’s while his Q and E are on cooldown.”

Paul Chung’s Diamond Garen Guide

by jpaul2077 | Diamond Garen Player

Quinncidence says

“A really good matchup for Yorick, dodge his Q and you outscale him hard (Executioners is important to buy).”

Meowrick – An in-depth Challenger guide for Season 11

by Quinncidence | Diamond Yorick Player

Chease says

“You win lvls 1-5, but he outscales you hard, get Grievous Wounds ASAP.”

Chease’s Sett Guide for TOPLANE PATCH 11.17

by Chease | Diamond Sett Player

Hijitori says

“His ultimate is pretty useless against you. Avoid getting hit by his Q critical zones.”

Addition to Balori’s ap Cho’God! [threats] [tips]

by Hijitori | Diamond Cho’Gath Player

Polartech says

“After his rework, Aatrox is really Dangerous for Kayle. He can Stun, he has a good Mobility, he has self Sustain, and he has a good amount of damages with his “Q” 3 Hits Combo. It’s really hard to stay at the right distance against this champion. The best thing you can do is to use your Radiant Blast and Celestial Blessing when he hits you with his first “Q”. You will probably skip some minions but absolutely don’t gift Kills to him, because he is one of the strongest Snowballing Champion for Kayle. Play safe near or even under your Tower, especially at level 1, because Aatrox is one of the strongest Champion of the game at level 1.”

Kayle Super Late Game God

by Polartech | Kayle Player

aurus666lol says

“He is so powerful with his sustain and healing with Goredrinker. Try to escape from his W with ur E and poke him as well.
EDIT: Items are so nerfed, but he still heals for full hp. Try building Exe first and build Tabi, his Q animations are faster than your E, so better to play around it.”

(11.17) How to win lane as Quinn! ALL MATCHUPS

by aurus666lol | Quinn Player

FancyPot says

“Pretty much even but can get hard if he kills you early. Just go executioner’s calling and you should be fine.”

[ UPDATED ] Gangplank s11 guide 11.17 TOP/MID

by FancyPot | Diamond Gangplank Player

MythicMike says

“You have built in grevious wounds which helps trading against Aatrox. Your E helps you dodge his Q’s critical spots. Aatrox doesn’t like extremely short trades, so as long as you apply the grevious wounds, trade and get out you should have no problem taking him down. ”

Kled Top

by MythicMike | Diamond Kled Player

WuOTP says

“dodge skills with your skills can all in when ahead or when his ult is down ”

(11.17) THE MONKEY KING (PLAT 60% wr)

by WuOTP | Diamond Wukong Player

jmp_01_ says

“Take Conqueror, Aatrox can kite you easily and hit every Q because you are immobile, take Bramble Vest first, rush Blade of the Ruined King. Try to bait his Qs so you can farm without getting poked to death. After Blade of the Ruined King you should win an all-in against him. Good enemy to ult in teamfights, but let him engage first.”

Sett-Guide From Hardstuck Sett-Player! [Patch 11.17]

by jmp_01_ | Sett Player

xPetu says

“Recommended: Standard Runes & Ignite
Tips: W his Passive-AA. Dodge inwards when he Q’s. Early Bramble Vest can be good. Either insta E or don’t E at all if he hits W, if you wait and E at the wrong time, you will get pulled back and die. He can also interrupt your E with his Qs.”

[11.17] xPetu’s Challenger Shen Guide [EN/FR/ES/DE/PT/TR]

by xPetu | Diamond Shen Player

A_Drunk_Carry says

“Fairly straight-forward. His Q is super telegraphed, and if he dashes in just unload your ghouls with E and your W wall. Get grievous wounds, trust me. ”

[11.17] Yorick Meta Guide, Builds, Matchups [Former #10 NA]

by A_Drunk_Carry | Diamond Yorick Player

BoilTheOil says

“Take Conqueror. He kites you with his whole kit and is able to land every Q because you are immobile, better learn to play dodgeball. Rush Bramble vest and Botrk. Use W when he uses Q3 to block the most damage. Try to bait out his Q1 so you can get cs. If you start the fight with full hp you can beat him in an all in but if the Aatrox is smart he won’t try to fight you in all ins. He’s a decent person to ult in teamfights, just wait for him to try and engage on your team first. ”

[11.17] NA Challenger / Grandmaster Sett Top Lane Guide

by BoilTheOil | Diamond Sett Player

PH45 says

“Aatrox can be tricky depending on how good they are. Important thing in this matchup is to dodge his key points of his Q. It is also important to walk out of his W from the side before it retracts you to the middle as it basically guarantees him a key area hit on his Q if you stay in the area. Trade while he uses the first 2 procs and then quickly jump out before the 3rd one lands. Tabi and bramble are good items to get against him, or optionally Executioners. Late game you outscale. If he misses his Infernal Chains you can try to all in him. Just dance around his Q procs as they chunk you a lot. When his ult is down he is a lot easier to kill since he won’t have his added mobility.”

[11.17] PH45’s In-depth guide to Jax, the Grandmaster!

by PH45 | Diamond Jax Player

GlaDyOfficial says

“I don’t like playing against him, he is too mobile, does good dmg and heals a lot. Early grievious wounds recommended!”


by GlaDyOfficial | Skarner Player

quinn adc says

“Level 1 you can use your vault aggressively on him after he uses his second Q to prevent him from punishing you.
Aatrox Q1 & Q2 are long range, and will interupt vault often, but his Q3 is very short, and our vault will put us in safe distance when he’s using it against us.
Level 3 onwards be careful for his E->Q combo, and also his W (the ability that brings you to the centre of his box).
Early game, Aatrox will be able to trap you in his W if he lands it on you, but Quinn hard claps Aatrox when you get your W maxed out.
Essentially, if Aatrox Ws you, hit him with a harrier proc to use the increased MS to run out, OR you could also vault out of it! A lot of times you can vault to aatrox if he’s far out from his W, and you will escape effortlessly.
PTA is good for lane domination, but if you run it, be careful of his W.
Stand behind minions to prevent his W engage.
If he Rs you, Instantly AA-E-AA and run away.
If you have PR, even if he lands W on you, you get slow resistance to side step it easily.
Ignite early during his R to reduce healing.
If Aatrox misses E-Q poke in lane, instantly run him down for a very big trade.
His W is a 26 second Cd, so if he ever uses it, you have a huge window to dominate lane.”

QuinnAD’s Season 11 Grandmaster Quinn Guide

by quinn adc | Diamond Quinn Player

lol Wero says

“Aatrox is probably the most skill match up there is for AD Neeko. Always keep your distance from his Ability combos.”

[11.17] S9/S10 Masters Season 11 AD Crit Neeko Top Guide

by lol Wero | Diamond Neeko Player

SaltCat says

“People think irelia is the counter to aatrox, they are wrong, aatrox can win vs irelia easily, level 1 if you have full passive you win, level 2 you win if you have full passive , after level 3 aatrox has the ability to kill you, get grevious wounds early and try to dodge his abilities with your q”

[UPDATED] Fight For The First Lands- Xan Irelia Guide!

by SaltCat | Irelia Player

Bombabo says

“He has incredible early game damage and sustain, which is easy to land against large, slow targets such as Urgot. Play safe until you have at least your cleaver built. Aatrox can still probably beat you in a fight at your level 9 powerspike, try waiting till level 11”

How 2 Crab on ’em with Urgot

by Bombabo | Diamond Urgot Player

Vandenelis says

“he will play against you aggressively, to win trades against him you got to play in your minion wave, and dodge his q sweet spots, trading like this you can win against aatrox since level 1”

66% winrate tank chogath to platinum (dedicated matchup sec

by Vandenelis | Diamond Cho’Gath Player

Dream Orbit says

“More info on the matchups section. Remember this is only an estimated threat, you can always win any matchup if you’re good enough (or if they’re bad enough).”

[11.17] Leave Only a Trail of Bodies – Top Rengar Guide

by Dream Orbit | Rengar Player

LiL Bunnie FuFuu says

“You can’t beat him. Just survive. He will hit you a lot so bramble vest will help reduce that healing. The good news is while his lane is brutal, its almost exclusively physical damage which Thresh scales well against. As a result, you are probably stronger in teamfights than him with plenty of disruption to lock Aatrox down.”

BunnyFuFuu’s Challenger Guide to Thresh

by LiL Bunnie FuFuu | Thresh Player

Warwick de Crocs says

“Press – Lâmina – Flash + TP / Bate nele desde o comecinho, atenção na passiva do Aatrox, usa o seu Q pra desviar dos Qs dele ou pra não ser puxado pelo W. Colete espinhoso é brabo.”

Guia Definitivo do Warwick Top – S11 – PT/BR (WIP)

by Warwick de Crocs | Diamond Warwick Player

Phrxshn says

“This match-up will mostly skilled base if you can dodge the Darkin Blade(Q), Infernal Chains(W). As most of his damage if not all comes from his Q. Fling him into your Adhesive to negate any bad trade. Your Adhesive will be able to stop his Umbral Dash. (Recommended core Items: Thornmail or Morello’s, Plated Steelcaps)
(Mega Adhesive Stops Umbral Dash) (Fling Overrides Umbral Dash) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Aatrox) (Outscaling Edge: Singed)”

Phrxshn’s In-Depth Guide To Singed[11.17] – Divine Sunderer

by Phrxshn | Diamond Singed Player

Amphawn says

“Make sure you dodge his knock ups and pull. He can kill you very easily if he catches you with any of his abilities, so poke safely. If he ults, your best option is to run. If he hits you with his pull, it is your top priority to get out, and the easiest way is to go towards to side. Sometimes you might want to move slightly towards him, as he will try to catch you with a knock up on the side, so you also have to dodge his Q. Once you have a few items though he can’t really do anything against you as long as you don’t get hit by everything he has, as he can’t poke or trade very well once you hit 6. Buy Mortal Reminder as he has a ton of healing.”

In Depth Kayle Guide With In Depth Top Matchups

by Amphawn | Kayle Player

Boptimus says

“Just dodge. If not have fun playing tower defense for 15 minutes.”

Season 11 Sion MegaGuide (Masters) (All-Matchups)(11.16)

by Boptimus | Diamond Sion Player

DarkyTheReal says

“Dodge all outside parts of his Q and when you all-in, make sure he has no W. Get Executioners calling.”

Educational Darky’s HIGH ELO GUIDE to Riven! [11.16]

by DarkyTheReal | Diamond Riven Player

Grayified says

“Try to not get hit by his third Q, and do not let him get a kill advantage on you, otherwise he will snowball out of control. If you want to all-in, get close before you E.”

Lane Nocturne | Embrace the darkness

by Grayified | Diamond Nocturne Player

Raen says

“Avoid his Q’s edge and you will be fine. Try to move all the time right left up and down good movement is important vs Aatrox baiting his Q. Executioner rush is good vs Aatrox also after Trinity you should win every fight if you won’t take his every spell at face. If you don’t feel confident on Jax just farm don’t try to fight him you outscale him anyway later and you will beat him easily.”

Raen’s Jax Video Tips & Tricks & Build ^_^

by Raen | Diamond Jax Player

The_Unf0rgiv3n says

“I find the reworked Aatrox to be easier to fight than the old one. Pay attention when he uses his passive on minions and then try your best to dodge the outter part of his 2 Q’s and the center of his 3rd Q. If he has his passive ready, he will do a Q > W > Q > AA > Q combo which at early levels should leave you at 25-30% hp max. (Your windwall can block his W)”


by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Diamond Yasuo Player

Corin_devaliere says

“Too much healing, try to kill it before 6, after that just wait ur jg, u cant 1 v 1”

Crushing Top and Support with SHEN (CHECK THE RUNES)

by Corin_devaliere | Diamond Shen Player

Rhoku says

“This is a very skill based lane. You should only be able to be hit by the first Aatrox Q, as the other 2 are completely outplayable. He has higher range than you so, if played perfectly, he will be able to completely kite you out. But you do win all ins unless he gets fed. This is why you want to wait for him to use a Q and then wait it out earlier on. Later on, when you have R, you will be able to beat him if you force him into a corner where he cannot kite you. Rylai’s and Morello is very good here. Rune wise, going resolve with Second Wind is a very viable option. This is one of the few lanes I’d recommend Ignite as it is super useful into his healing. Early armor is recommended”

[S11] Iron Stands Eternal! Ω Rhoku’s Morde Guide

by Rhoku | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

maxlid3 says

“You can poke him early and he won’t be able to reach you really. W him if he engages. After level 6 he can just ult and become basically unkillable, especially if he builds Goredrinker. Buy antiheal early.”

[11.17] ULTIMATE SENNA TOP GUIDE [The Kraken Slayer]

by maxlid3 | Diamond Senna Player

qveenevelynn says

“You just have to dodge his comps this is quite easy with the move speed boost you get from Eve’s E. Be careful with his ult, don’t fight him.”

[S11] Pain in toplane | Evelynn top guide |

by qveenevelynn | Evelynn Player

MagicallyDelish4 says

“Level one all in him with dorans blade. Aatrox usually starts Q first which has an abusable CD. Try to get lane priority by slow push. Extend your Qs during laning by waiting. The CD of Q starts with the first cast and not the 3rd. Aatrox doesn’t have this. Short trade him by Q>W>aa ”

Bronze Riven Main’s Guide

by MagicallyDelish4 | Diamond Riven Player

lol Wero says

“Build either bramble vest or executioner for the healing reduction”

[11.17] Season 11 Sett Top Guide

by lol Wero | Diamond Sett Player

Gospodin Bure says

“Because Aatrox isn’t the best at engaging far off targets your best bet is to stay behind minions and hit him with a barrel+Q combo when he tries to engage you.”

[11.17 lets gooo] The CritPlank guide

by Gospodin Bure | Gangplank Player

XtheZ115 says

“Aatrox isn’t that bad, but if he doesn’t want to fight you he just lifesteals off the minions and makes for a boring lane.”

Aggressively Running Away: The Art of Playing Singed

by XtheZ115 | Diamond Singed Player

Phrxshn says

“This match-up will mostly skilled base if you can dodge the Darkin Blade(Q), Infernal Chains(W). As most of his damage if not all comes from his Q.
(Recommended core Items: Thornmail, Plated Steelcaps) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Aatrox in Early Game, Malphite in Late Game) (Outscaling Edge: Malphite)”

Phrxshn’s Guide To Malphite[11.17] – Divine Sunderer Nerf by

by Phrxshn | Diamond Malphite Player

A_Drunk_Carry says

“A lane bully early, but definitely winnable. Stay behind the creeps at early levels, and make Aatrox have to Q through your minions to get to you. Dodge as much as you can, but if you do get hit at least the wave will push and you can safely farm on your half of the map. Buy grievous in this lane, or Aatrox will just regen forever. ”

[11.17] Meta Nasus Guide. Multiple Builds, Runes, Matchups,

by A_Drunk_Carry | Diamond Nasus Player

YasTilt says

“You can easily dodge his Q’s and block his W with your W. He has a lot of Life Steal and Sustain so be careful..”

YasTilt’s Yasuo In-Depth Guide|PATCH 11.17|MID & TOP|

by YasTilt | Yasuo Player

MikaeraKun says

“Major Threat after he hits Level 6. Try and get as many ganks as possible to set him back. Pray to God he doesn’t get fed in meantime.”

Irelia S11 Top/Mid Guide [11.16]

by MikaeraKun | Diamond Irelia Player

King Turtle says

“he can be dodged around a good amount early , but if he manages to hit 1 Q there’s a good chance he’ll be able to combo the others together. You can usually walk out of W but his R gives him enough MS to run you down unless you’re at full stacks.”

[Patch 11.17] Menace To LoL Lillia

by King Turtle | Diamond Lillia Player

wDesired says

“Easy Matchup as your Q’s cast time is faster than Aatrox’s Q’s”

[Season 11] High Elo Riven Guide l Carry Every Game l

by wDesired | Riven Player

Lupus_ToplaneMain says

“easier matchup, but he can kill you. Dont dive him and dont all-in when he has ult, except u have a huge lead.”

[Season11] Low- and Mid-Elo Fiora Guide

by Lupus_ToplaneMain | Fiora Player

David Perry says

“You can break only one of his 4 dashes. So better stay defensive and wait for jungler.”

Poppy – The Moving Wall Build (Updated August 20)

by David Perry | Diamond Poppy Player

PandoraPanda14 says

“Aatrox’s all-in can be too much for you. His cc is too good for you to handle sometimes. What I suggest is wait for his q’s to be on cd, then pull him and either trade or all-in depending on his health. His R speed can allow him to run you down or allow him to run away. Going bramble vest/executioner’s calling is suggested.”

[11.16] Chonccy Panda’s Guide to Dunking

by PandoraPanda14 | Diamond Darius Player

Phrxshn says

“This match-up will mostly skilled base if you can dodge the Darkin Blade(Q), Infernal Chains(W). As most of his damage if not all comes from his Q.
(Recommended core Items: Thornmail, Plated Steelcaps) (Sustained 1v1 Trades: Aatrox in Early Game, Warwick in Late Game) (Outscaling Edge: Warwick)”

Phrxshn’s Guide To Warwick[11.17] – Divine Sunderer Nerf by

by Phrxshn | Diamond Warwick Player

Sporkintahn says

“DANGEROUS!!! — This is a skill matchup in your favor. — His Q is what you really need to watch out for. It is extremely similar to Riven’s Q as it has three charges.—You want to avoid the tail end of his first two Qs and the very center of his third Q as they deal massive damage and knock up enemies. The animations are very telegraphed and can be dodged easily if you’re quick enough.—Be careful of his dash which he can cast during all of his other abilities animations, especially on the third cast of his Q as it deals a lot of damage and can allow him to quickly reposition himself to hit you with a Q .— If he hits more than one of his max dmg Q’s on you then you lose the trade or fight almost every single time.— Avoid his W as it will slow, tether and pull you into the center after a short period of time which will allow him to be able to combo all of his Q’s onto you. Just run out if you do get hit before it goes off.—Take Steelcaps and Executioners or Bramblevest early as they will counter him very well and cut down his healing. I prefer Bramblevest at the armor provides you extra survivability.”

[11.16] Lord of Top Lane; a Darius Guide

by Sporkintahn | Diamond Darius Player

Farmer Cleetus says

“Easy to avoid, depends how he plays. If you suck is it then a Major+ Threat.”

Sett [11.17] Facebreaker!

by Farmer Cleetus | Sett Player

DooDooSlayer says

“Top Lane:
Annoying but playing safe, letting the wave push towards you and picking up anti-heal early will reward you with an occasional kill.
Just ult him during a gank so that his healing is useless.”

ProtoSkarner – Jungle/Top (Middle?) Build [11.17]

by DooDooSlayer | Diamond Skarner Player

Phrxshn says

“This match-up will mostly skilled base if you can dodge the Darkin Blade(Q), Infernal Chains(W). As most of his damage if not all comes from his Q.
(Recommended core Items: Thornmail , Plated Steelcaps)
(Sustained 1v1 Trades: Aatrox) (Outscaling Edge: Trundle)”

Phrxshn’s Guide To Trundle[11.17] – Divine Sunderer Nerf by

by Phrxshn | Diamond Trundle Player

SettVEVO says

“This depends on the player, but a good Aatrox will make your life hell, he’s almost a ranged character until he doesn’t want to be. Build executioners instead of bramble, if he’s smart he’ll Q without autoattacking to still heal if you went for bramble. Try to dodge his Q’s in lane as if you don’t he will all in once you’re low enough. Use E to avoid a Q if you can. You can tank his Q3 with your W and you’ll damage him at the same time. Boots will help against him in lane. Ult him away from team if he is bothering your adc too much.”


by SettVEVO | Diamond Sett Player

apkibum says

“Aatrox is a healing nightmare, but unlike some of the other healing champs mentioned on this list, oblivion orb actually does something on him. Rush oblivion and you win lane easy. He is pretty tanky later on but your ap or ad should be enough to melt him down. ”

[S11] apki’s guide to tankmo

by apkibum | Teemo Player

slogdog says

“Aatrox is very strong early game, especially if it’s a good Aatrox that knows how to control spacing in lane. However you easily outscale him especially if you run Ignite. One thing to be wary of is that, Aatrox R fears ghouls and maiden, and that can remove a lot of your damage temporarily. Also you should try placing W down after he dashes with E.”

Season 11 [11.17] Grandmasters Yorick Guide

by slogdog | Diamond Yorick Player

Phrxshn says

“This match-up will mostly skilled base if you can dodge the Darkin Blade(Q), Infernal Chains(W). As most of his damage if not all comes from his Q.
(Recommended core Items: Plated Steelcaps, Bramble Vest)
(Sustained 1v1 Trades: Even) (Outscaling Edge: Even)”

Phrxshn’s Guide To Sett[11.17] – Divine Sunderer Nerf by 5 D

by Phrxshn | Diamond Sett Player

fishybearo says

“This is a pretty even matchup, rush Bramble Vest or Executioners to beat him early. I recommend Bramble Vest if the enemy jungle is also AD, giving you more chance to maneuver in a 2 v 1.”

Low Elo Renekton Guide

by fishybearo | Renekton Player

LukieRae says

“Don’t let him chain CC you. Starting E would be ideal; save it for his engages.”

[11.17] Neekopedia – Runes, roles, matchups, and more!

by LukieRae | Neeko Player

wDesired says

“Easy champ to deal with
Start your laning phase by hitting one of the caster minion until you can Q it after that just get 5 stacks with 4 minions and 5 Q aatrox
Try to weave AA when you Q ”

[Season 11] High Elo Irelia Guide I Best Build RN l

by wDesired | Irelia Player

Byku2506 says

“Its pretty easy if you dont make any mistake, try to dodge every Q and catch him every time when he miss all Q or when he dont use any Q. Buy fast antiheal if you want to win every 1v1 against him.”

[11.15] Byku`s Guide to Darius | DARIUS MAIN 300K

by Byku2506 | Darius Player

nZk01 says

“can be hard if he builds HP early on or start dshield/second wind, otherwise hes really easy to kill in lane.”

[11.17] 1V9 Vladimir Sololane Guide

by nZk01 | Diamond Vladimir Player

SemPelo says

“The dream battle!
Take domination runes on the second tree to gain some health back from trades, if you take resolve use “second wind” with “overgrowth”.
Mostly skill matchup.
Teleport is better on this matchup since he heals from any damage, so executeners is better than ignite.”

Pantheon TOP- The man

by SemPelo | Pantheon Player

Papa Urgot says

“Get steelcaps asap so its easier to dodge his Q center and walk out of his W.
Bramblevest for his healing. sunfire into thornmail. ”


by Papa Urgot | Diamond Dr. Mundo Player

duckling213 says

“skill matchup for sure. If you can dodge his q stuff you can win easy. I just went my normal build path and it was a pretty even lane. you can escape his w with our e and also you can use e to negate some of the q damage.”

S11 Urgot guide – for average Elo players.

by duckling213 | Urgot Player

officialshyvlnyvl says

“Try to not fight him mid game, he will kill you. Save your E to get out of his Infernal Flames ability.”

Platinum Sleeper HP/Lethality Urgot Build

by officialshyvlnyvl | Urgot Player

bigbearbiggy says

“Any champion that just braindead catches waves nonstop in the lane that you are pushing is a threat since you will have a harder time backdooring”

Akshan Annoying Tower Pusher

by bigbearbiggy | Player

RTO says

“Once you are level 3 and you use proper rage management, you will win every trade. ”

[11.15] RTO’s 6,000 Game Challenger Croc Guide

by RTO | Diamond Renekton Player

RTO says

“Aatrox has high all in potential in early game, but you can negate it by dodging his abilities. Be wary of his ult, but if he doesn’t secure a kill, he isn’t going to survive.”

[11.15] RTO’s Challenger Kled Top Lane Guide

by RTO | Diamond Kled Player

Fryx says

“Aatrox can be good against Malphite. It is hard for you to dodge his abilities since you cant really dodge them. If he starts using his Q’s, it makes sense for you to q him also so you have more movementspeed to dodge it.
Take Grasp here and Max W. Eventually hitting him with W will give you a window to ult and kill him.”

[11.15] Master Top 37 Malphite World Guide how to press R |

by Fryx | Diamond Malphite Player

Psychopathic Top says

“Matchup got easier since the goredrinker nerfs. The amount of Q’s dodged during lane phase will basically determin winning/losing lane (upon first back). Cannot engage until bramble and sheen. It is hard to first back with 1200 gold, so a 900 gold base is recommended. First back with 900 and buy bramble ruby, then upon second back, buy sheen and all in. If early game goes well, mid late game should not be an issue. Nasus = Aatrox in teamfights when both champs are even (in terms of 5 v 5 power), however the player that is more ahead gets to win 5 v 5s. ”

[11.11] Psychopathic Top- Multi season challenger Nasus in-d

by Psychopathic Top | Diamond Nasus Player

wff010 says

“He’s basically a ranged champion. You win levels 1-5, but he’ll outscale you levels 6+. Push your early strength hard and beat him down before he can outscale you. Get executioner’s ASAP”

Masters Sett Build w/ The Top Lane Bushido Code

by wff010 | Diamond Sett Player

Smartest2 says

“Not too bad of a lane. Aatrox has good damage, but it takes too long for him to get it. Understand his ranges and stay away from them, don’t forget he has a dash. Abuse him with your q. Land e, and wail on him. Pressure him out of lane as much as possible, you can probably 1v2 any combination of aatrox+jungler once you have your ult.”

[S11]Smartest2’s Guide to Carrying Solo Queue with Illaoi

by Smartest2 | Diamond Illaoi Player

Justkb says

“This is a skill matchup that favors Darius. Try to bait out his first Q at level 1 and then hit yours! Try to rush him at level 2 and force a big wave under his tower at level 3. You should be able to back on an extra Dblade and completely out trade him once the wave pushes back in your favor. If you get ahead, make sure you buy an executioner as this significantly reduces his healing. If you are ahead Aatrox shouldn’t pose any threat to you. If you are behind, then build a bramble vest and wait till level 16 3 items to stomp him.”


by Justkb | Diamond Darius Player

OmegaDelta000 says

“I feel like you can go even against an Aatrox but you know, he heals a lot. ”

Top lane Kayn [11.15] [Sometimes updated]

by OmegaDelta000 | Diamond Kayn Player

LoLReal says

“Pretty easy melee match up. Dodge his Qs and punish him since he has no escapes. Tabi before phage is good here too.”

✔️ [11.16] Real’s COMPLETE Darius Guide (All Match Ups)

by LoLReal | Diamond Darius Player

LoLReal says

“Not a huge issue. He can out trade you early, respect his level 1. As the lane goes on, if you’re even you win hard. Dodge his Q’s, get ninja tabi. Post 6 you smash him and kill him on spawn with R. Just don’t make mistakes early and don’t let him snowball.”

[11.16] Real’s COMPLETE Mordekaiser Guide (All Match Ups)

by LoLReal | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

RTO says

“W him when he goes to use his second Q charge, build tanky and grievous wounds. No longer has a revive, use this to your advantage.”

[11.15] RTO’s Challenger Poppy Top Lane Guide

by RTO | Diamond Poppy Player

RTO says

“You can mostly out kite him, just don’t blow your root and avoid his pull. You want to take morello for his healing.”

[11.15] RTO’s Challenger Ryze Top Lane Guide

by RTO | Diamond Ryze Player

Vispectra says

“Ouch. Don’t pick Kassadin into this unless you’re very confident. Aatrox’s early power will leave you hugging your tower and let him either dive or roam a lot.”

Massadin Guide season 11 for mid lane! (11.15)

by Vispectra | Kassadin Player

hactori111 says

“skill matchup. But wait he don’t have Q and trade him. If you want to solo Your Attack speed >1,3. Or have 2,5 items”

{11.15 Update) Rammus Top lane

by hactori111 | Rammus Player

RTO says

“Stack armor and he does no damage. Pre-6 can be tough, get him ganked early, his weakness is slows.”

[11.15] RTO’s Challenger Nasus Top Lane Guide

by RTO | Diamond Nasus Player

FeedLaneGetCaryd says

“(Bone Plating+Armor+DBlade) Buy early healing reduction. Don’t let him full combo you. Go for short trades. Make sure that his W won’t cancel your E. If he messes up his abilities – punish with a trade. If his passive is up do not let him auto attack you, wait until he farms a minion with it. Aatrox players usually E+Q2 when they landed their Q1 so you can predict that with your E. Even matchup before lvl 9, Urgot wins after. Urgot is stronger in mid game teamfights and splitpushing.”


by FeedLaneGetCaryd | Diamond Urgot Player

qosmox says

“Aatrox is pretty hard matchup. You need to dodge his q’s crits and build bramble vest in early. Remember, you can cancel his passive damage with w, but he takes heal.”

[11.15] TR Rank 1 Shen Guide

by qosmox | Shen Player

SanLourdes says

“The knockups from his Q will disrupt the channeling of yours. Usually he will not be able to kill you unless you let him just have at it. Thornmail extremely important of this matchup. His W will also be able to disrupt your Q. Your best bet in defeating him is baiting out his Q and W and then using yours to stun him. If you do you should be able to defeat him. If he ults, slow him or stun him and run away, it will be a stalemate or you will die. ”

[11.15] Enthusiast’s Guide To Sion: Best Current Builds

by SanLourdes | Sion Player

CucumberSandwich says

“You should be able to just stick on him after level 3, and kill him providing you dont walk into all his knock ups on his Q.”


by CucumberSandwich | Amumu Player

SaltCat says

“Play passive until 3 wait for him to engage,dodge his spells with yours, get healing reduction early game”

Riven Ultimate Guide for Season 11

by SaltCat | Riven Player

Yumi Project says

“Easily avoid his Q with your W and E.
Build antiheal pre-6 and you won.”

LWDS PY’s Gwen Build for Dummies!

by Yumi Project | Gwen Player

Viego99 says

“ you kill him before lvl 6 (but you need dodge hıs 3.)> after 6 he kill you if you are not ahead you outscale him and your teamfight is better.”

Viego99 mid/top guide 500 k viego

by Viego99 | Viego Player

RainAndBow says

“Dodge his W and Q, win the game. Buy Swiftness Boots if you fail at dodging. If you can’t dodge, this matchup is hopeless. Always take ignite. ”

Season 11 Teemo Shroom Usage Guide

by RainAndBow | Teemo Player

JustAlexK says

“Is hard only until you get Bramble, then you negate a great portion of his healing.”

“I’m no hero. Just a yordle with a hammer hammer.”

by JustAlexK | Poppy Player

Lost Chapter says

“A pretty easy matchup. Use W when fighting and dodge his 3rd Q with your E. Then just kill him. Rush bramble vest”

Gwen TOP destroyer 11.16

by Lost Chapter | Gwen Player

Rockleon says

“Depending on your junglars and if the aatrox is pushing you in constantly harassing you under tower you can bear with it.”

Attempted nasus top

by Rockleon | Nasus Player

Krono_lol says

“Rush anti heal and take ignite
Dondge their Q with fleet”

Top graves Silver>Platinum

by Krono_lol | Graves Player

Lumijo says

“Rush Exec or Bramble Vest. Try your best to avoid getting hit by those sweet spots.”

Lumijo’s Darius Guide

by Lumijo | Darius Player

Dbthegamer74 says

“Playing into aatrox is not fun, avoid taking poke from his Q level 1 and 2. Play safe until you get grevious wounds from bramble vest or executioner’s calling.Trade with your q and you can easily win against him.”

Darius Guide

by Dbthegamer74 | Diamond Darius Player

KillMeKillMe says

“Rush bramble vest. His passive lets his basic attack deal 5 to 12% max health damage depending on level, and healing him for the damage dealt, the cooldown gets reduced from auto attacking and hitting with abilities. The passive on his e let’s him heal 20 to 30% of the post mitigation damage he deals to champions, which is increased when he’s in his ultimate.
Ultimate incresases attack speed by 20 to 30% and self healing (basically his passive and lifesteal) by 30 to 60%, basically don’t even try to fight him in his ultimate unless you absolutely have to.”

Titan Mundo

by KillMeKillMe | Diamond Dr. Mundo Player

Jaori says

“Hard to trade, even harder to kill early on. Try to dodge his Q’s, if he messes them up, you can all in him. ”

Trundle top guide, by a former rank 2 Trundle

by Jaori | Diamond Trundle Player

Chug Juggernaut says

“No one is a threat to The Chug Juggernaut. Please disregard Aatrox being here.”

The Chug Juggernaut’s Build

by Chug Juggernaut | Diamond Malphite Player

RareParrot says

“he kills you in one q combo, build boots early and bring phase rush, this lane is really bad and you wont win at any point.”


by RareParrot | Teemo Player

ForgottenProject says

“E his 3rd Q and its pretty easy.

[11.14] Grandmaster Gwen Top Guide | How to DOMINATE LANE!

by ForgottenProject | Diamond Gwen Player

ForgottenProject says

“This is a fun match-up and it Favors you. There are Multiple things to parry and the 2 Second Stun you get off of them makes this a Free win.
[1]Parry his Last Q as that’s what does the most damage and easiest to parry.
[2]You can also parry his W as it’s about to drag you back in as he usually pairs it up with his last Q to lock you down.
[3]You can fight him in his Ultimate without any problem, just make sure you dodge some of his Qs with your own Q.”

