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59 New Tech Gifts 2021 – Best Electronics & Cool Gadget Gift Ideas for Men & Women

Stumped on what to get the gadget geek in your life? Here’s our picks for some of the hottest tech gifts this year that’ll make ’em proud!

Best Tech Gifts 2021 - New Electronic Gadgets For Men & Women 2021

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So what do you actually get the tech geek who already has everything?  The simple answer to that is the latest and greatest of what’s out this year.  If you’re really a pro, you’ll pre-order a lot of what’s going to be released later in the year so you can get a jump-start on the 2021 shopping season.  Yes, we’re actually almost at that point.

When it comes to tech gifts there are as many options out there as there are preferences.  This year just about everything worth its weight will be wireless, bluetooth enabled, sleeker, smaller, and with a longer battery life than ever before.  Plus, we’re seeing almost all our picks as voice activated, which can really keep things safe and, well, easier to use.

Shop our picks for some of the best new tech gift ideas for both men and women in 2021.


Best Tech Gift of 2021

Mục Lục

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug – Buy It Here

Ember Temp Controlled Coffee Mug


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

This is the mug everyone is obsessed with this year! Keep your coffee (tea or hot chocolate) nice and hot and at the temp you want it to be.  You can control it via the app right from your smartphone and never have to worry about luke-warm beverages again. There’s also a super cool new copper mug option here!  Find the right one for you or whomever you’re giving it too.  Learn more here.


The Smart Pick

The New Apple AirTag  – Buy It Here

New Apple AirTag


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

We’re already pretty obsessed with the new Apple AirTag since we always seem to be misplacing our keys and just about everything else.  Add these little tags to your keychain, wallet, bags or even onto your remote control and if and when it goes missing you’ll be able to use your phone, tablet, or Siri to help find exactly where it’s hiding!  You can’t beat the price either.  You can even buy a 4-pack to save a bit too.  Learn more here.


The New Tech Pick

The New Amazon Echo Dot  – Buy It Here

New Amazon Echo

$34.99 (30% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s the latest and greasted smart speaker from Amazon.  Introducing the new Echo Dot (4th Generation).  This time around it’s sleeker (and round!) and has much better sound (and way better bass) than ever before.  Stream all your favorite music, play games with Alexa, turn on and off so many things in your smart home, and so much more.  Learn more here.


The Cool AF Pick

The InnerAge “True Age” Testing Kit – Buy It Here

Inner Age

Shop at InsideTracker

Price Point: $$$$$

If they love AncestryDNA, they’ll love this.  The InnerAge kit allows you to find out what your real biological age is based on a variety of tests.  Are you really younger than your numerical age?  Older?  They’ll even provide you a health and fitness plan to help optimize your  healthspan based on the results.  Live your best life!  Learn more here.


The Oprah Pick

The Courant Catch 2 Device Wireless Charger – Buy It Here

Wireless Charging Pad


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Charge your devices wirelessly and in style with the latest leather charging pad!  Toss on your smartphone and/or wireless AirPods and move on with your day.  Check it out in other colors too.  Learn more here.


The Earbuds Pick

The Apple AirPods Pro – Buy It Here

New Apple AirPods

$179.99 (28% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

You can’t go wrong with Apple, especially their new wireless AirPods Pro noise canceling earbuds with charging station.  These have, literally, no wires, totally stay in your ears comfortably thanks to the new silicone ear pieces, are water resistant, and charge faster and last longer than the originals.  They can even be charged wirelessly on a wireless charging pad. Learn more here.

Looking for the cheaper version from earlier this year?  Check out those AirPods here!


The Mini Pick

The FujiFilm Mini Photo Printer (From Your Smartphone) – Buy It Here

Portable Photo Printer


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Print the photos from your phone immediately from this super fun mini printer that fits in your hand.  It’s easy to set up, comes in a bunch of different colors, and includes fun filters to make your photos even better.  Learn more here.


The Music Pick

The “Last Minute” Spotify eGift Card – Buy It Here

John Zisa - Spotify Giftcard

$30 (or Choose Your Amount)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Perfect for the person who has everything (and especially if you’re looking for a last minute idea), you can’t go wrong with a Spotify eGift-card that can be emailed directly to them whenever!

