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Below is Aatrox Build Guide, will share you the League Of Legends Strategy Builds, let’s see together:

Aatrox Build Guide

Precision Tree:

Keystone runes:: PTA is terrible on Aatrox as your only attack reset is your E and 90% of the time you would rather use it to reposition while using your Q.

LT grants you attack speed after 1,5 seconds if you damaged an opponent and extends its duration to 6 seconds if you continue dealing damage to champions. Aatrox has no auto attack based steroid so do not bother with this.: Fleet Footwork heals you periodically when you auto attack as well as granting you a short movement speed boost, so basically a mini phage proc right at level 1. While you can consider this into hard matchups for a sustain boost this is mostly irrelevant since Aatrox can hit almost any opponent with a Q1 (and E) for some healing.: Every single auto-attack and damaging ability will grant you 2 conqueror stacks (each instance of Aatrox’ Q counts as a seperate ability, but only the first damage instance of his W grants 2 conqueror stacks). Getting free AD (up to 36 at Level 18) is insanely valuable on a champion with huge AD scalings such as Aatrox. Not only that but at 12 stacks you get to heal for 9% of the damage you deal and to top it all off it does not even have a penalty for AoE damage.

There is only 1 problem: Aatrox has huge issues stacking up Conqueror especially in lane since he lacks cooldown reduction and ranks in his Q during that time, but even in team fights the fight may already be over by the time you have used your entire rotation without even benefitting from the healing since it takes 3 Qs, 1 W and 2 autos to fully procc it.

Minor Runes:1st row:: While it sounds interesting, Triumph is so much more valuable and also Aatrox doesn’t heal from minions (except from his passive) so you have to take risks damaging your opponent for a pitiful shield.: Triumph is probably the strongest minor rune in the game if you can get it procced. 12% missing health heal per takedown after 1 second can allow you to make huge plays especially with a champion such as Aatrox who always can pull off clutch plays with his healing. Always take this when you spec into the precision tree. The big downside of this rune is obvious: if you don’t kill stuff, you have no rune. And even if you kill stuff, you can die before you get the triumph proc. Making you salty. Very this tree.: You have no mana.

2nd row:: You gain up to 18% attack speed starting at 3%. Take this whenever the enemy team composition allows it (when they don’t have any stuns, roots, silences etc. that can be reduced by tenacity). It makes your autos much smoother and increases your farming skill, trading and all-in, tower killing capabilities. Everything, basically. Be aware however that attack speed increase can screw with your passaive auto attacks since ignores any attack speed buffs and will be much slower than your regular auto attacks if you take this.if against no CC, worse than if against CC: Gain up to 30% tenacity. Tenacity is very welcome on Aatrox as you a frontline champion even though your Q cast times let you power through shorter CCs, they also keep you in place to be hit by something like Morgana Qs. Tenacity however does not affect continous slows, suppression or knock ups so always be aware what you are fighting so you can switch it out for. This rune also allows you to easily go over making you that much tankier against aa-based champs. situationally.: Gain up to 12% life steal. The slowest scaling of the Legends and also bad on Aatrox. You will be dealing most of your damage via abilities and life steal only procs on auto attacks, so don’t waste this slot for mediocre sustain on minions.3rd row:: 8% increased damage against champions below 40% health is obviously nice to finish off champions, however there is another minor rune in this tree that suits Aatrox’ playstyle even better.: Deal more damage when someone has more maximum health than you? If you are really keen on fighting an HP stacking opponent, you may take this, but often times these champions will also build armor and face tank you anyway.: Up to 11% more damage when you low hp? Yes please! Aatrox is literally designed to fight until the very last point of HP since he is a drain tank.

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Domination Tree:

Keystone Runes:: Aatrox’ rune choice vs champions that will not allow him to take extended trades (aka most ranged champions), this also gives you a stronger early game since you can actually use this rune early on.: Terrible on Aatrox. Running at people really fast can already be achieved by your ultimate.: Questionable rune for Aatrox. Maybe okay for ARAM.: Some people like to use this rune while running a crit build. The same problem as withstill stands though: doesn’t scale with attack speed, making this kind of akward to use.

Minor Runes:1st row:: While you can proc it, there are much better alternatives in this row.: A very strong rune on Aatrox that makes your sustain even better. The 20 second cooldown means you will be able to proc it easily with your Q rotation coming up and it will easily get you 100s of HP back during the laning phase.: Gain Lethality after using a dash or flash and damaging the opponent. Can be used for lethality builds or against opponents you don’t think you are going to need sustain for.

2nd row:: If you kill a ward, you resurrect him into a visible ward for your team with 1 hp! Also you get a little bit of AD up to a cap for this. While you want to take later into the game, this rune fits junglers and supports much better since you won’t be using it until midgame.: The Ghost poro can help with vision and gives you a little utility.: Kill stuff to get AD. Wow, so… unique. Take it if you don’t want to have a cute Ghost Poro watching your back. You monster.

3rd row:: Starts with no omnivamp anymore. When stacked up, it is okay, but since you are a top  laner you cannot reliably stack it up every game and therefore it might remain completely useless.: Gaining cooldown reduction on item actives seems nice, but what items with actives are you realistically going to buy? This is only really good for champions with Glacial Augment, GLP, Twin shadows and Zhonya’s Hourglass. Only use this if you want to build Sunfire Cape and Titanic Hydra.: This rune only gets used by roam heavy champions and isn’t needed for Aatrox since you can easily cross terrain on low cooldowns and still have enough movement speed through your ultimate.: Your ult is on a very low cooldown anyway and you will be building a ton of cooldown reduction.