[11.14] Rank #1 Fiora NA | Challenger Fiora Main Guide – Upd

by ForgottenProject | Diamond Fiora Player

RedNBlue says

“Hes a threat due to his ability to thrive from being close to you but once you get your scaling as long as he’s not too fed your going to be able to kill him.”

Actual Blitzcrank Top Build [Most Powerful Blitzcrank Build

by RedNBlue | Diamond Blitzcrank Player

Fuu Enju says

“You will need to bring ignite for the matchup if you want to knockout Aatrox early game. This will help reduce his healing abilities and ensure you to do a finishing combo burst move on him. Make sure to buy Bramble Vest to get constant grievous wounds for him.”

Volibear Top 11.14| Fuu’s Easy Guide to destroy your lane~

by Fuu Enju | Diamond Volibear Player

Xerath gaming says

“A skill matchup, you can easily beat him if you dodge his critical Q. Just farm till 6 and you should win this matchup, get Oblivion orb or bramble vest based of what path you go. Take ignite!”

[11.15] The BEST Mordekaiser guide ever!

by Xerath gaming | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

Heansuh says

“Although you can block his W pull with your W, his sustain in lane is really good. It’s very tricky to solo kill him because of his ult, Conqueror and lifesteal. Wait for your jungler to gank, try not to get hit by his Q combos and don’t get hit by his W or try not to waste your W on his W to block airborne from his Q.”


by Heansuh | Diamond Ornn Player

turtlehamstercroc says

“he’s really squishy and kind of inmobile, get up close and personal with him and then back off with the w movespeed as soon as he’s about to do his third q strike (the circle shaped one), if you avoid his q strikes correctly you should deal with him without a problem”

My take on AD bruiser Blitzcrank Top

by turtlehamstercroc | Blitzcrank Player

RhinoStar says

“Tough matchup, it is important to dodge his q and try to poke him as much as you can. If he hits u with at least one Q sweet spot, you might get a lot of damage.Dont go into huge trades. Buy bramble vest and try to farm as much as you can. ”

[11.14] Toplane Mundo Carry

by RhinoStar | Diamond Dr. Mundo Player

thefeedski says

“So mobile and your blind doesn’t negate most of his damage. ”

Top Lane Teemo Guide – AP Burst / On Hit – Split Push Machin

by thefeedski | Teemo Player

SavagePridestalker says

“Quite a hard matchup, especially once Aatrox gets a couple of levels and his Q cooldown goes down. I wouldn’t recommend playing tank Rengar into Aatrox, because he scales much better than you and you want more aggressive laning while building damage.”

[11.14] Master’s SavagePridestalker Tank Rengar TOP guide

by SavagePridestalker | Diamond Rengar Player

keithoa says

“his early can outheal and outsustain u in long battles very suprisingly, most of the time u win afterwards (GET ANTIHEAL)”

[11.13] Best Fiora EU CARRY BUILD S11/ 650 GAME 60% (GRANDM

by keithoa | Diamond Fiora Player

Marwaii says

“Just kite him and poke him with Q. Take anti heal if necessary. You can probably kill him at level 6. Ensure that you dance around him to avoid his sweet spots.
Take Trinity + Plated.”

[11.15] How to pack a MEAN Gnar

by Marwaii | Gnar Player

LegitLechner says

“A good aatrox will never let you hit him. Use the time between his q’s to land your e. A perfectly timed ult wins 99.99% of 1v1’s if even.”

All Illaoi Best Builds/Runes Season 11.15 Illaoi Main

by LegitLechner | Illaoi Player

Ver2Ter says

“You can out-sustain him, he can out-sustain you. Dodge skill-shots or you die.”

Warwin the barefoot bonker 2000

by Ver2Ter | Warwick Player

a1a7s45 says

“Buy anti heal items early game and avoid his Q. Go for the standard build and runes.
Aatrox is a 2 pushing a 3 out of 5 on the ban scale, you can counter him so easily with Bramble Vest and Executioner’s Calling if you’re building offensively ”

S11 Gnar Guide

by a1a7s45 | Gnar Player

DTv2 says

“One of the most annoying fucks for Tryn.
CC is the main problem, and the range.

The Wrong Way to play Tryndamere

by DTv2 | Tryndamere Player

MachDawn says

“You can absolutely SHRED Aatrox. He cant do much because you can dodge all his Q’s with your own. You should about always win this lane.”

Mach’s [SEASON 11] Irelia Guide

by MachDawn | Irelia Player

oogoogerson says

“Both of you heal a lot, this is a skill matchup to be honest. You could go for a cheesy Executioner’s Calling to reduce his healing. Take Ignite to duel and take teleport if you are scared.”

Vampire Singed

by oogoogerson | Singed Player

Safolet says

“I love this matchup, because Aatrox has no way of beating you in the lane phase with all the mobility and range that Gnar has. If Aatrox catches you with the Q or the W, just jump away and voila. Gnar has a very good ability to make it difficult to farm aatrox, since it has the passive of the W, which grants you movement speed and percentage damage, it has the Q, to hit from far and be able to activate the passive of the W easier , and also if you make a mistake, you have your E to get out of conflicts and go back to bothering from afar. When you’re in MegaGnar, what I recommend the most is having your R or W to stun Aatrox as soon as he wants to get close and then go out with the E.”

[11.14] What you need to know about Gnar

by Safolet | Gnar Player

Ganii7 says

“The q shoud be easy to dodge with the w or the e when he uses the first try to dodge with e out and doble cast to dodge the second this will expose you to the third but you can dodge it with w. Kinda skill driven match”

Akali tank

by Ganii7 | Diamond Akali Player

RedNBlue says

“Aatrox like you would think isn’t too much on the meta in peoples minds but he actually can do a bit more than you might think really. Aatroxes Q will just bust through your shield and then he will continue to kill you with the next three blows. Once he gets his E cage (I think its his e) then you will not be having fun as if he can place it well even with your speed boost you will have trouble escaping without busting a flash or an ult.”

Actual Malphite Build [Updated] S11

by RedNBlue | Diamond Malphite Player

Tristepun says

“If he’s bad the matchup shouldn’t be too much of a problem but a good aatrox can be tricky to face. Abusing ghost and e to dodge your q’s is the key to winning. Take bramble.”

Chad Darius

by Tristepun | Darius Player

CFCryo says

“My second favourite champion reworked into this… abomination. Semi-jokes aside, he is TOUGH. The manaless Q spam may be dodgeable and even Flayable sometimes, but the pressure can build as he never has to stop doing them. Harass him when his Q is down, and since you’re immobile, you are gonna take a lot of damage and possible death if he lands W on you. Keep careful watch of his E and try to know when he has it up, as that’s what’ll get you caught by his Q and chained up.
Take Aftershock. Even though I play a lot of Aatrox, he’s still a struggle for Thresh.”

Season 11 Updated – AD Thresh (All Roles, Primarily Top) by

by CFCryo | Thresh Player

laoshin3v3 says

Just Parry his 3rd Q and u won’t be able to lose the fight if u stun him.
If u struggle against it take Conqueror and buy Executioners”

[11.13][Grandmaster] Lao’s Fiora – Every Matchup

by laoshin3v3 | Diamond Fiora Player

AlanVenator says

“Avoid his Q sweetspots. Early executioners is a must if you want to try to kill him.”

Urgot Detailed Guide + Itemisation

by AlanVenator | Urgot Player

SethPRG says

“This matchup is entirely dependant on how well you can dodge his Qs. Sidestepping is key, walk one direction away from Aatrox then quickly go the other way. You can E his Q into you to offset the Crit zone from hitting you. Basically, if you dodge his first 2 Qs, you win. Sometimes you will want to ult his chain (W) to avoid being pulled in by it. Make sure you dodge his abilities or CC him during his ult more so than anything else, or you might end up losing the fight. Going Trinity Force is good here since they will probably end up going Goredrinker, which isn’t the best for 1v1s, and Trinity is especially good if the Aatrox is going Lethality, he will melt like butter from your Q Sheen proc. Rush Bramble Vest or Executioner’s Calling, and go Death’s Dance 2nd item.”

Season 11 Sett Top Guide (UPDATED FOR PATCH 11.13)

by SethPRG | Sett Player

SpartanDumpster says

“You outrange and can outmaneuver Aatrox, but it doesn’t take him much to kill Gnar. His abilities can be dodged fairly easily, and your hop makes it easy to escape his W. If he tries to unleash all of his abilities on you and each on misses, that’s the perfect opportunity to retaliate, especially if he doesn’t have his ult.”

Gnar AP Hybrid build Guide + General Tips

by SpartanDumpster | Gnar Player

joelspaho121 says

“Skill matchup but slightly aatrox favored because of the range disadvantage.d blade start if confident, dshield if not confident enough and take bone plating. this matchup is aatrox favored for the only reason that he has range advantage over darius but if you play it well aatrox should lose.Since he has long base cds, you can use that to your advantage by fighting once he burns q or force him to trade when he starts casting his first q by dragging him with e which will reposition his sweet spot, you can pop ghost and run him down but be cautious to not get hit by his q sweetspots as it will heal him for a lot and could quite possibly get you killed if he lands everything. if lane goes even grab bramble in order to have the extra advantage in a trade. Freezing is unfair as darius and this case is no expection, try to freeze whenever you are give the chance and if he tries to burn q to farm pop ghost and run him down.”

[11.13]S11 Darius guide 57% wr 1060 games

by joelspaho121 | Darius Player

El Leon Gnar says

“When you get good at kiting you will have nothing to fear v.s. Aatrox. Play around the edges of his Q’s, trade back with your passive procs, and make sure you don’t get knocked up out of your E and you will be fine.”

[11.14] How to Master the Lion

by El Leon Gnar | Diamond Gnar Player

doozy99 says

“Go for the Easy Matchup rune page, take Flash Ignite. Your main goal is to dodge his Qs, he’ll win every trade if he lands them. You can use your E to dodge his second Q, but keep in mind he’ll use his third Q next. You can use your BoRK to disengage before he gets to use his third Q. He’ll then have no source of damage besides his basic attacks. ”


by doozy99 | Diamond Sett Player

Unholy Vanity says

“Aatrox relies greatly on his skillshots to deal damage. An immobile champion such as Rell will have great difficulty dodging his onslaught of attacks. However, as long as the tether remains, it is possible to sustain a prolonged fight, even as much as win it.”

Fear and Metal: A Synergy Guide

by Unholy Vanity | Rell Player

Brotharock says

“Aatrox it’s very hard in phase lines because he has mobility, damage and clear wave. Play super safe and try that he not freeze you the wave.”


by Brotharock | Sion Player

Lucas9000 says

“This matchup is a Fiora favored skill matchup. Use Riposte (W) for his sweetspots on The Darkin Blade (Q) and you should be okay. Please for the love of god rush The Executioner for a easier matchup, but fear not if you want to play HARDCORE, then dont.”

Luxas’ Fiora Build

by Lucas9000 | Fiora Player

K1ng OZIL says

“SKILL MATCHUP. CONQUEROR. IF UR GOING RESOLVE, TAKE SECOND WIND. IF UR GOING SORCERY, BE GOOD AT DODGING. DSHIELD. HIT YOUR QS. TRY TO DODGE HIS QS. DONT LET HIM LAND HIS LAST Q EVER. OR ELSE HE WINS THE FIGHT. STICK ON TO HIM. DON’T LET HIM POKE YOU DOWN. DON’T FIGHT WHEN UR BOTH LOW HP. HE OUTRANGES YOU.|| This is a very skill based lane. You should only be able to be hit by the first Aatrox Q, as the other 2 are completely outplayable. You want to pop ghost and just run around him when you do pull him in so that he has a very difficult time landing his Qs onto you. If he can land his Qs, he stands a chance. If you dodge them or he misses them, he is free food. Executioners is vital if he gets a kill in lane OR he farms evenly with you, because his healing in his ult will be unbeliavably high without it. If he ever Es into you, he leaves himself vulnerable as he no longer has his escape move. Dshield along with Second wind are great but Nimbus gives you a very powerful dodging ability that is great for this lane. Conqueror is the go to. TRY NOT TO GET HIT BY HIS W. If you do get hit by it, try to walk out of it as soon as possible as the repositioning can let Aatrox get ALL of his Qs off which basically means you just lose. Just flash out if necessary. As a last thing of note, try to make sure you hit your Qs on him. Aatrox’ healing means that he will have extra health for you to punch through. If he becomes a problem and you just died to him twice or so, you can get Plated Steelcaps and Bramble Vest but honestly at that point you won’t be able to 1v1 him without your jungler unless he MASSIVELY messes up.”


by K1ng OZIL | Darius Player

DaSticks says

“One of Teemos harder matchups. You can sidestep his first Q but be careful not to be in range for him to hit you with his dash 2nd Q! Stay behind minions to avoid his W hitting you as it will allow you to all in you easily.”

✔️Season 11 DaSticks Teemo Guide

by DaSticks | Diamond Teemo Player

Helix128 says

“big danger starting from level 2.
just try to survive and avoid his slashes and chains. RUSH GRIEVOUS WOUNDS.”

Helix´s Teemo Low Elo Guide

by Helix128 | Teemo Player

Godidi says

“Aatrox is a very complicated matchup, but, with the right runes, and build you can possibly ease the difficulty. Take Movement Speed Runes and Anti-Healing.”

Never underestimate the power of the Scout’s Code… – Teemo

by Godidi | Teemo Player

Kaizin says

“Bramble rush early and take short trades, Aatrox will generally win longer trades due to his built-in healing. Try to move more diagonally instead of back and forth, that way he has a harder time hitting with q dash.”

I Am The Storm | Kaizin’s Volibear Top Guide | Patch 11.12

by Kaizin | Diamond Volibear Player

NPGRiven says

“You are able to level 1 all-in against Aatrox as Riven if you don’t get hit by any of his empowered Qs. After he uses his 3rd Q you can abuse it’s long cooldown. Getting lane priority against Aatrox always helps you.
You can use your abilities to easily dodge Aatrox’s abilities. Don’t try all in him when he is 100% HP. And don’t rush executioners. His early healing isn’t good, if you play it right you don’t need executioners, get them later within the game.”

[11.11] The Ultimate Riven Guide to Carry S11

by NPGRiven | Riven Player

DixonTheGuideMaker says

“Keep your Celestial Blessing (W) to go out of his Infernal Chains (W) in time. I would recommend you to buy Doran’s Ring to have enough mana for both last hiting minions and using Celestial Blessing (W). Buy Berserker’s Greaves as fast as possible for the same goal.”

👼Complete Kayle guide by Dixon 🏆 11.12 ✅

by DixonTheGuideMaker | Diamond Kayle Player

Tulho says



by Tulho | Diamond Udyr Player

ryzetrox says

“Pretty easy. You have healing reduction on your Q. You can go exe calling if you feel like it.”


by ryzetrox | Kled Player

deathwalker7119 says

“No Aatrox should be really beating you, at level two you can look to all in by parrying either 2nd or 3rd Q, whichever one you don’t parry try to dodge. You want to try and make sure to stun him with this, but if you don’t you should still win as long as you parry or dodge the 2nd/3rd Qs. Level 6+ he can look to 1v1 you if you don’t parry and burst him, so make sure to really be poking him out with vitals and forcing him into bad trades. If Aatrox all-ins you with full HP and you don’t parry + stun him and you don’t have a lead, you CAN lose it. Overall a pretty easy matchup as long as you take your front-facing vitals in as well as parry/dodge those Qs.”

[11.12] In-depth Season 11 Fiora Guide (Updated daily)

by deathwalker7119 | Fiora Player

MegadabYt says

“Aurelion Sol does not have any late game weaknesses from anyone with this build (So far. Comment if there was anyone that was unbeatable in lategame so I can update this) Champs with high cc dps and any bit of mobility are counters, like Aatrox here. However, the reason it is even matchup is simply because you always win lategame.”

Asol Top Tank

by MegadabYt | Aurelion Sol Player

ApollonATH says

“Aatrox can be hard stomped by voli in early game.Play your lane correctly and rush anti heal after that he can’t do much of anything to stop you.”

Complete guide for all Volibear playstyles

by ApollonATH | Volibear Player

SirGRC says

“Worth a Ban: No
Take Ignite or build some early anti-heal. You have no auto range so he should not be knocking you up with his Q. It should be easy to avoid his Q with Gwen’s E. His other main form of damage his is W, try and get out of it as soon as possible or if you can dodge Q without needing E then use E to get out of W.”

[11.12] SirGRC’s Silver Guide To Gwen

by SirGRC | Diamond Gwen Player

PK Noob says

“When your fighting Aatrox, save your E for his third Q. If he connects his 3rd Q you’ll most likely lose the fight. As long as you dodge it, you’ll be able to win the fight.”

A Totally Legit Guide On Gwen Top

by PK Noob | Diamond Gwen Player

JeanMichelBambi says

“Aatrox’s main form of damage is easy to counter with Mordekaiser’s E, getting an early grevious wounds item makes him practically useless against you”

[S11] My hardstuck guide to Mordekaiser

by JeanMichelBambi | Mordekaiser Player

WarwicksSimp says

“skill sorta matchup, go sunfire, and just try your best to roll him. Rush bramble.”

Warwicks Meta Build 11.12

by WarwicksSimp | Warwick Player

Snow Day Zoe says

“He is the one champ that outranges you as melee and able to 1v1 you completely at level 6, you just have to manage your health well and play defensive.”

[11.12] Sett Build In Any Matchup

by Snow Day Zoe | Diamond Sett Player

Nekosett says

“Not too strong this patch though he has mobility buy bramble and just q e him in lane he doesn’t pose too much of a threat and usually cant outduel you start dorans blade and just kill him”

True Top Lane Sett Guide

by Nekosett | Sett Player

Jurgmund says

“go ignite and W after he Es
also try to dodge don’t play like an idiot”

Yorick guide from Jurgmund (the legendary Gold player)

by Jurgmund | Yorick Player

Russkyoki says

“Very aggressive champ but you can outplay using w to get away or when getting ganked, and then q after and in a fight for 150+ health.”

RAKAN ANYWHERE – CREATED BY Russkiyoki/Russkyoki

by Russkyoki | Rakan Player

Darkduet says

“Aatrox isn’t that big of a deal, if you can dodge at least 2 of his Q’s. Your passive makes it a lot easier to trick him.”

Darkduet’s Top Rengar Guide

by Darkduet | Rengar Player

TwoKingzz says

“Max e – get oblivion orb – Dance around his Q and bait the cd, R him when its on CD. Early ionian boots + some hp and damage.”

Shyvana Top – Tank Monster Perfect 1v5 build updated!! Ap /

by TwoKingzz | Shyvana Player

TXK_ says

“A battle of sustain. Poke with Q and dodge his abilities. Save your E to peel him off you during his final Q animation.”

[11.11] S11| In-depth | Mordekaiser Top Guide

by TXK_ | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

Womsky says

“Scaling set up, attrox is a melee lane bully but he got nerfed hard and that match up now favours you, his level 1 is pretty weak, so if u see him starts dorian blade, you can take a very harash trade with him level 1 with fury, and by dodging his Q’s, cause he has no sustain outside his passive, and landing his Q on u heals him abit, early game he kinda has the upper hand on you, around level 3 till u get first item, then u outscale hard, tips about dealing with him is waiting him to use his passive on minions before going in, dodging his most important Q “third one” is important to make trades good for you, u can all in if he over extends while u are high HP high fury, your sustained damage is way too much for him with lethal tempo, you can dominate him or outscale him, if u look for the outscale pick ghost, if u look for early kills pick ignite”

Tryndamere guide with runes, builds plus matchups

by Womsky | Diamond Tryndamere Player

RealIreliaCarriesU says

“Can be pretty annoying with his Q poke and healing but generally it is Irelia favored. I start with Q early on and try to get the lane to push or stay in the middle because at lvl 2 with passive stacked you are much stronger. If you manage to keep the lane in the middle or pushing and have your passive stacked, at lvl 2 if you land your E you can go for the all in. Try to either flash his 3rd Q if he is committed or Q a low hp minion if you have one around (try to prep one for this opportunity) and you should win. Post 3 use your W on his third Q. I would also recommend going right into botrk before getting executioners because it is important to be able to do as much damage as possible to him early levels in order to snowball. Avoid allowing him to poke you down as if you are under 75% HP you will not win an all in, especially if he can kite you out. You destroy him with botrk even if you have no grievous wounds hence why I rush the item but I do get executioners as his healing is crazy after level 11. Make sure to start E first if he gets to the lane first and let him push where you will be able to stack your passive safely under tower and look to all in if you can manage to hit E.

Irelia Carries U Challenger Irelia Guide S11

by RealIreliaCarriesU | Diamond Irelia Player

The Real Fake says

“Hecarim used to be a popular counter to Aatrox by C9 Licorice, as your mobility makes it very hard for Aatrox to land good Q’s. However, after his power shifts, I believe Aatrox is among one of the best top laners in the game. His healing is absurd, he will be stronger than you mid to late game. Your only window to punish him is laning phase, before he gets items and only if you have ignite up to reduce his healing. If you feed him laning phase, you will never beat him. -9.18 edit: Aatrox’s laning and pushing power has been gutted, less sustain from minions. This should be a relatively easy matchup now.”

Top/Jungle [11.11] – In-Depth Hecarim Guide

by The Real Fake | Diamond Hecarim Player

Losiu says

“Play defensive lvl1. Level 2 is your chance to get a kill. dodge all his crit q. After reccal buy executioner calling”

Updated Losiek’s irelia guide (s11 mid/top)

by Losiu | Irelia Player

ImVoxxX says

“with ignite he is a free kill, just take care of his Q, dont let him use the knock up part”

Talon Guide by an OTP [S11 Talon Guide] Mid/Top

by ImVoxxX | Diamond Talon Player

tibs2 says

“Rush bramble/CDR boots first item Thornmail. Match up is all about trying to w his e which is mostly occur after q2/q3 but he knows that you know that so it kinda becomes a big game of chicken. Still you turbo outscale him late game so just chill lane phase dont die and you are chillin big time.”

Best Poppy NA (1010 LP Challenger) Top Guide (all match ups)

by tibs2 | Diamond Poppy Player

shinsuky says

“EAsy dodges and easy poke, warning about his early game still strong if he touch you 😉 lvl 6 easy to beat with shrooms when he revives.”


by shinsuky | Teemo Player

SadmanV3 says

“A good Aatroc will prove to be a tough matchup for Nasus, simply because in the early game, he can trade favorably whilst Nasus cannot, well not effectively at least.
*Tips for laning Aatrox
1. Good wave management
2. Avoiding Qs
3. Avoiding Aatrox’s % dmg passive”

700K+ Nasus – Unstoppable Force & Immovable Object 11.11

by SadmanV3 | Nasus Player

Ratakor says

“anti-heal first item , pay attention to its emp AA of his passive which regen and flee when he ult”

Ratakor’s guide for s11| Matchups, tips and spins included

by Ratakor | Diamond Garen Player

Patsito says

“Just try to dodge his q’s, go ignite so he can’t heal a lot from his r.”


by Patsito | Shen Player

svjade says

“He starts off relatively strong so it’s best to wait for Akali to scale a little. If all of his attacks are avoided, he should be an easy kill.”

Akali Build (Top Lane)

by svjade | Akali Player

Kingwizard says



by Kingwizard | Singed Player

DunkinDumpling says

“Very Easy matchup for Darius, Ever time he tries to q e you, counter it with pull auto w q, then he hard loses the trade. ALSO rush bramble vest and tabis. aatrox will do no damage if you rush these items first. ”

Rank 1 Darius NA Darius Guide By DunkinDumplings

by DunkinDumpling | Darius Player

JeanMichelBambi says

“You can displace his knock up with your Q and E, you may not be able to fight him before you get grevious wounds but you shouldn’t die to him in lane.”

My Stupid Guide To Thresh

by JeanMichelBambi | Thresh Player

ActuallyTox says

“This matchup is free unless the Aatrox is a god. You can dodge his Q Sweetspot with leaps and rush antiheal to cripple his entire kit. He outperforms you in Teamfights but you scale better. His Lvl 1 Q-Cooldowns are ridiculously high so you can go for the first blood. Try to take trades when his passives on cooldown. Consider Taking Ignite.”

[11.11] Rengo Top go brrr…. WIP

by ActuallyTox | Rengar Player

Ponkstronk says

“Can be very annoying after lvl 5. He has shorter cooldowns than you by then. If you struggle vs him, go ignite or else rush bramble.”

Ponk Master Sett EUW Guide

by Ponkstronk | Sett Player

dusaanv2 says

“Aatrox can be a little bit of a threat because of his Life Steal but it can be easy countered with a Bramble West or even Executioner’s Calling.”


by dusaanv2 | Sett Player

CertifiedTrundle says

“Dodge his 3rd q then all in him
If u dont play carefull and give him respect in early game u gonna lose fast”

Trundle in Silver

by CertifiedTrundle | Trundle Player

AmericanNut says

“Aatrox is a tough battle as of right now, his early game is strong, but not as strong as yours, get executioner’s calling and root out the Darkin with your Shield Vault and Comet Spear combo.”

Mortal’s Will: Off Meta Assassin Pantheon Guide! (Outdated)

by AmericanNut | Pantheon Player

Cayteer says

“He will abuse you while you are last hitting. Try and juke his Q’s wait for your 6 to pull combo him undertower.”

Top Lane Skarner – Scorpion of the Sidelane

by Cayteer | Skarner Player

Noodles912 says

“All upon Aatrox’s skill. Early game, just farm for your life and spam Q if you are low. Pool when you cannot escape his W, and outscale him. Morellonomicon can deny his heal late game. ”

1v9 games with Vladimir with Noodles912

by Noodles912 | Vladimir Player

Buszman says

“An annoying matchup for a character that is considered mostly dead by the mains by the sheer reduction in possible healing caused by weakening the Goredrinker. Rush of Bramble Vest can be equivalent to a player spending more time in chat talking about how their character wasn’t killed by the item. A good Aatrox will know how to control lanes and ranges with his Q, so when finding a good opening you shouldn’t be afraid to step forward to avoid his abilities as you should win all-ins. Try to avoid passive damage from the improved autoattack in the early levels.”

Tank Kench – The Mighty Frog

by Buszman | Diamond Tahm Kench Player

ThiccCheese1066 says

“The amount of poke he has is ungodly (hehe), only engage when you’re sure his Q is down because his Ult will give him health if its not”

Big Dick Mordekaiser

by ThiccCheese1066 | Mordekaiser Player

kohyss says

“Skill matchup dodge his Qs. Rush bramble+plated steel caps.”

Iron lord Morde

by kohyss | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

PiscesPomf says

Aatrox is pretty easy to deal with : There are a lot of CC that you can parry so the difficulty is to know which CC you should parry.
Keep in mind that his 3rd Q is thougher than the 2nd which is thougher than the first : So always try to parry the last Q at the start. But the W is the best thing to parry because you deny his combo W+Q.
Fun match-up.”

S11 – Fiora Guide

by PiscesPomf | Fiora Player

PoppingMoth says

“Similar to Wukong, he might beat you up in lane a bit, but you not only out scale him but just kinda bully him.”

Funne Thresh Top/Mid

by PoppingMoth | Thresh Player

Fra660 says

“not a hard champ to beat before 6, when he has the 6 beware of his absurd amount of life steal given by its R”


by Fra660 | Gwen Player

Wolyoo says

“You should beat aatrox, Irelia counters him so it should be alright”

[11.10] Irelia Builds/ Tanky Irelia

by Wolyoo | Irelia Player

nachoreformed says

“Aatrox is a very easy lane if you know what you’re doing. Once you get bramble vest and you hit 6 just press R and you win.”

How to: Morde

by nachoreformed | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

OverlordOfTheLane says

“trade only when hes q are down and hes e also you can use ur e to spin though him to dodge hes e as long as u have the hp to do so”

Garen builds

by OverlordOfTheLane | Garen Player

SadmanV3 says

“Don’t overextend, freeze the lane closer to tower and you should be fine, he does pose slight threat to you in the early game though.”

Nasus – Where unstoppable force meets immovable object – gui

by SadmanV3 | Nasus Player

SPJohnWD says

“Aatrox has the potential to outplay Sylas due to the fact most abilities force sylas to stand still for a second to finish animations allowing him to hit his q’s with ease.”

[11.10] SPJohnWD’s Sylas Top Hyper Carry

by SPJohnWD | Diamond Sylas Player

TheShadowCotoco says



by TheShadowCotoco | Diamond Singed Player

Urgodzilla says

“This champion personifies everything I hate about this game: massive damage, massive healing, non-existent cooldowns, ability to chase you or run away from you with his dashes, he doesn’t care about mana. You still can outplay his Qs and W with your E and you outscale him once you get lvl13 and healing reduction but prepare for painful laning phase.”

Urgot, The Dreadnought

by Urgodzilla | Diamond Urgot Player

teemodumbstupid says

“Very annoying early game, take Fleet or Conqueror. You will win when you have Sheen. Be careful early game for his Q+Es. You also want healing reduction.”


by teemodumbstupid | Diamond Nasus Player

Laserholic says

“Champions like Aatrox who rely on mid-range hits are easy to deal with if you plan a counter attack with your E (Dash). Any threatening abilities from Aatrox can be blocked with your W most of the time. Plan Lv6 All-ins or set up ganks for your jungler when he goes for E+Q combos by blocking his harass and dashing in.”

Grandmaster+ Gwen Builds (Played by High-Elo players)

by Laserholic | Diamond Gwen Player

PalestinianLuck says

“if he can’t land his Q combos properly because you block them or whatsoever. You win it.”

[11.9] Manliest Pantheon EUW Guide THIS IS TOPLANE!

by PalestinianLuck | Diamond Pantheon Player

Oskarl3 says

“easily cancels your q and his e makes him decently mobile, the gore drinker build is the best against him ”

Low Elo Bruiser Sion guide (Season 11 Silver/Gold/Platinum)

by Oskarl3 | Sion Player

ZeruelOP says

“Really Hard to Trade agaisnt early but just build Mortal Reminder as 2nd Item and youre good to go”

ZeruelOP’s Garen Guide

by ZeruelOP | Garen Player

Tsundere Tahm says

“Este es un match up bastante facil, intenta dodgear sus q, falla 2 de las 3 queda expuesto, por lo que podemos tradear a gusto, además una vez tenemos vesta espinosa + bami podemos tradearle con mucha probabilidad de kill si es que llevamos ignite.”

Un caballero sin capa estará siempre a medio vestir

by Tsundere Tahm | Tahm Kench Player

jmp_01_ says

“Massive healing – even in 1v1s. He can dodge your W – Haymaker with his E – Umbral Dash. Build early bramble.”

Updated Sett-Guide by Hardstuck Sett-OTP! [Patch 11.9]

by jmp_01_ | Sett Player

SirGRC says

“Take Ignite or build some early anti heal. Stay close so he can’t knock you up. ”

A Silver Player’s Guide to Volibear

by SirGRC | Diamond Volibear Player

Thats a OOF says

“Take grasp. Dodge the Q sweetspots (if possible) avoid him hitting his W on you. If he R’s disengage and after the ult expires you can all in him with ignite. Rush brambles.”


by Thats a OOF | Diamond Shen Player

Draconic56 says

“He outranges you with his Q. But you win all-ins unless he is fed. When you get to level 6 ult after he ults so you take his ult stats. Bramble vest and ignite are very useful against his healing.”

Destiny. Domination. Deceit. The Best Mordekaiser Guide S11

by Draconic56 | Mordekaiser Player

Kokob5 says

“Skill based match up. Building Bramble and steelcaps into him will shut him down. Just survive until 6 and don’t eat his Q poke and you’ll come out on top.”

The ability haste guide to Mordekaiser

by Kokob5 | Mordekaiser Player

SanLourdes says

“A skill matchup, you outscale him faster but only if you don’t feed him. Build Bramble Vest early and do not get hit by consecutive Q’s. Your ult > his ult. Keep the rest of your build the same and take Sorcerer’s Shoes.”

Heavy Metal Mordekaiser | Bruiser Mordekaiser Guide

by SanLourdes | Mordekaiser Player

negoZoma69 says

“Very skill based matchup. If you are AP you tipically want to poke him from distance until hes low enough so you can all in. If you are AD you’ll need to bait out his abilities and retaliate after.”

Solo Lane Neeko Guide – In Depth

by negoZoma69 | Neeko Player

not normal says

“Whoa hello there! Can I just farm. *get knock-up’ed 3 times in a row*. Much like Jax, the only counter to him is backing off and not feed. Get a few pokes in so he doesn’t get too cocky, unless you want to bait him under tower, and destroy him together with your jungler.”