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Discover new artists on Spotify like John Zisa (once a top 20 on American Idol).  If you love “yacht rock” you’ll love his total “work rock” vibe and you must check out his cover of Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow Connection.”  We love supporting new artists!  Listen for free here!


The Kids Pick

The Latest Echo Dot For Kids – Buy It Here

Kids Echo (Tiger)

$44.99 (25% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

The latest version of the Echo Dot for kids this year, you can choose between a friendly tiger face or a cute little panda. With Alexa you can help you kids learn, grow, hear stories read to them, ask a million questions, set alarms, and more. Learn more here.


The Must Have Pick

The PhoneSoap Phone Sanitizer & Charger – Buy It Here

Phonesoap UV Phone Cleaner


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Did you know most phones are dirtier than your toilet?  Awesome.  Use this must-have UV phone sanitizer to get rid of 99.9% of all the nasty bacteria on your phone, keys, credit cards, and more.  It’ll fit just about any phone out there.  Learn more here.

Having a hard time find this one in stock on Amazon, check out another version here!


The Golfers Pick

The Zepp 3D Golf Swing Analyzer – Buy It Here

Accros Golf

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Sure, they’re all golf pros, but could use a little personal help from time to time, especially when it comes to their swing.  The super important swing analysis will measure the most vital aspects of their swing like the club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length, and more. It’ll then give them instant evaluations so they can start making improvements immediately.  So cool!  Learn more here.


The Vintage Pick

The Distressed-Inspired Wi-Fi Tee – Buy It Here

WIFI Tech T-Shirt


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

If they’re a true tech nerd at heart, but still think they’re kinda cool this is a must-have for them.  This vintage-inspired comfy “Wi Fi” tee comes in a bunch of different colors and styles for men, women, and even the kids too.  What’s the WiFi?  Learn more here.


The Massaging Pick

The “Magic Hands” Body Massager – Buy It Here

Neck + Back Massager

$173.40 (42% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

We could all use an at-home massage, especially on our neck, back, legs, and pretty much anywhere.  Chosen by Oprah as one of her “Favorite Things” this portable massager is a total must-have this year.  You actually won’t believe how good it really feels.  We’ve been using ours every day, especially after a long day at work!  Learn more here.


The Wearable Pick

The Charging Cord Bracelet – Buy It Here

Charger Bracelet


Shop at UncommonGoods

Price Point: $$$$$

Never worry about your phone dying again when you’re out and about.   This stylish bracelet actually doubles as a charging cord and is one of our faves of the year.  You can snag this one in white or black.  Learn more here.


The New Amazon Pick

The New Amazon Echo Show 10 With Motion Detection  – Buy It Here

Amazon Echo 10


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s the latest from Amazon and the Echo Show (10) that everyone is buzzing about.  This one has motion detection so the screen/camera will follow you around as you move around.  No longer do you have to worry about moving it all around and saying things like “can you see me now?”  Learn more here.


The Self-Cleaning Pick

The LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle – Buy It Here

LARQ Water Bottle

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

The future of tech is here and it’s in the form of a self-cleaning water bottle!  Using special UV-C LED light the LARQ will clean the water inside your water bottle and the water bottle itself.  Amazing!  It comes in a bunch of cool color options too.  Learn more here.


The Beer-Lovers Pick

The Fizzics Draft-Pour Beer Dispenser – Buy It Here

Fizz Draft Beer Tech


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Perfect for the beer lover on your list who also loves a bit of a magical gadget!  It’ll convert any can or bottle of their favorite brew into a nitro-style draft beer.  It just tastes way better that way.  Learn more here.


The Doggy Pick

The WickedBone Smart Bone – Buy It Here

Wireless Smart Dog Bone Toy

$69.88 (59% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

We didn’t forget about your favorite pup this season!  The WickedBone Smart Dog Bone is totally interactive, can be controlled by an app on your phone, and has a bunch of different fun options based on your pups mood and interaction level that day.  Learn more here.


