What Is Bpacking?

BPACKING is a travel mobile application for travelers who want to discover the authentic side of the cities in Vietnam. Find only the best places and hidden gems recommended by locals and insiders.

Some Of The Best Features

Offline Maps & Content

Maps and guidelines can be used without an Internet connection.

Ask Questions

Ask questions, get great answers by locals and travelers.

Search For A Places

Find places quickly by using the search tool to look up bars, shops, etc.

Weather Included

14 days weather forecast with offline mode in each city.

Save Favorite Places

Save your favorite places and tips on your devices.


Nearby feature helps you discover places close to your location.

App Reviews

See what people are saying about this app.



“ I used this app to gather all the information I needed before I went on the trip, and when I did, I used it daily! I love the map feature, you can book a flight directly from the app, and ask any question.
I'm so grateful for this app, guys, keep up the good work! “

My best travel companion!



“ You can find almost every touristic city of the country in the app. It also has valuable info for any kind of traveler. Solo, group, couple, budget, business travel. As long as you got this app on u your phone, traveling in and around Vietnam will get a lot easier. Give it a try“

Facinating new app for travelers!



“A very useful app! You can't go to Vietnam without downloading it!
It's a great way to find a delicious local restaurant, cozy cafe or hidden attraction. The offline maps are very useful and what I find super useful is the live stream showing the open available places.“

This is a great app!

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Enjoy your travels in Vietnam.