How to stay in Iron

by not normal | Jhin Player

Hesychia says

“If your enemy knows how to play aatrox, he can just outdamage you.
Pushing the lane won’t work since he has AOE damage (Q) he will just push lanes faster than you. Ask your jungler to gank early game. If you kill him 1-2 times, you will just snowball so hard. Start with “W” first if you wanna trade with him in early. but trade him early if you think you can dodge his “Q” or he will win trade, however even he wins trade if you make “5 Stacks” you will just kill him. He doesn’t have Omnivamp at early game. Just his passive so use this advantage. Make sure to build “Executioner’s Calling” or “Bramble Vest” at this point. I recommend EXECUTIONER’S CALLING because it works with your bleed.”

[S11] They’ll Regret Opposing Me | Hesychia’s Darius Guide

by Hesychia | Darius Player

Princess Shuna says

“His Q range is simply too high for you, try not to get outpoked/all inned using your E and W.”

[S11] Snip Snip! Princess Shuna’s Gwen Guide to success

by Princess Shuna | Gwen Player

KingFershid says

“I personally have no problem taking Aatrox in lane, dodging his Q after the first attack is pretty easy and you can kite him easly.”

Graves Tank/Bruiser. Yay

by KingFershid | Graves Player


“Aatrox players can be very impressive in showing their abilities with Aatrox, i’ve met a lot of Aatrox players, some of them are good, some of them bad. Not that hard matchup, but still be careful. (Only for top.)”

Season 11 Sett Build Top/Jungle/Mid/Support

by SKRELAX | Diamond Sett Player

Docoda says

“Too much healing and an easy gap closer against you.”

[11.8] On-hit Shieldbow Neeko Top/Mid/Bot

by Docoda | Diamond Neeko Player

SleeplessX says

“Dodge Q edges and E at the right time, respect lvl6”

[11.8] Toplane Muramana Pantheon – The Scaling Spartan!

by SleeplessX | Diamond Pantheon Player

Spacix6 says

“Pretty easy matchup if you touch him with your E but if you fail try to avoid getting hit by his Q’s.”

Illaoi – The Alpha Female

by Spacix6 | Diamond Illaoi Player

Dorom says

“This champion cannot lose to Gangplank. Unless you’re the best GP ever you have basically no chance against this guy. He just spams Q and then dashes to you just to heal up all the trade damage you dealt to him. Trading is almost griefing against this guy. Do not 1v1 him unless he’s extremely low and you have ignite/grievous wounds.”


by Dorom | Gangplank Player

Kingwizard says



by Kingwizard | Yorick Player

SpartanDumpster says

“Another one based on assumptions, but Aatrox match ups tend to be skill based. If he properly uses his abilities and plays around your W cool down, he’ll be a real threat. If you block his W and first two Qs with your W, and avoid his third Q, you can abuse him while those are on cool down, especially during the early game.”

Gwen Build – Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee

by SpartanDumpster | Gwen Player

Nerkas says

“This lane is really even, complete skill matchup. It’s kinda game over, if he is able to hit his last Q”

Swain, The Ultimate Teamfight Carry in 9.19

by Nerkas | Diamond Swain Player

pioj12 says

“This more like nothing is a skill matchup in early game if you take a bad trade and dont have the sustain runes you are going to have a bad time.
But if you manage to dodge and to not take bad trades early game you are going to be fine bc the kite on gnar becomes better depending on your level so you can dodge a lot of skillshots.
This more than nothing is a skill matchup. A little tip is when an atrox grabs you with his pull you use E to not have a bad trade.
Try to fight him when you know he already use Q and you are in mega form

Gnar TOP [11.8]

by pioj12 | Gnar Player

OmegaDelta000 says

“I have no fucking clue, I don’t play Rengar. URF build seems good enough for him so yeah.”

URF Episode 4: The end of an era

by OmegaDelta000 | Diamond Rengar Player

SaltyDalty says

“A little tricky to play against. You can win with everfrost tho and if you dodge his abilities with E.”

Grasp Gwen

by SaltyDalty | Gwen Player

The_Real_Wickd says

“Playing against Aatroxs is extremely difficult. You have to be able to mechanically outplay his Q’s or you stand no chance. Generally you want Aatrox to push you in. The trades you take is by dodging his first Q and afterwards taunting on him to dodge the 2nd Q. Do 1 or 2 hits and dodge the 3rd Q as best as you can. When going for minions it’s important to not go in a straight line to take the minion. If you go in a straight line it’s extremely easy for Aatrox to hit his Q or W on you. Try to do some cheeky sneaky moves around the minions before going for the last hit.”

Wickd’s Season 11 Shen Guide

by The_Real_Wickd | Diamond Shen Player

TwistedDemon says

“He shouldn’t be a problem for you toplane, as long as you keep distance. Poke as much as you can, try to even get a kill at lvl 1 if he’s stupid. ”

[S11] How to Solo Carry as Karthus

by TwistedDemon | Diamond Karthus Player

gladiatorrr4 says

“Aatrox is difficult to deal with. He can cancel your E-dash pretty easily. Watch out for his Q’s!”

Diamond Quinn Guide Season 11 (11.6)

by gladiatorrr4 | Diamond Quinn Player

raede says

“Aatrox, although he gets crushed early game can just outheal you so much. Once you get a bramble vest and you killed him once or twice pre level 6 you should be all set.”

Volibear Top Handbook – How to play every matchup

by raede | Volibear Player

Runtley says

“He can be annoying if he’s fed. Wait for him to use his knock up then go in. Use electrocute so you can do the AA, Q, AA combo and get in that electro damage. Just keep doing that to survive. When going Aatrox you really just want to survive and not feed him because a fed Aatrox is scary.”

OMG TEEMO *Bites lip*

by Runtley | Teemo Player

bocchicken says

“Bullies you early, but that is every matchup. consider an early bramble vest to cut his healing. he can’t out-kite your iceborn + Q slow.”

[11.1] Toplane STOMP Malphite Guide

by bocchicken | Diamond Malphite Player

jpaul2077 says

“This is a skill match up, but currently Aatrox is very hard to duel 1v1. When aatrox q’s, for the first 2 stay close to him to avoid the sweet spots and then try to walk away from the 3rd Q as it will be directly on the center of the champion. Or just run away and wait for the Q to go on cooldown. When he W’s you, use E to either run away or fight back. Ignite will be key to winning early 1v1’s. Remember that if he gets a kill/assist during his ultimate that he will revive!”

Paul Chung’s guide to Hecarim Top Lane

by jpaul2077 | Diamond Hecarim Player

KingNklaus says

“One of the most fun match ups in the game both of you can screw up Aatrox is a very uforgiving champion he can get major damage into you but all of his damage is outplayable ”

Enter and abandon hope Mordekaiser build TOP/MID

by KingNklaus | Mordekaiser Player

ChaseMorePlz says

“Let’s be honest here, Aatrox isn’t a very good champion unless you’re an experienced player. I enjoy the matchup, it’s fun and easy to abuse. ( Rework coming soon though! O: )”

11.7 Riven Fast Combo Guide [YouTube Edition]

by ChaseMorePlz | Diamond Riven Player

refz says

“annoying red riven with no costs + lot of dmg abilities + good early + crit + dash + healing + cc ”

Sylas Builds (BETA)✨🔥

by refz | Sylas Player

MrShykun says

“MATCHUP SKILLED. PRENEZ CONQUEROR SI VOUS PRENEZ L’ARBRE VOLONTE PRENEZ SECOND SOUFFLE SINON PRENEZ SORCERIE AVEC MANTEAU NUAGEUX MAIS ESQUIVEZ BIEN, PRENEZ BOUCLIER DE DORAN TOUCHEZ VOS Q ET ESSAYEZ DE DODGE LES SIENS ESQUIVER A TOUT PRIX SON 3EME Q OU IL GAGNERA LE FIGHT NE FIGHTEZ PAS SI VOUS ETES TOUT LES DEUX LOW LIFE IL VOUS OUTRANGE. C’est un matchup très skiller le premier Q est difficile a prévoir en revanche les deux autres peuvent être esquiver. Vous voulez ghost après l’avoir grab pour pouvoir lui tourner autour il aura donc énormément de mal a hit ses Q si il les rate c’est un free kill. Marque du bourreau est un must dans le matchup sinon il régénérera beaucoup trop de pv avec son ultime. Si jamais il vous E il se rend vulnérable puisqu’il n’aura plus aucun moyen de s’échapper si vous décider de l’all in. Evitez de vous faire toucher par son W et si jamais il vous touche essayer d’en sortir le plus rapidement possible ( sur les cotés qui sont plus court que de reculer btw 🙂 ) car son W peut lui permettre de hit tout ses Q et de vous détruire si jamais vous perdez énormément partez sur une armure roncière mais vous ne devriez plus être capable de l’1v1 sans votre jungle ou si il se loupe.”

Darius saison 11 MrShykun French guide

by MrShykun | Diamond Darius Player

Lunarisen says

“He’ll try to bully you out of lane but just make sure to avoid his W and Q combos and everything should be fine.”

Fear the Undead Giant!!! (Top lane/Tank Build)

by Lunarisen | Sion Player

Sasdos says

“e out of his cage and his ult makes ur w a mundo heal every 3 seconds LOL”


by Sasdos | Sylas Player

Reformed Ravi says

“pretty annoying, buy antiheal and wait for him to use his dash then use w. if he is in your w, go in it with him for the first 2 activations of his q. Then walk out for his third one. If you do this you shouldnt get hit by the sweet spot. Remember that your level one and two is very weak.”

Tower Abuser Guide

by Reformed Ravi | Yorick Player

timeinabottle says

“nothing much to say here try dodging his Qs and you will win the matchup”

Eye Of The Twilight

by timeinabottle | Shen Player

RetiredPykeMain says

“This one is controversial cuz a good aatrox will always be a huge threat to you but let’s be honest if you’re into these guides you’re gold and below so low elo aatrox players tend to be not so great, always dodge his q knockup spots before you want to trade.”


by RetiredPykeMain | Shen Player

Rime101 says

“Build Seeker’s after protobelt if enemy jungler is AD.
Dodging first Q is most important thing.
If he hits you with W run sideways to get out of it!
When he ults instead of running and letting him get free damage on you, KILL HIM if you can. He does not have a revive anymore unless he gets a kill!


by Rime101 | Diamond Kennen Player

stygiandesolation says

“If you’re not confident in beating him buy bramble and tabis. Avoid his outer spell ranges and don’t eat his poke too much.”


by stygiandesolation | Jax Player

Toliam says

“A scary matchup – high amount of sustain during fights and enough base stats to tank burst prior to items. Care for level 6 fights. If you survive his combo you will win.”

Season 11! – Former Pro’s Guide to Heimerdinger – Toplane Co

by Toliam | Diamond Heimerdinger Player

Alekra says

“Depends heavily on you being able to move unpredictable. If you can dodge his Q you will win trades. Take Bramble Vest early to counter his healing. Ignite may also help.”

Season 11 Toplane Garen Guide [Basics included]

by Alekra | Diamond Garen Player

Erenando says

“His healing is strong enough to heal back your Q dmg, but he isn’t as much of a threat as Darius is. At some point in mid game you can deal with him if you played safe. You can also ask for some ganks pre 6, since he has a weak early game.”


by Erenando | Diamond Nasus Player

sock217 says

“Same issue as sett, just more mobile and tankier. Poke him from under your turret as much as possible.”

[S11] Sock’s condensed guide to OFF-META Bard!

by sock217 | Bard Player

lulw says

“Aatrox is a pretty easy matchup for sett. Executioners is very helpful against him. His healing is really high at 6 so be careful. You win trades with him as long as you dodge his third Q. You can pull him out of his dash so if he tries to get away, he aint getting away. You should win 1v1’s with bork and executioners. ”


by lulw | Diamond Sett Player

ToinoEscaca says

“If you are still new playing Tahm Kench, it can be stressful playing against Aatrox. He does a good amount of damage, and lvl.6 powerspike can be game changing. So, make sure that when he gets lvl.6 you have Bramble Vest and counter his R with Devour, to spend some time of that ultimate.
When he’s using Q, walk towards him, you’ll win the trade.”

[11.6] Tahm Kench Top Lane – Tank (Low ELO)

by ToinoEscaca | Tahm Kench Player

NathanPyke says

“With items hard to kill , without items easy target”

NathanPyke’s Guide to Pyke

by NathanPyke | Pyke Player

shoupi says

“he has good sustain just don’t get hit by q or you are getting chunked pretty hard, try to e out of his first 2 q’s and most of the time when his w connects you’re not escaping and probably will have to use flash”

swag kennen guide

by shoupi | Kennen Player

GrGamingTeo says

“Just dodge his skillshots and you will be fine. 90% of the time Aatrox will use: Q, Q-E, Q, AA and if he manages to pull off that combo you are dead. Once he uses his 2nd Q, you can E, AA, W, ghost immediately because you will have 3 stacks on him and he will not be able to hit his 3rd Q because of his slow and you will have ghost and movement speed to run far enough so he won’t hit you with his 3rd Q even if he flashes, then you all-in him and he dies. After lv6 if you don’t have a Bramble Vest or an Executioner’s Calling he is giong to run full speed at you and heal through everything that you throw at him especialy if he lands his Q properly.”

Dunk Galore/Top/S.11

by GrGamingTeo | Darius Player

4fun Player says

“If the Aatrox is really bad its pretty easy you just dodge the first Q and pool with e the second one and he loses half his hp.
Stay back 20 seconds and you kill him with the second one but this matchup is not winnable if the Aatrox or rather you re going to chain feed because he can bait your pool with his W and dive you directly after that.
Phaserush or you die horribly if he hits 1 Q”

Retardproof Vladimir Top Guide

by 4fun Player | Vladimir Player

Hypnosa says

“He can cancel your Q with his Q and W . In early game he is total nightmare for you. But if you farm and stack up armor he is just a super minion in mid game.”


by Hypnosa | Sion Player

Sidrome says

“It’s a fine matchup, but you want to fight him just on level 3, with small trades. You just trade with him again when you have anti heal.”

Darius Guide

by Sidrome | Darius Player

Drumastermunch says

“Skill matchup, it’s all about how good you gonna be at juking/blocking his sweetspots.”

[11.6] Steroid Pantheon s11 Top / Jungle

by Drumastermunch | Pantheon Player

HoftheGreed says

“Aatrox es un campeón que no debería darte muchos problemas (nuevamente, depende de la persona que lo utilice, pero aun así, tenemos cierta ventaja). De lo que hay que estar atento es de sus Q, durante los primeros dos lanzamientos, hay que aprovechar para castigar a Aatrox por lo que hay que mantenernos pegados a el, pero para su tercer lanzamiento, hay que tratar de aturdirlo con la E antes de que la ejecute y con suerte, no podrá lanzarla o mientras trata de atinarla después del aturdimiento, posicionarse alado o detrás de el. Es recomendable rushear la Vesta Espinosa para evitarlos problemas con su curación excesiva y estar atento a cuando utiliza su E para entrar o esperarnos y que no nos de con su W.”


by HoftheGreed | Sett Player

Olaf Only says

“Before 6 try and poke as much as possible, you can fight him if he uses his Q’s on the minionwave or if his passive is down.
After 6 you outdamage him, but he gets movespeed which makes it hard to chain your Q’s. If you land everything you win, but if you miss one you’re usually doomed. Executioner’s Calling – Must Buy!”

Olaf Only’s Challenger Top Lane Guide [11.5]

by Olaf Only | Diamond Olaf Player

LunaticDancer says

“Kinda a skill match up, boils down to “don’t get hit”.”

Beginner friendly guide to carrying games as Yorick

by LunaticDancer | Yorick Player

lolkayleee says

Take either Conqueror or Grasp.
Season 11 has made Aatrox a monster with the new items. Although you win the early game vs Aatrox, once he gets some ability haste, health, and armor boots he can poke you with Q, out sustain you with his passive + omnivamp, and shove waves under your tower. If he repeats this process and your jungler never comes you pretty much lose unless he messes up really hard. Try to play around his cooldowns during the early game. Start W, take E level 2, If his Q is ever on cooldown you can hookshot onto him and take a short trade.


by lolkayleee | Camille Player

TheMegam5 says

“He scales good with items that destroy you and his poke range is annoying, go ap.”


by TheMegam5 | Nasus Player

SpyDaFX says

“dodge his stuff and it’s pretty easy to kill him before level 6. all of your kit counters his if you play it well (it’s a skill matchup). go conqueror, doran’s shield is recommended if you’re not that good of a Renekton.”

[11.5] Absolute 1v9 Carry Renekton Top/Mid Complete Guide

by SpyDaFX | Diamond Renekton Player

tasie456s says

“Take phase rush. you are too mobile for him to consistently hit his sweet spot qs, meaning his main damage and healing is gone, but if he gets onto you its not very fun. Swap morellos out for an item, or get your team to build more grevious wounds. ”

This Ends Badly: A Ryze Guide

by tasie456s | Ryze Player

Ravenborne says

“Depends on if you let him hit his CC chain on you and if he manages hit all three of his Q’s on you. If he does you are most likely not going to win that fight. Be sure to stick to him when you do engage onto him so he does not have the opportunity to hit his first two Q’s onto you. If you get a small edge pre 6 you should be fine afterwards.”

[11.5] Ravenborn’s Darius Guide

by Ravenborne | Diamond Darius Player

mobsterplatypus says

“Killing Aatrox quickly is key. Carry ignite, rush bramble vest, and try to engage with a gank. Both Aatrox and Mordekaiser are juggernauts of sustain, and for the most part the matchup can go either way. It’s easy to escape W with boots and passive MS so its not that big of a deal, but he can dodge your E very easily. Go riftmaker and fight it out, because if there’s no grevious wounds involved it will take a while. go steelcaps here”

[Season 11] Destiny, Domination, Omnivamp.

by mobsterplatypus | Mordekaiser Player

Crossknight06 says

“Not so hard but you need some vizion at jg so he will not get help from his jg”

Fist of the north star volly

by Crossknight06 | Volibear Player

Mr.Kovacic says

“Wont let you stack as well. If you do fight him, be sure to ult and get in his face so he cant crit you with his Q. Hes helpless then”


by Mr.Kovacic | Nasus Player

Kil4fun says

“W out of his chains. He will always do more damage than you until 25ish minutes into the game. You need an oblivion orb into him. Just try to CS with Q.”

Just a Kayle guide

by Kil4fun | Diamond Kayle Player

DrJeff69 says

“If u can dodge his Q’s powerfull points he isn’t a big deal”

Lee Sin top build Off-meta

by DrJeff69 | Diamond Lee Sin Player

Sidarius says

“I really dont like Aatrox his 3 bumps makes getting close really annoying , rush tabis and anti heal.At lvl 6 you can kill him after he use q , pop ghost and all in.”

Sidarius’s Guide to Dunk the Ladder [In Depth] [10.19]

by Sidarius | Diamond Darius Player

Jaborsh says

“He will just heal up the damage you poked him with, so you will have to wait for your jungle for this one…… only if he 1v2s with the insane healing? ”

Top Ap/Tank Alistar

by Jaborsh | Diamond Alistar Player

frekko says

“Stop the dashes stupid demon pff
Try to dodge the Q and ofc buy antiheal, then u’r ok”


by frekko | Samira Player

DoubleQ says

“Dodge his Q, don’t feed him and buy thornmail. He shouldn’t be too much of a threat.”

Nasus In-Depth Guide (Season 11)

by DoubleQ | Nasus Player

Bear24 says

“After 6 the heals on aatrox are actually broken. So buy bramble. You win before 6 if you dodge his q’s. If you are ahead you after 6 can still lose so… At lvl 14 dodge his q and you can out sustain”

Fat Bear

by Bear24 | Diamond Volibear Player

TheMrDarkness says

“If you will dodge all his Qs you should win the trade very easli, try to fight him when his W is down and rush executioner’s and enjoy free lane ^-^”

Dominate Toplane Riven [In-Depth] [11.4]

by TheMrDarkness | Riven Player

MarkFromSingedMains says

“Aatrox spanks, HARD. You’ve got to be really good at dodging his Q’s and W to win trades and even then if he R’s just dip. Bramble Vest and Plated Steelcap are highly recommended here. Try and survive your lane and in team fights do your utmost to peel him away (By goo-flinging him and whatnot).
Your W cancels his ability to E.
Moved to a Major threat from Extreme due to his recent nerfs. (Which seem to keep on coming, RIP Aatrox)”

Mark’s Guide to Singed: Discontinued

by MarkFromSingedMains | Diamond Singed Player

Whobick says

“Aatrox is a hard match up. His lifesteal is superior to yours. His passive makes this lane just that much harder. You can poke with Undertow (Q) but that’s about all. He is somewhat weak early but his passive makes up for it. Just don’t feed and try to get ganks from your jungler.”

[11.4] Whobick’s Detailed Olaf Top/Jungle Guide!

by Whobick | Olaf Player

Canofsteak says

“Heals a bunch and just destroys you if he plays well. Try to dodge Qs, rush boots to make that easier.”

Jalen Killer Jarvan

by Canofsteak | Jarvan IV Player

Razorwir3 says

“u will have to rush tier 2 boots and save ur w to get out of his w if he can get u pulled in with his w ur likely to die”

[11.4] Liandry’s Kayle [W.I.P]

by Razorwir3 | Diamond Kayle Player

J0hnny Joestar says

“His Q has to be on cooldown in order for you to trade with him. And even then he can escape pretty easly ”

Garen demacia [11.5]

by J0hnny Joestar | Diamond Garen Player

Cyn24 says

“Not that much of a threat, can win lane easily if played right, you also outscale”

Basically Shojin Jax but crit

by Cyn24 | Jax Player

ChevalierArlo says

“Um bom Aatrox destrói sua fase de rotas. Faça corta-cura e espere ganks.”

Yorick Builds e Matchups 2021 PT-BR

by ChevalierArlo | Yorick Player

ModelitoTime says

“This matchup really depends on how well your enemy can play Aatrox really, do your best to dodge his Q dodge the first Q by going either left or right, dont run from it because he will E while doing his first Q and it will hit you, E him right when he casts his 2nd Q. That is probably the most effective way of trading with Aatrox. Since you have a range advantage over Aatrox you can poke him down aswell. If he hits you with his W just E to the side and you will escape it.”

Master Urgod Build

by ModelitoTime | Urgot Player

kingchas2 says

“Easily kite-able. You can use your R to block his 3rd Q damage and leave him without any kill pressure. Once you are 6 you can just bully him. Use your W to escape his W and dodge his Q’s.”

AD Kayle Carry Guide

by kingchas2 | Kayle Player

nvckxwsky says

“Aatrox beats riven pretty hard in 1-3 lvl.
Dodge his q’s with ur q and e and rush executioner asap, ignite is pretty handy in this matchup.
His w is on really high cooldown (~20s at 1 rank).”

Riven Guide [Low elo]

by nvckxwsky | Diamond Riven Player

ChlungMan says

“don’t get too close to him or you are gonna die just poke him with your q and avoid trading.”

Gnar Guide Top

by ChlungMan | Gnar Player

xxskipskipxx says

“wait for lvl 3 for trades! let him use his q first and while his q is casting engage on him with your q!
If you are having troubles try to dodges his Q’s especially the red parts and farm up safely!”

(Ex-Dia)Riven Top 11.3 GUIDE [Matchups incl.] Still testing!

by xxskipskipxx | Diamond Riven Player

I Am Goliath says

“This guys laning is just STRONG, nothing necessarily counters you as camille and I’ve actualy won this matchup a decent amount but it really depends on how well you position in this lane and if you dodge his Q’s, if you ever get hit by a full combo then you’re pretty much chunked out of lane, just try to take value trades with your shield and sidestep his Q’s, worse comes to worse you can always E away from him and there’s not much he can do. You 100% beat him in the splitpush later on since he falls off pretty decently.”

GoliathGames’ Master guide to Camille

by I Am Goliath | Diamond Camille Player

Yamikaze says

“Minor: There is little kill pressure from the opponent in this lane.
More information found below.”

challenger guide build updated guide wip

by Yamikaze | Diamond Fiora Player

Hippo Boi says

“Again, try dodgin his Q’s. Don’t trade after level 6, he’ll outrun you.”

Climp up to PLATINUM with Rell Top

by Hippo Boi | Rell Player

Vielia says

“Skill Matchup, dodge his q’s and he should be dead”


by Vielia | Diamond Viego Player

Dannala says

“Top: An easy to poke champ. High AoE with his Q aside he’s very immobile and besides his third Q it’s easy to dodge and just damage him with spiderlings while he’s casting. Third Q can be Rappeled as well as his pull.
Jungle: Invading an Aatrox is simple if you know where he started and where he will be at his lowest without a level up in sight.
An invading Aatrox is as easy as top.
Late: His ult gives him a bit more mobility but generally has the same weaknesses you can exploit but your spiderlings will die easier.”

Elise In Depth All Around Guide

by Dannala | Diamond Elise Player

SQU1DW4RD2 says

“Take ignite and outplay him with your mega adhesive (W) and fling, so he misses his q. Use your movement speed against him.”

CCCP Singed Riftmaker Build (Singed Guide S11 11.3)

by SQU1DW4RD2 | Diamond Singed Player

ZergDood says

“It should be a skill matchup, but like Illaoi, once you understand the character well enough, it becomes extremely easier. Try to dodge his Q, and NEVER get hit by his 3rd Q. it’s fine if you get hit by the first 2 procs, but the third one will make you lose the trade. Once his dash is on cooldown (you can W it), he’s a sitting duck. Be aware of his ult, it’s a big powerspike for him. Rush Bramble!”

[11.3] Zerg’s Complete Poppy Guide to be a Hero! (W.I.P.)

by ZergDood | Poppy Player

Heckin says

“Lol, I can’t with this champ, just dont even try to fight him, he f**** you up in all trades, just play pasively, or you can roam to help other lanes, then come back to your lane to get some farm.”

Go full Chad mode while playing Sion!

by Heckin | Sion Player

Otp Fiora Sorry says

“Fácil de ganhar apenas dar stun no ultimo q dele caso não use o q fica trocando com ele ate ficar low life se fizeres a minha build vais sempre ganhar nas trocas contra aatrox!”

S11 Fiora / Acc Name: Kenocrack / Server: EUW

by Otp Fiora Sorry | Fiora Player

ineptpineapple says

“Pretty simple kite him if he tries anything and when he engages just cc him to hell.”

Agro Lissandra top lane S11

by ineptpineapple | Lissandra Player

Hyzerik says

“Not a problem, try to dodge his knock ups and you will be fine.”


by Hyzerik | Sett Player

Vielia says

“Can be a problem due to your low mobility, once his Q goes in CD all-in him”


by Vielia | Diamond Sett Player

Grolow says

“Same as Riven but remeber here to buy anti heal after Zhonya’s”

(Vladamir TOP) How to win every matchup!

by Grolow | Diamond Vladimir Player

ZakNotKyle says

“He can quickly advance on you, so be wary of the Aatrox’s positions at all times.”

Kennenenenen Patch 11.3 Top Guide

by ZakNotKyle | Kennen Player

BloxNaderYT says

“Small threat in the laning phase due to Ornn being short range and Aatrox’s lifesteal. Vacuum counter”

S11 Ornn Top Guide

by BloxNaderYT | Ornn Player

OmegaDelta000 says

“Aatrox has a lot of healing even after buying Grievous Wounds, but you can win in the late game. Just survive early game, ask for ganks if possible.”

[UPDATED]The bestest Silver Mordekaiser guide [11.3]

by OmegaDelta000 | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

RedNBlue says

“Aatrox is very easy to kite, his pull in yes will be a possible problem but it can also be escaped from a good amount of the times too.”

Actual Teemo Build [Updated Teemo Build/Guide] S11

by RedNBlue | Diamond Teemo Player

JannaMainOTP800K says

“Aatrox can be quite discusting die to his heal and utility. However you will be fine as long as you can dodge his Q knockups as you can escape his cage fairly easy”

S11 Janna Top Guide extreme bully try out now

by JannaMainOTP800K | Janna Player

NoFriendsPlayLoL says

“You can really mess him up pre-6 and rush bramble and steel plates to mitigate his damage and healing. Frostfire Gauntlet or Turbo Chemtank”

Can’t Quench the Kench (Gold & Below)

by NoFriendsPlayLoL | Tahm Kench Player

TioKirb says

“Aatrox is a powerful laner against Lillia, it is one of the only champions that I fail to scare at level 1. Play relatively safe and farm until you get 800g for an Oblivion Orb. After that, he should be easier to deal with.”

Toplane Lillia | They can’t kill you if they can’t catch you

by TioKirb | Diamond Lillia Player

Raideru says

“Matchup is all about movement and being able to not get hit by the empowered part of his q, u try to bait him into fighting you with his autos and then u just pop counter strike and hard outtrade him and walk away. U win hard in all stages of the game against him unless he got fed for no reason in early.”

[11.2] Current Best Jax / Raider’s Jax guide

by Raideru | Diamond Jax Player

LeSocair says

“You can totally mess with him in lane, after all the changes he’s got. He will heal a lot during it and move fast as hell though, avoid fights against his R if you’re not ahead enough.”

The Ultimate Masters Gangplank Guide and His Mythics [S11] (

by LeSocair | Diamond Gangplank Player

sauronkaiser says

“His laning phase is pretty weak if you know the champion, but can be tricky aganist a good one. try to evade his Q and W and try to trap him after he wastes E. Remember he can fear your pets with his ult, a retarded interaction riot never fixed, so play in a way you evade that. If you are able to put him in a wall with your pets after he wastes his dash, that should be a win most of the times.
In late game build grievous wounds to nerf his ridiculous healing, tho. Thornmail components are ok but i recommend chempunk chainsword path, basically because you can activate its 60% effect much easier.”

Yorick ´s most complete guide (in toplane) updated to S11

by sauronkaiser | Diamond Yorick Player

CattoNuts says

“Has to have executioner’s by the time he has R. After bush jump, try to walk out of his Q range immediately before attacking. Can empowered W his W if timed correctly (when it starts pulling you in)”

[11.1] The Chad Rengar Top Guide

by CattoNuts | Diamond Rengar Player

RedNBlue says

“He can heal a lot and he can get a 50/50 hit on you with his pull and he will heal a lot, really too much healing and it will be hard to kite him.”

Actual Lucian Top Build[Updated][Best Lucian Top Build Ever]

by RedNBlue | Diamond Lucian Player

AmericanNut says

“Tough to beat, high skill ceiling, Aatrox is mechanically able to 1v1 you at any time, either they will be bad, or they will kick your teeth in. Kite Q to the best of your ability, and walked sidewards when he W’s you. *Rush Bramble Vest before Mythic!*”

Culinary Degredation: A Season 11 Tahm Kench Guide

by AmericanNut | Tahm Kench Player

PinjaPJ says

“Flash/Ignite – Main Runes
If you’re able to dodge part of his 3 hit combo, you’ll win trades lvl 2-3, you’re able to all him at lvl 4 if you get your roots in. Mobility wrecks this dude just run around in really random unpredictable patterns.”

Comprehensive Singed Bible v10.24

by PinjaPJ | Singed Player

Wyvernwolfy says

“don’t fight him. make him impatient. he might kill himself.”

Tank Elise top (s11)

by Wyvernwolfy | Elise Player

Ramixx says

“He can poke you out pretty easily but Doran’s shield can stop this. Just try to dodge his Q’s and you can potentially win.”

[11.20] Rammus | Top/Jungle

by Ramixx | Rammus Player

CatandtheFiddler says

“You can easily out-trade him buy dodging his second Q with your W and negate his third Q damage with E. Prioritize anti-healing.”

Solo Lane Pantheon Guide

by CatandtheFiddler | Pantheon Player

bocchicken says

“You have a breif period where you can kill him, before he gets goredrinker, and then after that you are essentially a health pack for him, even with a bramble vest.”


by bocchicken | Diamond Ornn Player

EU_Toxicity says

“if he tries to poke early, pull him in so he misses his first 2 Qs , try to juke his 3rd q with ghost and kill him. Basically don’t get poked down and you win all-ins. Buy grevious wounds after level 6.”

[11.2] Darius OTP guide by Toxicity *BUILD AND MATCHUPS DON

by EU_Toxicity | Darius Player

doorknobber69 says

“Bring ignite and you should win it pre 6 and even after 6 you can do the minion hop trick to kite him out. Rush grievous wounds here.”

Rengod – Rengar Top Challenger

by doorknobber69 | Rengar Player

Grimmheim says

“Easy lane as long as you don’t pull him during 3rd Q”

Grimmheim’s S11 Darius Build (silver)

by Grimmheim | Darius Player

lordoftheyuumitopmidadc says

“his Q and life steal is very strong in lane and team fights you HAVE to not get hit by them and always have your sum’s up then fighting him make sure to always try to poke him down”

yuumi top build

by lordoftheyuumitopmidadc | Yuumi Player

KillMeMyFriend says

“Try Being always away from him when he has W, his W has almost half a minute cooldonw early game. Dodge his first Q going sideways activating your W for a burst of speed then just stay away from him since he wont be able to hit you with 2nd and 3rd.”