The Safety Pick

The New Blink XT2 Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera – Buy It Here

Blink Camera

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s the new and improved best-selling indoor and outdoor security cam from Blink.  It’s not only waterproof, but it also allows for 2 way audio communication, customizable motion detection, day and night coverage, free cloud storage, and more.  It also has an extra long lasting battery life.  It takes 2 AA lithium batteries that’ll last your Blink about 2-years before you need to replace them.  There are also options to buy a singular camera, a 2-pack, 3-pack, or a 5-pack.  Learn more here.

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The iPhone Pick

The iPhone 12 – Buy It Here

iPhone 12 Purple


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s the latest iPhone (12) that everyone is now obsessed with thanks to the insanely amazing camera (there’s three on the back) and really cool color options (this one is in midnight green, which really is trendy AF).  It’s water and dust resistant and will totally up your selfie game this year.  Grab it here on Amazon.


The Fixers Pick

The iFixit Tech Toolkit – Buy It Here

Tech Gadget Fix-It Kit


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It has just about everything they’ll need to fix some of their most prized possessions like their smartphone, laptop, tablets, and more.  This top-rated kit (with currently more than 3,400 ratings!) even comes with FixIt Guides that’ll show them how to do things like replace their batteries, fix the camera on their phone, and so much more.  Really cool!  Learn more here.


The Social Pick

The Samsung Sero Rotating Screen TV – Buy It Here

Samsung Vertical TV


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Seriously, how cool is this latest smart TV from Samsung that’s actually vertical for all of your social media “meetings” you’re having these days (fits Insta, Tik Tok, etc) and then you can actually rotate the screen so that’s it’s back to horizontal view.  Insanity!  Learn more here.


The Instant Pick

The Polaroid OneStep Bluetooth Instant Camera – Buy It Here

Polaroid Insta Camera


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

You can never go wrong with new instant camera, especially when it has the modern twist of bluetooth!  This is already one of the best-sellers of the year, has a 60-day battery life, allows you to toggle between standard and portrait lens, plus will make your photos Insta presentable.  Learn more here.


The Tiny Pick

The Sony Extra Bass Portable Speaker – Buy It Here

Mini Sony Wireless Speaker


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It may be small, but it’s totally powerful and has amazing bass.  A colorful portable bluetooth speaker that has great battery life (up to 16-hours) and is waterproof makes it our fave pick to bring just about anywhere you’re going.  See it in other colors too.  Learn more here.

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The Cool AF Pick

The Bose Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses – Buy It Here

Bose Audio Sunglasses


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

So these we love!  If you’re looking for the perfect tech gadget and one that they most certainly don’t already have, this is the gift for them!  New from Bose, these sunglasses connect to bluetooth and play music near your ears without everyone else hearing what you’re listening to.  Did we mention that the lenses won’t easily scratch or shatter either?  Check them out in a variety of different frames, lens colors, and more.  Learn more here.

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The Tech Massager Pick

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The Theragun Handheld Muscle Massager – Buy It Here



Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

This is a total must-have for anyone who works-out, runs, or could just use a deep muscle massage.  It comes with 4 different attachments, will really get into all those places that need extra attention, and you really have to see it (and use it) to believe it.  We’ve used this and it’s totally life-changing.  Learn more here.


The Sleep Deprived Pick

The Philips SmartSleep Light Therapy Lamp – Buy It Here

Philips Light Wakeup Alarm

$159.95 (20% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

If they’re struggling with sleep like we all are, this will help them improve.  This best-selling sleep and wake-up lamp will help them wind down at night with a new relax and breathe function and will help them gradually wake up before their alarm goes off as this lamp will slowly get brighter in the morning to simulate a natural sunrise.  Learn more here.


The Nostalgic Pick

The GoCube Smart Rubik’s Cube – Buy It Here

Tech Rubix Cube

$79.95 (20% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s the old Rubik’s Cube (we could never do), but now with a smart and modern tach savvy twist!  Take different challenges, play against others online, and more!  Learn more here.