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Sorcery tree:

Keystone runes:: No.: Aatrox is played very poke based in lane so this is definitely usable, but the tree kind of sucks for him. Arcane Comet does have synergy with his kit however, as it not only procs a Cleaver stack (AoE mind you) if it hits, but it also gets reduced by multi-hits as well as W damage and W pull damage. In short, this rune is perfect against champions you want to poke who won’t run Doran’s Shield and against whom you aren’t going to reliably proc such asor maybe [[Kennen].: You cannot abuse movement speed during your long animations from your Q, so do not bother with this.

Minor runes:1st row:: The only rune in this row that is at least semi-useful, though only vs magic damage.: You still have no mana. I am pretty sure resourceless champions can’t even take this since it gets changed to Nullifying Orb.: Again, movement speed is only really useful for approaching the enemy, afterwards you will rely on your E and the range of your Qs to hit your opponent. Also when you have TP and Flash this rune has even less value to you than if you had Ignite.

2nd row:: Grants 5 ability haste at level 5, another 5 at 8 and also reduces your basic abilities’ cooldown on takedown. Use it with the ability haste rune shard when you run an setup.: Movement speed is still meh on Aatrox compared to almost any other melee champion.: Remember how I said was so good because you get rewarded for taking damage as a melee champ? Well, Absolute Focus punishes you for not being at full health, which is just not going to happen as a melee juggernaut. Do not use it.

3rd row:: Gives you a bit more damage every time you go for poke and can easily add up over time.. Personal preference between this and: More Movement speed and AD in the river is okay for junglers. If you are not a jungler I recommend not taking the jungle, otherwise: A late game minor rune.

Resolve tree – Aatrox build

It is not going to make you hard carry since no AD in the world could help make Aatrox’ damage relevant vs armor, but it is still satisfying to hear the sound effect every 10 minutes., personal preference between this 3nd Resolve tree:

Keystone runes:: This rune does not scale well, but grants you a much stronger early game into melee match ups since Aatrox normally lacks good trading options outside of his gigantic cooldowns between Q rotations. Grasp however lets you zone people early on with just a 4 second CD and synergizes with the increased range of your passive auto as well as the healing from your E to topple you off even more.: Not recommended. Resistances are great for drain tanks, but the short duration counteracts Aatrox’ extended fight patterns later on in the game.: Unusable in a solo lane.

Minor runes:1st row:: Aatrox’ tower damage is miniscule, this rune however helps you get tower platings to snowball your leads and… demolishes towers even later on.: No.: The only way you acquire a shield is by usingor – god have mercy on your soul – going Over heal. Just do not take this. Take Demolish.

2nd row:: More Armor and Magic Resistance is nice. You can take this into matchups that are easy so you get more stats for when they actually matter.: A very good rune to take when you are pressured by constant harass, especially against damage over times such as Teemo’s poision or Malzahar’s E. Falls off hard, but allows you to remain in lane much longer in difficult matchups when you cannot find a way to all in them. It also helps considering Aatrox’ horrendous HP regen early on. Very good situationally, otherwise: Very strong early game rune that is vital into many matchups that can jump onto you for burst trades such as (but not limited to)or. It sucks vs champion though that can procc it before going in (such as smart players aware of your rune choices or pretty much any ranged champion).situationally, otherwise

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3rd row:: Gaining more hp and having more scaling is always nice to have and in most games you will get around 200 extra hp. Also increased your potential shield from: Increased healing and shielding is great and the lower you are the better. Very good for stacking stronger heals (such asor).: If you do not spec into the Precision tree this might be the only way to get tenacity besides building. Slow resistance can be kind of useful.

Inspiration tree

Situationally, otherwise Inspiration tree: Keystone runes:: Your Q1, Q2, Q3 and W outrange your passive auto attack by a lot. You can’t really set them up and you don’t use any slow active items either.: Aatrox doesn’t synergize much with summoner spells besides Flash, so do not bother with this.: Actually interesting if you want to use the Inspiration tree since Aatrox can definitely use most of the keystones to a certain extent and would be able to pick up Conqueror every once in a while without having to sacrifice his laning phase with an unproccable keystone.

Minor runes:1st row:: Aatrox can already traverse terrain on a tiny CD, this rune is not needed.: While there are some matchups where you want to rush Tabis or Mercs, you normally want to focus on purchasing cooldown reduction as soon as possible. This rune allows you to not waste 300 gold on boots that could have been used on aor a. Aatrox is also not a champion that absolutely needs a movement speed advantage over his opponent to keep up with them because of his E mobility and his ultimate ability.: The stopwatch clocks up your inventory until you can unlock it and it also only contributes 250g to your. While you might want to buy this item, this may only be your 3rd or 4th item since might suit you better in that game.

2nd row:: Borrowing money can be nice to get to your item spikes even faster.: Being able to just evaporate a minion from existance can be extremely useful in stopping teleports by your opponent to stop you from pushing out a wave (but also very situational). Aatrox’ minion damage however is atrocious and even with dematerializer you will need multiple Qs to kill backline minions even later into the game.: You have no mana and if you want sustain, then take or

3rd row:: It only offers item and summoner spell haste: Gaining 15% movement speed towards champions you are cc’ing is incredibly good and running towards opponents faster your allies have cced also is nice. But Aatrox only CCs the opponent for 0,25 seconds and doesn’t use movement speed as well as other champions. This rune also competes with: You do not use since you have no mana, movement speed isn’t that important to Aatrox and it also sucks on normal pots compared to CPot.

Above is the League Of Legends Strategy Builds share for your reference. Wish you have fun playing and have wonderful strategies to move up your level!

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