AD High AS Kayle Hybrid Damage

by KillMeMyFriend | Kayle Player

The Hentai masta says

“Be carefull to The first q and The e.
Your oran cdr is high in early”


by The Hentai masta | Gangplank Player

iZeal says

“Aatrox is a skill matchup in slight favor of Darius. While it is hard to contest the wave at level 1 due to Aatrox’s 3 Qs and his empowered auto attack due to his passive you might have to concede the push, but starting at level 3 Darius can look for the all-in. He only has a single dash to securely hit one of his Qs, Ghost and Flash should allow you to dodge the other two. Ninja Tabi Rush is very effective as well as getting an Executioner’s calling for healing reduction if ahead, Bramble vest if behind. Don’t get poked down by him and be aware of his 20% cooldown reduction + level 7 powerspike. Aatrox poses barely any threat if behind but if ahead can easily overpower you by healing through your damage.
Remember that Aatrox heals from the mitigated damage he deals, so building armor will also decrease the hp he regains.
DShield or DBlade, Tabis, Executioner’s/Bramble.”

[Patch 11.1] iZeal’s Darius compendium

by iZeal | Diamond Darius Player

bocchicken says

“use Q to confirm as many CS as you can and heal with your passive. back as soon as you can afford your bamis to help waveclear when he pushes you in. You are very hard to dive as long as you have mana, but be careful of his lvl 6 with jungle pressure.”

[11.1] Big Tree = FREE LP

by bocchicken | Diamond Maokai Player

DasGrauen_ says

“Aatrox is a free laning-phase. Engage him when hes using his 3rd Q. E away when hes ulting. You are doing too much damage he cant fight you if you dodge his 3rd Q-”

[11.1] Pykë Mid/Toplane Guide – Did I support right?

by DasGrauen_ | Pyke Player

Randomwest says

“A lot of aoe spells
Anti heal is valuable
his Q is big cd so abuse it
lvl 4 is his powerspike
W reveals you in W”

S11 Bruiser akali guide

by Randomwest | Akali Player

DarkNavarre says

“Aatrox is very similar to Camille in that the lane is not yours to win, it is Aatrox’s to lose. Aatrox can jump right on you and you won’t really have much that you can do about it. Post six you can ult his chain to stop the pull but pre-6 you won’t have any escape.”

[11.1] Off-Tank Xayah Top Lane Guide

by DarkNavarre | Diamond Xayah Player

bocchicken says

“Skill matchup, sidestep his 1st Q, then E in to dodge the 2nd Q, and your shield will absorb the 3rd Q’s damage and you win the trade. Care for his Ult at lvl 6 when you all in.”

[11.1] Mr. Krabs hittin DABS

by bocchicken | Diamond Urgot Player

UnMaskedDeity says

“Honestly Aatrox is kinda in a weird spot on this list, His Omni vamp should be gone when you first back with his grievous wounds and then it just depends on how good you are at dodging his skill shots. If the person playing Aatrox is good then play it safe and engage when you can (after your first back). If they are bad, bully them. (remember his last hit hits close to him so save a dash or something to get away from that last hit).”

Tayn – Tank Kayn

by UnMaskedDeity | Kayn Player

hahadead7777 says

“he has high dmg and will win unless you poke him a little. Your mobility is the way to kite and beat him”

Gnarly build for season 11

by hahadead7777 | Diamond Gnar Player

byThiagus says

“Aatrox es un matchup de skill, . Para ganarle tenes que sacar escudo de doran y farmear hasta nivel 3. si el aatrox te pusheo la linea simplemente buscas pegar una q y si se la pegas activas fantasmal y lo corres. recomiendo usar la pagina de runas uno pero en vez de coraza osea usar segundo aire y escudo de doran.”

Darius guia español s11 LOW ELO

by byThiagus | Darius Player

NoodleFlafl says

“Use hop to avoid w, and stay clear of everything else as best as you can.”

Ap / Attack Speed Gnar (Season 11)

by NoodleFlafl | Gnar Player

Stijnzxz says

“This should be easy for u, he does everything based on hes passive and Q but u can counter him pretty hard on it so u should be fine as long u dont get in hes crit Q! ”

Toplane Sett the BeastBoy | build S10 Patch 10.21

by Stijnzxz | Sett Player

Boblet says

“Aatrox can keep you on your feet, make sure you have good lane control and keep him on your side so your jungler can roam up for some free gold. Bring ignite if you aren’t good at fighting him and you should win if you dodge his third zone.”

(Season 11) Full AD/Crit Sett Top

by Boblet | Sett Player

RocketD1no says

“Aatrox isn’t to hard of a matchup, Dodge his Q and W, once those go off CD your free to poke and even push maybe for a kill. Aatrox is very strong early game/mid game so be cautious while your doing this.”

Gnar, The Rage Monster

by RocketD1no | Gnar Player

RyvalAlex says

“Chiant a affronter mais reste encore correcte. Essayer d’abuser avant niveau 6 quand son q est en Cd.”

Ultimate garen guide [fr]

by RyvalAlex | Garen Player

Pusan says

“Aatrox is hard matchup always if you can dodge his Q with E or AA. When he have ult backup or use W.”

Akali OTP Guide/Top/ More lanes to be added KEEP UPDATED

by Pusan | Akali Player

Darius Darius XD says

“I would say it is a minor threat now I played the match-up a lot but you have to be careful, he tanks a lot, regens like you and has a boring ass Q. You should go anti-healing first. You can fight him at pretty much every level but level 1.”

【PATCH 11.1】🪓 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐡�

by Darius Darius XD | Darius Player

AWierdShoe says

“Aatrox can bully you out if you let him snowball. Try stutter-stepping to bait out his Q’s as they are on a long cooldown early (Lvl 1-5 without CDR). Once he uses them, you can hit him with an extended trade and block his passive auto with your W. Once he gets CDR he will almost be impossible to fight unless he’s behind. Beware of him running you down with his ultimate, and look to impact other lanes around the map. If you play the lane right, he’ll fall off later into the game.”

[UPDATED S11] Mastering the Eye of Twilight – A Guide to Pla

by AWierdShoe | Shen Player

I Am Goliath says

“Pretty easy match up from my experience although I haven’t played against the new one that much, once he gets his lifesteal items you won’t have enough damage to kill him but you can bully him early, his CD’s are very long so try to Q him whenever he comes up for a cs and try to force him to farm with his E for the early levels which will be long CD.”

GoliathGames’ Master guide to Maokai

by I Am Goliath | Diamond Maokai Player

Scoothare says

“Should work, not that hard. Dodge his knockups (Q) and you’re good. Play it safe early and wait for ganks.”

[SEASON 11] Ivern Attack Speed onetrick (All matchups)

by Scoothare | Ivern Player

TrinityForceYasuo says

“Easy match up bait one of his Q’s then back off and when Q is on cooldown go back in and also be careful of passive because it hurts. You can also block his W with your W.”

Grandmaster TriForceYas Build Top Lane Preseason11 Patch 10.

by TrinityForceYasuo | Yasuo Player

eBrixton says

“Aatrox is similar to Gangplank in that he can poke you down from range with his abilities. His healing is also monstrous as he gains more items and levels so try not to die at all because it’s going to be a very bad time if you do.”

Warwick Top Lane Ascension Guide by eBrixton

by eBrixton | Warwick Player

Saarlichenbog says

“Aatrox is yet another victim of heavy sustain bot with a heavy reliance on his E to gap close Kalista. Otherwise, he will almost always rush Plated Steelcaps if he even wants a chance of existing in lane. Straightforward matchup by learning the basics of Kalista top’s playstyle will basically make this matchup borderline tiny.”

[Patch 10.25b] ~COMPLETE GUIDE for Kalista Top~ [WIP POSTPON

by Saarlichenbog | Kalista Player

viktoreeu says

“He has strong short trades, you have to try and force an all-in when you go in.
The only way to win short trades is when he wastes spells on the wave.
You run him down with Kraken+ghost
Runes: Tempo ”

[10.25] The ONLY tryndamere guide you will ever need!

by viktoreeu | Tryndamere Player

NickCola Tesla says

“This is a skill mathcup in your favor. Aatrox is not a great champion right now. Unless the Aatrox is a one trick and is smurfing, he pretty much loses to everything and anything in the top lane. Because of the decent sustain he has with his passive, killing him is going to be challenging, but at the same time, there should be also no way for him to kill you. Hell, there really isn’t any special knowledge to help you beat him, either. The biggest tip I can give you is to avoid the first knockup of his Q. If he hits you with the first one, he will hit the second knockup with the help of his dash, and then lay down his W to hit you with his third knockup. This is all happening while he gets 2 passive procs of %max health physical damage, which is way too much damage for you to face tank. As long as you avoid the first knockup, he has little means of hitting you with the rest. Build Bramble Vest and Plated Steelcaps to make him obsolete! ”

Updated Builds and Mythics: Working on core item description

by NickCola Tesla | Diamond Sion Player

StrikeX114 says

“Because the area of impact for his Q is broadcast before each hit, dodging his attacks becomes a matter of knowing where to be and when. His primary threat to you is his Infernal Chains (W), as they provide a stun and the perfect setup for a gank.”

[Defunct, with Explanation] An In-Depth Guide for How To Pla

by StrikeX114 | Diamond Yuumi Player

Captain Dantems says

“Toma cuidado, é forte, recupera vida e se fizer alguns itens tank e death dance dá um penta solo, por isso tente sempre fazer trocas rápidas. Utilize grasp.”

Como ser o próximo Rei do Barril (1.2kk maestria)

by Captain Dantems | Diamond Gangplank Player

MKUlra_Ronin says

“You slay him at level 2 and level 3.
Don’t be afraid to play aggressively around his Q timers. They are long early. Since his rework, his dashes are less imposing.
When he hits 6, he might be able to kill you if he took ghost, but I can basically guarantee he won’t.
If they have a Nunu jungle, watch for the chain and snowball combination. If they carry it out well pre-6, you’re dead. Once you hit 6, they shouldn’t be able to kill you, even 3v1.
Expect to hit your Muramana pre-10 mins in this match. If that time rolls around and you are behind, pick up boots or the snare and pull will be the death of you.
Farming and harassing are SUPER easy. His first Q is your only regular threat in lane. If he hits it, he’s going to trade into you for a LOT of damage. You should never be more than like 25 units into the max range of his Q. If you are, you’re not using your range correctly or he wasted flash to get a trade. ”

Xayah Top (Secret OP)

by MKUlra_Ronin | Xayah Player

ItsPaulygon says

“This is a skill match up, if the Aatrox is good and can hit his Q’s, you are in trouble. But if you play well, you can beat him. Don’t trade with him pre 6, fight him once you reach level 3 to get your 3 skills. Try to get a level lead to increase your chances of killing him early. Take teleport to lane as Ignite will be useless once he reaches 6.”

(Updated for S11) Jax, The Grandmaster at Arms – Guide

by ItsPaulygon | Jax Player

llametekudasai says

“XD? porfa dodgea todo no es dificil crack, solo depende de ti.”

off meta darius. s11 ESP

by llametekudasai | Diamond Darius Player

open_48 says

“skilled matchup, rush bramble vest.
Use E to dodge his Q. He is not particularly strong, pay attention only to his R and do not underestimate the life steal”

Darius build, matchup low elo

by open_48 | Diamond Darius Player

Klappy says

“- Tradear con Q+Pasiva en early, usa la velocidad de movimiento de la pasiva para esquivar sus Qs
– Abusa su Cooldown luego de la tercer Q
– Tradeos cortos, all in si usa su tercer Q y tienes mucha energia”


by Klappy | Akali Player

LippyDarren says

“Pretty tough, gotta dodge his first 2 Qs if you wanna win the trades”


by LippyDarren | Garen Player

SpekterZ says

“Rush anti-heal. You out damage him early due to his CD times”

Season 11 Akali Guide | Top/Mid

by SpekterZ | Akali Player

TheMightyNinja says

“Passive : if you see his sword glowing red then his next basic attack will be empowered, try to block that with your W.
Q : Deny his 1st and 2nd Q by walking towards him, if you’re sure that his 3rd Q lands then counter that by dashing through him to not get hit and follow that by Q + 3 empowered attacks.
W : you can escape the chains by walking left/right to the closest edge and not away from him.
E : That is the ability you must be most aware of since he can reposition his Q midcast with his E ability, if that happens on 1st/2nd Q try to dash away and stay safe until cooldowns are reset.
TIPS : it is helpful not to stay in the minion wave as they can block your escape and make you an easier target. Try to build Bramble Vest early in the game as it helps lowering his healing potential.
Ignite can help in this matchup.”


by TheMightyNinja | Diamond Shen Player

Whackguy says

“Fairly even matchup as you both have great sustain. Probably a good idea to build Mortal Reminder before Quickblades. ”

Season 11 Crit Haste Trynd Build

by Whackguy | Tryndamere Player

popoki35 says

“Atrox have lot of life steal on this bulid you cant build grievous wounds.

Kayle+Kraken Slayer on top

by popoki35 | Kayle Player

GLP1 says

“Playing aggressive him throughout the game will never beat you if you do it moderately well.”

Noxian Outplay GrandMaster’s Main Kled 1M – Mastery Points

by GLP1 | Kled Player

wolfclaw3812 says

“Skill matchup: you dodge Aatrox Q, there is nothing he can do about you. You can’t dodge Aatrox Q, there is nothing you can do about him. On-hit. ”

Every One’s a Treasure

by wolfclaw3812 | Teemo Player

jaggarsweet says

“All in him you cant go for slow trades. Rush grevious wounds.”


by jaggarsweet | Sett Player

Krankheit333 says

“It´s an even matchup but its hard to play for the gangplank player.”

Gangplank go big Boom Boom

by Krankheit333 | Gangplank Player

Nicklstherealone says

“Let yourself getting Caught in his Chain (W) if he walks forward just E and do your Combo. Or all in all just try to E him. His Knockups may be an effective poking Tool. ”

Urgot | Underpicked | Overpowered

by Nicklstherealone | Urgot Player

White Cr0w says

“Like Shaco, Aatrox is a mind champion. While he is squishy and hard to use, his massive healing W and his reviving passive can hurt the mind of your allies and yourself, making you think you can’t duel him. Grab an exhaust instead of an ignite to destroy him. and camp his jungle.”

✔️[S.11] WHITE CROW’s Sexy Diamond Guide to SHACO

by White Cr0w | Shaco Player

Pyroen says

“Many champions have trouble against Aatrox, but Kayle can easily outsmart him. Use your W wisely to dodge skill shots and pick up an executioners calling relatively early and he will not pose a threat”

✔️ Preseason Make Top Lane Great Again – Kayle Hypercarr

by Pyroen | Diamond Kayle Player

clalobaciel says

“Aatrox is a fairly easy matchup. The best advice I can give for laning phase is to be close to him in his first 2 q’s, but then go away for the 3rd, and also try to parry his pull or knockups for a chance to stun him. As youre avoiding plenty, it should be easy enough for you to kill him.”

[10.24] Baguette Wrecked – Fiora Guide [850k+ Mastery]

by clalobaciel | Fiora Player

Buum says

“Used to be hard but after some nerfs its an pretty good matchup. The only thing you need to watchout for is the triple Q combo, still does a lot of damage.”

S11 Dank Doge Bible [AD/ AP WIP]

by Buum | Nasus Player

Nodon says

“a lot of sustain and ranged poke but trhis just requires you to be carefull ”


by Nodon | Nasus Player

BluSpy says

“Rush executioner’s calling. Can cheese lvl 1. All in at 6. Use your w to dodge his q or w”

S11 Matchup Wukong Build Guide

by BluSpy | Wukong Player

Zhirkova says

“Hes just insanely tough top lane for me never beat him in lane ”

[10.24] Sylas Top Lane Build !

by Zhirkova | Diamond Sylas Player

Raphi0216 says

“Rush Executioners Calling to reduce his healing. Dodge his 3rd Q and you win. Engage when has everything on CD. ”

Camille Toplane Guide 10.24

by Raphi0216 | Diamond Camille Player

Randombeastmode says

“Bait out his first Q then spin BEHIND him and then do an extended trade.
If he plays as far back as possible just walk out of his Q’s if he uses E to try and get you, you can look for an all in.”

Banjomere Countryblade

by Randombeastmode | Tryndamere Player

OffmetaPancake says

“Aatrox loses this matchup most of the time. Unfortunately, once he hits 6 his ultimate can delay an effective ult from you making the matchup feel gross as the fights will take longer.”

Rek’Sai: Top Lane Terror

by OffmetaPancake | Rek’Sai Player

MorganJary says

“If you start with a Bramble Vest and Steelcaps, he becomes a joke.”

Big Thanos’ Malphite

by MorganJary | Malphite Player

Lenter says

“One of the hardest matchups for GP because of Aatrox Q and life steal. Take ignite to apply grievous wounds to block his healing. ”


by Lenter | Gangplank Player

Frostyfps says

“Can be pretty annoying with his Q poke and healing but generally it is Irelia favored. I start with Q early on and try to get the lane to push or stay in the middle because at lvl 2 with passive stacked you are much stronger. If you manage to keep the lane in the middle or pushing and have your passive stacked, at lvl 2 if you land your E you can go for the all in. Try to either flash his 3rd Q if he is committed or Q a low hp minion if you have one around (try to prep one for this opportunity) and you should win. Post 3 use your W on his third Q. I would also recommend going right into botrk before getting executioners because it is important to be able to do as much damage as possible to him early levels in order to snowball. Avoid allowing him to poke you down as if you are under 75% HP you will not win an all in, especially if he can kite you out. You destroy him with botrk even if you have no grievous wounds hence why I rush the item but I do get executioners as his healing is crazy after level 11.

In depth Irelia guide

by Frostyfps | Irelia Player

Heix says

“early- You don’t have any chance to kill him. Farm under turret.”


by Heix | Vladimir Player

huntin_dow says

“your not very mobile if he hits w your dead best to just farm and stay safe”

Twisted Fate PTA Top

by huntin_dow | Twisted Fate Player

Time1Save says

“the better you Dodge, the more chances you have. All the same, if you have an advantage of 1-2 items, you should win. But as long as you play with an advantage, you have to give your team an advantage as well .”

Pantheon Toplane build

by Time1Save | Pantheon Player

MasterGB says

“Rune: Arcane Comet.
Max: Q.
Start: Doran’s shield.

Malphite TOP

by MasterGB | Malphite Player

OmegaDelta000 says

“Instane sustain, bait his Q and go in, E-Q and back off. Some armor will be helpful.”

The bestest Silver Sett guide

by OmegaDelta000 | Diamond Sett Player

At0mikx458 says

“Pretty easy matchup. Take good trade and dont get hit by his 3rd Q.”

Tryndamere Top

by At0mikx458 | Tryndamere Player

ChristianTheMyth says

“If you can get 2 early kills,you can grab an executioner’s and he won’t be a problem.”

A starter sett guide for top and support

by ChristianTheMyth | Sett Player

mlokjevlolku says

So basically you counter most of the AD champs because of your blind (Q)
You do great against AP champs too except few of them”

Teemo… what can I say

by mlokjevlolku | Diamond Teemo Player

Greedle says

“Really Annoying To Face. W His W Is The Best Thing You Can Do. Don’t Ever Trade With Him, You’ll Lose. Build Early Executioners If You Want To Kill Him.”

[11.24] 4 Year Gp Main Ultimate Guide

by Greedle | Diamond Gangplank Player

Defensivity1 says

“Level 1-4 be carefull to not get hit by his skillshots too much, Doran’s shield second wind or cpot are both good vs him.
level 6 you shouldn’t have trouble and buy Executioner’s calling.”

Defensivity’s Yorick Guide S10

by Defensivity1 | Diamond Yorick Player

Delvoid says

“His ulti stops your ulti and revivies him. Try to wait out his ulti or ulti to drag him to a unsafe spot”

Urgot to be tilted

by Delvoid | Urgot Player

OmegaDelta000 says

“This is kind of a skill match, so you want to dodge Aatrox’s Q sweet spot as much as possible to win the lane. He wins when he gets level 6, but by that point you are close to transformation, so play it safe and fight him when you’re Rhaast.”

Top lane Kayn guide [10.23]

by OmegaDelta000 | Diamond Kayn Player

Mordekaiserrrrrrr says

“Aatrox is not too difficult to go against in lane, if you can dodge at least half his abilities you are good to go. Try ulting him when he ults to prevent him from having any advantage in fights and having many enemies to get lifesteal off of.”

Mordekaiser for Dummies

by Mordekaiserrrrrrr | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

HoesBeforeBros69 says

“Yeah i lied. Ap Udyr is not the worst pick but basically most of the champs can be a thread to you. So make sure to follow this guide, like and subscribe to my friends youtube channel.”

Bird Person

by HoesBeforeBros69 | Udyr Player

deathbycoffee says

“Skill match up, can swing both ways. If you get hit you lose, if you don’t you win. Level 1 is skill.”

Lillia Top

by deathbycoffee | Lillia Player

Cafe Pepere says

“Easy, just bait and dodge his Q and you win. Get executioner before Tiamat”

S11 Kled Build | Stomp your ennemies

by Cafe Pepere | Kled Player

Fexi says

“You’re doomed. It’s Aatrox on the pic because he is the first of the alphabetical order, but with this build every champion ever is a threat.”


by Fexi | Shyvana Player

Luceris says

Build Executioners + Black cleaver!
Very easy pre-6 lane. His first Q has 650 range, which is 50 more than your auto attack range until you have 40 wraiths. Level 1 harrass him, as you can easily dodge his Q’s with glacial and him not having E. After level 1 play behind minions and poke whenever possible. This lane gets hard when 2 things happen. 1. Aatrox gets Goredrinker. 2. Aatrox gets level 6. Goredrinker is a much bigger spike than level 6 for Aatrox season 11. You need BOOTS OF SWIFTNESS after Executioners and level 6. PLAY AROUND AATROX Q+E AND ROOT HIM WHEN HE WALKS STRAIGHT AT YOU!”

SENNSATIONAL Season 11 Top Lane Matchup Guide

by Luceris | Senna Player

s0upy says

“Any good Aatrox should probably shit on you but who plays Aatrox anymore”

Season 11 Full Damage Chadplank

by s0upy | Gangplank Player

TPOT Xolla says

“Aatrox is quite similar to Illaoi, he needs to keep fighting and keep healing. But with E>R you simply deal way more damage. Be careful early and this should a free lane”

S11 Illaoi Guide by Xolla

by TPOT Xolla | Diamond Illaoi Player

MisterDerpFace says

“He has ALOT of healing, but just go bramble vest or executioner’s calling and you should be fine. And Also, wait out his ult if you think you cant trade against him.”


by MisterDerpFace | Urgot Player

LoL destroyer says

“Fighting against Aatrox is easy as long as you know his combos, if you can avoid his stuns you can easily take him.”

Garen- The Ultimate Weapn

by LoL destroyer | Garen Player

Marado_Pen says

“Dodge his Q and W. You can W so he can’t E. Do grievous wounds and armor boots to counter him.”

haha slow build go brr (in progress)

by Marado_Pen | Singed Player

Ga44moker says

“On top
He can cancel your bush jump with Q and his sustain is hard to deal with.
Just try to get early kills with ignite and then try to farm and dont fight him at all.”


by Ga44moker | Rengar Player

YoungTact says

“Wait out His Q, then abuse Lane Harass Combo against him. After he uses Q again go for an extended trade with E, try to W his E. Rush bumble vest.”

[10.22] Tactician’s GRANDMASTER Poppy Guide To TOP! (Rank #1

by YoungTact | Diamond Poppy Player

KajiKumihoAkukei says

“Aatrox shouldn’t be a really big problem as long as you don’t underestimate the damage her can do and play relatively safe.”

Kaji’s Nautilus Toplane Guide ~ All Will Drown

by KajiKumihoAkukei | Diamond Nautilus Player

qasddsa says

“He has slow animations on Q, but don’t get hit in the highlighted area. If you get chained and can’t get out, expect to stay and fight. With his ult transformation, he’ll receive +20% bonus AD for a few seconds and will have a revive if he dies. As long as you don’t get hit by Qs, you should be able to kite him down.”

[Top/Mid/Support] Transcend Imperfection | Kayle

by qasddsa | Diamond Kayle Player

PH45 says

“Reworked Aatrox is a real pain when you are playing a melee like Maokai. You can Q him away but he will just keep on shoving you and sustaining so you wont be solokilling him. He has no escapes outside flash though so if you get your jungler to come and dont get hit by his Q too much you should land a kill. Consider getting tabi and bramble vs him.”

[10.22] PH45’s guide for Maokai, The Twisted Treant!

by PH45 | Diamond Maokai Player


Aatrox is a really good counter to Nasus from early to midgame, He simply not only outdamages you, outsustains you but outheals you. In this lane you must only go for farm if he just used his Q (before he fully maxes it), I highly recommend using your Cloth armor start into a Bramble Vest rush even before Sheen so you get more armor early on and apply Grevious Wounds to cut down his healing. Give farm if needed, he is a really strong champion early on that is not worth fighting even after lvl6 and Sheen spike, look to farm. If he overcommits to a trade while you are undertorret and he gets a towershot, you can just ult and kill him unless you are 1 HP. Later on to the game, look to do teamfights and try to burst him with your team, if you ignore his damage and go for his backline, you will lose since Aatrox has a lot more of mobility than Nasus, and early on he can outheal you so he will be able to tank more and he can deal way more damage with his Q’s. Remember his Lifesteal is based on damage dealt, if you build armor you negate a lot of damage, there for his Lifesteal, items like Randuins Omen are not bad at all.”

[10.22] How to get Gold with Nasus, In Depth – All Matchups

by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player

PH45 says

“Dash out of his W with your E and only fight him when his Q is down. Also wait out the healing reduction proc before using your W so you don’t miss on any healing. Aatrox is pretty vulnerable to ganks due to his low mobility so with your CC he should be a fairly easy gank if he is pushed up. You won’t probably poke him out of lane due to his healing but you can try to wither him down a bit before an all in.”

[10.22] PH45’s In-depth Guide To Sylas!

by PH45 | Diamond Sylas Player

Tauricus2017 says

“Because Aatrox has decent damage you should be more careful when fighting with him. Try not to get into the edge of his Darkin Blade and never stay in Infernal Chains.”

Super Tank Poppy (STP)

by Tauricus2017 | Diamond Poppy Player

SkellyBirb says

“If you get caught by him and pulled, you can easily get caught out. On the other hand, you have good poke against him and can charm him to avoid this from happening.”

[10.22] AD Ahri Top! Multiple Builds

by SkellyBirb | Diamond Ahri Player

Viola Boss says

“It’s a skill matchup that slightly favors Sett, but make sure not to ult him while he is in his third q, or the q will land mid ulti. Always ult during second or first q.”

Sett Top HoB

by Viola Boss | Sett Player

Zimdog says

“A good aatrox will crush you, against him you better resort to the 3rd Runes and just farm safely with E and ask your JG for ganks, you can beat him late Game due to your CC.”

Dominate Late Game as On Hit Sion

by Zimdog | Sion Player

SubHuman Filth says

“Either go Phase Rush or Grasp.
Dont ever get hit by his W, because then you’re basically dead. Dont walk up too far, sometimes he can just R and kill you if he hits W.
Dont take extended trades, instead go for small grasp procks, while being very aware of his Q’s.
Be unpredictable. He will become more and more used to your movementpatern.”

Terrorism Advanced guide + All mathcups. D1 OTP. Subhuman Fi

by SubHuman Filth | Diamond Teemo Player

Grayified says

“Lethal Tempo Runes and Build. Ignite+flash. Longsword refillable potion start. Aatrox matchup is about setting up really good allins to take advantage of our superior sustained damage. Against Aatrox if you dont have to leash (or if you leash and Aatrox doesn’t shove) we can look to get level 2 advantage and take a strong trade while he is still level 1. We also can trade hard level 1 with just a little bit of fury, try to avoid his 3rd q damage Aatrox has really good trades and healing but if we can kill him in a single all in that is how we win. Tryndamere is stronger in the early levels then Aatrox especially in the allin. Try to set up your minion wave so that you are closer to your turret so you have plenty of room to allin the Aatrox, if Aatrox is close by his turret he can take short trades and disengage to his turret easily. If Aatrox gets really far ahead, look to farm up and outscale with 40%cdr and 100% crit, if you guys are roughly even in gold you should win. If Aatrox rushes something like a deaths dance or if they have other healing on their team (soraka,vlad etc) then you should build an exectutioners after your essence reaver.”

Play Tryndamere like foggedftw2 | Updated for Season 11, mor

by Grayified | Diamond Tryndamere Player

Rakuretto says

“Aatrox can be hard to deal with when your opponent knows him well. He has big damages on his Q and a great CC on his E, which is a big threat for Shyvana. He also has a big regen under his R, which won’t allow you to burst him as much as you want. ”

Shyvana AD Top – Preseason 11 Edit.

by Rakuretto | Shyvana Player

Pyroen says

“Make Aatrox use his dash to evade attacks instead of using it for offense and you win this matchup”

✔️ [10.21] Make Top Lane Great Again – Top Lane Raid Bos

by Pyroen | Diamond Swain Player

I Am Goliath says

“Pretty hard matchup in my opinion since this guy just has a strong laning phase and can get onto you pretty easily, everytime you auto him you’ll want to walk back because his Q range is like the exact samge range as your auto range, if you can get him low while in mini and jump on him in mega you can usually kill him, if you he revives you should still be able to kill him in laning phase since it doesn’t heal that much and you can usually stick onto him easily. Best tip for this lane is just to try to dodge his Q’s and weave in autos and Q’s when you can and all in with mega.”

GoliathGames’ Master guide to Gnar

by I Am Goliath | Diamond Gnar Player

Reason97 says

“A newer edition to the midlane, aatrox is usually a top laner, but he’s seen a bit of rise in his popularity mid Lane. Your poke is a lot better then his, but he outdamages you in extended trades, especially before you hit level 6. Stun, E, get the hell out of Dodge. Treat him a lot like you would galio. You out poke him, but he’s hard to actually burst down and finish off with his self heal in his kit and his second life ultimate. ”

A general guide to Anivia, The Cryophoenix

by Reason97 | Anivia Player

Nabura says

“Fairly easy skill matchup that you outscale by the time you get 2 items + executioners. Baiting his Qs should be easy as all Aatrox’s have very similar aggressive patterns which makes them very predictable. Ult his 3rd Q if you need to and be careful for ganks.”

Mid/Top Kayle Guide Season 10 by Nabura

by Nabura | Diamond Kayle Player

EntxRecoil says

“Lethal Tempo Runes and Build. Ignite+flash. Longsword refillable potion start. Aatrox matchup is about setting up really good allins to take advantage of our superior sustained damage. Against Aatrox if you dont have to leash (or if you leash and Aatrox doesn’t shove) we can look to get level 2 advantage and take a strong trade while he is still level 1. We also can trade hard level 1 with just a little bit of fury, try to avoid his 3rd q damage Aatrox has really good trades and healing but if we can kill him in a single all in that is how we win. Tryndamere is stronger in the early levels then Aatrox especially in the allin. Try to set up your minion wave so that you are closer to your turret so you have plenty of room to allin the Aatrox, if Aatrox is close by his turret he can take short trades and disengage to his turret easily. If Aatrox gets really far ahead, look to farm up and outscale with 40%cdr and 100% crit, if you guys are roughly even in gold you should win. If Aatrox rushes something like a deaths dance or if they have other healing on their team (soraka,vlad etc) then you should build an exectutioners after your essence reaver.”

FoggedFTW2 Tryndamere Guide

by EntxRecoil | Tryndamere Player

Rusin says

“He has better early than you, and in late game its very hard to kill him. ”

[10.21] Top/Mid Mordekaiser Guide (Platinum)

by Rusin | Mordekaiser Player

Darrkescru says

“Runa : Aery ou impeto
Desvie dos Q a todo custo
Rusha Bota pra move speed”

Teemo de ignite (Gm) PT-BR

by Darrkescru | Teemo Player

glorious7678 says

“Aatrox’s early game is very bad so you can bully him.”

Wide Mordekaiser.

by glorious7678 | Mordekaiser Player

lucasiannotti says

“You should win this if you play it right but there some aspects that beat you. An example of this is the fact that you cant block much with your counter strike.”

Stun the audience using this Jax guide!

by lucasiannotti | Jax Player

Riliane says

“Baby threat. You know where he’s going to end up every ability he uses. Can punish hard.”

Soraka Top in 10.21

by Riliane | Soraka Player

Crossing Calvin says

“All in him lvl 1. Make sure to dodge his abilities with your abilities. Dont get hit by his empowered Q. Short trade him and all in him then.”

Riven guide season 10

by Crossing Calvin | Diamond Riven Player

Adolfie says

“Aatrox will not harm you at all at the lvl 1-4, but at lvl 5 his Q starts to do a lot of dmg, so he will punish you every time you go for stack. Bramble vest is needed in this matchup to deny the healings, after some stacks and R you can beat him easily.”