The Single’s Pick

The Keurig Mini For One Coffee Maker – Buy It Here

Keurig Single Serve

$83.64 (16% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

This mini magical coffee machine is the perfect pick for the single guy or gal in your list who loves their morning brew, but just basically need it for themself.  No judgement.  It comes in 4 different eye-catching colors too.  Learn more here.


The Energy Efficient Pick

The Nest Learning Home Thermostat in Stainless Steel – Buy It Here

Nest Thermostat SMART

$229.00 (8% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Yes, even your thermostat is smart now!  This is one of the best selling smart thermostats of the year, has voice activation ability thanks to Alexa, and can be programmed from your smart phone or smart device with the installation of the free app.  What we love about it is that it’ll start to learn your heat and/or cooling patterns and start to become more and more energy efficient, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills. Learn more here.


The Phone Charger Pick

The Anker Mini Portable Phone Charger – Buy It Here

Anker Charger

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s the size or a standard lipstick, which makes it super easy to carry with you wherever you go.  This portable phone charger currently has over 27,000 reviews (whoa!) on Amazon right now, will add up to one full charge for your smartphone, and comes in a 4 different cool color options!  Learn more here.


The Gamers Pick

The New Nintendo Switch Lite – Buy It Here

Nintendo Switch Lite


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Now you can easily play Super Mario Brothers pretty much anywhere you go like the total gamer you are! After the insane success of the Nintendo Switch gaming console, they’ve recently released the new Switch Lite, which is handheld, sleek, has built-in controllers, and even comes in colors like grey, yellow, blue, and more!  Learn more here.


The Top Tablet Pick

The New Apple iPad (Pro)  – Buy It Here

iPad 11

$749.00 (6% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Seriously, how pretty is this new iPad?  It’s super sleek, stylish, and longer lasting than ever before.  It has an 11 inch edge-to-edge liquid retina display, up to 10-hours of battery life on a single charge, and so much more.  It’s definitely time for the upgrade.  Learn more here.


The Nighttime Pick

The BlissLights Star Projector  – Buy It Here

Sky Ceiling Light

$49.99 (17% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Perfect for your kids, now you can project a pretty star-scape across your ceiling, walls, and more.   Learn more here.


The Nostalgic Pick

The Nintendo Classic Mini – Buy It Here

Retro Nintendo Plug and Play


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

One of our favorites of the season, this total throwback mini Nintendo that easily just plugs into your television comes pre-loaded with 30 super popular Nintendo games of the time and, yes, it has all three Super Mario editions, The Legend of Zelda, and so many more fun ones. Basically it’s the gift the entire family will be fighting over.  Good luck!  Learn more here.


The Health Pick

The FitBit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker in Lilac – Buy It Here

Purple Fitbit

$94.99 (5% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s one of the top sellers from FitBit and we’re totally loving it.  It’ll monitor your heart rate, calories you’re burning, distance you run or walk, and so much more.  It’ll even track your sleep patterns so you can hopefully start getting a better night sleep! You’ll be able to enjoy up to 5 days of battery life so you won’t have to worry about charging it each and every day.  Did we also mention it’s waterproof, gives you your calendar alerts, and your normal calls and texts?  This one is geared towards women thanks to the lilac color, but welcome to 2021 when guys can rock purple too.  It also comes in black too.  Learn more here.


The Waterproof Pick

The Victsing Shower Speaker – Buy It Here

VictSing Portable Speaker

( Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

A top selling shower speaker year after year, this latest model sounds amazing, is totally waterproof, portable, and comes in a bunch of different eye-catching colors.  You can easily hook it onto your shower or use the secure suction cup that comes with it.  It even has a built-in mic for hands free phone calls.  Good luck with that!  Learn more here.


The Cool Pick

The Pix Digital Customizable Backpack – Buy It Here

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

This is the sickest backpack we’ve ever seen!  It’s also the smartest tech-friendly one we’ve ever seen either.  The LED screen allows you to create just about any colorful design you want.  And, don’t worry, it’s totally waterproof. This one comes in three different color options, too, like black, grey, and a really cool yellow.  We’re totally obsessed!  Learn more here.


The Modern Retro Pick

The Smart Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker – Buy It Here

Retro Pixel Bluetooth Speaker

$64.00 (8% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Ok so how cool is this bluetooth speaker!?  Not only is the sound pretty amazing, but you can create your own art you want to show up pixel-like on the screen or choose from designs that have already been created.  Plus, you can use it as a smart alarm, a sleep aid, get the weather, and so much more.  It also comes in a bunch of other colors too!  Learn more here.


The Dog Pick

The Link Smart Dog Collar – Buy It Here

Dog Collar

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s a dog collar, activity tracker, and GPS all in one!  It’ll keep your pup safe and you’ll be able to track their daily progress.  It comes as as sporty option or go the fancier leather route.  Learn more here.


The Security Pick

The Ring Pro Video Doorbell – Buy It Here


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

This is a great option for all those safety geeks out there.  The latest from Ring, this video doorbell is relatively easy to set up, will send alerts to your smartphone or other devices whenever there is activity taking place at your door.  It can even alert you if people are coming up your stairs, walking by your walkway and more.  You can set the distance to get as much or as little as you life.  You can also watch live footage, talk to people through your doorbell (via your smartphone or other smart devices) and can listen to visitors too.  Learn more here.


The Zen Pick

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones – Buy It Here

Bose Headphones (Silver)

$249.00 (17% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

When they’re ready to tune out the world, these are the best headphones for them.  You can’t go wrong with Bose when it comes to quality and sound! Not only are these amazing noise-canceling headphones (perfect for the plane, the beach, or basically anywhere you want to totally zone out), but they’re wireless and bluetooth enabled, are Alexa enabled for easy voice activation, and come in black, silver, and rose gold.  Learn more here.

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The Modern Retro Pick

The Victrola Desktop Bluetooth Jukebox – Buy It Here

Retro Jukebox

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

We’re totally in love with this new retro-looking bluetooth, CD, radio jukebox!  It’s small enough to fit on your desk or table, has color changing LED lights, has a built-in CD player, and even has bluetooth so you can beam your music from your phone, tablet, and more.  A perfect gift idea for your parents too, who already have everything, but maybe not this!  Learn more here.


The Coloring Changing Pick

The iPhone 11 Mood/Coloring Changing Case – Buy It Here

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Not only will it help protect your new phone, but it changes colors based on your mood when you touch it.  Learn more here.


The Stylish Pick

The Leather AirPods Case/Cover – Buy It Here

Leather AirPods Carrier


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

In a world where everyone has the latest AirPods from Apple, this is a great way to make yours easily identifiable and looking sharp AF too.  This leather case comes in black, red, tan, and brown.  And, don’t worry, you can still charge it even with the case on thanks to the precise cutout at the bottom.  Learn more here.


The Doggy Pick

The Furbo Dog Camera & Treat Tosser – Buy It Here

Furbo Dog Treat Tosser


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s one of the top-selling smart dog cameras again this year!  You can’t go wrong with Furbo.  This 1080p HD camera (with night vision) has two way audio, a barking alert sensor, and even allows you to give your favorite pup a treat via the free app no matter where in the world you are.  We are seriously obsessed. Learn more here.


The Meaningful Pick

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger – Buy It Here


Shop at UncommonGoods

Price Point: $$$$$

A perfect way for them to know just how much you’re thinking about them.  Basically you can send messages via your phone or tablet to this messenger box and when the message goes through, the heart will spin alerting them that a message is waiting for them inside.  They’ll pop open to the top and see just what you’ve sent.  So cute.  Learn more here.


The Savior Pick

The PlusUs Lifecard Phone Charger – Buy It Here

Card Phone Charger

$55.00 (21% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Seriously, how sleek is this portable phone charger?!  It’s small enough to fit in most wallets so you can bring it with you just about anywhere you go.  It’s perfect for when your phone is about to die and it needs some emergency battery life!  It comes in gold and rose gold too.  Learn more here.


The Genius Pick

The Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine – Buy It Here

$329.99 (6% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Make the most amazing cocktails (like margaritas, martinis, old fashioned and more) with this expertly created cocktail machine.  You supply the booze and they supply the drink capsules and are sure to precisely measure everything out. Learn more here.