Dominate the rift as Nasus! NO TOWER IS SAFE FROM THE DOGE!

by Adolfie | Nasus Player

ZergDood says

“He can be really annoying, but as lokg as you play to avoid his abilities, you’ll eventually be fine and outscale. Rush Bramble Vest, take your W at level 2 and stay focused on reacting to his dash whenever he tries to land a Q on you and he’s a a little bit far, and if you catch him, trade, disengage with E to a minion if anything goes wrong and DO NOT let him hit you with his 3rd Q. Your W stops his dash.”

Zerg’s Poppy Guide to Become the Hero You Didn’t Know You Ar

by ZergDood | Poppy Player

qazx1427 says

“While his dash can ignore your wall, Aatrox is mostly an easy lane. If you’re not sure about dodging his Qs, it’s good to start Doran’s Shield, but it’s not too bad. He needs to move around for his Q, so you can predict where he’ll move pretty consistently, leaving him to fall into your W. One funny thing you can do is to walk up while he’s in your W, watch him ult, and just walk away. You can do it with Illaoi, too.”

A Comprehensive Guide to Yorick

by qazx1427 | Yorick Player

Ayanleh says

“Like old morde, wait out his Q and then look for a aggressive trades. You outscale him but if he gets fed it will be a problem so try not to feed him.”

A Guide To Playing Mordekaiser

by Ayanleh | Mordekaiser Player


“Skill matchup, use movement and E to avoid his Q sweetspot and respect his passive. Build executioners.
Armor in runes.”


by HIGH TEST TOP88 | Diamond Sett Player

Ayanleh says

“Hes got some cc and poke but you outpoke him, he can kill if he has ignite so watchout.”

A Guide to Playing Lillia

by Ayanleh | Lillia Player

MrColorHD says

“easy i the early but becomes a monster in the late(pre-2018rework)”

Garen AD: the Ultimate Spining

by MrColorHD | Garen Player

Twist21 says

“Aatrox is very easy to beat as Tryndamere, once you hit lvl 6 and buy executioners you can face tank all his abilities and still win.Before your powerspike tho I would recommend to go in melee and trade until he tries to cast his 3rd q , when that happens disengage with your E.In this matchup I would go for Flash Ignite or Ghost Ignite depending on team comps and for Runes I would take LT with Sorcery second.”


by Twist21 | Diamond Tryndamere Player

Pikkachu Loiro says

“A tough lane to match against, will give you headaches. ”

The ULTIMATE Ornn Guide

by Pikkachu Loiro | Ornn Player

Persuification says

“Do not fight him in any stage of the lane, (unless jng ganks). Farm, then impact other areas of the map. I recommend always roaming when you have ludens, if you roam before, you don’t have the damage output to do anything.”

Zilean Top Guide! v10.20

by Persuification | Zilean Player

MahalnwReiZa00x says

“Try to predic and Dodge his skill with your movement speed from passive. ”

Ruinedking Akali Top

by MahalnwReiZa00x | Akali Player


Aatrox can do a lot of damage with his Q’s and due to his ult, he gets a lot more of lifestyle than we do, I highly recommend rushing Bramble Vest even before Sheen in order to counter his healing and give you some armor due that he deals a lot of damage with his Q’s. You will later on outscale him, since your Q damage output is way bigger than his. Look to dodge the Q’s, outsustain him, and if possible do short trades after he used his empowered autoattack. This is a skill but Aatrox sided matchup.”


by ERNESTSAURUS | Nasus Player

xXkillercrackXx says

“Slightly Gangplank favored in lane but out-scales you in a 1 on 1.”

[10.19] 🔪The Butcher of Bilgewater🔪Toplane Gangplank g

by xXkillercrackXx | Gangplank Player

Shumair says

“Aatrox is an easy match up in lane if you take ignite to reduce his healing. When he tries to hit his Qs for extended trades Q him then start autoing to proc your passive. Save your E to pull him back in when he’s on his way out to maximise the time he’s in your passive. Once you hit 6 you should try to ult when his 3rd q is mid-cast so you cancel it. alternatively, you could ult his W. If he ults first to try to all-in you then you should ult to steal his extra stats from his ult. Careful of getting kited with his E and extra speed from his ult. Buy bramble vest first. Go seekers next. Early tabi is nice too. Careful for the enemy jungler because Aatrox can set up ganks well if your flash is down. You outscale.”

[10.19] Death Does Not Tire – Shumair’s S10 Mordekaiser Top

by Shumair | Mordekaiser Player

LulzTVit says

“Aatrox can rush Doran’s shield and dominate the early game and also dodge your skillshots with E if you don’t aim them right.”

Tank Lux Top ( Try on normals first )

by LulzTVit | Lux Player

chloe666 says

“A very fun matchup IMO, as it is completely skill based. Remember that you can use your E on minions to avoid the Crit spot of his Q.
You need healing reduction on this lane, but Morello costs too much and Executioners isn’t good on you. Rush Bramble Vest if behind, if you’re winning you can get if after finishing RoA.
Don’t finish Thornail until you’re full build. ”

Bruiser Diana (Top Lane)

by chloe666 | Diana Player

stziswhatihave says

“He alls in you? Use all-in combo.
(Q – RQ – E – Q – W)
Getting ganked? Ghost and all-in combo.”


by stziswhatihave | Heimerdinger Player

Chaddy Chapstick says



by Chaddy Chapstick | Ivern Player

BeerLoL says

“Parry his third Q and you can run around him. Can be difficult if you are inexperienced.”

Dominate in Gold Elo With Hyper Carry Fiora

by BeerLoL | Fiora Player

Twist21 says

“Aatrox is not a difficult matchup for jax , as long as you dodge his 3rd q you win this.When you trade vs him walk up , trade with him and then use your q to escape before he uses his 3rd q.
Executioners calling is a must buy in this matchup.”


by Twist21 | Diamond Jax Player

Steven on Jax says

“Hard to outdmg in the early game but once u get botrk triforce its smiple and easy to kill him ”

Jax Top patch 10.19 best builds

by Steven on Jax | Jax Player

ZzZ3DemonAngelZzZ says

“poppy hard counters but be carefull of his Q sweet spots”

The Poppy OTP guide ( updated 03/09/2020 )

by ZzZ3DemonAngelZzZ | Diamond Poppy Player

wallobear53 says

“Stay behind minions or ensure there is one minion between you and him at all times so it is impossible for him to land his W on you which is usually how he will start a trade. By standing behind a minion at all times, it will be impossible for him to land it.
Before initiating a trade with Aatrox, make sure his Passive is down. If you trade when his Passive is up, he will deal a lot of extra damage in a trade. Wait for him to consume it on a minion before initiating a trade.
Try and stay out of his Q sweet spots by moving out of range of them. On the first Q, move closer to him. On the second Q, move to the side and on his third Q, run away.

[10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide

by wallobear53 | Dr. Mundo Player

laoshin3v3 says

“Careful about his Q knockups, it’s same as ur autoattack range. But he is easy to kite.”

[10.18] Lao’s Kayle – Your time has come!

by laoshin3v3 | Diamond Kayle Player

Appl313245 says

“Any runes work, as long as you rush executioner’s calling you win. Also move in strange patterns so it’s harder for him to hit his q”

Camille Guide

by Appl313245 | Camille Player

Urgoto says

“Aatrox was always a tough matchup for urgot but since the Conqueror nerfes this has become a very fine matchup.
buy an early executioners against his healing and just avoid his Q’s as much as possible. if he manages to W you there is a small window in wich you can buffer your E so you dont get pulled into the middle and E out.
You beat Aatrox late game hard so if you can just scale and get your items you will be fine”

High Diamond Urgot guide

by Urgoto | Diamond Urgot Player

PiclesDelicia says

“Skill matchup, buy thornmail and use your W and Q do dodge his abilities”


by PiclesDelicia | Diamond Maokai Player

ShiningShen says

“Bardzo trudny przeciwnik jeśli gra dobrze. Jego Q może przerwać twoje E. Można go pokonać przed 6 ale później staje się to problematyczne. Tak więc tylko krótkie wymiany i skupienie się na farmieniu i szukaniu przewagi za pomocą R gdzie indziej.”

Shen poradnik po polsku (Shen quide polish version) GOLD/PLA

by ShiningShen | Shen Player

Dan Sley says

“Si te comes sus habilidades no le entres pero si falla la q le entras con todo”

Jax bully cosmic top, mid, jungle

by Dan Sley | Jax Player

M.P.C says

“Pre lvl 6 you can easily all in him him. however post lvl 6, before you all in him make sure his R is in cool down, also try to memorize his Q’s range. Also if he ult try and wait for it to time out.”

Believe in Rumble Who Believes in You (S10)

by M.P.C | Rumble Player

Fiora Pogjet says

“Easy matchup. You can prarry his q and w very easy.”

[S.10] Fiora Toplane Guide – FioraPogjet

by Fiora Pogjet | Fiora Player

Ashookaa says

“Ok this match up forces you to land all off your skillshots so you can get your max Q stacks so you can dogde his Q and W and kite him”

♥|Lillia Top|♥ Look who’s blooming now!

by Ashookaa | Lillia Player

oskii77 says

“Try to avoid his Q’s airbone in early game. You will easily win all-in after lvl 6, and It’s even easier after finishing BOTRK. Jump on him to dodge his first 2 Qs”


by oskii77 | Jax Player

NullPC says

“Pretty even match up he out sustains you in lane but has no real way of matching your poke and you beat him in mele overall in your favor”

A comprehensive guide to Urgot top

by NullPC | Urgot Player

Flagoony says

“Aatrox is easy to beat before he hits level 6. Poke him down early and dodge his Q’s. Make sure he is not able to engage onto you. After he hits level 6, fight near walls just in case you need to tunnel away. ”

A “Magical Journey” on AD Bard Top Lane

by Flagoony | Bard Player

CptTeemoOnDuty says

“Most likely outheals / damages you if you straight up trade around level 3 and above. Best wait for a possible gank. ”

Shenpai, please notice me

by CptTeemoOnDuty | Diamond Shen Player

Nytefall24 says

“His Q’s are easy to dodge and his threat is rather low, he can not kite away from Yone’s combos.”

Yone- The Azakana Hunter Top/Mid Guide.

by Nytefall24 | Yone Player

Stiwy says

“Very Hard.
His Q can harass you even under tower and his healing is huge.
He will destroy you in early game but when you are at 2-3 items you should be able to 1 v 1 him if he’s not too fed.
Start D.Shield, then try to rush tabis and bramble vest or, if you feel strong enough to kill him buy an executioner’s calling early and try to E him into your tower.
You can even try to E him during the animations of his Q but, if you fail, you will take lots of damage.
I suggest to take PTA if you want to trade often.
He doesn’t scale as well as you do so later in the game he will not be a big problem.
Your ult does a fantastic job at ending this sad demon’s life.”

[10.16] “Steel is Stronger” – Complete Urgot guide

by Stiwy | Urgot Player

Doktora says

“Have a huge dmg whit combo 3Q + E
but is very easy to poke him and take the kill little save early and only poke then attack him and he is down (6 games vs aatrox = 6 wins)”

[10.16] Doktor Senna TOP,MID,ADC,Support and Jungler FULL G

by Doktora | Senna Player

Sir Obliterator says

“Don’t get hit by the first Q, Pull on the second Q and walk over him on the third. Whilst doing this you should be auto attacking, casting abilities and pathing to the direction of his escape ALL AT ONCE. If you do get Hit my the first, you wiill get hit by the second with help of his E and he’ll throw W down to land his 3rd and final Q for a clean and flawless trade. Keep in mind he’s autoing in this process so he will hit you with two passive procs which mathematically accounts to too much damage for you to facetank. THAT will lose you the matchup.
TL;DR: Dodge first Q.
Kryptonite: Thornmail, Mortal Reminder and Tabi’s”

10.16 Supremacy

by Sir Obliterator | Diamond Darius Player

ratirl_cousin says

“hasinsihns favorite champipon he is weak to elemental damage and has 4x weaknewss to rock type attacks (i reccomend to beat him u ask your jungler to paly glacial maphite for rock and bonus)”

how to play singed (hashinshin counterpick)

by ratirl_cousin | Singed Player

9690 says

“D-Blade. Have you seen his healing? Yeah get a kill before 6 or you are screwed. Just bait out his abilities before going in as they have a long cooldown before he gets items. Outscales you. Take Conq.”

Yone Top – Your enemies wont forget you

by 9690 | Diamond Yone Player

gsaeyx says

“Go tank otherwise Aatrox can fuck you up hard. Try to juke his sweet spots and only charge q when he can’t cc you anymore”

Dominate Top Lane with Beeg Zombie Man – Sion Matchups Guide

by gsaeyx | Sion Player


“This is a fun match-up and it Favors you. There are Multiple things to parry and the 2 Second Stun you get off of them makes this a Free win. [1]Parry his Last Q as that’s what does the most damage and easiest to parry. [2]You can also parry his W as it’s about to drag you back in as he usually pairs it up with his last Q to lock you down. [3]You can fight him in his Ultimate without any problem, just make sure you dodge some of his Qs with your own Q.”

[Season 10] CrazyWolf’s Fiora Guide 10.16

by E_IS_POWER | Fiora Player

Hypnosa says

“Most likely skill matchup but if you don’t buy vest in first base he can outscale you. Try to poke him with your grasp and range if he wins and wants more just taunt him under the turret because he got better wavepush”


by Hypnosa | Shen Player

JKuro says

“Farm and poke, don’t ever try to use E unless he uses 3rd Q
Stay behind minion”

Yone – Top/ Mid (Short)

by JKuro | Yone Player

ApraxiaDyspraxia says

“His life steal and damage is really annoying early game, wait until you get berserkers to poke hard and try trade. Don’t all in until you get zeal(unless your fed).”

Yone Any Lane/Jungler

by ApraxiaDyspraxia | Yone Player

BloodyDream81 says

“C’est un skilled Match up, le niveau de jeu que tu pourras proposer et le sien impactera grandement l’issue de la lane. Sache toutefois que si vous touchez tout les sorts tous les deux il gagnera probablement, mais ses A sont facilement évitable surtout avec le fantôme, pense à être mobile pendant les trade, abuse du fait de pouvoir bouger pendant ton A, et tu devrais t’en sortir sans trop de soucis !
Astuce : Si le match up s’avère vraiment compliquer, faire tes bottes rang 2 en premier pour la mobilité, suivi d’un Exceutionner calling pour l’anti heal devrait grandement te facilité la vie ! ”

Darius Top

by BloodyDream81 | Darius Player

Space69420 says

“Most aatrox players don’t know how to properly use his kit however into a strong aatrox opponent an early lead should be established”

Karma Top/Mid Lane

by Space69420 | Karma Player

VllnClbV2 says

“Aatrox’s natural life-steal and damage output make him an absolute terror to play against as Sett”

A Casual’s Guide to Sett

by VllnClbV2 | Sett Player

StefyourDad says

“Dodge his q in the first 5 levels and u will be ok. After 6 you can dominate.”

Garen can take over

by StefyourDad | Garen Player

Kingarthur720 says

“Lethal Tempo Runes and Build. Ignite+flash. Longsword refillable potion start. Aatrox matchup is about setting up really good allins to take advantage of our superior sustained damage. Against Aatrox if you dont have to leash (or if you leash and Aatrox doesn’t shove) we can look to get level 2 advantage and take a strong trade while he is still level 1. We also can trade hard level 1 with just a little bit of fury, try to avoid his 3rd q damage Aatrox has really good trades and healing but if we can kill him in a single all in that is how we win. Tryndamere is stronger in the early levels then Aatrox especially in the allin. Try to set up your minion wave so that you are closer to your turret so you have plenty of room to allin the Aatrox, if Aatrox is close by his turret he can take short trades and disengage to his turret easily. If Aatrox gets really far ahead, look to farm up and outscale with 40%cdr and 100% crit, if you guys are roughly even in gold you should win. If Aatrox rushes something like a deaths dance or if they have other healing on their team (soraka,vlad etc) then you should build an exectutioners after your essence reaver.”

Let the anger take over – In depth Tryndamere guide top

by Kingarthur720 | Tryndamere Player

Dantheman81 says

“This lane shouldn’t be too bad. It is rare to NOT see Aatrox nowadays in lane or banned. If he is just save your W until he uses his jump and you can escape him or catch him out. Honestly this is a matchup you should rush Executioner’s Calling.”

How to carry with Yorick in Season 10 (He Broke)

by Dantheman81 | Yorick Player

ChocoChurro says

“As long as you avoid his Q’s you should be fine. With your stacked movement speed it shouldn’t be so difficult.”

The top lane destroyer, Lillia

by ChocoChurro | Lillia Player

sexyman46 says

“Rush bramble vest and boots so you can dodge his Q.”


by sexyman46 | Udyr Player

Grasp_Jhin says

“u can kill him easy on lane, just stack GRASP on him ”

The Grasp Jhin <3 [NON-UPDATED]

by Grasp_Jhin | Jhin Player

Xplor says

“It depends on his skillshots and your ability to avoid skills. This would make the difference between winning or losing the top lane.
Avoid all abilities as much as possible. Run early boots of swiftness to help you with the mobility around and don’t stand still to farm.”

Yorick INSANE Carry TOP Lane FULL IN-DEPTH GUIDE, Season 10,

by Xplor | Yorick Player

Hunter Frenzy says

“1v1: PTA & Dom |
vs Burst JG: HoB & Res |
vs MS JG: PR & Dom |
Boots: Swifty’s |
1st Core Item: Nashor’s Tooth | Optional Item: Armguard”

[10.15] iPav’s Teemo Book

by Hunter Frenzy | Diamond Teemo Player

Nodon says

“vs aatrox it’s a pure skill matchup if you can use your movementspead to easily dodge his abilities but if you ever get hit early your getting chunked HARD”

Lillia but a lot more annoying

by Nodon | Lillia Player

Lintaar says

“If he lands his combo its almost always going to be a kill, but it is very difficult for him to hit it if you are kiting correctly


by Lintaar | Lillia Player

Darrkescru says

“Pega impeto, desvia dos Q a todo custo se você tomar o W proca o impeto e sai correndo”

Teemo apenas basico. (PT-BR)

by Darrkescru | Teemo Player

SpedIsOn says

“This match up is mostly a skill match up. Usually you want to bait out his first q, then run to him with his second q by using your q then e to stun and double auto after and run away. Use short skirmishes to win. However, you can win once you get grievous. This match up you mostly want Doran Shield but you can run Doran Blade. You definitely want Second Wind (SW) no matter what.”

Sett The Boss

by SpedIsOn | Diamond Sett Player

Omega Zero says

“Aatrox is not someone who can handle pro-longed face-to-face duels too well, however he can be extremely dangerous should you not get the advantage on him. Make sure you Alpha Strike (or preferably side-step) his Qs, and dodge his W as it will be extremely lethal if he times it well with his Q. Additionally, his ult amps ups his damage and sustain. However, he builds high health so this can backfire on him hard.”

Quick Guide to: Master Yi!

by Omega Zero | Master Yi Player

bakk0n says

“Skill matchup. Aatrox’s abilities are basically telegraphed, but so are yours. Whoever lands their combos more can usually win the lane, but Mordekaiser has a slight edge. Try to save your ult for when Aatrox ults, and steal his “upgraded” stats from his Darkin form.”

Phase Rush Mordekaiser!

by bakk0n | Mordekaiser Player

Magginator says

“Ignite is perfect for murdering him. Otherwise just take Tp and buy bramble or executioners early you win all ins after that.”

Sett Damage Conq

by Magginator | Sett Player

Sugarcuddles says

“Just watch out when he gets his ult, otherwise its not too hard.”

God Urgot Build

by Sugarcuddles | Urgot Player

Angela du Seithr says

“Aatrox est mobile, mais vous l’êtes d’autant plus, tourner autour de lui et il n’en sera qu’ennuyé. Attention à la Danse de la Mort qui le rend terrifiant.”

[10.15] Lillia on the Top Lane [FR]

by Angela du Seithr | Lillia Player

DaGuide says

“you have to dodge the tips of his q and hit your q. mostly a skill matchup”

Diamond half million points Darius Guide

by DaGuide | Darius Player

kurbart says

“he heals way too much for his own good walk into hes q combos into the markers if he dashes on you and try to keep distance and ult when low. Its not an impossible fight but you can beat him”

Veigar wip

by kurbart | Diamond Veigar Player

Saturnyourube says

“Very Easy match up
you can always out trade him.
dodge His Q
and you will win the lane
Very easily
exacutioner’s calling will also help.

Solo Carry in your Elo With RIven

by Saturnyourube | Riven Player

Colin0224 says

“Cancer to play against. You have to play around your ignite cd but if you can’t dodge shit and don’t have hands you lost”

Garen is OP. Everyone builds him wrong

by Colin0224 | Garen Player

Alzeidx says

“Its quite easy, if you dodge his Q. Stack rage, play agressive in early, dont let him farm, wreck him pre lvl 6.
Go conqueror.”

✔️ [10.13] EUW Diamond Renekton Ultimate Top / Alzeidx

by Alzeidx | Renekton Player

iTzToniOP says

“We have to take care about Aatrox triple Q, if we avoid the third one then we’re probably winning the trade. You’ll need to get a kill or minion advantage for winning the lane after level 6. If you’re not able to get it just hold the lane. Fight later with your team.”

[10.14] iTzToniOP’s reworked Volibear guide. #15 Volibear EU

by iTzToniOP | Diamond Volibear Player

Alzeidx says

“If you dodge his abilities, you can actually wreck him really hard, dont start to trade at least until lvl 3-4.
Start with Dorans Blade, get armor runes and Conqueror. At lvl 6, it will be easy to wreck him if you dodge his Q and E.”

✔️ [10.13] EUW Diamond Garen Ultimate Top Guide / Alzeid

by Alzeidx | Garen Player

Twiggymocha says

“Vs Strong laning champs you will suffer, Aatrox will bully you the whole laning phase, only mid-late game you will be able to face him.”

[TOP] Susan Guide Patch 10.14

by Twiggymocha | Diamond Nasus Player

Nyx Adachi says

“CORTACURACIONES PRIMERO, no le tradees constantemente porque te ganará siempre, aprovecha cuando no tenga cdr para sacar ventaja esperando a que ocupe sus 3 q y quedandote en tu w para cancelar su pasiva. Compra armadura ya que aatrox se cura de acuerdo al daño que este meta, es una manera bastante efectiva de counterearlo.”

Guia De Shen S10 Para Salir de Oro y otros elos

by Nyx Adachi | Diamond Shen Player

TotallyEclipse says

“If he hits all his crit Q’s and his W, you will lose the all in. If you E his Passive, look to fight him. You can choose to buy an early executioners calling, but you dont need it”


by TotallyEclipse | Jax Player

darksage1234 says

“As long as you are out of his ‘sweet spots’, you should be fine. You can try and solo kill him level 3.”

In-Depth Guide to Volibear the Thundergod

by darksage1234 | Volibear Player

ForOrion says

“Aatrox has incredibly high scaling with his abilities, and his mid to late game is much stronger then you. The only advantage you can have in this is to win a early first blood/kill, stay cautious, and farm till laning is shifting towards mid game or the jungle is ahead. Other than that if he gets ahead, you are done for.”

Shark 悪魔 of the Rift

by ForOrion | Diamond Pyke Player

Dedrick says

“Thornmail will save you. He heals too much otherwise, try to poke him with Q, then close range before he can line up his Qs.”

(10.14) Tahm Kench Top Guide

by Dedrick | Tahm Kench Player

Michsds says

“You cant deal with him untill your 6th lvl. Wait for ganks and farm then just go in. ”

Bigger Sword? Bigger DMG![10.14] Michsds`s Riven guide!

by Michsds | Riven Player

zer3000 says

“hard early but you can bully him if he miss his w
FROZEN HEART IS A MUST since his healing is based of his dmg”


by zer3000 | Ryze Player

EveryMysticLimit says

“Gangplank into pretty much any bruiser is a win. Poke him down with Q and dodge his Q’s. Also, be cautious for his all ins with his ult. Chances are, he’ll win the fight. (Flash and Ignite)”

(W.I.P ) Beginner’s Guide To Top Lane Gangplank

by EveryMysticLimit | Diamond Gangplank Player

MateuszNH says

“Skill matchup.
Good aatrox can own you but most of them are bad and your kits works pretty nice on them. If he waste his E and doesn’t CC you can punish him by your E. You can also use both your clone or E to avoid his spells. ”

[10.14]Monkey king high elo ultimate guide ( IN PROGRESS)

by MateuszNH | Diamond Wukong Player

ACE4291 says

“this guy can poke you at a good distance. if he plays smart its a tough match up. you can bully him if you avoid his Qs.
you must avoid his Qs on his ult which is hard for Tahm. he can heal and beat you on his ULT ”

(10.13) The Kench Guide to Try out!

by ACE4291 | Tahm Kench Player

MrClockWorks says

“Aatrox can avoid you haymaker with his dash and his q’s are ranged so he can just keep knocking you up as you run at him. Buy anti heal or take ignite, you can still kill him and win lane, Aatrox though can just make it like a farming lane.”

Play Sett as an actual Boss

by MrClockWorks | Diamond Sett Player

Numberjack says

“Aatrox has multiple jump ins, and he also heals himself even without items/runes to help. This is a strong combination vs Yuumi.”

Battlecat Yuumi (updated: post E cost -nerf)

by Numberjack | Yuumi Player

Wettnoodles says

“You can kill him at level 2 since you can dodge 2 of his Q’s with your dashes. Build bramble or tabi if you need it otherwise you’ll keep killing him anyway with BotRK and PTA. Short trades.”

Wettnoodles’s Renekton Toplane S10

by Wettnoodles | Renekton Player

DirtyDishSoap says

“He heals for alot and beats you in the early stages of the game, but once you hit six, and land a wall, he’ll lose pretty easily.”

Yoloick – Washed up low Diamond player

by DirtyDishSoap | Yorick Player

Sandaum says

“Q. q .q . q q.q. q.q q. .qq. q.q.Don’t take his Q’s”

Kha’Zix All lanes builds and Runes (S10)

by Sandaum | Kha’Zix Player

AskMeHowToGp says

“If you can dodge his q’s and poke him a lot u wont have a lot of a problem.”


by AskMeHowToGp | Gangplank Player

CourtesyD0Prata says

“Rush executioner’s call and wait your Q has 1.33 of CD. Same as Pantheom but a little dangerous because his cure and damage are insane / Rushe Chamado do carrasco e espere seu Q ter 1.33 de CD. O mesmo do pantheom, porém um pouco mais perigoso, ja que o dano e cura desse boneco são insanos.”

CourtesyD0Prata’s Yasuo guide S10 EN-US / PT-BR

by CourtesyD0Prata | Yasuo Player

ABunchOfNumbers says

“This one is about how good you can farm while keeping him from poking you. If you’re good enough, you can farm just fine, and maybe get some kills with your jungler!”

To Stacc or not to Stacc

by ABunchOfNumbers | Nasus Player

report singed ty says

“Skill matchup. Dodge his initial cc and he has an impossible time landing the rest of it. On the other hand though, if you get hit by the initial CC have fun being CC’d 100 more times by his never ending combo. Not a bad matchup though.”

The Extensive Singed Bible (REMAKING)

by report singed ty | Singed Player

Sq_09 says

“(Idk wether to put him 4 or 5)
He wins fights. He can outheal your damage and you can’t really stop him from hiting his Q strings, especially when he uses his dash correctly. His R basically nullifies your slow and takes away all of your minion cover for his W. Try staying at max range and track his cooldowns carefully. ”

Ashe toplane, the slowing menace (Fun build)

by Sq_09 | Diamond Ashe Player

WatchersGrim says

“One of your easiest match ups as you both have sustain but you have more damage to your kit easily making you a better choice in a duel.”

=WG= Demon Incognito (Tryndamere) [Old Guide Still Viable]

by WatchersGrim | Tryndamere Player

Beatport Expo says

“Due to his Q, It’s hard to try landing Q on him because he’ll out-damage you when trading, but your Thick Skin should help you recover from those damage”

Tank TOP and MID Lane Tahm Kench (with slight on-hit damage)

by Beatport Expo | Tahm Kench Player

SabinX says

“You a pretty good champion against Aatrox, but if he gets ahead you are gonna have a bad time.”

Wukong TopLane – Armor Reduction Build & Guide

by SabinX | Diamond Wukong Player

Kingarthur720 says

“i cant say much about aatrox except for farm until you hit lvl 6 or PD/RFC powerspike, before this he beats you in a lvl 3 all in, build executioners if the healing is too much to handle”

dead man walking – An in depth guide to graves top and jung

by Kingarthur720 | Graves Player

Nyarlathotep72 says

“IDK maybe, you think I play this?
No I don’t, now play this in your ranked games. Do it you wont”


by Nyarlathotep72 | Maokai Player

gabriel5ben9 says

“Just buy an early Bramble vest and everything will be easier. Dodge his Qs, don’t get caught on his W, and run to your tower if he ults.”

Toplane Tank Leona

by gabriel5ben9 | Diamond Leona Player

ISwearImNotPolish says

“The reason he’s an Even threat unlike Dr. Mundo is that Aatrox has big hitboxes on his Qs. Rush executioners and don’t take all of his Qs.”

A Marvelous Guide to Tear Udyr top

by ISwearImNotPolish | Udyr Player

VIP Titan says

“1 tips against Aatrox. Make sure he used his Q the third time. As soon as he did. GO all in on him. Cos his Q cool down is really high. So in that case, he got nothing really to fight you. Make sure get reduce health items! Thats all
Remember MAX E not Q! ”


by VIP Titan | Olaf Player

Ashookaa says

“try to dogde his q with ur e and ult jump around like monkey midgame and early play a bit safe but when u sure that jgl wont gank try to go for solo kill”

Akali low elo guide

by Ashookaa | Akali Player

DeLaGeezyBaby says

“Basta con esquivar las Q para lograr una buena pelea en contra de el.”

Guia de Urgot para top lane

by DeLaGeezyBaby | Urgot Player

ShaharKarisi says

“Aatrox can burst you with a full Q combo but his W is pretty worthless against Shyvana’s W. Both champion’s ultimates are great and it’s basically a contest of skill.”

Shyvana Top Lane Guide, And How To Dominate Low-Mid Elo

by ShaharKarisi | Shyvana Player

SirDrPotato says

“You can easily either dodge his abilities or riposte them. Executioner’s calling is a nice niche item to build against Aatrox since he relies heavily on healing.”

[PATCH 10.11] Gracefully Climbing With Fiora Top

by SirDrPotato | Fiora Player

Subject3 says

“just.. bait his riven copy cat ability.
if you see him use it try and look for an engage with your q, make sure to dodge his lock up ability.”

Tahm Kench Top / Bait and Kill

by Subject3 | Tahm Kench Player

LloydOrchid says

“Try to dodge his skills while poking him. Get your jungler to kill him since he’s tanky.”

[10.11] [Gunblade] Top Karma – A Noob’s Guide [W.I.P]

by LloydOrchid | Karma Player

KayleMachine says

“Can give you a hard time if he freezes the Lane and forces you to walk up. Starting boots+4pots against him will help you a lot if you have problems.”

Challenger Kayle Guide – SoloQ lane focussed Playstyle 10.11

by KayleMachine | Kayle Player

Starci says

“Pretty hard matchup tbh. You can easily dodge some of his Q’s, but if the Aatrox is good and knows how to adapt based on your playstyle he can defeat you. Skill matchup.”

Dominate the game with Fiora

by Starci | Fiora Player

Vodka4Gaben says

“Just dodge his first 2 Q’s and you win trade/fight.”


by Vodka4Gaben | Illaoi Player

SuPIeX says

“Skill matchup leaning in his favor. I recommand getting Bramblevest asap to cut his healing. Utilize your speed to engage hard or disengage based on the situation. Phase rush also makes it extremely easy to dodge his Q.”

Low elo Easy Useful Garen Guide 10.11

by SuPIeX | Garen Player

Auntbetsie says

“Never really played against an Aatrox before but have won lane every time when I do play against him. Just dodge his Q combo’s and you will be fine and remember to punish him for missing his Q combo’s.”


by Auntbetsie | Tryndamere Player

Discord Rengar Mains says

“Early to mid game oriented champion who can act as a drain tank. Depending on how you both play this lane, either you leave him into the dirt unable to do anything but farm, or he becomes a sustain nightmare that you need 3 people to take down. He is fairly weak until level 7-8, which is where his Q’s base damage starts skyrocketing, so you want to put pressure on him ASAP. He can deal fairly well with your all in if he times his abilities right and if he gets ahead the game goes downhill real fast, so you might want to take flash + ignite to secure the early advantage. Conqueror works fine but aatrox likes extended trades to a degree, so you might want to consider grasp or HoB.