The Charging Pick

The Belkin Wireless Charging Doc for iPhones & Watches – Buy It Here

Wireless iPhone Charging Pad


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Now you can simply place your compatible iPhone or Apple Watch on this wireless (and sharp looking) charging station.  It charges your devices super fast and even allows you to use your device as an alarm clock even while charging.  It even comes in a nice looking black option too.  Learn more here.


The VR Pick

The Oculus Virtual Reality (VR) Headset – Buy It Here

Oculus VR Headset


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

VR is where it’s at this year and you can’t go wrong with this best-seller VR headset.  It’s great for beginners who are just getting into the world of VR or even seasoned vets who are just looking for a high-quality experience.  It’s super easy to use and pretty much comes ready to go so you don’t have to worry about setting it up to your computer, phone, etc.  Learn more here.


The Funny Pick

The Cell Phone Jail – Buy It Here

Cell Phone Jail

$12.98 (19% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Oh we’ve all been there before!  And we totally deserve to have our phones placed in a jail cell for a bit.  Even more, your kids deserve their devices to be placed in lock up for a while too.  You get to be the judge and the jury.  Sentencing begins now!  Learn more here.


The Cheap Pick

The Fire 7 Tablet – Buy It Here

Fire 7

$39.99 (20% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Ok so you won’t even believe the price of this top-selling tablet!  It’s brand new too!  It has 2x the amount of storage, can go hands-free thanks to Alexa, allows you to listen to millions of songs, movies, tv shows, videos, and more.  It even comes in a bunch of different cool colors too.  Learn more here.


The Pet Pick

The Whistle Health & Location Pet Tracker – Buy It Here

Pet Tracker

$89.99 (10% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

The safest way to keep track of your favorite pet and make sure they’re nearby.  If they leave their designated “safe zone” you’ll get an alert via text, email, or app to let you know exactly where they are (even if it’s 3,000 miles away!).  You can also monitor and keep track of their health, activities, sleeping patterns and more.  It comes in a bunch of cool colors too.  Learn more here.


The Movie Pick

The Kodak Luma Portable Pocket Projector – Buy It Here

Portable Mini Projector


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Bring the movies with you wherever you go with this tiny little pocket movie projector from Kodak.  You can easily plug it into your computer, Mac, cable box, or gaming console and start bringing movie night with you wherever you go.  Learn more here.


The Family Pick

The Hercules Tuff Charging Station – Buy It Here

Charging Station for Family

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

Finally something that will charge just about all the devices in your home at the same time!  This top-selling charging station is for multiple devices, comes with 6 mixed cables, and can charge up things like phones, tablets, and more.  It’s perfect families who want to stay organized…and who want to keep a watchful eye on all the devices in the house.  Learn more here.


The Cool-Down Pick

The Dyson Table Fan – Buy It Here

Dyson Air

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

You can never really go wrong with anything from Dyson!  This top-selling table fan is super quiet, has 15 different fan settings, can be controlled with a remote, and comes in a bunch of cool colors like silver, white, and blue.  Keep them nice and cool, especially at night when they’re trying to sleep.  Learn more here.


The Kind Pick

The “Choose Kindness” Phone Case – Buy It Here

Choose Kindness Phone Case


Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

We could all use the friendly reminder each and every day that we can always choose kindness.  This colorful phone case fits a wide variety of phones in all shapes and sizes.  Perfect for kids, teens, or even adults!  Learn more here.


The Smart Pick

The New Apple Watch Series 6  – Buy It Here

New Apple Watch 6 Series

$354.98 (17% Off!)

Shop at Amazon

Price Point: $$$$$

It’s finally an Apple Watch they’ll want to wear.  This is the latest (Series 6) and greatest from Apple and, dare we say, it looks more fashionable than the previous versions? You can take and make calls right from your wrist, newly measure your blood oxygen levels, check your heart rhythm, and still do things like measure your workouts, runs, walks, yoga, swimming, and more.  This series comes in some new eye-catching colors too! Learn more here.

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