Rengar Mains Community Guide ft. ScrubNoob, CallMeExiled, P1

by Discord Rengar Mains | Rengar Player

Gwndimi says

“Grasp to easy lane
Aery if you wanna snowball
Skilled match up OUTPLAYS NEEDED”

[10.10] Toplane Soraka Carry with heals

by Gwndimi | Soraka Player

VictorDelRey says

“Avoid his Qs and you are gucci. His CC is pretty unreliable and easily countered by your mobility. Make sure to E him if he is about to die and uses ult, so you can mark him and burst him. He no longer revives so if you win the trade, you win the game.”

[10.10] VictorDelRey’s Guide for Irelia

by VictorDelRey | Irelia Player

CounterBlad3 says

“On par with fighting an ant, buy healing reduction in the form of Executioners and free farm your super minion”

Top Lane Domination with Darius [10.10]

by CounterBlad3 | Diamond Darius Player

Itreallyhim says

“Dodge his Q’s as best as you can, If you’re out of his Q range, Always dodge forwards, He will probably E Q to try and reach you from a far, This lane can be over in seconds if you make mistakes, Play well and it should be a breeze.
Use your W after 1st or 2rd Aatrox Q.”

itreallyhim’s Mordekaiser Guide! [100% Matchups]

by Itreallyhim | Mordekaiser Player

NotReiken says

“This fight is entirely dependant on the Aatrox. if you’re fighting a one trick, say goodbye to any chance you had of living a trade. if its a noob, just stomp him and dodge the 3rd q.”

Reikens WIP Rengar Guide

by NotReiken | Diamond Rengar Player

Circas says

“This match up is fairly easy. Think about it. All his damage comes from his Q where they are very easy to dodge with your mobility and your Deviant Dance (W) can actually be useful to block his third Q. Just don’t take damage early, don’t let him auto you for free off the first wave with his passive because it hurts. Just wait till you are level 3 or 4 after he shoves you, build up stacks and GO IN.
Normally you start with corrupting and want to get a Doran’s blade to help out your early game and give you a bit more health and then just rush BOTRK. At some point pick up executioners or bramble after BOTRK because even if you dumpster him in lane he will be annoying later.

[10.10] The ULTIMATE Diamond Irelia Top Lane guide.

by Circas | Diamond Irelia Player

RavenGOD says

“Winnable just dodge he’s q. You can fight him before level 6 after that just try to avoid and farm.”

Running it down

by RavenGOD | Singed Player

Rivenetto says

“Early 3 levels Riven beats him so hard.Play around his Q cooldown.If he uses Q 3 times on minion wave,you have 14 seconds window to trade him,dodge his Q’s and try to play around his cooldows early game.Get executioners and dont give him to farm,instead he will outscale your whole team.”

Riven is counter to next adc buffs

by Rivenetto | Riven Player

Hiimpurple says

“You just lose this match up, your best chance is to time his q’s and poke him when he can’t all in you. ”

[10.10]The IMMORTAL vision of Noxus (still in progress)

by Hiimpurple | Swain Player

LycheeMochigome says

“Easy if you can just dodge his q’s with your e, especially q3… Hook also applies grevious wounds which really cuts his healing”

Skaarl Champion Guide, (and his mount Kled)

by LycheeMochigome | Kled Player

classicnoob says

“This is a skill matchup Make sure not to get hit by atleast 1 of his Q’s or he can outtrade you.Alot of Aatrox players don’t understand how the Ultimate works.”

The might for Demacia! (10.10)

by classicnoob | Garen Player

classicnoob says

“I don’t know why,But sometimes this champ can destroy you…Go Tank and AD Build to beat him.”

Nasus 1 Trick Guide.(10.10)

by classicnoob | Nasus Player

HeyItsLeemo says

“Ok, you might think this is a joke, but Aatrox can mess, you, up. Really easily, his Q and E are so annoying and it’s impossible to cs against a good Aatrox, just. Ask for ganks or play safe.”

Zed guide, build and abilites and runes (10.10)

by HeyItsLeemo | Zed Player

FoxyGrill says

“You have pretty flashy kit so he shouldn’t be a problem, try to dodge his q with bladesurge or at least to block it with your w”

Irelia Top Guide

by FoxyGrill | Irelia Player

GamerAtLarge says

“How do I put this? Hes not fun to lane against. Like Irelia knowing how his kit works is half the battle but even so avoiding his Q is often easier said then done on repeat.”

Carry Early To Late – Anti Lane/Jungle Bully (Patch 10.9)

by GamerAtLarge | Yorick Player

SuperPopo7 says

“make small trades and all in when he uses his Q to try to poke you while also holding w to get off skarll

Best Snowball Kled Top guide [HIGH DIAMOND]

by SuperPopo7 | Kled Player

GreeN1337 says

“Just watchout for his Q’s and you should be good to go. Before level 6 and after. He can also go magic resist in runes thinking You will go normal ap build so here is Your advantage in that matchup. Just watchout for his first item if the game is even he can clap You.”

[10.9] Top Akali Bruiser Build

by GreeN1337 | Akali Player

Cats4lyfe123 says

“Fairly easy to dodge his abilities as Akali, just don’t let him snow ball and you’ll win the lane.”

AP Bruiser Akali Top

by Cats4lyfe123 | Diamond Akali Player

Dejuronto says

“The downfall of Aatrox from 9.9 to 9.18 caused Mordekaiser to become basically the king of top lane. If you’re fighting an aatrox, his Q cc can be annoying. But it has a long cooldown too. Just build morellonomicon against him, or in some situations, even bramble vest. Cause grievous wounds to him and cut off his healing.”


by Dejuronto | Mordekaiser Player

ShinyEmo says

“Make him cry. He can’t deal damage as much as you do. The only 2 things you should care is dodging his third Q with your Q and jungler ganks. ”

Some Master Yi Top & Jung Stuff (W.I.P.)

by ShinyEmo | Master Yi Player

The Namelesss says

“W don’t defend you from his Q, so if you win he in the beggining, nice, you have a chance, if not, just call help.”

Shen (works on all lanes), the atack speed vampire.

by The Namelesss | Shen Player

Loki029 says

“Use Silence before Flight, he can´t cancel any of your skills, Before he ults use W too deny him Damage. Build Mortal Reminder and Maw of Malmortius.”

Garen/teed to dominate your Game (Season 8/ Patch 8.11)

by Loki029 | Garen Player

Oblak says

“He is not a hard matchup, but, it depends very much in your skills, he can outrun you, but you can outrun him, before level 6 he is not hard, but after that you should proceed with caution”

Shen, the King of Top Lane [10.8] Season 10 Guide

by Oblak | Diamond Shen Player

Lazmm says

“Aatrox is probably a champ you dont want to play against in lane because of his strong 1 v 1. Make sure to go aftershock if you wan to play into it and seekers arm guard is a strong item here.”

Fiddlesticks Toplane

by Lazmm | Fiddlesticks Player

hephephepeEPEPE says

“if you dodge his abilities you win and you can do that by flinging him
i reccomend taking ghost so you can dodge his abilities”

Epic Singed Guide

by hephephepeEPEPE | Singed Player

N3rdRag3_ says

“skill based lane, he will push harder than you can and attempt to all in, avoid standing at distance so he cannot get his procs on edge of his Q”

Braum of blades

by N3rdRag3_ | Diamond Braum Player

PrettyPinkPutin says

“If you stick very close to him he won’t ever be a threat to you, use your R to dodge his 3rd Q of course.”

Season fucking 10 half assed Camille “Guide”

by PrettyPinkPutin | Camille Player

AkenoSenpai says

“This match up is for the most part a mini game of dodging his Q. The way to fight him is to stun followed up with Q then just stick to him to not allow him hitting first and second Q for third Q you want to either jump away to a minion u can get a reset on and back to aatrox afterwards or just charge ur W if Q dodge is not available”

S10 Irelia guide

by AkenoSenpai | Irelia Player

chromeq3 says

“If you’re bad at kiting, you don’t have a chance against this guy.

chromeq3’s Kayn Top Guide! //

by chromeq3 | Kayn Player

MagrelinOnFire says

“Runa: vs Lutadores.
Spells: flash/incendiar
Todos os Aatrox começam com o Q, abuse do Grasp e sua Passiva no lvl 1, com o incendiar você conseguirá o first blood. Na primeira volta a base, compre 1 doran blade, olhe o time inimigo, se existir outros campeões com curas ou roubo de vida além do aatrox, compre 1 carrasco. O segredo dessa lane é desviar do terceiro Q do aatrox, tente lutar sempre que você tiver com o incendiar fora de cooldown. Abuse da sua passiva, seu barril renova a passiva sempre que você o estoura, lute perto deles, são sua maior fonte de dano e sua passiva estaca com o incendiar.”

Gangplank para baixinhos. Guia do Novato

by MagrelinOnFire | Gangplank Player

lugzinho says

“Dodge the Q’s with your E.
This matchup got faily easier with the Grievous Wounds buff.”


by lugzinho | Kled Player

Blazeofepicness says

“Play safe till 3, then trade. Your level 6 all in is much stronger. He outscales you eventually, but your mid-game is stronger with bork. ”

Wukong Top Guide

by Blazeofepicness | Wukong Player

VelesemPT says

“It always depends on how good you play and on how good he plays.
Lots of mobility and health regen.”

The Infernal Nasus

by VelesemPT | Nasus Player

Thr3shPrinc3 says

“Really difficult lane for basically the same reasons as Darius. He can out bully you in lane even though he is melee and has an insane amount of sustain. He can also kill you quite easily if you position badly and post level 6 he can turret dive you if you are below 50% HP. Play the lane as passively as possible and poke whenever you can. Just get as much farm as possible and make sure you aren’t behind when it reaches mid-game. Late game you have enough cc to lock him down so can secure kills on him later on in the game.”

Thresh Top : How To Play, How to Win!!!

by Thr3shPrinc3 | Thresh Player

6MillionBreads says

“He outsustains you, and can use Q to cancel your E disengage. You don’t have any kill pressure on him at all, get Bramblevest asap, and play safe till jungler can help or roam to help team.”

Zac, The Globular God (Off-Meta Top/Support guide)

by 6MillionBreads | Zac Player

ForgottenProject says

“Parry his last Q as it does the most damage
In high elo, Aatrox players will time their W with their Q, so in that case, Parry the W and Dash out of his Q3
Even if you are ahead, DO NOT underestimate his damage
His empowered auto (Passive) has a long cool down, but hits hard, so try not to let him AA you on the first minion wave”

(Season 10) Rank #1 NA Fiora Guide by ForgottenProject

by ForgottenProject | Diamond Fiora Player

Blakespeare says

“Due to his q being stationary it is an easy champ to engage on level 1 with minion wave advantage. recommend the take of dorans blade for wining early trades. You want to buy a executioners calling early to win level 6 trades dealing with his healing”

You just got Urgotted (to make you feel like star guardian)

by Blakespeare | Urgot Player

Gunford says

“You can dodge his Q and you can Quickdraw out of his W. He has no chance to hit you when you play it well. Buy Executioners Calling against his sustain.”

Conquerer Graves TOP

by Gunford | Graves Player

Tigy says

“Your q is a healing reduction which can impact Aatrox since his whole kit heals him.”

[Season 10] Top Lane Kled Guide

by Tigy | Kled Player

SirVermillion says

“Dodge his Q’s and you should be fine. This should be an easy matchup, just don’t make any mistakes and don’t soak up the damage from his Q’s like a sponge, you’ll get chunked out of lane and fall behind. Or, you know… die. ”

Adaptive Low Elo Camille Guide From A Camille Main

by SirVermillion | Camille Player

Speez says

“A Good aatrox is an annoying match up, if he is good with his q he can knock you out of your jump animation, besides that build executioners and you’re good”

Rengar The Pridestalker Top lane [Easy to abuse and win lane

by Speez | Rengar Player

Colgatepot69 says

“He can close gaps between you and him pretty easily and do major damage to you early game making it harder for you to pull off this build.”


by Colgatepot69 | Neeko Player

spaceriftmaster says

“Aatrox is a very tough match up for Morde because he has very large passive healing from his main sources of damage and if it’s a good Aatrox you won’t be able to fight him and you’ll have to play safe and wait for jungle ganks.”

Obliterate Your Opponents! – Beginner’s Guide To Mordekaiser

by spaceriftmaster | Mordekaiser Player

Braddik says

“If he hits all his crit Q’s and his W, you will lose the all in. If you E his Passive, look to fight him. You can choose to buy an early executioners calling, but you dont need it ”


by Braddik | Diamond Jax Player

Trial_By_Barrel says

“Aatrox is a hard match up to rate. This is because of how good the enemy is at Aatrox. A good Aatrox may be able to beat you in lane. While a bad Aatrox is a different story. Play this match up as you would with a tank. Just poke him with grasp Q’s and farm with barrels. Also try and poke him with barrels if you can hit him with them.”

Builds And Tips – Beginner’s Guide To Gangplank

by Trial_By_Barrel | Gangplank Player

Darkseige555 says

“Poppy has the advantage against dash champions, but Aatrox is very strong and shouldn’t be underestimated. Even if he hits like a truck and is tricky to dive, you can outplay him by e’ing his first or second q, q yourself and walk away with w once he has his last q. Always use grasp passive after and before each fight to win all the trades.”

Become the hero! A poppy top lane guide

by Darkseige555 | Poppy Player

The Lost Drawing says

“Contra todos lo enemigos que se curan con solo golpear súbditos te recomiendo armarte ‘Baile de la muerte’ para intercambios equilibrados e incluso favorables ya que llevas ‘Aliento del agonico’”

Poppy la Carry

by The Lost Drawing | Diamond Poppy Player

enderare says

“so easy just morde 2.0. youre designed to beat him, q his q’s and you should maybe be hit by one if at all. ”

Bruiser Tank Vayne Top

by enderare | Vayne Player

Joaking says

“Don’t fight him if he has his passive or his Q up.
Rush executioner’s calling.
Use your Q to dodge his Q.”

Ultimate Riven guide: How to climb elo

by Joaking | Diamond Riven Player

Pickle Pick says

“This is more of a skill-based matchup and it could go either way. Remember to use your W to not get knocked up or pulled back into his W.”

[10.6] Pickle Pick’s in-depth guide to Ornn in the top lane!

by Pickle Pick | Ornn Player

CFCryo says

“Shadow of his former glory, both pre and post-rework. Your held Q is excellent at dodging Qs, but you should probably be careful about engaging while his ult is up. All it takes is one W or Q hit from him to severely change the tide of battle.”

[Season 10] TRUE “Drain Tank” AD Warwick

by CFCryo | Warwick Player

Daedralus says

“You can follow his Q with your Q and out sustain him easily. If he uses R, simply R him as well, as it will prevent full usage of his R. By using E after, his damage later on can be rendered insignificant. Giving early kills to him is dangerous however, as he can get the upper hand. ”

[S10] Hybrid AP Warwick [One-Shots + Full Heals Mid/Top/Jung

by Daedralus | Warwick Player

PlasmaFox1 says

“ehh? you can win these. Get ignite and grevious wounds.”

Legendary Taric Top 1v9 machine

by PlasmaFox1 | Taric Player

Askio says

“Without his ult sustain, Aatrox is a pain but manageable. Avoid his CC chains and set up ganks for your team and your should be able to deny his farm. ”

The Immortal Depths: A Nautilus Guide to Top Lane

by Askio | Nautilus Player

EnchantedCat says

“Even though Aatrox has been nerfed a lot, he is still a bully and though you can kill him he really sucks to play against since he can just spam his abilities on you pre and post 6 when you’re farming. He has a lot of kill pressure on you but this match-up is very skill based. ”

Kayle builds

by EnchantedCat | Kayle Player

CocaineSinged69 says

“If you are bad ad dodging abilitys hes a 4/5 hard, because he has no mana, many sustain and much dmg. Only with this build you manage to outrun and outsustain him.”


by CocaineSinged69 | Singed Player

TheRevenantsHand says

“He is only a problem when he lands his crit Q’s. Engage at 2 or 1 if you wish, but be careful. Punish him if he misses his E and Q’s. I recommend going W if you’re to engage. ”

[10.6] Mordekaiser lane bully *Crush and Enthrall* IN DEPTH

by TheRevenantsHand | Mordekaiser Player

VicGal96 says

“Early to mid game oriented champion who can act as a drain tank. Depending on how you both play this lane, either you leave him into the dirt unable to do anything but farm, or he becomes a sustain nightmare that you need 3 people to take down. He is fairly weak until level 7-8, which is where his Q’s base damage starts skyrocketing, so you want to put pressure on him ASAP. He can deal fairly well with your all in if he times his abilities right and if he gets ahead the game goes downhill real fast, so you might want to take flash + ignite to secure the early advantage. Conqueror works fine but aatrox likes extended trades to a degree, so you might want to consider grasp or HoB.”

Each trophy, a victory… a comprehensive guide to Top Lane

by VicGal96 | Rengar Player

Rsingo says

“Skill matchup in his favour. Dodge his q s and rush bramble. You can beat him if he is not fed.”


by Rsingo | Nasus Player

ozmankaan says

“Not a big threat, if played rightly u can op him bt keep in mind at beginning he out damage u, his passive is good n if he able to cast his Q on u, u would be in trouble, try to dodge his Q, play a little passive at strt till lvl 6, he can ult during ur ult, try to move with in ur turret during ur ult so he cant runaway. ”

The Almighty Urgot

by ozmankaan | Diamond Urgot Player

Valorkyrie Quinn says

“Skill-based matchup. Depends if you can dodge his Q knockups or not.
Quinn’s E can dodge his knockups if timed properly.
Tip: Try to predict when he dashes forward with QE. Your E displacement can knock him backward a bit, also moving towards him to avoid the outer area knockups of Q1 and Q2.
Either move towards him or sidestep his knockups.”

Phoenix, Fly! 1.3M Mastery Toplane Quinn Guide! [10.5]

by Valorkyrie Quinn | Quinn Player

BeautifulWinter says

“With Aatrox you want to play passive until level 6 and then push him hard when ult is up.
Your Ult can be used to dodge his E and I believe his Q so time it well.
May want Executioner’s Calling to deal with his healing.”

Illaoi build guide

by BeautifulWinter | Illaoi Player

Devcon says

“Your dash gives you the mobility to weave in and out of his skillshots while you buckshot his face. Take an executioner’s sword to win every all-in.”

Devcon’s Bloodthirsty Graves Top (Updated)

by Devcon | Graves Player

Canis858 says

“Die Knock-Ups sind sehr stark und der Revive die Ult cancelt.
Runen: 1”

[10.5] Yorick Guide Deutsch

by Canis858 | Yorick Player

Mysterious Spoof says

“Aatrox is a matchup that you win, but you have to be careful of his q combo. Remember that your q puts you directly on top of people, so you can avoid aatrox’s 1st and 3rd q with it”

Diamond Jax Guide

by Mysterious Spoof | Jax Player

XRVG says

“Skill matchup. You need to play around his Q and his healing. Make sure to time your combos or he will out heal.”

[10.5] Renekton Guide TOP Lane | Carry Build | 1v9 |

by XRVG | Renekton Player

feederfromelohell says

“Can’t survive without building tank on lane and staying under turret. Cancels all of your abilities. Weak in late so just chill and outscale.”

The Strategically Minded Sion AKA Reddits Inting Sion

by feederfromelohell | Sion Player

IvaoManeirao says

“i’m putting Aatrox here but really i’m talking about all bruisers: Easy as hell. Since you’re a juggernaut you’ll just win almost every trade, you can just run them down and they can’t do a thing.”

Another One Bites The Dust – Top Urgot guide

by IvaoManeirao | Diamond Urgot Player

Big Belly Bop says

“If he is able to land a W on you, instantly E out and walk away. You can weave in autos and Q’s but be careful for his E and Q combo. He will be able to survive your damage as long as he goes even with you so try to shut him down early with ganks from your jungler or mid-lane. Flash + Exhaust, Doran’s Blade + 1 HP start, Gotta Blast! or Survivability rune page.”

[10.3] Only Senna Top’s TOP LANE Senna IN DEPTH GUIDE

by Big Belly Bop | Diamond Senna Player

R3action says

“TLDR: Skill matchup, use your Walls wisely and u will win
(Without Ghouls)
Stack Up your graves as per usual,
dont waste/ use minimally your W ( Wall) and E ( Slow ) wisely if you need to run away, Dont get hit the crits and you will be fine
(With Ghouls)
Use your E when you have graves ready and u see its suitable to trade. Only use your W ( Wall ) after he uses his only escape dash. Do this correctly you should be dealing ALOT of damage / Flashing / Kill
You can rush executioner early game if you think you cannot beat him then build as per usual tanks item or you can finish executioner build”

Yorick Experience ( Top,Mid,Adc,Sp)

by R3action | Yorick Player

ExfIamed says

“You can beat him in the first outing, but you can’t ever just full on 1v1 him unless you’ve either killed him 5 times or he afk’d and came back, but you do outscale him.”

ExflamedMMask’s Indepth Climbing Guide for Garen in S10

by ExfIamed | Garen Player

Geffi Cloverheart says

“- [Kèo kỹ năng].
– Bảng: [Quyền Năng Bất Diệt], [Dư chấn] -”

[10.4]: CDR Skarner Top – by TJL Geffi [Vietnam].

by Geffi Cloverheart | Skarner Player

Verdehile says

“Pain in the ass early game. Heals for surprisingly amount even when he only lands 1 q and an auto. You beat him after ER and anti heal.”

One of best Tryndamere Top laners NA| Verdehile’s fists of M

by Verdehile | Tryndamere Player

Tryptic1 says

“Just like Darius and Olaf, Aatrox is a powerful champion at early game. He can deal tons of damage with his Q, his W can make you slow and pull you back to the center.
When face with Aatrox, try to dodge his Q and W.
Don’t try to fight him when his ult is activated, his ult will give him more damage and healing effect. ”


by Tryptic1 | Poppy Player

MadYordle says

“Mobility and burst. Aatrox is a pain to deal with and will put you down. Flash plays and jungle assistance required.”

Risky Business – Sett’s on the backfoot

by MadYordle | Sett Player

Ends says

“Can be countered using morello but can zone you and kite you.”

[10.4] Mordekaiser Guide

by Ends | Mordekaiser Player

9690 says

“Not a huge issue. He can out trade you early, respect his level 1. As the lane goes on, if you’re even you win hard. Dodge his Q’s, get ninja tabi. Post 6 you smash him and kill him on spawn with R. Just don’t make mistakes early and don’t let him snowball.”

Mordekaiser [V10.4] Speed (Movement Speed + Attackspeed)

by 9690 | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

Loevely says

“Skill matchup that is tipped in Aatrox’s favor. Winnable but requires very good Rengar mechanics and
knowledge. Grasp + W + D-Shield start is recommended.”

(10.3) In-Depth Rengar Top Guide

by Loevely | Diamond Rengar Player

KonataPro90 says

“Keep your distance and you can easily eat through him”

Neeko Top WIP

by KonataPro90 | Neeko Player

numpadddd says

“Dodge Skillshots and youll be fine, also watch out for his Ultimate because he will be pretty strong with it (can also 1v2 or even 1v3 when not too bad) without it you should be able to foght him”

10.3 CARRY Every Game With GAREN!

by numpadddd | Garen Player

ENX Kai says

“No more resurrection but still can be a threat. High damage and lots of CCs. Can outplay you with his healing, play extra safe, try not to get caught by his chain.”


by ENX Kai | Darius Player

sorio94 says

“Dont die. He can abuse you, learn to lose minions, go for exp. Try to farm with your Q as much as you can.”

S10 Kayle Top Lane guide

by sorio94 | Kayle Player

Luthy2278 says

“Again, it depends on the player. If he knows how to poke you, he wins trades and when he hits level 6, his lifesteal is insane and he has a chance to beat you, but if you hit level 6 before he does and he overextends, then you will 10% beat him and probably win future fights. Depends on who hits level 6 first. Unlike him, you can escape from hit ult and live, he can not escape yours.”


by Luthy2278 | Mordekaiser Player

LoganGarnett says

“You don’t need to get close to him, his initial Q has tiny knock-up zone and his W is pretty slow. You can manage that. Cut off his sustain with Mortal Reminder. ”

The Guide to Senna, the Supportive Toplaner

by LoganGarnett | Senna Player

cutmeh says

“Aatrox relies on his cc and sustain to fight you. As rengar, you have greater burst and should win 1v1s. Avoid his cc =win trade against him ”

[10.2] Assassination

by cutmeh | Diamond Rengar Player

Noc7urnalz says

“When facing aatrox in the top lane you actually have the upper hand , he is most likely going to try to go for trades early game as his damage is big. Use your W on his third Q and you can out-trade him. Moving constantly can also couse him to miss a lot of his Q’s.
NOTE : Can be dangerous if you fall behind.”

Nocturne /Bruiser/ Top

by Noc7urnalz | Nocturne Player

The GoD King says

“Don’t give Aatrox any kind of lead, or you will get bullied by him.”

[10.2] Ultimate God King Full AD Darius

by The GoD King | Darius Player

Defensivity1 says

“Be carefull trading with him before level 6, both grasp and conqueror are fine choices in to aatrox once you hit 6 he should be an easy kill, but ofcourse be carefull of the enemy jungeler.”

Defensivity’s S9 yorick guide

by Defensivity1 | Diamond Yorick Player

Pankotr says

“Bait his Q’s and go all in.
Irelia counter his skills easily.
You have to use your Q to dodge his Q’s.”

✔️ [10.2] |TURKISH TOP-LANER| BetterNerfIrelia – Irelia

by Pankotr | Irelia Player

Taliyehn says

“Scary, isn’t it ? Still not such a hard one. Get early boots and some HP (redemption’s bracer is enough). Then start dodging.”

[9.24] Absolutely serious Toplane Soraka ~ The independent s

by Taliyehn | Soraka Player

Quezel says

“Aatrox can poke you out early game but after you buy seekers he begins to lose quite hard. Anytime he commits to a trade and uses his e or all of his qs ult him and kill him. Pick up Morello for grievous wounds later if you need it .”

How to play the King of Oblivion Mordekaiser

by Quezel | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

N4wt says

“Slight advantage to Kayle. Take celerity to dodge his abilities. Get boots early. ”

Diamond Kayle Guide (10.2)

by N4wt | Diamond Kayle Player

Evilfury10 says

“Mechanical Difference.
Recommend Starting Option 1 and Buy Refillable Potion When You Can”

Rengar Top Guide (9.23)

by Evilfury10 | Diamond Rengar Player

Ends says

“Has minor poke damage and has to get close enough to sett to complete a combo and can be obliterated in lane depending on how each player plays”

Sett Build Guide

by Ends | Sett Player

Loggit says

“Aatrox is extremely difficult to kill. Also bursty in a strange way, but also insane amounts of sustain. He literally doesnt die.”

The Last Light of Icathia–Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms

by Loggit | Jax Player

kawakiller2 says

“very annoyin because of the stomps and his ultimate that just seems unfair.”

Lee Sin Top Lane roaming assassin

by kawakiller2 | Lee Sin Player

ProgettoYorick says

“for me aatrox is really strong in lane, has an incredible early Q, if you get hit too many times you will end up losing. Your only escape is your W, try not to waste it. My advice from OTP is: Try to farm and hit him every now and then with E by sending your ghouls. Wait for level 6 for the engage, if he doesn’t have many kills you will be able to beat him”

How to counter the champions with yorick by ProgettoYorick

by ProgettoYorick | Yorick Player

Ga44moker says

“Another hard matchup is Aatrox. His 3xCC Q is just overpowered against rengar. He also has healing so your poke will get healed back. Its lil bit easier then Darius and Quinn but still really hard.


by Ga44moker | Rengar Player

Greekamol says

“His slow animations are easily parryable. Parry his 3rd Q, you can q w his w, and just use q to dodge his skillshots and go in on him when you have parry up. If you dodge his skillshots using your mobility you will insta win the fight.”

All You Need to Know About Fiora S10 BUILD & GUIDE

by Greekamol | Fiora Player

ThisIsJustSad says

“1. While you’re walking away from him, if you see that he’s Qing, Q back into him to dodge the Q crit.
2. If you see him CSing infront of you, you can q into your minion, then w him and get a stun on him when he doesn’t expect it.
3. Ideally, an aatrox should not crit Q you with your w up, but if you see that he’s going for it, you can go in on any stun you get from your w and you auto win it.
4, You can use your movement speed to just run around Aatrox in bushes and wait for your vitals to pop up instead of fighting him head on. Aatrox’s MS is not too high, so if you keep Qing him when he E’s, then you can keep kiting him.
5. If Aatrox builds lethality, this might be a bit of a counter to Fiora, but I have not seen more than one Aatrox player build lethality in this season.
6. Only get executioner early if he gets it, otherwise keep following the build path.”

[10.1] Stomp your lane |D1 Guide for Mastering Fiora

by ThisIsJustSad | Fiora Player

Gedi says

“He can dodge your Q pretty easy even if you “E” him before. Also he has lifesteal which heals your poke damage.
Tipp: Try to dodge his critical strikes – the first two one you move towards him the last one you try to dodge in any way.”

“That damage tickles!

by Gedi | Sion Player

Skarner Main says

“Just rush at him and be on him when he uses his first x2 Qs then back of for the 3th if you get hit by his w just walk side ways
Aastrox is not that hard to be honest just dont go for long trades against him if he got conqureor”

Rank 1 Skarner World Toplane guide 88% winrate

by Skarner Main | Skarner Player

animegarbage_ says

“Rune Page – 1
Aatrox should be rather easy to beat in lane as your e range is larger than all of his abilities”

[9.24b] Slamming Punks With Illaoi – WIP Illaoi Guide

by animegarbage_ | Illaoi Player

Karnan says

“Pretty weak laning phase, He won’t be strong until level 9 when his Q resets very fast. Get an early executioners and you can’t lose trades. Bully him as much as possible with your Q and force him to use his Q to cs. Without his revive your ultimate will be his nightmare. ”

Urgot of House Zaun, God of Executions, By Karnan.

by Karnan | Urgot Player

DerpzGG says

“Avoid Getting harrased And Traded By Chains And Sweet Spots Of Qs”

Darius Guide S10

by DerpzGG | Darius Player

AlienMV says

“Focus on his Q range.
His abilities are already dodgable without MS, so your W should make it easy.”

Kayle I Guess

by AlienMV | Kayle Player

just000jay says

“Since you have a very immobile champion, and Aatrox has dashes. He can stick to you very well. only fight him with your jungler or if he’s waiting for cooldowns.”

Attack Speed Cho’Bank Top Guide ( OP )

by just000jay | Cho’Gath Player

CrimsonAngel1 says

“Remember when he was the best champ in top lane? I certainly do. He isn’t a problem at all anymore. Just don’t let him get his Q’s on you, To do this, press W.”

[9.24] SoloQ Poppy. How to Carry Guide.

by CrimsonAngel1 | Diamond Poppy Player

JuiceMoose says

“He can be fast with his dash, but he can get body blocked by minions. Pull him in with your E and Q him or even R him. Watch for his Ult and he does have lifesteal.”

[9.22] Full AP Tank Mordekaiser/Warmog & Deathcap [Immor

by JuiceMoose | Mordekaiser Player

Mr. Nyahr says

“Scary duelist with Conqueror and the new Rageblade. Play safe and dodge his Q and E as best you can. If his passive is down, you can be more aggressive.”

[9.23] By Wing and Blade – Kayle Top Guide

by Mr. Nyahr | Kayle Player

Lasoor says

“Counters you heavily. Far more sustain and damage with CC.”

Lasoor’s Pentakill Master Yi Top Lane Guide – Season 9

by Lasoor | Master Yi Player

Asothin says

“Difficult match-up he can sustain well. Play safe early, once you get Frozen Heart it will be better.”

Revert Urgot.

by Asothin | Urgot Player

yetusek says

“Lethal Tempo Runes. Can run Ghost+Flash or Ignite+flash. Longsword refillable potion start. Aatrox matchup is about setting up really good allins to take advantage of our superior sustained damage. Aatrox has really good trades and healing but if we can kill him in a single all in that is how we win. If Aatrox wastes his passive (his enhanced auto attack) on minions and we are able to dodge his q’s we can look for an early all in even level 1 with little fury (if we take ignite), if you take ghost + flash then look to farm until essence reaver and then you can for sure kill him. We can win allins even with ghost+flash if we dodge q’s and he wastes his passive . Aatrox is strong early levels but Tryndamere scales well in the 1v1 against him. Early on, if Aatrox is shoving you in, and you have a good amount of fury/hp to work with then that is probably the most optimal time to look for an allin because you will have a lot of space to run him down before he can retreat back to his turret.”

[9.23] Tyndamere’s right hand | Split 4 Win

by yetusek | Tryndamere Player

Yazurou says

“It’s not that bad to fight Aatrox but still it’s pretty boring.”


by Yazurou | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

The Apex Dealsman says

“aatrox cant catch you so just bait out his ult then punish him when it ends. your mobility is to good for aatrox to keep up”

The Ocean Man Cometh – Top lane Pyke

by The Apex Dealsman | Pyke Player

Kalrex says

“If he hits his Q’s on you, he’ll win trades. If you dodge them, you’ll win. Whoever is better will win. Level 9+ you gain a slight edge, but same rules apply. I’d also recommend ignite if you really want to win lane/ if you struggle against this matchup. It’ll really make your level 6 fighting power a true threat, as an early ignite will reduce the healing he gets from his ultimate.”

How to KS and Dominate with Urgot (9.23)

by Kalrex | Urgot Player

WildKard says

“you can easily dodge the majority of his abilities with your e”


by WildKard | Kled Player

Siren Senpai says

“When ever he get a momen he will try to get you low and after a fight he gets his hp back from his passive so yu need to kill him mostly at that moment. Best way to win is to wait for you jungler to come and do 2v1 and win.”


by Siren Senpai | Nasus Player

SrHolmes says

“Start DBlade. Play around his Q’s — either dodge, fight when his Q is on CD, or tank them with aftershock.”

[9.24] OTP Darius Experience with MATCHUPS (Unfinished)

by SrHolmes | Darius Player

Ze mentira says

“Max: Q. Rune: Comet Page.
Start corrupt potion and back with dark seal and doran’s ring.
//You will not have problems with him, just poke with your seismic shard and back.

Malphite TOP Guide w/ 25 Matchups[UPDATED]

by Ze mentira | Malphite Player

ChrisPs says

“if you stick up to him and dodge the outer parts of the first and second cast of Q then you can start slapping and poking him .”

Orn Guide Top/Support

by ChrisPs | Ornn Player

MordeStar says

“a good aatrox player can poke you out of lane and potentially win the all in against you post 6, try to kite out his Qs using the extra move speed you steal from him.”

MordeStar’s Ultimate Mordekaiser Top guide! In-depth and Com

by MordeStar | Mordekaiser Player

Rungaroo says

“has no problem taking trades and will out sustain you”

Senna Top the Bruiser Abuser

by Rungaroo | Senna Player

Hamstertamer says

“A strong laner, but only deals physical damage, so just mindlessly stack armor and he’ll deal no damage to you. Pre-6 it can be pretty tough however so avoid trades, let him push (his Q naturally pushes the lane), farm under tower and call for early ganks. Slow him to mess up his combo. You win the 1v1 in the mid/late game.”

The meme lord – with detailed matchups

by Hamstertamer | Nasus Player

ineptpineapple says

“Soooo easy your kit gives you such an easy time vs him, shuriken flip lets you dictate your fight with him he wont be able to keep up with you.”

Akali Top S9

by ineptpineapple | Akali Player

Atlascrower says

“He heals easy against your poke, but otherwise he isnt able to full-engage you very well. Stay cool and farm.”

Oh Captain my Captain!

by Atlascrower | Diamond Gangplank Player

Pacal Votan says

“He has a very strong combo, but you can deal with him. Just cloth + 4 and try to avoid his jumps. It’s a good idea to buy some boots early. ”

[9.21] Nasus The Chase One

by Pacal Votan | Nasus Player

Guantecillo says

“Sólo usar tus caderas para esquivar la q de Aatrox y comienza a abusar de él.”

Guía de Teemo en español (En proceso)

by Guantecillo | Teemo Player

AsomeSonic says

“when it comes to aatrox i am bad at dodging his q, don’t get hit by the q too much”

Poppy, Keeper of the Hammer

by AsomeSonic | Poppy Player

Jezzzir says

“Pretty easy matchup if you can dodge his abilities. Respect his burst damage and try not to fight with less than 75% health. Use Q liberally for poke. At”

AP Teemo Patch 9.20

by Jezzzir | Teemo Player

breakskid1 says

“He wins early and late unless you get very ahead, your best move against him is to cs safely, and only dash in on him after he uses his 3rd q (also your clone is useful for his w not much else)”

Breakskid Wukong Brainstorm

by breakskid1 | Wukong Player

blunderr says

“Aatrox can be really dangerous because of his Q’s. Play safely against Aatrox and out of range for him to use his Q + E to get you, if you do get caught in the Q + E try to go into the non crit zones of the Q’s and you should be able to safely kite out of there with Q + Shroom. Doran’s shield is highly recommended”

Teemo Top Guide [Electrocute/Dark Harvest/Summon Aery]

by blunderr | Teemo Player

Essela says

“Kinda tough matchup but if you dodge his Q ability look for an opportunity.”

In Depth Tryndamere guide! Dia/Master Elo Updated 9.20

by Essela | Tryndamere Player

EpicDan01 says

“He has more damage and more healing than Mundo, but ONLY if he hits his Q’s. Try to predict his Q placement and use your ult movement speed / Ghost to dodge them, and you should be able to kill him. Don’t fight him early.”

Dr Mundo Top Guide – Run Them Down + Matchups

by EpicDan01 | Dr. Mundo Player

-ALR- says

“depends how he play , he can beat you from the simple fact he s a rly good fighter , more even lv 6”

Sion , an actually guide for this meta

by -ALR- | Sion Player

sir monsieur says

“He’s almost same annoying as Pantheon and Tryndamere except the fact that all of his abilities are skillshots and his approach ability has a pretty low range. If you’re good enough in dodging mechanics and have a good sense on distance (and if you’re not just don’t play this build, you’re doomed), you’ll be able to win this matchup, but it will be harsh.
Read matchup details below.”

Top Sona Late Support (Testing New Meta)

by sir monsieur | Sona Player

Assonice says

“Aatrox can cancel your Q and can easy snowball. Stay out of range of his Q and rush bramble vest for his healing”

Sion Guide | The undying

by Assonice | Diamond Sion Player

Raideru says

“Tabi helps so much in this matchup because it reduces the damage on his q, try dodging his q in lane as much as possible and if he misses all of them try engaging on him and doing a quick trade and walk away.”

[9.21] Raideru’s In-depth guide to Jax, Now you have a real

by Raideru | Diamond Jax Player

Poppu says

“Fight within his first two Q’s, back up during his third Q, and make sure you W when he uses second Q. E him or to him if he starts an engage with his chain vs you. Build tank and thornmail to stop his AOE lifesteal. Ninja Tabi if you need to.”

[Patch 9.19] In-Depth Guide For Poppy Top!

by Poppu | Diamond Poppy Player

Aizo says

“His passive is Maokai’s passive but based on the opponent he targets. So if he fights you he is making use of your large mana pool and getting a ton of healing, and he will likely build black cleaver and send you to pound town.”


by Aizo | Diamond Maokai Player

OpArchiso says

“The tip of his Q can make you regret the engage. build items with Grievous Wounds or ignite him when you can.”

A 200k Garen M7 Guide

by OpArchiso | Garen Player

SoulHero says

“YOU OUTSCALE—-Ok, I hated this matchup with my very soul. It takes skill for this matchup. WHY I LOSE: shanks you real hard with pokes (if he plays really aggressive and you cant dodge for sht you lose). HOW TO WIN: You must shank him back use e lvl 1 and flip him during his q animation, preferably 2nd or 3rd and you can flip his q behind you. You outscale with this build, take mortal reminder. If you can get super close to him you can win, just flip his 3rd q. You outscale at lvl 9 if you play right. ”

Man Tries to Play Urgot, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

by SoulHero | Diamond Urgot Player

General Cougar says

“Not fun to play against, especially if he brings conqueror. Try not to engage unless it is safe to burst him.”

[9.19] Big Lizard Man

by General Cougar | Cho’Gath Player

superkind says

“Level 1: He will start with Q and try to last hit while hitting you in the same time. Be careful of his damage when he has electrocute. If he wastes his Q spin on his face and go for a long trade. You will still win the trade if he only hits the 3rd Q on you.
Level 2: Try to shove the wave into his tower if possible or let him push into you depending on the Level 1 you had.
Level 3+: Going in he used his Q is recommended here, but respect his damage.
Level 6+: Really hard to kill, because of his annoying ult. You can try to time your ignite to kill him after his ult, but this one is really hard to pull off.
Don’t try to tilt. I know this matchup sucks.”

Tryndamere: Climbing like a god

by superkind | Tryndamere Player

ShroudComplex says

“He can be very dangerous on the enemy team if not punished. Until he’s nerfed I suggest auto banning Aatrox.”

[9.18] Updates Soon! (Plus Guide)

by ShroudComplex | Akali Player

Ader502 says

“If you dodge the first 2 q’s you can pool(W) the last one. ”

VLAD guide to top, mid and apc botlane

by Ader502 | Vladimir Player

ProdegyGamer says

“Aatrox can shove pretty hard and also has more damage than you, don’t try to duel him, Just keep him at range with harpoon. ”

Rumble Top

by ProdegyGamer | Rumble Player

notlmaze says

“Aatrox even after nerfs can beat you anytime even if you are ahead. Be careful of his Q’s. The only phase of the game where we beat him is when we get Executioner’s Calling. Phage + Fleet can destroy his aim with speed.”

Lmaze’s Camille Fleet Guide

by notlmaze | Camille Player

MamaDuck says

“Also very annoying in lane. Has pretty good poke, with amazing ingadge and a ton of damage. Focus on farming with your “E” and play quite safe during the laning faze.”

Carry Cho’gath Guide (Season 9)

by MamaDuck | Cho’Gath Player

UroSeta says

“Aatrox is not hard to win as Galio because of his nerfs he is not as powerful anymore but he will win you in a 1 v 1 if he has ultimate”

AD Galio Toplane

by UroSeta | Galio Player

DrNaara says

“Make Aatrox use his dash to evade attacks instead of using it for offense and you win this matchup”

✔️ [9.17] Make Top Lane Great Again – Top Lane Raid Boss

by DrNaara | Swain Player

Petethebossch says

“Can sweet-spot you everytime you go for a stack. You out-scale him though and he is very susceptable to ganks pre-6”

9.17 Split-push Nasus

by Petethebossch | Diamond Nasus Player

ViperManEU says

“(TOP) i was aatrox main and againts pyke aatrox cant do much.. when aatrox pres R u can kill him”

Pyke guide – how to play pyke (all lines)

by ViperManEU | Pyke Player

HarryCao says

“This match up is mostly skill based. I’ve won numerous times against Aatrox and also lost just as much. Most often the Aatrox will try to harass you with his q and as soon as his Q goes on cd, you jump and trade with him. Dodging his Qs is vital in winning this lane as not only it damages you, it also heals him. His first Q can be dodged by walking sideways, his second Q can be dodged by away from him. He will most likely use his E (dash) with his SECOND Q so what I do is Q immediately to Aatrox to not get hit by the outer Q range and STAY INSIDE HIM as he will prepare his third Q which is IN FRONT OF HIM, dodging his 3rd Q. You should be able to win trades like that.”

Jax guide 9.17

by HarryCao | Diamond Jax Player

ProBuildAfrica says

“basically with this build you just fear every champion this is garbage”

Piece Of Shit Thresh Build By BBullS the Bronze master himse

by ProBuildAfrica | Thresh Player

LeemonEge says

“At level 6 he’s so powerful. You must choose ignite or buy Executioner’s Calling.”

Bruiser Yasuo

by LeemonEge | Yasuo Player

Canofsteak says

“In the early game he can really bully you out of lane, and he can out sustain you due to no mana and life steal. DO NOT fight him in the early game. After you get morellos and zhonyas you should be able to fight min because not only does he heal less but you can so more burst damage than him.”

Gragas in a Caskshell (WIP)

by Canofsteak | Gragas Player

Nicolasver says

“It is quite difficult because of its q, just try to dodge its q and avoid low level trades”

Nasus Guide

by Nicolasver | Nasus Player

PhoenixianSlayer says

“He is only OP if you are in range of his skills, so just poke him.”

BLOW EVERYTHING UP! Ziggs the tower destroyer

by PhoenixianSlayer | Diamond Ziggs Player

homxr says

“Pick up Bramble Vest, as he heals a lot. Try your best to sidestep his Q’s because the damage will start piling up. If he has R and you’re low, recall. DO!! NOT!! LET!! HIM!! DIVE!! YOU!!”

Garen Guide by an OTP (Classic/Predator)

by homxr | Garen Player

Lynboe says

“Ce match-up est pour la plupart du temps en faveur du meilleur joueur, la capacité du Aatrox à poke des dégâts colossaux, et de all-in à la fois font de lui un adversaire puissant. Son ulti enverra votre R en cooldown donc faites attention à l’utiliser à bon escient. Le passif de son E lui permettra de profiter de plus de regen.
Face à lui, Tabi Ninja est un item très important afin de l’atteindre plus facilement, car une fois à son corps à corps il est beaucoup plus facile de lui rendre la lane invivable, une fois son E en cooldown vous aurez une fenêtre d’agression très large à condition que vous ayez gardé le vôtre.


by Lynboe | Darius Player

Necrops says

“Pretty easy to beat. Just block his 3rd Q with your e and he is done. Aatrox is pretty weak in the early laning phase.”

9.16 Mantheon Top Build

by Necrops | Diamond Pantheon Player

messketchup says

“Dodge his E. It may seem like it does no damage but it will do later on. Always ward to look out for ganks. Lastly, don’t let Aatrox regen with his W. Keep on harrasing him the moment he tries to cs with your Q and you will win lane easily.”

[9.16] Strength above all -Darius Guide ★Matchups Included

by messketchup | Darius Player

ThomasRemastered says

“matchup très compliqué, aatrox va pouvoir vous défoncer en early game, il va pouvoir cancel facilement votre Q avec le sien, cependant si vous arrivez à tenir l’early, vous pourrez vous en sortir en late game”

inting sion reformed

by ThomasRemastered | Sion Player

Rajonas says

“Just play safe wait for ganks and you will win when you have 6.”

Yorick Guide, Everything you need

by Rajonas | Yorick Player

ShockTheWave says

“try to Dodge all of his Q after that use your W for dodge his normal attacks ”

Top Lane Shen Tank/Damage

by ShockTheWave | Shen Player

Sonny2o9 says

“Aatrox Favored. Poke him down with your dragon strike, but don’t get hit by his abilities. All in at level 7, when you get 1-2 q’s off and he should die.

[9.16] Sonny2o9’s Ultimate Top AD Jarvan IV Guide

by Sonny2o9 | Jarvan IV Player

CuziTR says

“Don’t trade him when his passive heal is up and dodge his Q with your E and then you can trade with him.”

Riven Build/Runes Paths

by CuziTR | Riven Player

Codseus says

“Not too much to say but you can avoid most of his combo with your E.”

(Patch 9.16) TRUE SPARTAN Pantheon Build

by Codseus | Diamond Pantheon Player

Smartest2 says

“Aatrox should be easy to deal with, but he can 100-0 you if you don’t dodge his Q’s.”

Smartest2’s Diamond Teeto Top Build

by Smartest2 | Diamond Teemo Player

Angela du Seithr says

“Aatrox reste ce qu’il est : un excellent champion de lane. Si il commence à prendre l’avantage vous n’avez pas beaucoup d’options pour lui mettre le grappin dessus à nouveau. Il est plus fragile que vous avant le niveau 6, c’est à ce moment qu’il faut en profiter.”

[9.16] Pantheon’s Fall

by Angela du Seithr | Pantheon Player

WTMudkip says

“Aatrox is an easy matchup if you know the range of his Q and jump onto him when he uses his E. Please move away when he uses his Q3 and you’ll win.”

A guide to the Mantheon

by WTMudkip | Pantheon Player

Forseti Brusketi says

“Can be fought bit difficult denying your jumps with Q”

mother of god Pantheon (+how to protect fatherland bonus)

by Forseti Brusketi | Pantheon Player

Zofia the Fierce says

“This matchup is easy or hard depending on the enemy player.
You may take Ignite, but you must buy Executioner’s Calling early, therefore, start with longsword+3pots.
Utilize your spin to waste his Q attacks, and then finish him off with a good all in of several quick trades.”

A newbie’s guide to Tryndamere for newbies

by Zofia the Fierce | Tryndamere Player

Janitsu says

“Sometimes a tough matchup, but it is more likely that you’ll have easy time at top.”

Teemo’s Code – Teemo Top Resource (Grasp / Aery / PTA / DH)

by Janitsu | Teemo Player

EvilOranges says

“D-Shield/Corrupting Potion. This champion is INFURIATING to play against. He is possibly the only champion that can fight you level 1 because of his Q, no resource bar, CC, and mobile engage with his E. I just ban him usually. Ask for jungler help with this guy, or just don’t pick Jayce into him.”

Face The Future of Your Climb – Fully Updated for 9.15

by EvilOranges | Jayce Player

PandaSenpai101 says

“This matchup is harder the higher elo you are. Most Aatrox players will use their Q, but dodge your parry. Most of the time, you want to use your parry for his second or third Q. If you get a gank, or force him to recall, you can get R faster, and look for an all in. His gank setup his really strong, so make sure to ward deep. His threat level got lowered thanks to his R not always granting him a revive, only unless he gets a kill.”

[9.15] Submit! You have already lost! – 250k Mastery Points

by PandaSenpai101 | Fiora Player

uk Orca says

“You can beat aatrox easily if you play it right but the champions healing is dumb rn so try not to fight without ganks.”

[9.15] Funny Elise Top [worth trying]

by uk Orca | Diamond Elise Player

Devitt45 says

“Just avoid the dark areas of his Q, and you can win easily. Run if he ults unless you have ult and he is already low.”

Crit Master Garen Carry Guide

by Devitt45 | Diamond Garen Player

Zestysquid says

“Aatrox is a bitch – he can easily 1 shot your boxes early on with abilities. If he lands his pull, use that as an opportunity to burn your Q to try and bait him into boxes. Before level 3 you need to play extremely safe though because of his kill pressure.”

The Chad Clown – 1 mil+ Point AP Shaco 1 Trick

by Zestysquid | Shaco Player

KlTTEYN says

“Depending on your skill you can dash away from his Q’s. Watch for his faults and make trades.”

Hurt and subvert | Irelia Top

by KlTTEYN | Irelia Player

PogLord says

Very easy to lane against him, basically wait until he burns all of his Q-s. Once he did that, you want to hound him with E-E-A-Q-A-A. This will give you insane burts on him thanks to either Eletrocute or Last stand. Once you are under 60% HP, you W-A him. By the time it is done, you have Q. He is dead.”

Poglord’s In-Depth Sylas Top

by PogLord | Sylas Player

TheWils says

“Aatrox wont pose a threat if you can dodge his abilitys, otherwise you can outplay him and also get a few kills off of him.”

Early Game Dominance Darius

by TheWils | Darius Player

SleepFancy says

“Bạn nên tìm cách né các Q. Có thế thì điều kiện thắng mới đảm bảo. Ăn trọn 3 Q aatrox thì mệt lắm”

Jayce đường trên/giữa_Chia sẻ cùng thách đấu

by SleepFancy | Jayce Player

Dr.G Killa says

“They removed his “G.A” from his ult, just dodge his Q and W, you will destroy him always.”

[9.15] OTP Darius Guide – Work In Progress

by Dr.G Killa | Diamond Darius Player

RenPenGlen says

“you can not execute him with your ult because he can just pop his ult.”

Attack Speed Darius (Patch 9.15)

by RenPenGlen | Darius Player

The_Unf0rgiv3n says

“Rush bramble into Tabis and bami’s cinder and there’s no way he can win. If he gets 2-3 kills because of ganks, just play safer until you complete Sunfire along with Tabis and bramble!”

[9.14] BEAST Garen build (Potentially solo carry games)

by The_Unf0rgiv3n | Diamond Garen Player

Prince Afghan says

“Aatrox is very strong in the early game and can easily escape if you try to all in him. My advice is to farm up and hope to get a good splitpush going rather than trying to fight him 1 v 1 in the lane. ”

The Complete Season 9 Yorick Guide (UPDATED Patch 9.14)

by Prince Afghan | Yorick Player

ekkolvl7 says

“just stack and if he dmg you. you have life steal dont worry but if he is a pro he wont let you stack even under tower ”

win every game-wanna be a god ?

by ekkolvl7 | Nasus Player

M2 Jizu says

“Bloquea su pasiva con tu W y esquiva sus Q. es un matchup fácil siempre y cuando lo juegues bien.”

[ESP] Guía profunda: Shen (Sin terminar)

by M2 Jizu | Shen Player

Yisuo says

“absolute hell before ur major items, can easily out sustain ur poke in lane, hard to trade with because of his sustain”

Yisuo: Riven to beyond (unfinished)

by Yisuo | Riven Player

MadMaster523 says

“Aatrox’s kit is practically the same as riven’s kit. Under normal circumstances, he shouldn’t be able to solo kill you in lane if you don’t recklessly use your [[Hop]].”

(Season 9) Gnar, The Chad Yordle

by MadMaster523 | Diamond Gnar Player

adzzb says

“As an auto attack based champion, Aatrox isn’t the hardest to lane against. However he does snowball very hard if he has more than 2 kills. Small trades early and get an executioners to stop him healing off autos.”

Season 8 | Akali – The UNSTOPPABLE Carry!

by adzzb | Diamond Akali Player

0mega best says

“Easy. Just bait his Q then poke him to death, build armor and play safe and try not being poke by him. Play safer when he hits 6.”

Grandmaster Guide To Garen, The Might Of Demacia| UPDATED!!!

by 0mega best | Garen Player

Onwego317 says

“He is a pain to deal with if you are using this build as you are a to hit teemo. Best advise I can give is to learn to anticipate and side step. Sometimes a more passive early build with grieves or boots of your choice help you dodge his abilities. Allowing for you to poke and peel. -”

The Life of a True To hit Crit Teemo

by Onwego317 | Teemo Player

Rcool64 says

“While he has some sustain, it’s not very easy for him to hit you. If you can play smart and e away from him when he goes in on you, you should be fine.”

Korean Top AD Kennen – Super Duper Pikachu

by Rcool64 | Diamond Kennen Player

RainbowNova says

“Aatrox can be annoying. You can blind him when he tries to aa and thornmail can do some decent damage, but his knockups are annoying. Luckily enough, you’re tenmo, the fastest boi alive, so just don’t walk into his knockups.”

Iron IV’s Guide to Teemo – The Poisonous Chameleon – “A

by RainbowNova | Teemo Player

luciela says

“He is so Dangerous and he can pull you before you in a blood pool.
It’s not easy to fight with Aatrox.
He’s too strong.”

Immortality Life ( Vladimir Top)

by luciela | Vladimir Player

Lil Tidepod says

“Aatrox is really a pain in the butt going against pretty much any and all top laners. An ultimate that keeps him alive after death making tower dives easy, a short dash, a slow and a pull in one ability, and high damage on his Q make him a problem early, mid, and late game. He probably won’t be able to kill you once you build a tank item, but if he finishes a lethality item before you finish your first tank item, watch out: he will do absurd amounts of damage if he lands at least two Qs. If he hits you with all three, I’d back, because he’ll probably dive you with his ulti and you’ll more than likely be low. Hitting a Q is hard on him, because he can just cancel it by dashing with his Q. Keep that in mind.”

Another Corpse for the Pile | Sion Build Guide

by Lil Tidepod | Sion Player

Fnaf4powers says

“Aatrox does a damn harm if you get hit by his Q. Then divert and attack him when he tries to farm”

Teemo AD/AP and Nuclear

by Fnaf4powers | Teemo Player

ARandomizer says

“Aatrox is a skiller champion, in game he has more skills than you and in early game, while you have 1 ability, he has 3. Aatrox is not that powerful to play against you can counter him many times, but he will not fear diving you or 1v2 at top lane when the your jungler ganks”

Top Ornn (Situational)

by ARandomizer | Ornn Player

lonely Xatu says

“how did i get mastery 6 on this champ…
play smart, she does well”

Kindred, the champ for degenerates

by lonely Xatu | Kindred Player

Dr.Chrishock says

“If he knows how to poke with Q E well you have a big problem if he doesnt you can just w auto attack him and out trade him his passive is a problem tho
you cant hit ur q bcz he will stay behind minions”

[9.13]Gnar Free late Diamond Guide(top 100gnar eune top 1000

by Dr.Chrishock | Gnar Player

zygiux says

“After some buffs he seems better so just watchout for his W, and you should be fine.”

Wake up samurai, we have a game to carry. (UPDATED) (In prog

by zygiux | Diamond Yasuo Player

iam2sxy1 says

“take care when poking avoid getting too close build some early sustain”

Season 8 Hybrid God Teemo Top Lane

by iam2sxy1 | Diamond Teemo Player

LighterDay says

“Aatrox has quite a bit of CC that makes him hard to solo. Even while in Morde’s ult, the CC Aatrox gives makes it difficult to take full advantage of Morde’s ult.”

[Patch 9.12] How To- Mordekaiser Top (Reworked Edition)

by LighterDay | Mordekaiser Player

GameRage20 says

“A good aatrox will outtrade you, try to engage when his q is on cd.”

[9.12] Top Lane Behemoth

by GameRage20 | Diamond Tahm Kench Player

Plank4Life says

“Becarefull of Aatrox, poke and farm and it will be fine on your lane.”

[9.12] MonsterPlank on da Rift !

by Plank4Life | Gangplank Player

Tnyx says

“play safe in early,wait for your jungler and try to buy a Morellonomicon ”

“There’s a mushroom out there with your name on it.&quo

by Tnyx | Diamond Teemo Player

DanteCLZ says

“With Aatrox even if you dodge the q’s lvl 1 to 6 he still out damages you. Gives the player an easier lane to farm cs and freeze so you end up with no Farm”

[9.12] Top Tryndamere Guide By DDD (In Progress)

by DanteCLZ | Tryndamere Player

LighterDay says

“Garen can handle Aatrox very well. Garen’s Q removes all slows, so there goes Aatrox’s W. Garen’s E make it easy to do more damage to Aatrox and bully him out of lane. And Garen’s W can reduce the knock-up from Aatrox’s Q as well as give him high armor and MR for a brief moment. ”

[Patch 9.12] How To- Garen Top

by LighterDay | Garen Player

Hunterlogic says

“If you dodge most of his Q’s you will win, if you don’t dodge them you will lose.”

Un-killable Mordekaiser Guide (9.12) (Matchups Included)

by Hunterlogic | Mordekaiser Player

The real guider says

“Dodge his q-s, or dissengage when he uses them with your movement speed, and come back when it’s on cooldown.”


by The real guider | Ashe Player

NygrPhaggot says

“AAtrox, Shen and Riven can be a problem until you have your Crystal Svepter”

Gas Chamber Singed

by NygrPhaggot | Singed Player

Nicram says

“This matchup is quite strange as Aatrox’s Q range matches perfectly Urgot’s Autoattack range and Aatrox generally wins short and long trades. He’s stronger than you in the early game but you will outscale him at levels 13+. Aatrox’s early game is pretty good but as long as you dodge his Q you should be fine. Aatrox’s E allows him to dodge Urgot’s Q, E and R so you need to be aware of how he uses it. For Aatrox’s Q it is just a rather short range ability that has a massive cooldown in the early game, try to abuse it and engage when he doesn’t have it. It’s his main damage tool so try to avoid getting hit by it. For his W you need to stand behind minions and you’ll be fine because it stops on them. Timing E against his W is very simple, just takes a bit of practice. Keep in mind that Aatrox can stop your dash which is something not many champions can do. He can do it with either cast of his Q.
▶ Recommended items
Starter items ↓
– Doran’s Shield – gives you great sustain and is almost never a bad first item for Urgot.
– Corrupting Potion – Aatrox has free abilities so to keep up with his shove.
Non starter items
– Executioner’s Calling – Aatrox doesn’t autoattack that much anymore since his rework but this item should definitely help you a lot against his healings.”

Detailed Urgot Guide by Nicram & /r/UrgotMains Community

by Nicram | Diamond Urgot Player

FunkySoul says

“This is my favorite matchup in the entire game. Dodge his Q, and destroy him when he’s on Cooldown. You should win this matchup every time. As of 9.9, I’m not sure if this matchup has truly changed. In fact, it may be easier thanks to his new Ultimate tweak. Dodging his Q has become more important now.”

[9.11] FunkySoul’s Guide to Tryndamere (Top & Jg)

by FunkySoul | Diamond Tryndamere Player

Scuz Rat says

“Poppy is probably the most reliable pick into Aatrox in his current state, after some armor pick ups and with proper play she can go even and sometimes win the lane and solo kill him. Do not fight this champion head to head before your first recall and save your W to block his final Q in extended fights or second Q in shorter trades”

S9 Rank 45 Poppy NA Diamond Top Lane Poppy

by Scuz Rat | Poppy Player

Brentard says

“This flippy-trippy-knock up-y bastard will spend most laning phase trying to juggle you. Try to time his damage into your W. Q away from slow/snare thing. If you can manage to dodge everything and his abilities are on cd (very small window), all in him. ”

Speedy Von Garen (Carry build)

by Brentard | Garen Player

CoffeeDog says

“His kit is mostly abilities, which leaves your W pushed into a corner, when he starts to do his Q, get away from him and let him finish it so you can approach him safely.”

Top Shen Bruiser Build and Tips (In progress)

by CoffeeDog | Shen Player

GrGamingTeo says

“Focus on running strait at him when he uses his first 2 q’s. Aatrox has a tough time with Garen’s q movement speed, so if yoiu manage to dodge all of his q’s he literraly can’yt do anything to you”

My main Garen guide to climb elos/S. 9/

by GrGamingTeo | Garen Player

GrGamingTeo says

“Aatrox is a bit weirder of a matchup, what you have to do is either kite his q’s or dodge them and he shouldn’t be able to beat you ian an all in. Goin Bramble Vest wouldn’t be too bad of an option.”

Noxus will rise/Darius guide/S. 9/

by GrGamingTeo | Darius Player

Bunny OwO says

“Luckily, his ultimate does not revive him unless he gets a kill. Your ultimate should give him good penis.”

A Gold Player’s Darius Guide

by Bunny OwO | Darius Player

MarS4Cio says

“early he has to mutch CC so he kill nasus really easy but if you play safe and controll your wave for the first 6-10 min (lvl 6 & sheen first) you can kill him”

[9.11] Nasus W is OP

by MarS4Cio | Nasus Player

tuanminh says

“Tên này không quá khó chịu như các tên phía trên , Quỷ kiếm Darkin có chiêu Q tầm khá rộng nên hay né ra nhé nếu ăn nguyên 3Q với vài đòn đánh thường thì đi nửa cây máu đấy

Susan Đạo Chích TOP gánh team 🙂

by tuanminh | Nasus Player

Andinex says

“if he knows how to play he can pressure you in lane”


by Andinex | Gangplank Player

PRoli03 says

“if you can get ahead you will dominate the rest if not you beeter buy something with grievous wounds”

next generation poppy build guide by PRolos MCholos

by PRoli03 | Diamond Poppy Player

LoadScrenn says

“Yenilenmiş haliyle uzun takaslarda çok önde çıkıcaktır çabuk iyileşebillesi sizi herzman takaslarda yenicektir sizi aatrox ona karşı uzun takas yerine anlık takaslarda girip çıkın çünkü spell deydiriği zaman aatrox iyileşiyo e spelli yüzünden ona karşı jung yardımı bekliceksiniz jungdan hayır yoksa takaslarda girip çıkacaksınız bide koridorunuzda safe durun vslerde rahat alabilmeniz için ağır yara açan itemleride alabilirsiniz vslerde en azından size rahatlık sağlar çünkü can yenilemesi azalıcaktır daldığınızda”

Yakma Garen Buildi

by LoadScrenn | Garen Player

DrMoneybags says

“Pretty big lanebully early on that becomes hard to kill post-6. His healing in lane is pretty absurd and he can lock you down with knockups pretty consistently if you get dismounted. An Executioners Calling should help you quite a bit in the longrun. Bait his entire Q cooldown early and then try to all-in him for some early kills. If you snowball first, this matchup isn’t so bad. Jungle assistance and dodging with your E should make this very manageable.”


by DrMoneybags | Diamond Kled Player

Arcthunder says

“The reworked Aatrox poses the same amount of threat as the previous one, except now, his all-in potential early game is much more deadly. Avoid The Darkin Blade and watch out for his ultimate. If you don’t pay attention, this world ender will end you first.”

Skaarl’s Philosophy 2.0 – A M7 Guide to Kled [9.10]

by Arcthunder | Kled Player

Mitil says

“can’t fight him normally just focus on punish and cs”


by Mitil | Dr. Mundo Player

Qubert64 says

“Just rush a bramble vest and try to time your dash to taunt him when he tries to go for a q.”

Shen 9.10 S9 (Chapters Coming Soon)

by Qubert64 | Diamond Shen Player

Speedy the dart says

“Start doran’s blade, get aftershock and ghost.
Similar matchup to renekton and riven. Focus on disrupting his first Q with E. Try to Q after you E. He can kill you if he dodges your Q. Remember, your R doesn’t reset if he has revive!”

How to win in Low Elo as Darius

by Speedy the dart | Darius Player

The_CuItivator says

“One of the guys who got buffed. But still Darius gets the advantage if you play cleverly. Keep in mind his buffed healing and ult reset is broken”

The Punisher- Solo Beast Darius

by The_CuItivator | Darius Player

Shinxsage says

“This looks hard at first, but if you dodge his Q early, you can all in him in the brush for a kill.”


by Shinxsage | Rengar Player

I hate you 098 says

“He can be a threat with is damage of his Q but not when it is on cooldown.”

[9.10]Hybrid Teemo Guide | Laning

by I hate you 098 | Teemo Player

Zdenster says

“Dodge his Qs. You can take Phage for this matchup. If he is pushing take Tiamat so you can push him back.”

Zdenster’s Guide to Top Lane ft. Cree [IN-WORK]

by Zdenster | Camille Player

bluejaypig says

“Easy af match up, as long as hes not super fed you always win. Follow his q or dodge the knockup with your q and you already beat him.”

[9.9] Master Yi CRIT Jungle Carry Build (Season 9)

by bluejaypig | Master Yi Player

TheNinjaRoid says

“Hard matchup if you don’t know the champ. If you can avoid his Q/W, you likely won’t die to him alone. Ask for ganks if you think you can 2v1 him. You win lane if you get ahead.”

Ultimate Nasus Guide from a Nasus OTP – Patch 9.9

by TheNinjaRoid | Diamond Nasus Player

F0gelberG says

“Aatrox is not a easy match up. But dont be afried to poke him. Just try to keep him busy and farm while you can. Call jg and try to kill him pre lvl 6”

All I need is myself, and… hammer. F0gelberGs guide on Orn

by F0gelberG | Ornn Player

Zinkd says

“Difficult but can be winnable if you stay away from trading.”

Thresh Toplane (Unconventional)

by Zinkd | Thresh Player

MediocrePolk says

“A good Aatrox can rock your day. Aatrox sucks right now, take ignite in this matchup with long sword 3 pot.”

Rengar Top

by MediocrePolk | Rengar Player

KruixTV says

“just bramble vest after phage and try not to get ganked too much but after that item you should be able to win your trades”

High winrate urgot

by KruixTV | Diamond Urgot Player

GoldenSnivy says

“Ever since the last patch, he can outplay this champ in almost every way, be careful and back off when needed!”

Unbench The Kench! (Top Lane Tahm Kench Guide)

by GoldenSnivy | Tahm Kench Player

lCharLottel says

“Aatrox have a better dmg , but not worry about this because of last patch nerf
มันแรงกว่าเรา แต่อย่าไปกลัว.. อันติมันโดนเนิร์ฟ เราสู้ไหว!”

CHO’GATH MID//TOP With matchup! (Include Thai sub)

by lCharLottel | Cho’Gath Player

Khazem says

“How dangerous Aatrox is heavily depends on the skill of the player. Generally he is one of the strongest top laners and should be considered a pretty big threat due to his high base damage and his many ways to get to you and lock you down.”

Top Lane Rumble – A comprehensive guide

by Khazem | Rumble Player

xxxskully says

“Skilled Matchup dodge his Q’s and you should go for an all-in. Look out for his passive and rush Ninja Tabis.”

Rengar Guide (Patch 9.8) 190k Mastery Points

by xxxskully | Rengar Player

Ethereal Ezio says

“New Aatrox is very strong early, but you have an escape and are hard to dive. Still be careful, have not played this match up too much yet.”

Season 9 Top FRONT LINE Vladimir

by Ethereal Ezio | Diamond Vladimir Player

Bfhuser says

“Hard matchup. Really depends on your positining. Try to avoid his q’s, a full combo will chunk you the half HP.”

Camile top 9.8

by Bfhuser | Camille Player

Bkorven says

“Dodge his q and make sure he has no E up since it has long cd early game”

Klordix’s guide to Yorick (1M+ MASTERY POINTS)

by Bkorven | Yorick Player

LosAngeloser says

“After the rework, he isn’t much of a thread, as long as you can avoid getting pulled in. You can go Klepto against him.”

Tankplank TOP (9.8)

by LosAngeloser | Gangplank Player

Carlosm04 says

“Aatrox é q nem a riven, so que dar critico so n tenta ser atingido pelo negocios q dao criticos, tenta ser agressivo com ele , tenta gasta a ultimate dele.”

Jax top/jg [9.8] PT-BR

by Carlosm04 | Jax Player

VekkyBoi says

“New Rework will mean Nasus’ amazing level 6 spike collapse into a crying ball of fat where all you can do is feel the reign on 0.5 second knockups on your ass.”

If You Aren’t Enders13, Don’t Click This Guide

by VekkyBoi | Nasus Player

Tokor says

“Malgré ses nombreux nerfs, il reste très embêtant en lane. Utilisez votre W pour esquiver ses Q et sortir de son W.”


by Tokor | Kayle Player

The Lost Drawing says

“Difícil al comienzo (mas que nada por su daño y su nivel 1 muy fuerte contra ti). Ten cuidado con su básico potenciado de su pasiva. Le haces ‘counter’ con tu ‘W’. Puedes jugar de la manera que quieras; con ‘Aliento del agónico’ para un ‘early game’ mas fuete, ‘Conquistador’ para un ‘mid game’ mas fuerte que el aliento. Armate uno o dos objetos contra el; una ‘Cota de espinas’ o ‘Botas Tabi’, pero recuerda no solo peleas contra el sino contra su jg y mid (tómalo como 1 vs 3 siempre)”

Poppy – La tanque anti-tanques (y adcs si se puede xD)

by The Lost Drawing | Diamond Poppy Player

ElleryTheViking says

“This is generally quite situational. Olaf has the advantage in my opinion, but a good Aatrox player can easily take the lane. He’ll use his Q to CS, the second you see him use that third q, you Q and E spam him out of lane and then rinse and repeat. ”

Godlaf in the Top Lane (9.7)

by ElleryTheViking | Olaf Player

LaloLalic says

“He is…A champion…All jokes aside he has some sustain and a good early game but besides that you need to time your ult so that he does not counter it with your ult.Tl;dr farm early,dominate late.”

You sir are on my menu

by LaloLalic | Cho’Gath Player

WorseAverage says

“Just keep in mind when fighting “I deal more damage” and smack him until he falls.”

In Depth Camille Guide

by WorseAverage | Camille Player

SynergyXO says

“I have had no troubles with the new aatrox, as long as you dodge his Qs and his W. you win auto trades… Try to makke him use passive auto on minion before trading. i spin on him everytime his final 3rd Q goes down.”

Masters Experience, Tryndamere Build Guide + Top Lane match

by SynergyXO | Diamond Tryndamere Player

exezidiot says

“Like every mele top champ VERY EASY, just make sure to put wards and have vision because the JG can appear in the worst moment”


by exezidiot | Diamond Lucian Player

Samas says

“He will use his Q onto minions, thats where you go in, since he wont have majority of his damage for a few seconds, be careful though, if you give him a lead, you might find yourself in a tough spot.”

[9.6] JAX 1v9 guide

by Samas | Diamond Jax Player

keksbrine says

“Aatrox is easy to fight especially at low lvl. engage him with lvl 3 and you will kill him (i prefer ignite)”

RENGO cat 3,4 MIO mastery Challenger Guide

by keksbrine | Rengar Player

francodm says

“Aatrox é uma matchup muito volátil, se ele acertar o combo dele você morre. Se você conseguir desviar das áreas que dão crítico do Aatrox é possível vencer. Use o early game para tentar reconhecer o padrão do jogador para que você consiga desviar com mais facilidade dos combos do Aatrox.
Use a página de runa do Aperto dos mortos vivos.”

A Bíblia do Teemo Top (em construção)

by francodm | Teemo Player

E61K says

“Start Doran’s Shield and go for Conqueror. The recent nerfs to Aatrox hit him hard. Stay passive level 1 and 2. Look to fight him after level 3. Use your E to dodge the “sweet spot” of his 1st or 2nd Q and secure a Q with it since he can use his dash to dodge your Q if he is quick. Unless you E him and instantly use Q afterwards. His ult denies you your ult reset, should you decide to use it on him before getting rid of his ult first. In lane I recommend that you use your ult to get rid of his ultimate since you deny him a lot of damage by destroying his ult because he loses out on the bonus AD he has in his ult form. After that utilize your passive to finish him off. As mentioned before play it cool early and focus on farming early game. By mid-game you will win against him by default when you’re even.”

[9.5] Absolute Domination – A Guide to Darius

by E61K | Darius Player

SwiftOblivion says

“Strengths: Early game damage, Sustain, Burst damage. Weaknesses: Low mobility, Predictable CC, Outscaled. Good ol’ Aatrox. He has pretty good damage early but as long as you keep hitting your vitals you should be fine. Pick your fights when he has CD’s up and be sure to riposte the sweet spots of his Q’s and his W right before it pulls back so you can land a stun. More specifically his 3rd Q. Whenever he uses his ultimate, feel free to ult him back because if you kill him, your heal will proc while he starts to revive. This gives you plenty of time to heal back up before he has time to damage you again. You will outscale him and you shouldn’t lose to him 90% of the time!”

(9.5) Talent, Honor, and Discipline! Swift’s Fiora Guide

by SwiftOblivion | Diamond Fiora Player

Miracle Matter says

“Aatrox is a significant thread during his level 1-4 lane bully phase. Make sure you aren’t in danger if he hits level 6 before you — that’s a small window during which he can dive you with impunity. (After 6, you just use your ult to survive his dives, similar to Tryn.)
Once you have Tear + Lost Chapter, you can start shoving him in/farming from afar, and once you have Zz’Rot, you can start going toe-to-toe with this guy fairly easily. Just beware: Good Aatroxes will use their E to dodge your double-bomb stun.
Last tip: Always dodge his W Zone (if he lands the chain on you) by running *sideways* out of it, using your E – Movespeed boost.
Late game, laugh at his “BEHOLD, IMMORTALITY” voice line as you resurrect from the dead every 33 seconds late-game. ”

[9.5] Toplane Splitpush Zilean (Diamond, 75% winrate)

by Miracle Matter | Zilean Player

Suthafru says

“Aatrox – aatrox is a tanky, all in, early game bruiser, which is bad for jhin top.
aatrox’s Q range is even with Jhin’s AA range so a poke could turn into a lost trade real quick.”

the mega superior – JHIN TOP [UPDATED 9.5]

by Suthafru | Diamond Jhin Player

Saiyan02 says

“Rarely found in the jungle role. But when you do don´t fight him he is to op right now

Everything you need to know about Xin Zhao

by Saiyan02 | Xin Zhao Player

Matyezda says

“Dodge his ablities- if he doesn’t get a lead, he’ll be useless later on.”

[TOP/JNG/MID] Cho’Gath guide

by Matyezda | Cho’Gath Player

Trynda XD says

“Very dependent of player skills, you can destroy him if you dodge first Q you can go in then E to dodge last Q. ”


by Trynda XD | Tryndamere Player

kkiskk says

“You have higher damage and high sustain than him. Bully him in lane but be careful not to proc his second W. Always ready to all-in him if he miss his first Q or you make him miss it (use your E) :)”

Top lane Xin Zhao (What? It’s still viable?)

by kkiskk | Xin Zhao Player

Daniloooo says

“If he lands all his Q then your dead but they are super ezy to predict so for me this matchup is easy.”

Tank / AP / On hit Teemo!

by Daniloooo | Teemo Player

SeaWeeb says

“High sustain and ok gap closing. Dodge his q’s and don’t get caught in his W. Watch for his E and play around that. If he ults try to get him low then kill him when it ends unless it means life or death.”

The Suit Hunts in the Manner You Choose

by SeaWeeb | Kai’Sa Player

Sion says

“Pretty annoying level 1, you cannot out-trade him with his Q up. Use level 2 poke with E+Q and then back off, or focus on CS and roam.”

Low-elo stomper AD Sion

by Sion | Sion Player

Vincheelo says

“He is a good dualer, just dodge his Darkin Blades and be weary of his World Ender.”

Super Detailed Darius Guide v9.4 WIP

by Vincheelo | Darius Player

TheNecromancerr says

“Much stronger then you early levels, so play very safe, makes sure to dodge his Q, especially 3rd cast, you can just Q on him. You out scale him after several levels, but it can be anoying because of his ult. Whole point is to make him waste it.”

Irelia – Top Lane – Season 9

by TheNecromancerr | Irelia Player

CocoIsBoosted says

“He annihilates you on early levels. If you don’t die to him early and get him red then you are good.”

Best Way to Play Kled

by CocoIsBoosted | Kled Player

Proxxecube says

“Aatrox has 4 abilities you can parry, and they all involve him being somewhat close to you. Nuff said.
But really, Aatrox isn’t too much of an issue as he simply isn’t mobile enough to keep up with your dash. If he tries to hit a Q; for the first strike, just walk away from it – the area is super small. For the second – dash away if necessary, but try to just walk. For the third – Parry it. He gets super close, and then immediately start fighting.”

A Mad Lad’s Guide to Fiora

by Proxxecube | Fiora Player

Tipurrs says

“He has a broken kit but you can harass him with your range. He kind of falls off late game but he is strong early game. Be cautious and don’t let him snowball.”

Found Him! Patch 9.2 Annie Guide

by Tipurrs | Annie Player

WhySoRengar says

“Not hard matchup, jump close to him when he uses 1st and 2nd Q to get lower dmg, R and run back when he ults then jump on him and kill him”

Rengar Top (matchups and guide)

by WhySoRengar | Rengar Player

mcasterix123 says

“While the 9.3 nerfs have hit him somewhat, he’s still generally terrifying. Hold him at arms length, rush armour and if possible, sustain, and just wait for mid game where your ult should do more than his Q splishy splashy tantrum spam”

[S9.3] Ornn: A Jolly Ramble Through The Top Lane (Q max)

by mcasterix123 | Ornn Player

LordZeta1313 says

“he destroys you early game but you win hands down in the late game. just don’t feed”

Choose your Demise (kayn top build)

by LordZeta1313 | Kayn Player

Cstrange says

“This just comes down to your ability to kite him. Your more mobile but it still takes skill to avoid his attacks. Just make sure to dodge his Q and W combo and not to get caught in his E then punish him afterwards.”

Klepto Kayle

by Cstrange | Kayle Player

Nichao says

“É bem tranquila essa match up, Desviar dos ”Q” do Aatrox não tomar na ponta, Sempre tentar acertar o ”E” do Kled para usar 2 vezes e quando estiver se a Skaarl segurar o ”Q” para sair ”

Nicho – Ex top 1 Kled BR/Rei do Kled Top

by Nichao | Kled Player

Skuerlin says

“It is easy for him to avoid your walls and should be banned if prepicked from your team.”


by Skuerlin | Diamond Anivia Player

matthew0465 says

“I think u can poke better if u e out of his q and w but he can outplay you. Take ignite.”

Renekton Top AD Fighter+Tankiness

by matthew0465 | Renekton Player

Zahkar00 says

“Take Glacial.
This matchup is more about knowing how Aatrox works. Unless you know how to outplay him, DO NOT try and fight him until you get either sheen or glacial. After that you win ez.”

How to Taric Top 101

by Zahkar00 | Taric Player

polarehare says

“He’s aggressive and doesn’t have good gap closers, you can legit out trade him until he resurrects and then you can ult him then.”

Was Just Messing Around, It Works !?

by polarehare | Malphite Player

Bakiraka says

“Not too hard. He has a lot of sustain, but his engages can be dodged pretty easily. Just poke him and don’t overextend.”

Yer Raidin’ the Rift! S9.1 Gangplank Top (Crit and Tank)

by Bakiraka | Gangplank Player

Tvoi_clop says

“Основа этого противостояния проста – уклонения. Если не попадаться на его Q, то вы легко его уничтожите.

Русский гайд на Ясуо

by Tvoi_clop | Yasuo Player

Trixelkour says

“Out sustains you but cant out tank you. Play around both of your ults for an even duel, but call for a gank if you want to kill him. He’s pretty much the same but with a little bit more kill pressure on you. Take Grasp, Aftershock or Comet to poke him down. Get Gunblade into a Righteous Glory if you want to play around your ult. ”

Demon Birb of Zaun

by Trixelkour | Swain Player

lunarstaff says

“Should be easy for you to kill, as you leaping onto him makes you dodge his blade’s edge, and you dish out your damage faster. His revive is annoying.”

Hunt’s Comprehensive Rengar Guide

by lunarstaff | Diamond Rengar Player

heyitsRainex says

“A decent matchup. Be careful of his all-in from his Q and W. Dodge the tips of his Q and go in when it’s on CD.”

[9.1] Rainexton Guide

by heyitsRainex | Renekton Player

Kona2na says

His Q also cancels your E mid cast – so be careful when committing to a fight”


by Kona2na | Ornn Player

xBuzz2 says

“1 lvl e 2 lvl de ameaça Até morte 6 lvl
Recuar as skill voce não está morto .”

Nasus Top S9 Meta

by xBuzz2 | Nasus Player

Pabino says

“Dodge his q’s and don’t over extend
you can poke him down early ”

Teemo top Lane Season 9

by Pabino | Teemo Player

NorrisGreen says

“Play under tower like a pussy, his abilities counter you.
Farm and Push when he is not around.”


by NorrisGreen | Singed Player

raelkuN says

“-High Damage on skills and basics
-More CC than you
-Will punish bad movements on lane

Elise AD – Toplane

by raelkuN | Diamond Elise Player

raelkuN says

“-Much more damage on trades
-High mobility
-Avoids Urgot’s Ultimate”

Toplane Urgot S9

by raelkuN | Diamond Urgot Player

JohnnyC says

“he only strong in the early but he still too easy to get kill ”

if you’d want to carry your team you’d got to see this trust

by JohnnyC | Darius Player

WhispeRCZ says

“His healing counters your bleed, his ult counters yours, has some range and is quite mobile, just try to dodge his q sweetspots and dont ult him when he has his up”

Darius | Bring the pain

by WhispeRCZ | Darius Player

Pabino says

“May be troubling if fed but dodge his q’s and you’ll be fine early”

Season 9 Top lane Riven

by Pabino | Riven Player

Aldebaran1918 says

“His earlygame is way too good for you, avoid his trades as much as you can and play defensive.”

Sand to Sand

by Aldebaran1918 | Nasus Player

JohnnyC says

“He can poke you in early but late game he just like a MOSQUITO ”

The ultimate build for the new meta Darius trust me it will

by JohnnyC | Darius Player

SirDeRp25 says

“The key in this match-up is to dodge the outer-edge of Aatroxx’s Qs, this will result in him dealing less damage to you. The blind is very useful as Aatroxx requires occasional binding of autos between his Qs”

The SATAN of TOP-LANE by SirDeRp

by SirDeRp25 | Diamond Teemo Player

Master_Yagyu says

“aatrox depends on his auto attacks and q,try build boots of swiftness then try to dodge his q and auto attack him,you will win.”

River Shen Guide

by Master_Yagyu | Shen Player

E61K says

“New Aatrox is disgusting early game so don’t fight him at level 1. At level 2 if you’re confident in your ability to dodge the sweetspots of his Q’s you can go in for an all-in or trades. However if you trade with him he is just gonna heal it back up so better make those trades count. If he get’s fed grab executioners.”

Join The Darkness – Yasuo Guide For Mid/Top [Patch 8.24]

by E61K | Yasuo Player

undeadsoldiers says

“Aatrox – Conqueror
Early items (in order) – Executioners (Bramble if he gets an early kill), Phage, Tiamat
– NO all in lvl 1-2 (even if passive stacked)
– Avoid early trades (he has too much damage and sustain)
– Only trade with passive stacked
– Play very safe in lane (especially lvl 1-3)
– Don’t let yourself get hit by his auto attack passive (every 20 sec)
– Dodge his abilities by using Q on minions
– Save W for his Q3 just in case you can’t escape it
– Really try to avoid the outer edge of his Q (being hit by the middle is not as bad)
– When it’s safe, fake all ins to bait his ult (don’t fight him if he has ult)
– Ult cooldown: 140/130/120

[8.24]This land will be their graveyard![IN-DEPTH IRELIA GUI

by undeadsoldiers | Irelia Player

Omega best says

“Aatrox is easy, wait for him to waste his Qs then flip him in your minion wave then kill him, be careful and dont attack while he has his Q and play safe, build armor and call ganks if needed”

[8.23] Mastery 7 Diamond Volibear Main Guide For Top La

by Omega best | Volibear Player

Orangecat241 says

“he destroys you early with his poke.
jungler help or build against him.”

orangecats guide to a cat like character…

by Orangecat241 | Gnar Player

Thedoctor25 says

“Complicado de lidar, tente ficar safe e peça ajuda ao jungler.”

A bíblia com as mecânicas de singed s8

by Thedoctor25 | Singed Player

Beartrand says

“Aatrox’s damage is pretty high. Especially when he hits them sweet spots. Just try to avoid being hit by the sweet spots. And for the love of god, dodge his W. It will be the end of you when he hits it.”

Volibear Attack Speed Conqueror Top

by Beartrand | Volibear Player

TehGuides says

“He’s ultimate can counter your because he will have more hp than you after he resurrect


by TehGuides | Tryndamere Player

Xozec says

“You can dode most of his skills and parry his powerful passive auto attack.”

Money Jax |Be 2 Items Ahead Than Your Enemy!| Hard Carry

by Xozec | Jax Player

ReformedLavahit says

“It can be 3 but it can also be a 5 in my opinion it depends how good you and how good aatrox is. Try going in with e aa wq on his 1st and 2nd q and get out with your 2nd and 3rd q when he does his 3rd q”

[8.24] Reformed Lavahit’s guide to riven

by ReformedLavahit | Riven Player

ThebestGP says

“He can’t kill you enless your in position for his q, but otherwise you out damage and out tank him. ”

The pump and dump

by ThebestGP | Diamond Urgot Player

Mouadyam says

“skill matchup mostly, avoid his Q’s, especially the 3rd one, and try to get a kill before he hits 6 since he’s gonna be hard to dunk then”

[PRESEASON 9] [PLATINUM] The guide to toplane domination

by Mouadyam | Darius Player

Demon Lord AC0 says

“Aatrox can out-damage you on early game. and is easy to kill after Bork if he rushes BC. If you’re not careful he can kill you. He falls out hard mid/late-game and you can easily solo kill him. Start Doran’s blade. ”

Rushing BORK Top works! Yasuo Guide – (290k Mastery Points)

by Demon Lord AC0 | Yasuo Player

teethpicks says

“dodge q sweetspots, only fihgt him if his passive down.
be VERY careful spinning away from him bc he can stop ur spin with q
If he uses ult just run away from him lol, then reingage


by teethpicks | Tryndamere Player

The dankest mom says



by The dankest mom | Veigar Player

Damiandad1 says

“You can counter his jump from w. Try to stun him and engage.”

Poppy’s things on preseason S8 TOP/JG

by Damiandad1 | Poppy Player

DreamDaddy says

“You should be able to dash out of his q and keep him out of range with all the movespeed. but if he calls his jg he can dive easily with his ult so be careful”

For fun lucian

by DreamDaddy | Lucian Player

FlakNShrapnel says

“He has a better early game, and he can survive being thrown under tower with his r. He outranges you with his q. Good luck.”

Lick ’em good

by FlakNShrapnel | Tahm Kench Player

Snaill says

“Be careful to his Q spell, it can hit you in your smoke.”

Akali top guide (8.24) In-depth.

by Snaill | Diamond Akali Player

Rading says

“Depends on early game. If he gets ahead it will be very difficult to kill him as he is tanky af and does insane dmg. But he still needs to walk into your traps to kill you so try do dodge his jumps and wait for the right moment.”


by Rading | Shaco Player

Snaill says

“You have the mobility to dodge all his Qs, you can dodge his last Q spell with your ultimate. You dominate him all the game in dueling power if not behind. Poke him with W.”

Camille build toplane 8.24 (in depth)

by Snaill | Diamond Camille Player

Trixelkour says

“Harasses you hard and sustains in lane too much. E in when he Q, and he should lose pretty quickly. Conqueror or PTA are the best options here. Get early Sunfire or Wit’s end to duel him.”

Master of Equilibrium, Shen, The Eye of Twilight.

by Trixelkour | Shen Player

Aldebaran1918 says

“Has a way much better early game than you, just as with Jax, wait till your Ult is up”

Tryndamere, Rito’s president!

by Aldebaran1918 | Tryndamere Player

LivesforOnlyOne says

“Play around his Q’s. Dash into his first two and parry the third for an easy stun and a great way to reduce his damage. You can also parry his telegraphed W if you can afford to do so. Don’t be afraid to ult if he does as you still get the healing zone if he revives. Any keystone works here.”

Fiora – How to become the most feared in all of Valoran

by LivesforOnlyOne | Fiora Player

Coelinha says

“Evite tomar os ”Q”// A lane é sua do level 1 ao 18.”

Guia para as Riven Br

by Coelinha | Riven Player

Club America says

“Careful. you have to block one of his Q, stun him then go with R -q ”

Fiora – Best Duelist

by Club America | Diamond Fiora Player

Teemo Mochileiro says

“Cuidado, as habilidades do Aatrox dão muito dano.”

[8.24] Diamond God Teemo – Atualmente TOP 10 Teemo BR – Toda

by Teemo Mochileiro | Teemo Player

upalter says

“Constantly punish him in his laning phase when is farming, and keep distance because it have more move speed than you.”

Soraka, the top guardian

by upalter | Soraka Player

iam colorblind says

“You are very squishy, he need lot of Skill to hit Skillshots against you.
You can also outtrade him easy!
But be careful if he got you, you will take hard damage.”

Jax 1v9 in Preseason! 8.24/8.25

by iam colorblind | Jax Player

AnonyKiller says

“His stun is huge his hp is big and his ult can ressurect.Try to ban him and you wont have problem

Noone knows how you ended up winning

by AnonyKiller | Tryndamere Player

Skullsunderer says

“After he uses all of his Q’s on the wave you should punish him for it, he has long cooldowns early game and can’t fight back. Bramble Vest is also a must against Aatrox.”

S8 Guide to Darius. Rule the Top Lane [W/ Match ups]

by Skullsunderer | Darius Player

MrPuggles says

“Just try not to die to him. Don’t engage him unless you’ve poked him to below 30% HP. Focus on getting cs and use teleport to your advantage.”

[8.23]Cho’Gath – A Guide For Bronze/Silver (Updated)

by MrPuggles | Diamond Cho’Gath Player

TheSuporter says

“Ban him. If he somehow gets through dodge. His passive and q make you completely useless. ”

The only card I need is the Mace of Spades

by TheSuporter | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

Lvl 100 Trunks says

“New aatrox. not the worst thing, but he’s not easy to play vs, trying to 1v1 is hard. so get jungles help”

Wuking – The King Of Top Lane

by Lvl 100 Trunks | Diamond Wukong Player

joelblack says

“The Transformer is a pretty big lane bully. As long as you avoid his Q’s, you’ll be ok, but a good transformer will really abuse you. Taking the Mage runes will really benefit here, for long range poke and MS. ”

[8.23] A Good Boi

by joelblack | Gnar Player

CaioOP1985 says

“This is more of a skill match between Nasus and Aatorx. He has % health damage and healing reduction together with great mobility, great sustain and an annoying ult. You also have great sustain, Wither and a tanky Ult, so as always play safe and wait to fight him directly.”

Nasus, God of the Late Game

by CaioOP1985 | Nasus Player

OrangeBeard says

“Aatrox has his ranged q 3 times, you have your e once and your w once, make them count. Stick to him on his first 2 q casts and make him e away to waste his cd’s because you have them alot lower. If he gets a kill on you, play safe and use your e only to minion clear and w if you think he will engage, but when it is on cd, stay far away from him.”

Yoyoyo [Season 9 Skarner Top]

by OrangeBeard | Skarner Player

Kibbu says

“Melees are easily fightable even tanks (early game)”

How to play Riven Easily [8.23]+

by Kibbu | Diamond Riven Player

RitoPLsnerfirelia says

“Can and will kill you early
E his poke passive
After trinity, q his q combo and all in with ult
Then dominate in teamfights and split-pushing
Show who is the real GOD ”

Jax Top Domination 8.23

by RitoPLsnerfirelia | Jax Player

JefferXpr3ss says

“This is a very difficult and brutal matchup because Aatrox can out damage you, out sustain you, and out CC you. He just seems better than Ornn in every way possible. Then again, he does not scale as well as Ornn making this matchup atleast possible to win.”

JefferXpr3ss’s Guide to Ornn Top

by JefferXpr3ss | Ornn Player

STO Dew says

“Try and kill as much as you can early game, you can even call jungler for help.”

Tryndamere TOP | The Hard Carry

by STO Dew | Tryndamere Player

Dacnomaniak says

“His Q damage will hurt, try to dodge them and then engage when its on CD.”

The One True Hero (S8 Poppy)

by Dacnomaniak | Poppy Player

UndDasHeisst says

“Just an ass to play against. He can trade against you pretty easily, and gets free healing from physical damage without mana costs. He just has better sustain and damage early game.”

Bruiser Yasuo Guide [Patch 8.23]

by UndDasHeisst | Diamond Yasuo Player

GOTG Ment135 says

“Usar tu W hace que sea mucho más fácil para él golpear su Q, dándole una ventaja durante la fase de lineas. Los intercambios cortos y el empuje lo favorecen debido a su daño sostenido incorporado. Lo mejor que puedes hacer es pelearle cuando su Q esta en enfriamiento.”

Como se carrea con Urgot! Guia En Español “8.23”

by GOTG Ment135 | Urgot Player

TrashIreliaxd says

“The only thing annoying about Aatrox is that he can cancel your Q with his Q. Other than that, it should be pretty easy to land stuns and kill him.”

Irelia in Pre-season 9

by TrashIreliaxd | Irelia Player

xdardax says

“extreme tilt if he is good… try to proxy and get advantage if their jg camps u”

Singed guide 8.23

by xdardax | Singed Player

Nechu2448 says

“Aatorax . It’s easy to avoid his skills just run when you see red and don’t get too close oh and he can revive him self so watchout if you have low hp!

AD Teemo – Best teemo Build

by Nechu2448 | Teemo Player

OmegaTeemo says

“He’s a lane bully, he’ll try his best to send you back to b. Trade with him while his Q is down, abuse your Q and try your best to hit as many AA as you can.”

[TOP] The Teemo Main Pocket Guide

by OmegaTeemo | Teemo Player

thedunkening111 says

“The World Ender isn’t too bad. Just be very careful. If he lands a lot of his sweet-spot q’s, things can start to get ugly. Try to take trades when his q is on cooldown, and when he you know he does not have passive.
Take Conqueror”

[WIP] [8.23] Become the Havel Monster. Praise the Sun! |T|/

by thedunkening111 | Leona Player

unkbugado says

“just try to don’t get hit by his Q’s, it’s easy with phase rush.”

General Mordekaiser 8.23 Build

by unkbugado | Diamond Mordekaiser Player

galvapheonix says

“Don’t let yourself get caught in the q all three times you’ll take a lot of damage. ”

Whack Em Dead

by galvapheonix | Yorick Player

DuhBrandon says

“Probably as bad or worse than Darius because Aatrox counters you in a way some champs cant and as Akali there is very little counter-play. The problem with Aatrox is that all of his abilities are high damage AOE attacks rendering your shroud completely useless in an all in attempt. (which is very important because Akali’s shroud normally makes up for her being very squishy early game.) And since Aatrox’s R exist he’ll be the one tower diving you. (also it will be very hard to farm because Aatrox will poke you a lot.) This matchup is an example of a game you might wanna build tanky on.

[8.23] [Top] DuhBrandon’s Akali Build Whatever Guide.

by DuhBrandon | Akali Player

Dollaking says

“Busted Champion, dont fight him during laning phase, let minion wave crash under your tower.”

Malphite Build Preseason

by Dollaking | Malphite Player

Xplosion123 says

“Aatrox, um lutador com MUITO dano, e MUITA resistência numa luta, além de ele ter uma ultimate que pode simplesmente anular a nossa querida guilhotina, já que ele revive, tente trocar com ele quando seu caçador estiver na rota, fora isso não force uma luta, pois a troca dói. Porém, se ele perder a vantagem na rota no começo de jogo, isso irá snowballar a lane, e isso nos dará vantagem.”

[8.23] Lendarius – A força acima de tudo.

by Xplosion123 | Darius Player

Cyti says

“Same as Riven, very short ranged dash and cannot reach you easily. Would definitely take Stopwatch+Minion Dematerializer as he can dive. ”

Become a puppeteer with Veigar Top! Lord of Control

by Cyti | Veigar Player

THEUnknownPlayer says

“Aatrox can kill you in level 3 if you not play well and missing Creeps and not earning money to buy build the tips: is to if he Q’s you Dash it then You attack a Q on him then if she Q you again Dash it again dont Kill the Creeps Fast because you need them just not let you Aatrox Q’s you because Q of Aatrox deal a high damage thats why you need to be a great player in dash skill”

THEUnknownPlayer PH Yasuo Main

by THEUnknownPlayer | Yasuo Player

Resl says

“He is annoying, but manageable, dodge his Q tips and just Trade. ”

Top Kench, The Grandiose Butcher

by Resl | Diamond Tahm Kench Player

Thoir says

“Aatrox is not that hard. You just have to dodge his Q, than engage him.”


by Thoir | Irelia Player

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